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on May 13, 2014
What a fantastic game Ubi ended up with here. ACIII was a good game in my opinion. But, it was held down in some ways by featuring a lackluster protagonist in Conner when compared to his predecessor in Ezio. ACIV rectifies that greatly with Edward. Edward is fun to play as, has a great personality, and fits his role perfectly. One of the biggest pluses is that the naval battles (one of the highest points of ACIII) are back in Black Flag and even more plentiful. The Wii U specifically, once again, has the advantages of the Gamepad. Always having a full map readily available, not having to go into a separate menu, is a big plus for me. Also, like in ACIII, I enjoy watching the cutscenes on the Gamepad when they happen then looking back to the TV for gameplay. Visually, it's a step up from the X360/PS3 versions, but not as good at smaller details like PS4/XBO in areas like water effects and plants.

Of course one of the biggest things in this game's favor is...You get to be a pirate! It's almost baffling to see that no other big AAA games have really gone down this road before. It is so much fun just taking a break at times and sailing the ocean. Listening to your crew singing their shanties is so much fun. Then, being able to customize your ship is a huge win. Obviously, the more you progress the better you can make your ship, thus the bigger the battles you can get into and get bigger loot and more equipment for upgrades and such. One complaint I will give about the game, and this is just me, is that they went with the first person perspective during the "present day" sections. Getting rid of the character to identify with during those sections like you had previously with Desmond. Not a big deal, just something I wasn't a fan of. But, other than that, it's really nothing I came across that I find I can complain about.

Overall, this is a fantastic game. Even though, I enjoy all the games in this series, this is the best installment since ACII, which is my favorite of the entire series. But, now that i've finished this, ACII may be knocked to second place. If you're a fan of Assassin's Creed this is a game you should absolutely pick up. If you've ever wanted to live out the life of a pirate in a big open world environment you should absolutely pick this up. Great job by Ubisoft.

...Now if they can just give us that Assassin's Creed game set in Japan we'll be all set :-)
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on June 23, 2015
Fun game. First time playing Assassin's Creed, and I am hooked into the series. Wii U seem to be on par with other consoles for this game, even though there are slight shading detail that is way to obviously lower quality than PS4/XboxOne. I tried the PS4 version of this game and didn't really notice a lot of difference in the visuals. Playability is pretty much the same.

The game does use the game pad as a map that is pretty handy and beats pausing the game every time you have to look at the bigger map. Only if Wii U had enough power to support 4K displays, it would be a no.1 console.

But I am no Nintendo, people are actually preferring 8 bit graphics at times, and it seem to be that video games does not need to be realistic to be fun.
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on January 13, 2014
I have never owned too many Assassin's Creed titles. Mainly Assassin's Creed II and Bloodlines on the PSP. But this one caught my attention and since I was getting a Wii U I figured I would get some AAA titles and chose this as one of them. I have to say I am very impressed, because I am not the biggest of AC fans.

Let me start off with the campaign, it's glorious! The world is huge, lots of area to explore, naval battles, looting, treasure hunting, animal hunting, and loads more. I also love hearing the ship crew singing their pirate tunes, far I find it the most likeable feature. There is tons of action as well, as to be expected. The combat is much better than previous titles and there is also much graphical improvement. So far the best looking game that I have on the Wii U.

The multiplayer doesn't seem to stray far from Assassin's Creed III. It is a bit tricky at times when playing online against other players. Very challenging. I have yet to play coop mode but I shall update that portion of the game when I have played with a few buddies of mine.

Overall this game is very good. Both gameplay and graphical wise I enjoy it. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a Wii U and is looking to get a good title to add to their library, or any other platform that you desire!
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Top Contributor: Petson February 3, 2014
I bought this as a gift for my son and asked his opinion for this review. He said:
There is a lot of actual opportunities for stealth where you're trying to sneakily make your way to one particular target. Planning and executing those missions feels good. There are a good variety of things to do in the open world. The ship to ship combat, sailing, maintenance, and diving activities range from playable to very fun. The ship to ship combat being the most fun. The storyline & it's relevant missions very rarely become bad and are usually at least good. But, there are flaws in the controls, there are glitches, there are bugs, and these sometimes bring frustration into otherwise enjoyable situations. Also, while most of what you do is pretty fun & interesting it will get at least slightly repetitive before the game's end - much more so if you're going for 100%. I enjoyed the game over all, but there are definitely things about it that make me grit my teeth. Because I liked it it gets a 4 star rating.

I enjoyed watching him play this game but can understand how the control issues & glitches could be frustrating.
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on September 9, 2014
The game is great, better than asscreed 3 for sure. The naval combat in particular is visceral!

If I had a ps4 or xbone I'd probably have gotten it for that platform, but then again, graphics quality isn't everything. I'm really liking the way the game integrates with the Wii U gamepad. When you're sailing around you get a top down view with sight lines showing where enemy ships will be able to detect you. It's cool being able to weave around avoiding their aggro, then sneaking around to the vulnerable back of a Man O War and easily taking it out. Also just viewing the map in general is handy since its always right there and you don't have to pause the game. You'd be surprised how much time save when you can just glance down while you're running instead of stopping the game entirely and waiting for the map to load like in previous asscreeds.

Also, who doesn't like piracy, amirite?
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on January 23, 2014
If you played AC3 and REAALLLYY enjoyed the boat time, and enjoyed the boat time as much or more than the non-boat time, this might be the game for you. To really progress, you probably spend more time on the boat than you do on the ground. This was a detriment at the beginning, but the boat stuff is growing on me. The boat stuff doesn't feel like Assassin's Creed to me, but it's still solid, fun gameplay. When you actually start playing the side missions feel totally like AC, but some of the story missions often feel more like the tedious portions of AC -- lots of follow these guys around while hidden and eavesdrop. This is NOT the pinnacle AC game, in my opinion (having played them all) AC: Brotherhood was BY FAR the best AC game. But if you want the boat stuff to mix up the AC formula but less hunting than AC3 (and without the terrible RTS stuff of AC: Revelations), this is a solid addition to the AC series.
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on January 6, 2014
This game is just an overall great game. The controls work well, the visuals are stunning and the pirating is priceless. It seems like it was made specifically for the wii u. I feel it has an old school appeal, several parts kinda remind me more of ninja gaiden on the nes where he's climbing the levels defeating enemies. I guess it's just kinda smooth like that game. Don't know why they keep needing the animus part or whatever that is, I guess to give the game contrast or something. I have assassin's creed 3 also on the wii u and I'd recommend both, especially if you get this one on sale.
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on December 30, 2013
I am guilty. As soon as I heard "pirates" and saw the trailer, I wanted this game. I have never played AC before and thought this might be a great way to get into it. Lo and behold, I cannot put this sucker down for even a minute. Finished the story in about 4 days and I'm in the process of getting synchronization complete. I even purchased 3 for the WiiU and some of the other games on my PC.

Everything is super easy to control, including whistling with your gun (they share the same button area, don't ask). The crafting system is very nice, allowing you to update what you are wearing as soon as you upgrade anything. Wearing 4 guns is just fun. Being able to use the WiiU unique feature of having a map on your controller or just the whole damn game on it is super wonderful. Hell, the graphics even look better on the controller.

I'm not a very multiplayer kind of person, but they do encourage you to try it (especially if you have a UPlay account). They even give you lessons in how to play, how to possibly consider winning, etc.

The only major downside to getting it on the WiiU is that it's been confirmed to NOT get DLC. Freedom Cry - the first DLC - is already readily available on the other platforms. It's a shame that we have to get the game on the PC or elsewhere as well if we wish to get more use out of it.

Something else that is nice about this game, but is not limited to the WiiU: they just launched AC Initiates (which you can unlock free stuff from or do bonus missions within the games you have) AND there's a companion app for AC4, that enables you to do Kenway's Fleet on the run once you've synced your game at least once. Having the ability to play while nowhere near your captain's cabin is bound to be distracting for a while, but I definitely love the feature regardless.
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on February 9, 2018
I really enjoyed the game a lot. The game worked and had no problems with it. My only complaint was that it took too long to get through. I don't like adventure games that take months on end to get through. But other than that I liked Assassin's Creed Black Flag.
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on December 6, 2013
I wrote a review before about this game saying there were some frame rate problems on the wii u version. That is no longer! There was a system update recently and it runs very smoothly now. It actually runs like the PS4 version and in 1080p as well. The game is really great and has so much things to do in it you won't get tired of it for a very long time, plus the graphics are great and the gameplay is awesome on wii u with a full map on the gamepad and the ability to play the game with the gamepad as the primary viewing device. Also, the world is huge, it's really very easy to get lost in it. The cities are wonderfully crafted and the story is actually top notch despite some of the reviews that have been said. It's about a pirate and the game is really very expansive. It's about loss and recovery and it really tells a story well and gets you to feel for the characters.

But make sure you update your system to version 4.03, otherwise you may see some performance issues.

Game is great, get it, and get it for wii u. You won't be disappointed!
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