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Asphalt 3D
Price:$40.01+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 25, 2015
I bought Asphalt3D for 14$. I was searching a car game that does not look cartoon (like Mario Kart). Even if this is a port from a cellphone game, I think it deserves more consideration than what I read everywhere. Nevertheless, I wouldn't pay more than 14$. In this review, I will explain what I think is good and why I wouldn't invest more than 14$.

The good is the visual. I am having a 2DS so I cannot talk about the 3D aspect but the graphic does not look from a phone. On the other side, the visual representation of every race is poor. It is hard to see car coming (both way) and hard to see far ahead. This cause a lot of unnecessary accident caused not by the lack of skill of the player but because it was not possible to see. It is the same thing with "power-up" which are glowing semi-transparent icons on the road. These hide a lot of what is coming on the screen. It is possible to change from first person two 2 different above-the-car view but it does not help.

The loading speed is very fast. This is true for the initial load but also between race. This is also true when restarting a race. I do not have anything negative on the speed expect during the choice of cars. For an unknown reason, the switch between car is very slow. It does not make the experience enjoyable to change vehicle. However, this is something we do not do often so it is fine.

The game as 70 tournaments race, this is the competition game which is required to be able to play free-play. If you don't than you won't be able to play with car since you must purchase them with the fake money you earn on the tournament. The free-play is better in my own opinion because you do real race against others or against your last best performance (ghost mode). This make the game replayable a lot. However, the bad side is that on these 70 races, you have only 16 tracks. On these 16 tracks, half look almost the same. So, you do not have a lot of track to have fun on it. Another really bad thing is that during the tournament, you are competing against only 5 cars. Instead of creating a bright artificial intelligence to make each race challenging, they put civilian car going on the other way around to road. This is annoying. Also, to make it harder, they put some police car that can arrest you. This is just wrong in a racing game on a close circuit... this is frustrating in a lot of occasion because of the low vision you have on the road. The tournament plays has also another inconvenient which is that you do not have to race only but have to crush your opponent car to win races, or do a minimum amount of drift point. Not that this is not interesting some time but it become annoying to have to do a lot of points on something no possible unleast you go backward in the race to have more track to execute move. Tournament also has 2 additional goal which you gain more experience if succeeded. I finished the game with about 80% of these goals done and I am just at 57/60 level which does not allow me to have all car, so I have to replay some of them.

Overall, the game is great to play. It took me 11 hours to get to 96% of the game done. I also did 2 hours of free-racing. I am sure I'll play at least an additional 8 hours against myself in ghost mode. However, because of the limited about of track, I doubt I'll be able to play more.

An other thing, they are a lot of cars to choose and to add features on. I really like the optimization you can do. However, the difference between car on the road are not really noticeable. This is the counter side which make it a little bad.

At the end, this is a good game, could have been better. For example, it has a multiplayer game but no one to play, for example, you can drift but the pleasure it not there compared to other computer game like Grid. Buy this game if it is under 14$, but never above that.
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on July 18, 2017
An ok racing game. It's pretty much a port of the phone game so some of the controls can be weird because of it.
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on February 27, 2012
I went into this game with low expectations. Everyone was saying get Ridge Racer. Well I knew I wouldn't like Ridge Racer much because I'm not the drifting type. There was a time when Ridge Racer gave people options but for the past several years they force you to drift and I have no interest. I'm also not really the simulation type, I respect the beauty and art of Gran Turismo and Forza. But not my style. Its like ordering from a drive-thru...Arcade style racer, hold the drift. Asphalt 3D is a terrific fun game. It doesn't try to be too rediculous. It just gives an arcade racing fan what they would want, easy to pickup, good driving gameplay, great controls, solid graphics, decent 3D effect. Until Mario Kart was released, this along with Driver was easily my favorite racing games on the 3ds. You know there is some cons, occasional very small framerate drop, many people won't even notice it, it only happens when your going at supersonic speeds, while flying through the air. Basically the game at its most frantic and fast. Other then that, very light issue. Its a well done, well made game. It doesn't revolutionize anything, it leans towards the Need For Speed/Burnout style of arcade racer gameplay in which takedowns and close calls award you nitro and points. While there are powerups which give you money, repair and nitro. You also have a superboost that turns the entire world into some sort of neon blue. Wild stuff. If your a purist Ridge Racer fan, you know what 3DS game your getting and it ain't this. If your a Gran Turismo elitist, you know that none of these arcade games mean anything to you. But for everyone else, who just wants some great modern arcade-style fun. This is the best racer on the 3DS not called Mario Kart.
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on December 18, 2011
I picked this game up from Amazon for $9.99. I wasn't initially excited about it and have passed it up for 1st generation titles like Pilot Wings, and more recently for Ocarina of Time and the new Mario 3D game (which is incredible by the way).

When I saw the $9.99 price tag, I thought I'd try it out.

The game concept is simple - win races or challenges, unlock parts to by, upgrade your car, buy news cars, rinse and repeat.

There are various challenges. Some of simple like "finish in the top 3". There is nice variation in challenges like "knock out 4 other cards during the race", "use at least one shortcut in the race", etc.

The "upgrade" system doesn't do too much visually - you can change the color/decals on your car, but when you add motor parts or tuning parts, you just get a little boost in stats such as top speed, acceleration, etc.

When choosing a car, the menu system is very slow - you try to advance to the next car, sit and wait a few seconds, and then it shows the vehicle.

The gameplay however has no slow down - its fast and its forgiving, which I like in a racing game. I don't like the sim type of racing where you hit a wall and you are done. Here you hit it, slow down a little and keep going. The boosts are great and really getting you going fast.

The computer AI is not impossible, and doesn't have the "cheat" feeling that is so common in sports and racing games.

The 3D really works well - you will want to leave it on as the depth as a ton to this game. I didn't find the blur to be too bad as I moved my head around. In a racing game, it is inevitable - you will be moving around a bit as you play, but it definitely holds it 3D look a lot better than games like Pilot Wings. I didn't get the eye strain I experienced with some of the originally released 3DS games.

I recommend it if you can get it for $19.99 or less. I've seen Amazon have it for $9.99 multiple times throughout the holiday season, so don't pull the trigger too fast if the price is too high - it is possible to get it cheaply lately.

This packs a lot more replay value than most 3DS games that I've plaid. Its fun for a quick sit down and run a race or two, and then go about my business - very nice for a mobile platform.
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on September 4, 2014
It's ok. When I bought it I knew it was a cheap game. I played the DS version and it was surprisingly fun, even if it did not feel like a AAA game.
This one is sort of like that. The graphics are ok, there seems to be plenty of races and cars, and it's dirt cheap.
It does have some issue. Drifting races are badly programed, even if you're at top speed you'll hear the engine reving and shifting gears, cop chases are very underwhelming and wouldn't make a difference had they not been included, and it's not the most fluid game frame-rate wise.
Did I mention it was really cheap?
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on July 3, 2017
good game for all ages
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on March 23, 2016
I like asphalt 3d the game has good menu music the ghost races are all right overall a decent game but almost as good as gran turismo but it is a little bit different than gran turismo but that is okay considering this game came out a long time ago pretty decent racing game also the game came in great shape which is good and there are also police chases in the game
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on November 28, 2015
I like the Asphalt series on the iOS devices but this one on the 3DS is not as good as I thought. It's because the frame rate and the graphics are not smooth enough. When I play it on my NEW 3DS XL it is like a fast slide show. The cars are the same from Asphalt 6 Adrenaline. The tracks are new. I just dont like the graphics. Even the PSP version runs yeah...I didn't like how the game runs.
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on December 30, 2014
My son and nephew loves this game so much that I had to go out and buy another one because they wouldn't quit fighting over it.
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There's really nothing much you can say about racing games other then there's' a little fun and it helps pass the time but other then that really nothing amazing. The only complaint I really have about this game is that the lighting design on some of the tracks leaves a lot to be desired, like on one track I don't know how but I was turned literally around and was going in the opposite direction but wasn't alerted to that until I saw for myself I was going the wrong way. It could be a weird glitch I don't know but it was annoying, the graphics are decent enough for what the game does though so there isn't a problem on that end. Still getting this game for the price I did was probably the only reason I would get it any higher and it would more likely just be passed over for something a little better.
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