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7 Wonders
Price:$34.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 15, 2017
By comparing this one to the 7 wonders my friend got from a local store, and the 7 wonders duel I have. I really think this is a counterfeited product. Low print quality, offseted cutting, low quality material and low quality wrapping plastic. The text on the board is even half cut off ( on the last picture). I included some comparisons pictures, left side are the one we got from local store.

#### update ####

I just bought a new copy from local store. And yes, the one I got from here is a counterfeit product. Every part of it shows big difference and low quality. Off-centered box print, off-centered board cut, low quality and rough edge cards, low quality container, wrong size and low quality booklet. I got it from 'Atlantic Toys and More'
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on April 10, 2017
While the game itself might be fun, I found lots of quality control issues with the printed cards. I unboxed it a few days back, and right out of the box - brand new - many of the cards had printing errors, were printed off-center, were covered in a thin film of some unidentifiable gunk, or simply had frayed edges, were slightly bent, etc. I've included images of the issues, most errors are on the backs of the cards which is almost worse because it becomes easy for people to identify which card you have based on what shape the gunk/mess/error on the back is. Some of the photos just show a weird scratching pattern on the cards. It almost feels like I was given an old and heavily used set of cards. Anyway, 1 star for bad quality control issues, buyer beware.
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on March 23, 2017
Players pick a seven wonders board, but the wonder pictured really doesn't anything in terms of the game. Rather players pick the board/side of the board for it's attributes. As you read the rules and play, you'll learn which resources are more crucial, and how to leverage your board's attributes to best advantage. Game plays in three rounds, and involves passing around hands of cards (naturally numbered 1, 2, or 3 depending on the round). Each time, players try to select the best/most useful card in each hand before passing the remaining cards to the next player. Try to get a balance of resources early on, as they're scarce later and crucial for acquiring other game components to earn points. This is the base game and is needed in order to play the related expansion sets.

I love this game, but don't actually own it yet. Tried to buy it from a marketplace seller who turned out to be a scam. So while I still really like playing this family-favorite, the game is back on my wish list to await another buying opportunity--this time from a legitimate seller. My advice is to be very wary about buying from new marketplace sellers, especially when they're offering popular items at prices just a fraction of what a legitimate seller is posting. Take to heart the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." This isn't the only game I've seen listed for sale at super-cheap prices, though I didn't try buying any of them.
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on July 13, 2017
My copy looked okay at first glance with no missing components or misaligned printing, but using various sources I'm convinced it's either a counterfeit or a bad print run that was sold as the genuine product. Upon closer inspection the box insert is very flimsy and appeared slightly damaged fresh out of the box and the backs of the cards look faint. I had a copy of 7 Wonders Duel from a brick and mortar store and some of the advertising inserts totally convinced me. The ones from the brick and mortar store look crisp and brighter than the ones from this product. If you don't mind slightly off components in exchange for saving money then I'm assuming it's totally playable.

I bought this sold by TOYCENTER and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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on May 31, 2017
This is a very good game in terms of mechanics. It is one of the few games which scales up to 7-players without bogging down, and the card design is clear and easy to understand. There are a few problems, like how you get locked in to a strategy early and it's hard to react to the board state. However, overall it is a very good game.

In terms of production quality, I have to deduct several stars. I played this with a friend, and everything felt better with their set. The card set I got has all the cards feel thin, "paper-y", and very bend-able. There are small granules of cut paper on the edges, and the plastic insert within the box is a bit bent and feels dusty. It isn't the worst made game ever made, but it is definitely below average.
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on January 6, 2017
We get a new family game each year for the holidays. So far, our favorite game has been Settlers of Catan. I think 7 Wonders has given us a new favorite. We also got Isle of Skye, which we played one time before deciding we didn't want to work that hard at having fun. (We'll revisit that one at a later date.) We liked the fact that 7 Wonders moved at a faster pace (though we still spent an hour on it), and that it was easy to learn the basics so new players could join in without feeling overwhelmed or greatly disadvantaged. In fact the first new player we introduced captured the second to highest score. The interaction among players is good, and positive (no cutthroat offensives). You add up the scores at the end. I knew this would be a favorite when everyone was talking about the game afterwards, rethinking their strategies. Even the loser had a good time and was ready for the next play. We put sleeves on the cards beforehand, and I recommend it since this game is likely to get a lot of play. The Ultra-PRO 65mm X 100 mm card sleeves worked great and allowed the cards to fit in the box in their original spots (though a little snug). This is a game that allows for future expansions and rising levels of difficulty.
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on July 21, 2015
This game is always over too soon. That's a good thing, because it makes playing it again an easy decision.

The thing I like about 7 Wonders is that it has all of the "Hey, I'm building stuff!" of Catan but it's not as cutthroat. You just build your little empire while everyone else builds theirs and all of a sudden the three Ages are up and you see who's come out on top. Of course, you could choose to play it cutthroat, but it's not as brutal and vindictive as some games can get. (Unless you burn a card to build your Wonder that you know someone else needs... that's cold.)

It's kind of tricky to get into - we've played nearly ten rounds with people who really know it and we still feel like we don't really "get" it completely... certainly not to the point of having solid strategies, at least. But, that's really a strength of the game. The learning curve is a little steep but the replayability is high.
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on September 4, 2016
This game has incredibly interesting mechanics that make for a different experience every time you play and even more married experience when you play with different numbers of people. There are multiple paths to victory and tactics must be changed based on what others are doing. It is pretty accessible and can be played fairly quickly allowing for quick learning with a couple plays in one game night.

I enjoy the t player version as well. I think it adds a nice depth to the game and can be very challenging.

The only reason the game didn't get five stars is that I wanted to dive into a world where my goals was to create one of the seven wonders and I wanted to feel triumph as my creation progressed. Well, you don't have to do anything with your wonder. Building a wonder isn't as rewarding as I expected. Once I got over that and saw the game for what it was, I came to love it.
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on January 16, 2017
Game is fun and offers a lot of replay value, but can be cumbersome and difficult to teach to people who are not familiar with TCG's or card games in general.

I have played this game with 2 groups of people. The first was some of the friends I play Magic The Gathering with. This went really smoothly. They grasped the rules quickly and even started delving into more strategic and complex aspects of the game.

The second group was my girlfriend, roommate and few of your mutual friends. All have played board games like Catan, but not card games. This went poorly for the first 2 or 3 games. It took them much longer to understand the rules and general concept of the game. Even after they understood it better the game didn't seem that fun to them.

Personally, I enjoy this game. However, your play group is very important. If they are completely unfamiliar with TCG's and the concept of drafting, it's going to be rough for 1 or 2 games until they get the hang of it.
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on May 5, 2017
The box came pretty beat up and had some big gashes in the sides. Some of the pecies were loose and the cards look as though they either have been used before, or went through a tough time. Some even have creases in them. I'm really sad that this game isn't in the best shape, especially since I bought it new. From what I can tell all the cards and parts or included but just not in the best shape.
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