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on December 16, 2015
Brad Pitt stars in this return to the Hollywood western days. In the 1880's the name Jesse James was famous for being the villain everyone wanted to be like. Some called him the modern day Robin Hood. Some people are just crazy enough to actually try to become him. Robert Ford was just one example. Ford becomes a member of Jame's "gang" seekinh fame and any price. The two become rivals as Ford's ambitions get the best of him, resulting in a true to life tragedy that is a true part of American history. One of the most famous outlaws in U.S. history and this is his story. This film is rated R for violence and sexual innuendo. If you are looking for a Young Guns approach which is aimed at a younger audience(teens and twenties), look elsewhere. If you want a western drama with very accurate wardrobe and accents, this is it.
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on March 17, 2016
A very good rendition of the subject character with great acting and an excellent ensemble cast. Great attention to detail and language, attitudes and perspectives of that time. Brad Pitt's Jesse James is tense, brooding and homicidal. As the title alludes, the film portrays James' final year or two rather than explore his complete past. The era is post Civil War in Missouri where the living is hard. The cinematography is in darker sepia tones giving it that antiquity bling. There's very little here that's pretentious nor is there any attempt to insert modern day viewpoints and politics. It's quite raw and captivating. Affleck is superb as the omnipresent antagonist who wants to fit in and please his peers but suffers from repeated rejection which leads to his later actions. Dillahunt and Rockwell among others provide excellent character actor support.
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on February 11, 2017
I enjoyed the movie on Blu-ray which, in its bonus segment gave me an additional insight into the kind of person he really was. It took me a while to readjust from seeing him as a Robinhood to the brutal psychopath he appears to have been. In other films I have seen he is always displayed as a person who stole to help the poor farmers, but in reality he was more a killer than a helper. I did some research and this movie seems to have gotten it right. The acting and photography were excellent.
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on May 22, 2017
I love it when books or movies surprise me. This one did. I wasn't expecting much from this superb, underrated western that was passed over due to bad timing (came out when 3:10 to Yuma and True Grit came out). I'll keep this short and sweet.

Brad Pitt deserved an Oscar for his performance.
Casey Affleck deserved an Oscar for his performance.
Cinematography, music, and screenplay all deserved Oscars.

This film should have run away with the awards, but it's not for everyone. Don't look for gunfights and sarcastic wit, a la Clint Eastwood. Nope, this is a different animal. You have to let it sink in. You have to observe the subtle changes of facial expression to understand what makes these actors (and the director) as good as they are. Let it fill your soul. Feel the characters' emotions. And the damn thing is based on a true story to boot!
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on March 7, 2016
This movie is absolutely phenomenal. It is gripping and thought provoking in a way that makes it difficult to take it all in in one viewing. There are parts that are slow, but it's a slow burn where you know they are building to something amazing. Even as long as this movie is, there is no part where you think to yourself, "they could have cut this out." The acting is superb. My favorite thing about this movie is the way it looks. This movie transports you to another time. You get lost in the 1800's. Even though the title tells you how the movie is going to end, you never really want it to get there. SO good!
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on May 6, 2015
This movie was quite simply AMAZING! Oscar worthy performances from Affleck, Pitt, and Rockwell-Oscar worthy cinematography-Oscar worthy directing. Hate me if you want, but the pacing was perfect. I was glued to my seat. The best part about this movie is that it could have easily been a set up for failure given how slow the story is, but the tension created by each actors performance left me wanting more. The last thing the world "needs" is another typical, gun slinging western.
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on March 22, 2015
To me it's one if the best movies made. The lighting, the camera work, the acting, is all believable. Some say it lacks action and is too long but it's a story, a story of people's lives and the way the character development builds brings you in more and more to who they were. It seems most Americans have short attention spans, getting all the facts is too tedious for them. If you want action, watch the first Terminator movie et al, if you want realistic story telling, watch this. It's a terrific movie.
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on February 13, 2008
The couple of reviews I read on were most eloquent. I was enticed by them to buy the movie, which I did. I have always enjoyed Pitt but never liked Afleck; thought Rockwell was OK. After seeing the moving I couldn't add anything to the reviews except to say they were right on. The scenery was beautiful, especially when a snowed upon field from a distance was blurred on the edges. Most interesting. I felt embarrassed for ole Bob Ford since he was trying so hard to A-K. As the movie went on I realized just how good he and Rockwell were in their roles. Brad Pitt was of course quite excellent and portrayed someone who was going a little batty, I thought. The first scenario at the railroad tracks was by far quite the best.

All in all, I'm glad I read the reviews of others, quite well done and I have a new insight into old Afleck - so much so that I bought "Gone Baby Gone" just to see if he was as good as I thought.
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on November 27, 2012
The assassination of Jesse James is not your typical "Western". There's enough bloodshed to satisfy the "Shoot'em up movie-goer", but there is more dialogue and time line of events that satisfies those that want to know more about the characters and the historical aspect of this period in history.

Casey Affleck portraying Robert Ford just gave me the creeps. He played the role well. I would not want to turn my back on this guy at all, let alone sleep under the same roof. Even if I had a gun by my side cocked and loaded.
However, I am drawn to his character and it's my favorite in the movie.

Brad Pitt obviously can act and did an excellent job portraying Jesse James. Though his character seemed less interesting.

Overall the movie is worth watching, but not with younger children or with your favorite woman by your side. Maybe some women will like this, but it's mostly dark, depressing and creepy at times. Definitely not a chick flick at all. So be warned if you want to snuggle up and watch this together.

I do like the time period......The open landscapes and backwoods feel to it all. The way they dressed back in those days is really awesome as well. Some of the music and purposely blurred screenshots were okay, but nothing to write about (Wait a minute...I just did write about it).

Well go ahead and watch it..... Especially if you're drawn to this genre of movies.
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on December 24, 2013
This film is one you will appreciate more with each additional viewing. The cinematography, settings, lighting, dialogue (brilliant), etc. are all that you would want in a fine film. The cast is first rate, most of whom will be recognized from other good films in which they have since appeared. Nick Cave's haunting musical score prompted me to purchase that as well. Despite it's obvious star-power, most people I speak with have not heard of, let alone seen, this film. But I think as time goes on we will see revival showings ( as in NYC recently) and the production of other films focusing on characters in the western genre.
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