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on May 26, 2015
Purchased this product about 2 1/2 months ago and one day turned it on and got the dreaded google boot-loader logo and it never recovered. Tried to hard boot, recovery option, etc, no luck. Called Asus support, they walked me through the same steps that I googled online, no luck. They requested I open an RMA and upload my amazon invoice through the web page as proof. One catch, the RMA wen site was offline. They told me to wait until it comes back up and to keep checking. After several days of waiting, tada! the website is up! 2 days after uploading my amazon invoice I get the attached email:
(Keep in mind, we've had this product less than 90 days, here's the response)

Dear customer

You are receiving this email to hereby acknowledge that based on your serial number, your ASUS product is no longer within the standard ASUS manufacture warranty period. Please be advised that warranty terms vary depending on what type of ASUS product you have.

If you find that there may be an error, please resubmit your request by visiting [...] and please make sure to attach your proof of purchase. Please scan a copy of your receipt/invoice and attach it as a PDF or JPG file. Please contact an ASUS representative via phone or chat so we can update your records.

The receipt/invoice will need to display the company’s logo, date of purchase, cost, serial and/or model number of ASUS product. Unacceptable forms of proof of purchase are: bank statements, screen shots, forwarded e-mails, and copy & pasted e-mails. We also do not accept files attached as DOC, TXT, or RTF.

If you would like to have your product serviced, an Out of Warranty RMA has been issued; however we want to inform you that the following fees which include Part (s), Labor, Shipping, and Sales Tax if applicable (California and Canada residents) will be applied. Below is a quote for the repair based on your description of the problem. Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate; the repair technician will provide the actual cost of repair once it has been inspected. Your RMA instructions will be sent in a separate email.

Quote (Estimate Only): Estimate: $100 for repair of Other

For more information regarding the ASUS warranty, please visit [...] or refer to your User Manual. This warranty confirmation is merely based off of the date of purchase; this is not a guarantee of all inclusive services as exclusions may apply.

Once again, thank you for choosing ASUS!
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on March 22, 2013
This will be a bias review about my experience with this tablet.

This tablet is now my favorite Android device (until a better 7" Nexus come along). It used to be my Nexus phone, but with this tablet having the same stock Android experience on a larger screen, while still being relatively portable gives it a much better usage experience. It's slim and not too heavy so I can hold it using one hand for a lengthy amount of time, which is more flexible compared to a 10" tablet or other 7-8" tablets that are too wide to hold with one hand. Now the only thing I use my Nexus phone for is making calls so I don't have to spend more money upgrading my phone.

The 7" formfactor of this tablet is perfect when being paired with Android 4.2. I feel Android 4.2 interface is not designed best for 10" tablet yet, however it work just right for a 7" screen. The screen is 720p and the pixels are just small enough so fonts are sharp, it is possible to do extensive web browsing and reading on this tablet.

With a clean stock Android OS, it's better optimized for performance so the interface feel much smoother and faster than competing tablets with the similar spec, which tend to come with skinned overlay and bloatwares. This tablet is more for people who like to fiddle with their device and customize it the way they like. If you know exactly what apps you want to install and how to customize your Android, it is much more flexible than all the competition.

Some people will complain about lack of microSD slot. There are couple of ways to deal with the limited storage issue. Google Music have a cloud feature to let you store and stream up to 20,000 songs. For videos, you can easily create a UPnP server in your home to stream videos from. For example, install XBMC to your PC, add videos to your library, then enable the UPnP server feature. You can also buy an Asus router that have UPnP feature, enable it, then connect your harddrive with videos to it. Lastly, on the Nexus 7, install "XBMC for Android" or "VPlayer and its UPnP plugin" to stream the videos. Make sure you Google for the official "XBMC hardware accelerated test-build".

When you buy a Nexus branded device, it means you will receive the latest Android updates directly from Google and sooner than all other non-Nexus devices. Google will support the software for a long time. Technically Google only promised to update a Nexus device up to 18months from its release date, but more likely if the hardware of that device is still capable, they'll continue to update it.

NETWORK INFO (read before purchasing):
-Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" (P3100), this device is not capable of making direct phone calls (you will have to use VoIP apps). It's still possible to get network data and do text messaging.
-If you intend to use this tablet with T-Mobile, you'll have to use their 'Mobile Broadband sim card' with the plans available for it. However, using a T-Mobile prepaid (phone) sim card will not work as there will be no data, only texting will work.
-Right now, if you're in the US and want to get a data plan for this, T-Mobile Mobile Broadband plan probably the best choice if you get good signal in your area. T-Mobile have gotten rid of contract plans completely, ie. the official T-Mobile store and website do not provide any plans that require contracts. The Mobile Broadband $40 option will get you 4.5GB of 3G and throttle down to 2G after that, with texting and tethering. In the future the Mobile Broadband plan should also cover LTE (however the Nexus 7 is not compatible with LTE).
-T-Mobile also offer a prepaid option called Monthy Pass, but I highly do not recommend this since it do not offer good value compared to the Mobile Broadband plans. For example, the $35 Monthly Pass option only give you 3.5GB of data, with no texting nor tethering. Also since it is in the "prepaid tier", you will get lower priority in cell towers connection, in other word your download speed will not be as fast.

-NO TV-OUPUT: There isn't a dedicated microHDMI port nor MHL support so no chance of physically connecting it to a TV.
-SCREEN QUALITY LUCK: My previous Nexus 7 WiFi unit have a great screen, but this 3G unit I received have very obvious graininess and color banding.
-Not full USB OTG out of the box: You can connect mice and keyboards, but to mount USB flashdrives you'll need root. Various other Asus tablets do have full USB OTG support out of the box.

Note: A minor issue when I received it, it had no charge and the only way to turn it on was to charge it for a while, then hold the Power button for over 10seconds. Some people also suggested plugging it to a charger while holding Power + Volume Down buttons.
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on August 3, 2014
I have had the Wi-fi version of this tablet since 2012. I bought one of the first ones out in 2012. It still works perfectly. I bought (7/2014) this 4G version to use when away from a Wi-fi connection. As quite a few other have written, this tablet arrived DEAD! I plugged it into the charger. The screen would glow slightly but nothing else. I tried several things (holding the on-off key and the volume down key simultaneously, etc.) but nothing. Nothing! I left it plugged into the charger for a while and checked it periodically, still nothing. I began to research what else I might buy as I was going to have to send this slick paperweight back. While I was doing this, the tablet was still plugged in. After several hours, I unplugged it and then plugged it in again. The battery charge symbol came on! Whoa! It was not dead after all. I left it plugged in and charging for another hour or so and then turned it on. It booted up. It has been working completely normally since then. It boots up normally and charges normally. I suspect what happened is this 2012 version sat on the shelf for so long that the battery was completely dead. I know from using my Wi-fi version that this tablet does not boot up without any charge in the battery even though it is plugged into the charger. You have to wait for it to charge the battery at least a little or it won't turn on. Leaving it plugged in for several hours evidently did charge the battery enough to finally wake it from the dead. It's alive. Doesn't appear that I will need to return it.

It does connect to the internet by cellular service. I am using Straight Talk. If you are having trouble connecting, remember that you will have to change the tablet settings to correspond to the cellular carrier you are using.
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on March 3, 2016
Is this a gratuitous self-interview? Perhaps.
How is it, you know, speedwise? It's so slow! I weep in rage.
But is it cheaper than an iPad? Yes.
Is it more developer-friendly than an iPad? Perhaps.
Is it a "just dandy" E-Reader? Yes. And that's why I got it, and if that's why you want it, just get it & never look back.
Should I get it? Examine your priorities. If you want a fancy-pants, lightning-fast, take-on the world all-in-one machine, get an iPad. If you want an inexpensive, ad-free eReader with adjustable screen brightness and decent memory capacity, get the Nexus.

Sizewise - I like the 7", because it fits handily into my oversized jacket pocket, and also purse, and I hate large, cumbersome monstrosities. But to each his/her own.
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on October 27, 2014
Positives first:
1) Still one of the best tablets in feel and user experience.
2) Cheapest brand name 3G tablet available at this time.

1) DOA - I learnt this term only through the reviews for this unfortunately. Dead on arrival. Needed a full charge.
2) Very week battery - I think I know the reason. These were manufactured 2-3 years ago and have been probably sitting in some cold dark warehouse. ASUS batteries being not of great quality, they seem to last only 2.5 days on IDLE.

I wouldn't recommend this for someone hoping to use it as their primary full time tablet.They will see themselves running to recharge all the time.
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on December 30, 2013
I ordered this because I'm about to start working on my final dissertation and needless to say I must read a lot, among that I travel quite often and I needed something a little bigger than my phone to write and read with more comfort, and smaller than my 17" Dell laptop. Must admit took me forever to decide which tablet I wanted, I could almost swear I spent one week going through all the pages on amazon checking on tablets until I saw this one. Read all the reviews, questions and answers and decided to buy it.

It runs smoothly and fast, its very sensitive to touch, light and the colors are vibrant and pretty. It's got the perfect size, user friendly and so on and so forth. Games look very well on it, run flawlessly and, has good sound. Battery lasts, and it fits in my purses. However, it does say it comes with a SIM card with certain benefits, but I read from a lot of costumers that it doesn't come with it, so I was ready for it. But, if you purchase it from the Google store it brings it.

Only thing I must warn you about, especially if you're here in Venezuela just like me and want to use a Movilnet line, make sure they check the options to enable the 3G option and the 4G as well, or you won't be able to use your data plan. I read lots of people complaining that the 3G doesn't work... well, now you know! Take it to tech support and make them check the options. Another thing is that it doesn't have a back camera, so don't flip if you can't find it, and the camera option, in case you want to take selfies, will have to be downloaded from Google Play. Other than that, it's a pretty sexy device. 100% recommended.

I now have to fight my boyfriend for it because he wants to play all the time and doesn't let me read!
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on January 25, 2015
Not bad for an older tablet:

Unlocked - currently taking advantage of T-mobile's 100mb of free data per month using this.
Upgraded all the way up to KitKat 4.4.4
Ample storage for apps.
Pretty snappy - no significant lag when registering touches.
Rubberized grip is great.
Screen quality is good.
Speakers are good (though they rattle a little at the highest volume).

Bluetooth 3.0 and not 4.0.
Doesn't natively support USB OTG hosting (though there are apps that you can purchase to fix this).
Bought thinking I'd get Lollipop on this, but the update still hasn't shown up (but from what I hear about how Lollipop runs on this hardware, it may be just as well).

I regret purchasing this just a little just because of the Bluetooth and USB hosting, but overall this is a solid tablet. You're not going to find this much built-in storage anywhere else for this price range, and the fact it's unlocked really makes this a great deal.
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on May 23, 2015
Stopped working within a few months. The tablet had suffered no damage, but one morning got stuck on the loading screen and could no longer be used. I was told by Google they could not help as it was purchased from a 3rd party (ASUS). I was told by ASUS (after an hour on the phone) that it would cost an estimated $210 to repair.

This was an absolute farce of customer service.

My next tablet will be an Apple product. Strongly advise against purchasing from ASUS. Maybe you'll have better luck buying directly from Google, but effectively having $200 stolen from me will leave me looking elsewhere for future products.
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Absolutely blew me away! I wish they still made this model. Perfect for all sorts of apps, surfing, and programs. Great resolution, battery life, construction, etc. I still use today (even though I dropped it and because of a crack, cannot use 1/8 of the screen) more than my fire 7. One common issue is the gyroscope that switches the view from portrait to landscape sometimes gets stuck and requires multiple on-offs to get it functioning.
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on July 24, 2014
I would give this item 5 stars except for that it would never connect to Cellular. When I couldn't get it to save the settings for my carrier, I allowed it to update the OS, thinking there was a possible patch for the issue, wrong, there was a bug in the update the completely turned off the mobile radio - zero signal.
I'd say it is more of an Android problem than with Asus but, I'm confident that Asus has to approve any updates before they go out.
The Android forums blew up over this issue so it wasn't just my device that was affected and it took a couple weeks for a new update restored the Cellular radio.
I discovered that the "back" key doubled as the save so that is why I wasn't able to save it. Pretty counter-intuitive considering that, in just about any computer application, ever, the back key takes you to your last page without saving. Why isn't there a "save" on the page or in the drop-down?
I spent countless hours trying to get it to connect, searching forums, the manufacturer site and working with tech support with my carrier. It could see the networks, said it registered on the network but never connected to the web. When launching browser it kept saying mobile was turned off no matter what I tried. I'm a Network and Systems Analyst and also have 15 years in the cellular industry and I couldn't figure it out. It also only displayed mobile choices of 2G and 3G, odd since it is supposed to be 4G.
The other thing I didn't like is that it didn't have a micro SD slot but had 32GB of memory. I prefer to have removable memory though.
I will say it was quite fast on my WiFi and apps opened quickly. There is a WiFi only model that is cheaper though.
I returned it for a full refund with no hassle and they paid return shipping.
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