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on February 9, 2016
Even though DVDs are becoming more and more obsolite, I thought it would be nice to include one in my PC build.

-not much to say, works perfectly no complaints

-can get REALLY loud sometimes, but isn't a big deal

This product is pretty straight foreward. Uses one SATA data connector and one SATA power connector. It worked with no problems for me. Just lock it into place, put in the cables, and you're good to go.
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on January 29, 2015
Made by Lite-On for ASUS. Compares favorably to the Lite-On iHAS124. This unit (ASUS) is quieter. Speeds are about the same. Original firmware is stable (no updates required). Cables and mounting screws are not provided for OEM units. Comes with a utility disc that contains EGreen and EHammer (useless for the average user). An overall best buy for the average user IMHO.
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on January 5, 2018
I seem to have the worse luck with these cd/dvd recorders but I told a friend I would try once more to record two music cds for him... It was a disaster and I went on line and ordered this recorder from Amazon. It was here in a day and a half. I pulled out the old one and this one plugged right into the same connectors. I installed the software... that was easy. The songs were still waiting for recording so all I had to to was hit the burn button. It took about 20 minutes to record then the cd auto ejected. I handed him the cd's, he went to his car and plugged one in... Awesome!!! every song had recorded and the quality was great. I have never had a problem with any Asus product I have purchased. This was a great deal.
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on July 17, 2017
Makes noise when spinning up. Try too load a program for my printer from disk and had to insert disk two separate times to get the disk to read. On the first attempt the disk spun badly out of balance. I am not very happy with this drive. I am not sure but believe the drive may have taken some abuse in shipping. It was in a box that was twice the size it needed to be with NO packing inside to cushion the drive.

Additional Info: This drive is extremely noises when loading software. I would not buy again.
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on January 30, 2018
I had an issue with this drive going bad after maybe 6 months. And I rarely used. This was a computer built from scratch for me by a professional that I use for business.
It started making really loud, horrible noises when I would turn my computer on. I ended up just taking the drive out completely. Since most things can be downloaded or put on a thumb drive, It was pretty much useless now anyway.
To be fair, this is the second computer that I've had built by the same person with the exact same specs. I left the last one at my previous company and had him rebuild another one for me. I used that computer for about a year or two before I left there and never had any problems with the drive on that build. But, I think the only time it was used at all on that computer was when he installed the OS.
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on November 26, 2017
I've owned this drive for 3 years and it has been a reliable drive. Some might say that these are going the way of the dodo and while that may be true, as long as CDs are manufactured, I'll continue to use them. For that reason, It's hard for me to trust online stores that sell "Lossless" versions because I would rather rip it myself.

I have it set-up and primarily use with Exact Audio Copy 1.3 to rip lossless copies of my CDs to FLAC format. This (DRW-24B1ST i) has a read offset of +6 as reported by AccurateRip.com for accurate CD ripping.

As far as DVD burning/writing goes, I have never used this feature so I can't testify to it's effectiveness on this drive. As for cd ripping though, It has been nothing short of a great drive to use and I would highly recommend it if you are beginner or an experienced user of the art of CD ripping.
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on August 20, 2017
I noticed Asus burners were used in some older HP products I've had in the past, which performed over 7 years, so I decided to give this one a try. I can't attest to the long term quality of this drive yet, but it's basic functions are great. It's extremely fast, burning CD from iTunes in about 3 minutes. It's also very quiet during burning and playback (if you are in the next room over, with the door open, you can't hear it running.) I replaced a CD drive in a Dell PC (old tower style - Windows 8) with this Asus and I was concerned about the fit, as this PC has a large plastic door over the cd tray, but it fits perfectly. ***Be prepared that this product doesn't come with instructions or any cables. This drive is geared towards people replacing old cd drives, where you remove the old product and slide in the new, reusing the existing cables. There's no need to install any software, you'll get a Windows prompt the first time you play a cd requesting what actions you'd like windows to take any time this type of CD is entered. Other than that, just be prepared to remove some phillips screws and swap out cables.
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on November 15, 2017
Solid drive that I use without a case with an Anker USB 3.0 adapter. I like to sit it on some anti-vibration feet while ripping my cds. Then when done back into the cupboard. Much more reliable than my built in drive in my older HP desktop. In my decades of experience, CD/DVD drive have been the weakest links of computer systems and they all eventually die, maybe even sooner than hard drives if used a lot. Best to get a solid one that does not cost a lot, this fits the bill.
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on January 30, 2014
I got this from third party seller acumen disk (fulfilled by Amazon) for around 21 bucks, which is a decent deal for the drive. Keep in mind that this did not include any burning software of any type, so you will have to find something you prefer to use from the net. The sata connections connected easily and without any issues and seems to work ok enough. My only issue is that for some reason, the drive will not install the latest firmware for the drive as it does not recognize it as the proper drive. The drive says it has firmware version one and ASUS website says version 1.03 is the latest from about 3 years ago. Not sure if this an issue with the firmware or that the drive (it says it was made in November 2013 on the sticker on the drive) was manufactured after that firmware and it has the latest installed. There is an *I* designator as part of the model which I am not sure what it means unless that means it is an "I" generation drive.

Other than that it is a good drive so far and is 4 stars.

Update: More than a year later and this drive is still working reliably with no issues. I never figured out the firmware issue but since I have never had any issues related to the drive, I haven't worried so much about what version of firmware it has. A good reliable drive at a reasonable price.
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on February 19, 2017
Hangs up trying to load after only a 3 months of use. Product does not open with side button on my PC, don't know if this does not have this capability or is just not working but I have to open through the computer which is just another window and op but it is not convenient. At any rate I am now researching for another one. There seem to be a number of other brands in this price range.
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