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on May 23, 2014
I upgraded to the PS4 version using the digital download code that came with the game. Huge difference in graphics between PS3 and PS4. I know because I got to play it on both systems.

I originally got this on PS3 for my brother. He had just got Grand Theft Auto V and was busy playing that. Lucky for me, I got to play it for awhile. I payed the $10 to upgrade to PS4 and I enjoyed the game so much that I ended up purchasing my own PS3 copy after my brother took his back.

This is my favorite Assassin's Creed by far. I've played the original and a few others. I love that they focused on pirates for this game. The sailing is new to the series and hardcore fans seem to dislike it. I guess I'm not a hardcore fan because sailing was my favorite thing to do! I loved this part of the game! LOVED it! You can customize the ship as well as upgrade it and its cannons. You can pull up to other ships, board them, have an epic sword fight and then rape and pillage! Well maybe not rape but you can pretend (haha). I hope they make another game focused on being a pirate.

Besides the sailing, this game keeps to the core of the series. All the usual stuff from previous games. Still a ton of optional objects to collect, things to unlock and places to locate. I thought the story was good, never had an issue with it. Another new thing is the addition of diving underwater in order to explore shipwrecks while evading deadly sea creatures. I enjoyed this as well.

Bottom line is that there are not many games on the PS4 to choose from, good games anyway. Currently, I believe this game is definitely one of the best on the PS4. I highly recommend this one!

If you have questions, I'll answer them. Take care!
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on November 3, 2013
So I won't lie, and I know that there are hundreds of thousands who would flog me for this revelation, but I have never loved the AC series. Now what I'm not saying is that I couldn't appreciate what was there, it was a technical triumph with a lot of hard work put into its historical mythos. The game had "unique" game play (there's nothing new under the sun but this series adds layers of polish), and truly captivating locals. I think this is why I spent hard earned money on multiple games in the series, on release none the less, only to call the game store within a week and ask the trade in value. Why was such an awesome series not grabbing me and not letting go till the finish line? I don't know, maybe I just suck at games, or possess the attention span of a tsetse fly. Either way I found myself, yet again buying, AC3 when it came out after being sucked in by the trailers and Conner's tree hopping, tomahawk throwing, animal hunting debut. Like clock work the game went back in a week.

This is the part where you get to call me an idiot, I bought Assassin's Creed Black Flag day 1, and here's the part where I get the last laugh; the game is AWESOME!

All joking aside, what ever the element it was that existed in the previous titles, at least for me, is all but gone. I got bored before, and now I find myself playing way to late into the night and happily struggling through my work day to do it again the next evening. The game has strong ties to Farcry 3 (another awesome title by Ubisoft) which may sound weird but it's true. See Farcry 3 was the pinnacle of FPS for me due to the open world, limitless possibilities for accomplishment, and the awesome hunting/crafting aspect. In Black Flag the hunting/crafting system exists, there are more options for accomplishing given tasks, and the freedom to explore and revel in the open world has been greatly enhanced over the games predecessor. This game will hand you a task, and 2 hours later you realize you have been ignoring your task and pirating the living daylights out of the game world instead. When you do get back to the missions you find yourself increasingly endeared to the main protagonist as well as his hearty band of miscreants.

I think this brings me to the part where I have to say "Buy the game". Which for me is a real surprise given my sordid past with this series. The pirating elements of this game are not just a gimmick, but the backbone of the experience with an Assassin's Creed tale woven in. Maybe that's what has bothered me so much in the past, that the game has been a total reversal of this concept, putting a sometimes overly convoluted story as the center piece with all the trimmings around it. This gives a forced experience that feels liner overall. While Black Flag invites you to board a pirate ship offering you the world as your oyster, while spinning a fabulous AC tale throughout. I have fallen in love with this game and Ubisoft finally planned it that way.

There are tons of great review out there better detailing all the in game activities that may be indulged upon. This was not the point of my diatribe (sorry long time fans of the series, I mean no ill will), nor the motivation for said piece. I really am just doing a slow clap for Ubisoft's lates work so all the other pensive purveyors out there can join in. If you want further details on the game you won't have to dig very deep as a plethora of information is being dumped on the web daily. I will say that slowdown exists in the larger cities, and it does suck! However, it is far from a game breaker, and I hope some patches may help in the near future. I also still hate the trailing a target missions, but even these feel more refined and streamlined. The stealth is better, and I love the guns as they are not overpowered and just feel awesome chained into a sword combo. The game is not perfect, oh goodness no, but it is light years in the right direction. Oh, and no more Desmond filled scenes of Shia Labeouf esque drama and angst (thank the maker).

In conclusion, if you weren't sure whether or not to set sail on this new adventure in the AC series, I say with confidence, pack your trunk and make for the high seas. Because this time you shan't find yourself walking the proverbial plank in less than a week. The winds of adventure and tales of intrigue are strong, with the world open before you for the taking. I hope you enjoy the game and I look forward to seeing your flag run high on the distant horizon.
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on June 17, 2014
I was a big fan of AC2, but didn't give AC3 much attention. I was skeptical a bit, on this one, but the pirate theme is one that hasn't been done enough in gaming, and the reviews are good, so I hopped on board. Now I can't put it down. Yes, it's pretty much "AC in the Caribbean", but the execution is masterful, and the variety of activities is so vast and seamlessly integrated, it's an absolute gem of a game. Treasure hunts, sea battles, exploration, pirate/assassin missions... each feature unique and yet engaging in its own right. When you get tired of killing, .. you can take to the seas .. or explore a new town... or decipher a treasure map.. or hunt for wild animals... or.. you get the idea.

However, I was never quite interested in the whole "Animus" angle, that you're actually reliving an historical character through some virtual reality headset, like in the other AC titles. It just doesn't seem necessary to the game and I've never really understood that storyline anyway. Why would I want to "turn off" the pirate game so I can walk around an office building and have meetings with middle managers? Sounds too much like my real life. So I just stay a pirate as much as possible.

All in all, a gorgeous game, well voiced, with a deep story, and an enormous, diverse world to keep you entertained for weeks.
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on April 26, 2014
It's a beautiful video game in every aspect.
I'll be super short and say I am a new fan of this beautiful franchise.
The stuff that matters. 1. Story, it's well written and creative and long enough to get your money's worth.
2. The physics, the physics are superb, they're fluid without being jerky and they're realistic to the point of you'll think to yourself within a battle that, 'THIS IS WHAT WENT ON WITHIN BATTLES IN THE OLDEN DAY'S'.
3. Graphics, they're not what you hope them to be after have seen the story trailer's, however they're what you'd expect for this generation of consoles and the late period of the last generation (PS3, 360). Terrific.
4. The humor, this time around they've gone with a light vibe to the game with it's hardy but fluid and interesting story.
5. Last thought's it's worth your hard earned money, it'll last a good while.

CONS, Bugs, the game has a few bugs. Say you win a battle against a enemies ship and you park your's to board the ship. Well after it's parked you climb your way up a 'sails pole' and try to jump off of the pole while holding onto a rope hoping you'll swing onto the enemies ship. You MIGHT, find yourself in a grey glitch y world with the camera turning ever which way while your character disperse. That's the worst of the bugs (glitches).
The last glitch (bug), is in a middle of a fight your character starts twitching because your stuck between a group of attackers or the camera some how starts glitching.

SO, there you go my fellow people and gamer's have a great day, morning afternoon night whatever.
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on May 7, 2014
As the father of a 4-year-old daughter, I don't have as much time to game as I used to. I hadn't played any Assassin's Creed games before, but I had heard good things about this title so I decided to give it a try. Am I ever glad I did!

The voice acting is superb and the main story is engaging enough that my wife enjoys watching as I play. There is also a large and extremely detailed open world to explore. Where this game shines, though, is in the sea battles, which are completely unlike anything I've ever experienced. Spotting ships in the distance, giving chase, and engaging them is an absolute blast! Also, the ocean has dynamic weather that can plays big part in how the battles unfold. I've been playing (when I can) for months and I'm still only about half-way through the main story - by choice, as I'm the type who likes to explore on my own. I've read that there's about 20 hours of main-story play time.

Long story short, this game is unlike anything I've played before and the wide variety of gameplay elements combined with the seafaring aspect quickly made it one of my favorites - I plan to pick up the previous AC games based on the strength of this title!
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on April 10, 2014
I can not say enough good things about this game. Amazing open world, beautiful graphics, interesting and engaging storyline, smooth stealth systems, outstanding combat system, naval combat is amazing and revolutionary.

For true sandbox gamers, you must get this game. I found I was having to constantly remind myself to pursue the main storyline. There are so many other fun aspects of the game that will distract you. After playing for 4 hours straight (and ensuring that I would need an extra cup of coffee at work the next day) I was amazed that I had barely made a dent in the content. It takes quite a bit for me to actually write a review on a game. Skyrim and Fallout 3 are the only games that have ever driven me to comment. Please get this game. You will not be disappointed.
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on February 22, 2014
Yes, I said it. This is the best AC game out of ALL the others. Not that the others aren't good. In fact they're pretty awesome but this game broke all boundaries and went all out. You can sail the open seas, steal and plunder as you see fit, and still be a bomb-ass assassin. The storyline is good, the fight sequences are fluid, glitches are little-to-none. One fairly new feature on the AC series (and I say "fairly new" because this was already on ac3) is the use of your ship, The Jackdaw. You can control the boat pretty much the same as you would on AC3. You will come across, tornados, storms, high winds, rogue wave, you name it while traveling. Which makes the game much more fun. You can customize your ship to make it stronger and add more firepower. You can customize your character, Edward by purchasing different weapons, different outfits, and you can even hunt animals in this game (sort of like far cry 3) and craft pouches, craft better armor, even outfits that are only available through crafting. Did I mention you can hunt great whites?
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on February 14, 2014
This game was ridiculously fun, and one of only a handful of games that I've loved enough to complete to 100%. I don't much like running around outside of the "animus", I'd rather stay a pirate. I'm a HUGE fan of the old Sid Meier's Pirates game, and this is very similar as far as building wealth and plundering ships. I REALLY hope they continue the series at sea. My favorite part of the game was the sea battles and plundering other ships.

As in all the other Assassin's Creed games, sometimes your character jumps around and does things you don't want to do while simply pressing forward, but the battles at sea, the atmosphere, and the pirate theme will always be a favorite since reading Tom Sawyer and digging for buried treasure as a kid.
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on July 23, 2014
I wasn't expecting to buy this game--at least not near the launch date--as I was disappointed by AC3, and Black Flag's release seemed a bit soon after the previous installment. I also hated the ship battles in AC3, so there's that. However, after hearing good things about this game, and seeing that it was only $15 on here, I gave it a shot.

The game started off rocky, as I had trouble processing the story. However I soon began enjoying it, as some aspects did remind me of fellow Ubisoft games Far Cry 3 (wildlife, islands) and Splinter Cell Blacklist (pulling the enemy in from cover and killing him). After a while the story began to piece itself together, and the plot was actually enjoyable. The ship battles were fun a times, mostly due to improvements to upgrade my ship. The story was emotional at times, and I almost shed a man tear (almost... last time this nearly happened was The Last of Us).

I never enjoyed the present day storyline in any of the Assasin's Creed games, and this one was a little confusing. Also there weren't any answers to the present day storyline from AC3. Usually I would take a star off for this, but the Kenway story was enjoyable enough to cover the damage. A very good game overall, and now my expectations for Unity are very high (stealth mode coming, finally!).
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on April 30, 2015
A ton of fun. This romp through the heyday of Atlantic piracy makes a superb backdrop for this instalment of the Assassin's Creed series. While it does get a bit repetitive, the challenges are fun and well considered. Was surprised they included the whaling aspects given our current state of pc awareness. However I feel its treated well and honestly if they had to do it that way today I'd say let em have at it. Sail boats, launches and hand thrown harpoons only. No machinery involved at any stage except for refrigeration.
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