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on December 9, 2014
I had purchased a Samsung 60 inch LED 3D Smart TV for Thanksgiving 2013 ( Order Placed: November 26, 2013) exactly and purchased the Assurant 360 5 year plan on the same day. As luck would have had it the TV started developing black patches at the bottom of the screen. I reached out to Samsung on Dec 1st to report the issue and they advised there was a panel gone bad and said this was out of warranty( missed out by 4 days). I reached out to Assurant to lodge a claim for repair on Dec1st, they were unable to save my information (model and serial number) due to some technical issues on their side and said it would take 2 days to record the complaint. I called them again on Dec 3rd to update my information. I was asked to send out a sales receipt confirming the purchase which was sent to them. They setup an technician appointment for Dec 8th. The technician rescheduled the appointment to Dec6th as he had time to service over the weekend.

The technician diagnosed the issue and said the panel went bad (same as samsung) and said he would send his recommendations to Assurant and they would contact in two business days. Today I reached out to Assurant and I was told that the claim was denied as this issue was reported to Samsung in the warranty period and that I have to reach out to them to get service. I tried to explain that is the not the case and that I contacted Samsung only after the warranty had expired. I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to one, he basically said the same thing over and over - this is a preexisting condition and samsung was contacted within warranty period and hence the claim is denied. I tried to explain if Samsung was contacted in the warranty period and they lodged a complaint why would I file a claim with Assurant - the answer is your claim is denied because its a pre-existing condition. Despite repeated explanation that this was not the case the answer is the same. Request for a Manager was denied saying he has multiple managers and he cannot give out information.

I am exploring options to file a claim against this company in small courts as other options, I have proof from Samsung that the contact with them was after the warranty period.

Bottomline, this company is a ripoff and extremely bad customer service. I am not sure who are those folks who are rating this at 5 stars, I would give this a 0 star.
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on February 5, 2015
The TV work fine for a year. Than the TV quit working. So I called assurance 360. After three different phone conversations with them I finally got somebody to come out to the house to look at the television. After waiting for two hours for the repair man to show up. He walked in and said it's broken (I already knew that). He took a picture of the serial number on the back of the TV (I could have done that also) and said I'll be back in touch with you. I am still waiting for his phone call. That was 6 days ago. It's been 3 1/2 weeks I have no television, nor do I know when I will have one.
One of my associates at the office went to Walmart and bought a TV last year. It quit working. He took it into Walmart and walked out with a new television. Tell me which one you would rather have. Assurance 360, where you can wait up to a month maybe or more to get your TV repaired. Or just go to Walmart and walk in and get another television?
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on April 16, 2014
Cannot register policy and even harder to reach company. When you do, hey just say to wait and re-register. They cannot register on phone. Gives me no confidence the insurance would even work at all
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on July 3, 2016
I am not gonna get into my long, frustratingly impossible task of trying to get my Samsung 50" warrantied. I'm sure most people have or understand how difficult it can be. I will tell You though, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Don't bother buying because they give you the run around in every aspect of the game. And then tell you we can't or won't warranty your product because under guidelines 34.SNAFU187.FTW statute 12 your SPECIFIC problem required this extra coverage policy or you needed to follow some absurdly extra cautious measure, that only 1 : 250k people may have needed to take to "POSSIBLY" prevent a 1:1 million defect. I bought warranties twice from them and have figured out that unless you buy the most expensive policy with all the unnecessary bells & whistles, You're throwing Your money away and wasting Your time.

Most defects are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and most offer extended coverage for reasonable fee. And in regards to my situation and televisions in general. They don't make them like they used to. So I except that and new tech is coming out all the time so replacing a TV is in my 5-10 year budget plan anyway.

These after market plans / policies are garbage and are just short of being an illegal scam. But they cover "THEIR BUTTS" with conditions, clauses and other terms that protect Them and screw You. Making it legal! MESSED UP!..... BUT, That's how they make money.

I'm not saying that they don't honor their policies, they have to by law. But just like insurance on your house... flood insurance is a separate policy and there are different levels of coverage. But if you meet the criteria of your policy and because of something that you were never told or knew about or makes any sense you aren't covered. That's a great Scam! Nice Job guys! You've got my vote! Maybe I'll start selling insurance policies too!.......... Nah, I am to honorable and honest for that.

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on November 16, 2016
Trying to file a claim is worse than an audit from the IRS. My 65" started showing a shadow on the lower 1/4 of the screen. I called Assurant (Wednesday the 9th) and had to send every bit of documentation I could find just to open a ticket. Two days after reporting the issue. I was then told they would schedule a repairman within 2 days. On the third day after hearing nothing from them, I called and was told that the scheduling department was closed for the evening and that they didn't know why it wasn't already scheduled. He said he'd call me first thing the next morning. The next afternoon (Wednesday 16th), I finally get a call and was informed that the repairman only goes to my area on Thursdays and was booked up tomorrow and since the next Thursday is Thanksgiving, it would be December 1st. That's 3 weeks after reporting the issue. I was then informed that I could get the repair done, pay for it and get reimbursed but if the cost is over $150, I'd have to get preauthorization from Assurant before they would cover it. Then, I have to fax the invoice along with proof of payment and wait 4-6 weeks before I could get reimbursed. I was told that they would send the paperwork via email in the next 5 min. 3 hours later, I have received nothing. Why did I buy a protection plan? Service is horrible.
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on January 18, 2014
The Coverage plan is fine but it is not a 4 year plan if it starts on the date you purchase the TV.which this plan does, so there riding the shirt-tails of the Mfgs. Warrenty the first year, so where im assuming im getting a 5 year warrenty, 1 year factory and 4 year Assurant, im really only getting a total of a 4 year warrenty including the factorys 1 year. So l guess what im saying is there selling a 3 year warrenty, plus the factorys 1 year. No complaints on coverage, l just dont feel its properly presented..Thanks Bob
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on January 14, 2015
I purchased this warranty from Assurant to cover my Vizio flat screen that I ordered from Amazon. I received the warranty by email and registered it as required by Assurant. I recently had to make a claim with Assurant for repair/replacement of my Vizio and found it to be a little more than just a phone call. Upon making contact with the Assurant representative and confirming that I indeed had purchased the warranty, I was then advised that I would need to fax or email a copy of my receipt of purchase for the Vizio to Assurant. I was then told that I would be contacted within 2 business days to set up a time for a repair tech to come and check the Vizio. The Assurant representative was unsure as to a time frame for the actual repair appointment. So as I sit and wait for Assurant to call, I am writing this review. I decided to check the warranty paperwork from Assurant and could not find anything stating that the purchase had to be receipt verified or that the problem could not be resolved with a phone call and a repair tech being dispatched then. So be aware before purchasing this plan that more than a phone call will be required. I will update this review after I hear back from Assurant( within 2 business days) and let you know how the repair/replacement side works out.
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on November 11, 2014
Don't waste your money. Assurant 360 appears to be a typical rip-off protection plan. I rarely buy protection plans because the fine print usually means they won't cover anything. I bought this one because I thought Amazon would offer a high quality plan. Wrong. My optical audio connector on my TV has stopped holding the cable in place. Assurant told me that since the TV is less than 1 year old I have to deal with Panasonic. Call Panasonic and you get a half hour of voice prompts and can't get through to a person.
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on January 31, 2017
My 70" Sony TV died after just 21 months of use. The screen just went black.

I called Assurance. The bottom line is this. It took over a month and 4 technician service visits, but after all that trouble and hassle they sent me a check for $1799, the cost of my television without tax and warranty fees.

So yes it worked, but it took FOREVER. Assurance finally balked at further repairs when it was determined by my fourth tech visit that a new screen would be needed. They chose a repair company that had just one technician in all of Southern Arizona. They seemed to do everything possible to avoid payout but at the end they came through.
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on March 1, 2014
You have been warned...This company was to send me an email so I could give particulars on myself, product, etc. They took my money and as of yet have failed to send me my link so I could fill out forms. After contacting them they told me that "THEIR COMPUTERS", showed it was sent. I told them that "MY COMPUTER", told me that they did not send anything. Believe it or not, these FOOLS had the audacity to argue with me! I tried to imagine if I had to contact these FOOLS if I wanted to file a claim. My blood ran cold, and I began to sweat. Remember "Let the buyer beware", Caveat Emptor. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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