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on January 8, 2015
Warning for those using the download option. When I installed the game it took me to a registration prompt. That seemed to go okay but when I log on to Uplay it doesn't show this game under my games.

I have contacted ubisoft and am hoping for a resolution but so far nothing. They are asking for an activation code which we do not seem to get here.

As far as the game itself, I am enjoying it quite a bit. For me it's pretty neat to see how this all started. I'm having a good time playing through the missions and love the banter from the NPCs. It's limited in storyline and things you can do compared to newer games. One warning for players like me who are used to newer games, if you fall in the water you die. Ouch.

I will update this review with more stars if my issue is resolved.

UPDATE: No further contact from any parties on this issue. It seems I don't own this game in Ubisoft's eyes. I have to ask, was there no trophies to be earned in this game? SOMETHING is wrong here, this should show as a game I own in Uplay.

I have continued to try to register this within the folder for support and it says it worked, but it NEVER shows under my uplay account.
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on December 21, 2011
Alright so when this game first came out on the PS3, my cousin and I were glued to it for about 2 hours. Then we got sick of it, and I just assumed that I didnt like Assassin's Creed and all that jazz. Well Then I started hearing about how awesome the series had gotten, and so I saw the 2nd and 3rd one for like $5 each on Amazon during some crazy sale. So I picked them both up, and I just figured that I'd go onto Youtube and watch a recap of the story of the first one since that was the one I remembered not liking. But after seeing the recap of the story, and realizing how good a story this game had, I decided I wanted to know all the details that get left out in the youtube quick vids. Man I'm glad I bought this game for the PC. First off the graphics are real nice, which is a plus. My issue with this game is not as for what you can do, but rather how its all set up through the controls. I'm not sure about the others in the others in the series, since I am currently on this one, but my only real complaint about the game are the controls. So if they fix the controls in the future ones, then I'll be glued to the Assassins Creed series. My advice is to give this game a chance, because it has a really great story. And if you played this game before and didnt like it like myself, but are here thinking about it again. My advice to you is to look at the game from a story perspective, rather then a gameplay perspective. Because when I went into this game originally, I tried to treat it like an open world sandbox kind of game. And this just isnt that sort of game where you'll have loads of fun doing that. It's instead more of a linear game, that takes place in a giant open world. Thats why I started to dislike the game, was because I felt it was lacking in the open world "Things to do" department, not realizing thats not what the game was intended to be played as. It's a very story driven game, and it has a hell of a great story. Like I said the story I saw on youtubes recap of the game was so good, I had to play through the game for myself. So check it out if your still reading this review.
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on December 25, 2012
I just tested this to make sure Amazon download worked okay, and it did (usually only buy games that can be redeemed on Steam). Tested it through the tutorial and such to see performance. Seemed okay.

This is probably one of those games you could only play if you have never played any of the sequels in this series, or if you thoroughly enjoyed it when you played it before.


-Good graphics. Pretty scenery.
-Interesting, although sometimes over-complicated, story (throughout the series, not just this game).
-Voice acting is good.
- Runs okay frame wise, on my pc at least.
- You can explore a fair amount from what I remember.


- Controls. On PC these are pretty sloppy it seems. However, it does apparently support the Microsoft 360 controller, so that's an option.
- Repetitive. This game is really repetitive, all of the missions are basically set up the same, inner cities have similar layouts, side missions repeat themselves, etc. It didn't bother me when I first played it, but it might now and I know many people dislike the repetition.
- Overshadowed by the sequels. As the first AC game, it was great when it first came out. However, if you have played any of the sequels, they did A LOT of things better. The grappling system in this one is very tedious and annoying. Especially during one mission in which you need to jump on wooden poles to cross a large body of water (falling in= instant death). You can't swim at all. Has less features, of course.
- Apparent crashing/lock-ups? I have not encountered any yet myself but I have read a lot of complaints regarding them.

All in all, I really liked this game when I first played it, and I know I still will. It hasn't aged as well as some other games due to dodgy controls (grappling system can be very annoying), but for $5 I'll take it.

If you're really unsure about it, watch the first few playthrough videos on youtube. If you don't want to play it, but want to know the story, skim through a playthrough.
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on June 30, 2015
OK, it's a good game, but it just wasn't my style. The graphics are well done and the games runs great. I have had a number of games that just didn't "grab me" and make me want to play. This game is like that for me. Now, that said, if you like this kind of game, this one should be on your list. It's not a bad game just didn't appeal to me.
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on February 18, 2014
The game was fun. I admit, it definitely got pretty dang repetitive if you do all the quests (which I do, minus the flags.) However, the story line is interesting enough that it kept me going through until the end. The graphics are beautiful for a game this old. I did get annoyed hearing the npcs saying the same things over and over. You have some freedom with the gameplay as in deciding which quests you want to do first or if you want to do them at all. Learning the controls on a keyboard was a bit of a challenge. I didn't have them all down until about half way through the game and that was because I was too lazy to look at tutorials for it. I kind of wish they would have made it a bit more challenging towards the end. (Required you to be a bit more stealthy) But overall, I very much enjoyed it.
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on May 26, 2011
This game is the one that started a new chapter in open world games, even though it was released a couple of years ago it still looks great, the gameplay is awesome as the combat goes the only thing is that it may be called a bit repetitive at times, the parkour that you use to get Alatir around is beautiful it adapts wherever you go, another strong point of the game is how the crowds respond (of course this got a LOT better in subsequent games) to you, rescue a citizen from harrasing guards and the city will help you, kill someone important and you'll see how the city turns against you. You are an assassin, you got the skills to survive it really depends on how you use them. As for the story, it is really intriguing, cuz right from the start you'll see the shadow of sci fi and how it casts itself throughout the game. Ubisoft really created a jewel in the gaming history. If you like action, adventure and a good story pick up this game because Assassin's Creed is an expierinece that will truly stay with you after you've turned off the pc.

Ps. The "Extras" that were added to this version of the game also extend the playing time a bit, but it really wont make the game THAT different. About popcorn all i wanted to say is

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on July 27, 2015
Great game, and thankfully a digital download option if you want to get to play the first game in the series since it's not available in most other PC formats. (Steam/Uplay)

Game is super glitchy, as most Ubisoft games are. You'll slam into invisible floors, glitch around enemies, and zoom into the sky for no reason, but they're usually not too detrimental. More funny than anything.

Worth the cost, and the game holds up fairly well to the more modern games.

(Works with a PC compatible XBox 360 controller, just need to enable it in the settings)
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on June 2, 2014
After a bit of trouble with installation, I was pleasantly surprised. The game is paced perfectly, and the story is one of the best that I have seen. The game makes sure to reward the player for progressing by upgrading weapons, adding more health, and making missions easier, more fun, and much quicker. Alongside main assassination missions, there are other objectives like finding flags, climbing to viewpoints to expand your map, and rescuing citizens that are being bullied by guards. Combat however, is not as polished as the rest of the game. Most of the combat feels more like button press sequences than actual combat. It's not bad, but it's not... good.
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on July 3, 2013
This is the first in the series, and one of the games that really helped make the Xbox franchise. It's credentials are solid, so I'm just going to give a few quick thoughts.

Director's cut is really worth watching. there is a fun story-line here, and a bit more depth is always good.
Fun gameplay (if a bit monotonous at times)
Sets up the series, so worth getting through if you plan on playing any of the others.
Very interesting game world

Like I said, it can get monotonous. There is a fair amount of "go there do that, come here do this."
A lot of the stunning visuals from the trailer are repeated throughout the game
If you have played the new ones, this can seem a tiny bit barren.

All in all, if you haven't played this before, you should get it, especially if you can get it during the summer sale for 5 bucks.
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on February 23, 2011
I like this game but my computer is a little slow. At first there was an error when I downloaded. you may see configuration errro:0x0002 and 3 but I read the other reviews and followed the steps with the tagesprotection.com site and went to drivers to download, took a few seconds to download. After that, I looked up assassins creed, the game, and it played after it was installed and loading. I went to my computer option and found amazon games and software and found assassins creed folder and clicked inside to find a set up, it is under application type and should be around 449 kb.There are other types of set upr but I chose this one since it worked. After clicking on it, it should install the game after you agree to some stuff...same old procedures. One thing I disliked was the loading of over 6 GB for this game, but hey graphics are not bad. I had to re-download twice, since I screwed up halfway downloading another amazon pc game. I was thinking that I could download multiple items, but I am having a hard time figuring that out. Well 4 stars overall based on the gameplay and controls. This game probably deserves a slightly higher rating. Follow the steps and it should help you, If not then just type in the error they give you in google or something.
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