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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard with TriOviz 3D Glasses|Change
Price:$57.56 - $64.88

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on December 17, 2011
This is the 46th game in my collection and I say that to let you know I play EVERYTHING.
I'm not going to break this down into categories like many other reviews because I find that sort of thing really subjective. Instead I will say just a few things that I wondered before I made this purchase that now I know.
This game plays almost exactly like AC:Brotherhood. If you liked that game and you couldn't get enough then this should do just fine for you. The controls are almost the same with a few minor changes and UI switches. The missions and objectives are basically the same as Brotherhood with some different scenery, characters, and slight alterations to weapons (nothing that makes a huge impact).
So far as actually playing the game, you play mainly as Ezio with a few chances to play as Altair and completely optional chances to play as Desmond. Playing as Desmond is really different from regular gameplay. There is also "tower defense" in this game. It is minimal and I actually found it a good change of pace every once in a while, but it's "basically" optional too (after the tutorial round).
I never got into the AC multiplayer, as I found it was never embraced as the designers meant for it to be played. This game tries hard to curb the behavior of running and gunning (well...stabbing) like the first MP version but still falls short for me. You are rewarded for strategy and cunning, but it still feels like it could've been better.
I have loved all of the Assassin's Creed games and as such did not hesitate to add this to my collection. If it sounds like there is something you are unsure about, go rent it or get it from Redbox. Within an hour you can pretty much experience every version of play that exists in the game (i.e., multiplayer, single player: Ezio, Altair, Desmond, tower defense, etc).
I haven't found the game to be very glitchy and the controls and parkour movements are very fluid. Just as a note, the take down scenes in fights seem a bit more violent this time around, so a word of caution for young people.
As with all my reviews, if you have any questions or want any advice on this, please leave me a comment and I will give you my OPINION. Remember that folks, reviews are opinons, not the Gospel.
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on July 6, 2017
The worst game out of the series by far in my opinion. I played a few hours and got tired of the game machanics. There's too many tactical/strategic battles that are boring and tiresome and they quickly become something to dread. They seem too much like a board game to me.
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on November 14, 2012
First off I preordered this game because I thought I would be getting some quality 3D glasses with it but to my disappointment they were the very old school paper red and blue ones I got as a kid at a diner. The game itself isn't bad. But it seems like you actually assassinate less and less people as these games go along as far as large set piece complex level design targets. I still like the core gameplay but the bombs seem so superfluous as I only ever bothered with them when I was required. In addition the tower defence mechanics seem so tacked on and poorly executed I went out of my way to have brotherhood assassins already leveled up before taking over a territory to avoid having to even engage in the tower defence as putting one in charge prevents tdistrict hideouts from being attacked. I got sucked into the guild management of taking over other cities but I can easily see how this would be frustrating micromanagement for some people. Another example is these chase scenes with wagons, it is so outside what you normally do and not well done as to be frustrating. Given all that I still enjoy the game. It is still very fun to pick a fight with a guard patrol and systematically dispatch them. In essence, the core gameplay is as good as ever, its when they stray from it by adding things it actually detracts from the experience.
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on January 26, 2012
I am big fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise. It was one the first game that combined great graphics and gameplay. Now with the latest installment, fans can expect the same thing with continuation with Ezio Auditore' story of being the Master Assassin & the Mentor of Assassin's Brotherhood.


There is new hookblade which provides different combat animations and increased movement around the city on ziplines. There are variety of bombs which are in three categories: tatical, diversion and lethal. I played the game and hardly use bombs but I did tried making bombs. You select the kind of casing to use ( metal shell fuse(delayed explosion) or terracotta shell (explode on break), type of explosive and special ingredient to give the bomb the desired effect (poison, sharpnels or smoke), there are some more varieties, and developers claimed that there are 300 combinations to do so. The game follows the same pace as Assassins's Creed 2, side missions and main story, has similar settings. There is the new Den Defense mode where you need the Assassin's Stronghold such as towers from Templar attacks and it absolutely not at all exciting, feels just dumb to play, like as if it was out of context of the game. This is may be the reason why the game got so stale now, its not major change just improvements & additions with new story.


Ezio is now in Istanbul, Turkey, in game known as Constantinople. He is on the hunt to retreive the 6 keys of Altair (Assasin from the first game in the series). Each key unlocks a sequence of Altair's memory (where you play as Altair). Of course you will bump in to ups and downs in story. The characters deliver excellent performance in acting makes the experience very cinematic. It is proper conclusion to Ezio and Altair storylines, in return providing the setting for next Assassin's Creed game.


This mode has recieved major improvment from Brotherhood. It is now easy to find matches (before had long searc times), some new game modes such as deathmatch where you don't have compass instead have to identify by looking around in very small part of the map. Another is Steal the artifact which is like Capture the flag. The games have no lag at all, before connection was issue. It is fun and different experience from other shooter games. As you level up in muliplayer, you will unlock special videos that reveal the story of templars, reaching level 50 unlocks the final video which has interesting story tie to main plot.


Being a fan and finding games getting stale is reason developers are being lazy and not trying out something different and new. I had same experience with Gears of War 3 which is great game but got boring as the experience isn't sufficiently rewarding. I will suggest to buy this game when cheaper. So far there hasn't been new story DLCs, only some stupid multiplayer character and map packs.

After finishing the g
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on December 21, 2011
Initially, I have to state how frustrating it was to still be stuck on Ezio. After the 3rd game with Ezio I was getting pretty tired of the character. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find the older version of Ezio MUCH more bearable. He seemed wiser and less rash in those character video sequences. I also have to state that I don't play many games. My experience is limited to the X Box and to a handful of games (like Star Wars, Dragon Age, and AC). That being said, I am continually pleased with the progress that Ubisoft makes in the AC games.

SKILLS: First, I loved how you began the game with all the skills you had in the end of the previous game. There was no "building up" to the point you were at in the previous game when things got good. That opening sequence (video) with Ezio was pretty amazing. The realistic detail and vivid colors are simply a reflection of the potential of Ubisoft's design team and the future of games. Second, the new skills that you learn with the hook blade are WICKED. I make excuses to go on the zip lines. They are not always where I want them to be but they are KICK-BUTT. Unfortunately, the skill where you can run up to someone and use the hook blade to jump around/over them is really cool but I never had the opportunity to use it because by the time I got up to the person to run away, they had swiped at me with their weapon. Bomb building is a pleasant addition but most of the time, useless. I find use out of the bombs similar to the smoke bombs in the previous games but otherwise, they do little other than disappoint.

LOCATION: I do agree with some reviews that have stated the disappointment of being stuck in one city (same with Brotherhood). I liked the excitement of traveling from one city to the next - it added more depth and intrigue and length to the game time. And I loved the difference in one city to the next - historically and visually. Speaking of which, a lot of the history behind the buildings and people seems to be sorely lacking as well. I love learning and I always would take the time to read the little blurbs about the people, the location, and the buildings. This time, there were not even close to as many historical bios.

ASSASSIN'S DENS/MISSIONS: While I loved the addition of fellow assassins in Brotherhood, the way they are set up this time around is extremely time-consuming. You have to continually send your fellow assassins out to defend other cities otherwise the Templars will retake them in moments. Unfortunately, that means you never get to use your assassins as they are always in other cities. The idea of having Dens is similar to the Borgia Towers except you can go inside and assign a specific assassin to it. Unfortunately, if you don't assign the assassin at Level 10, then you've lost your chance to assign one. I have also never won a Den Defense which is continually irritating as I play very strategically.

NOTORIETY: Good luck keeping that down as every time you open a new shop or even purchase anything, your notoriety goes up. And the only way to bring it down is by bribing heralds or killing those town leaders (and they are never around). And you can never get down to all clear - you will always be stuck at 10% notoriety and there is no option to reduce it then.

MULTIPLAYER: I have mixed feelings over the multiplayer. I did not play it much because I was so easily frustrated with it. I liked the idea behind it but became easily confused as there are a million of the same characters. There are only eight options to choose from and while you are playing, you have no idea if the target you are searching for is the one on the roof, to your right, to your left, in front of you, or the one behind you. I became too easily frustrated as I was continually killed (as I couldn't hear the heartbeat/warning of my pursuer approaching me) and gave up on multiplayer.

GAME LENGTH: Overall, I was disappointed by the length of the game. In the previous games, even if I don't complete all of the side quests/adventures, I would end up with 20+ hours of game time. This time around, I completed the game with only 14 hours of game time - an EXTREME disappointment. Granted, I didn't complete all of the side adventures. At the Animus Island I got halfway through those IRRITATING sequences before I was SO frustrated I could NOT go on. It was getting ridiculous. Those side games are stupid, irritating, and a waste of time. All it does is feed you some memories and thoughts of Desmond's childhood/past. If that's all I get out of it, then no thank you. Please don't waist your time with those - stick to Ezio for the good action and fun.

CONCLUSION: It seems as if Ubisoft was experimenting with this last installment of Ezio. They eliminated a lot of the irritating fluff that goes along with some of the Ezio video sequences but then they added more of Desmond (sadly). There were a lot of little changes that are too many to mention (this is long enough already). The graphics are amazing as always and the overall storyline of Ezio and Altair was beautiful. While this review may seem mainly negative, the game is exciting, fun, and beautiful - as all AC games are. Is it a major step up or worth the $60? While it is a great addition to the AC collection, I think it would be best to wait a while or rent it instead. There really isn't anything particularly wow or special or different from the previous AC: Brotherhood. It simply is another link in the story. Worth playing but not worth paying for the experience.
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VINE VOICEon December 15, 2011
With the exception of several new gameplay additions, Ubisoft has managed to close out the Ezio and Altair chapters of the Assassin's Creed mythology with a bang.

The main campaign story I thought was great and truth be told, I was a little bit choked up at the end of it. It was nice to get closure for our two assassins and I found Altair's story to be especially poignant. There are some great setpiece moments and there's enough action and general craziness to keep even the most jaded gamers satisfied. The bits where you get to play as Altair were really action packed and made for very satisfying interludes in Ezio's story.

Ezio's new weapon is a hookblade which you can use on ziplines to get you around the city, which is a nifty new feature but really the only thing that makes any kind of noticeable difference in gameplay. In combat, you use it to put a serious hurting on your enemies and it also helps you scale the heights of Constantinople even faster and easier than you could in previous games.

They've brought back the multiplayer portion from AC: Brotherhood and it's vastly improved. New game modes, new character models and a more detailed level of customization make this one of the standout multiplayer games of the year and shamefully, a lot of people won't give this the time of day. If you like the gameplay style of the AC series, you absolutely must give the multiplayer component a shot, it's some of the most unnerving and tense competition you can find online.

Each game in the series brings forth new ideas and scenarios but the additions made to AC: Revelations kind of lack that flair from the previous games. What I didn't like about this game was the whole new tower defense element that has you and your assassins protecting your dens against the Byzantines. I liked the idea of it, it was the execution that was simply awful. It's not very much fun and you're hampered by a control scheme that doesn't work in your favor when there's a lot going on at once. You'll be forced to endure these moments several times and it's a factor of the game that should've been polished before it was inserted. There's also a first person element that has Desmond retracing his roots in some weird metaphysical realm that in all honesty could've been done much better and could've been much more enjoyable. Here, it just feels out of place and I could not wait to be done with these sections while playing them. They've also made the assassin missions more involved this time but I feel they dropped the ball there also in terms of fun. It involves a bit of micromanaging and gets annoying when you're trying to keep these other areas out of the Templar's grasp. I didn't care much for this either.

I'm hoping the next AC game doesn't get released for a bit so they can take the necessary time to make sure it's running on all cylinders but I believe that next year will see a new installment in the series. AC: Revelations would get a recommendation from me, especially if you already enjoy the games. There's a lot to see and do as usual and of course, lots of item collecting and hoarding to busy yourself with. I just hope the next installment really brings forth some better implemented ideas and a change of scenery.

Resquiescat in pace, gentlemen.
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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2012
For fanatic fans of the franchise that LOVE all the integrated conspiracy-theory lore and cross-century story telling that goes on in an AC game, Revelations will leave you wanting more unfortunately.

In Revelations you spend almost ALL of the game in the Animus in some period or another. The feel of the game is distinctly AC, no new surprises there, but there is very little in the way of hidden lore, unlocking maps or more conspiracy theory -- it is the "straightest" story told in the AC franchise to date in that there aren't many distractions or twists and turns, it is just a straight forward shot to get all the keys and open the big vault door.

Once you do you get a bit more clarity into the grander/overarching AC story that you got hinted towards at the end of AC2 and Brotherhood (hint: Minerva) which is why this is required playing for any AC fan, but unlike the others in the franchise you'll miss the extra meaty chunks of story that were typically delivered along the way in other ACs.

Multiplayer is all back exactly as it was in Brotherhood although I didn't spend much time with it (does anyone buy AC for the multiplayer?)
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on November 24, 2011
Let's make this clear - this is not the last AC game. This seems to be the general consensus but once you play the game you will realize it is most definitely not. However, it does seem to be the end of the Ezio story. I have to say, the game itself was pretty fun. Just about as much as all the previous games. It has all the elements of the previous games, the brotherhood is there and some of the annoying elements have been eliminated. The Assassin's Den defenses are basically the same as the Borgia towers from ACB except that there is a new feature where they can be attacked by Templars afterwards and you have to defend them and get to control as a "general" of sorts. This aspect of the game is fun, but not something you want to spend a ton of time on. I found the overall game play to be about the same as other ACs, although I have to say it is lacking the fun weaponry that Leondardo brought into the previous games. Bomb crafting can be somewhat fun but it simply does not compare to piloting crazy tanks and warships of Leonardo's design from the last game. The new hooking is quite fun and brings a slight improvement to gameplay.

Overall, a good story line as all the ACs are and slight improvements to gameplay, but the one distinct thing I think this game is lacking in is the fun battles that I mentioned before. If you liked the other AC games you will like this. There is no reason not to buy this game, and I will continue to get any others that come after this if only in hopes that I can finally finish the STORY!
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on December 1, 2011
I have not played any previous AC games, and this game was my introduction to the franchise.
AC has a rich story, and if you are not familiar with the story you should spend a few hours reading the story up to this point (exactly what I did).
This game made me an AC fan, and I have just started playing AC: Brotherhood which is also very fun.

To compare with brotherhood:
1+) This new game has much better graphics
2+) Bomb crafting in this game is really intresting
3+) Hookblade is very fun
4-) The gameplay is very very similar to brotherhood! I wish I saw more new stuff!

My only complain is about the AC difficulty level. There is no way to change the difficulty and playing the game is not challenging.
Getting 100% sync. is challenging in some missions, but overall the game is easy to beat.
I wish I could change the difficulty.

Looking forward to next AC game.

Thank you Amazon: I preordered the game and Amazon gave me a 10$ promotional code! I also received the game just 2 days after the release!
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on November 22, 2011
I have played with Assassins Creed 1 & 2, skipped Brotherhood (did not buy) and went straight to Revelations and this is a total action packed, fun game with amazing graphics. I am sure you will enjoy every bit of the story.

I would simply advise you to play the story slowly and spend more time on side campaigns, acquiring Templar Dens, Sending assassins on missions etc.

I gave it 1 less star because the part that feels not well thought about is the sending assassins on missions section. I have 8 assassins that I have constantly sent out on missions to Bursa (I specifically picked only 1 city), all were successful but the % Assassin Control never seems to go above 60% which is very doubtful. It would be better to finish one city (Get to 100%) then move on to others next to it (That is how military campaigns are spread geographically after winning a town)..

Nonetheless a lot fun game and hours of enjoyment!!
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