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on December 25, 2010
The Asus VH242H monitor is a great monitor for the price range. This monitor has vivid colors, and displays beautifully. There are better monitors with these specs, sure...but for this price range there are none.
Comparing to my previous monitor, an Acer AL2002W, this monitor is very bright(too bright! you most likely will have to adjust settings) and the colors pop amazingly...while the Acer has dull, faded colors and too dim(no way to brighten it enough).

The built-in speaker in the monitor is unfortunately placed in the back so the sound reproduction is not directed at your ear, and therefor not a good choice to use for anything where sound is critical, or gaming, or music listening, or movie viewing... However, for an office monitor this is adequate enough and should suffice. Otherwise, stick with your desktop speakers, or whatever you have for sound.

Ok, 1 of the biggest complaints with this monitor is the settings buttons on the panel. I have a little trouble as well pressing these buttons because they are positioned at a slant and rounded off...and due to the monitor stand not raising the monitor more than 3" or so...it can be a pain to use these. I have desktop speakers and other things on the side of the monitor so using these buttons with my hand from the side involves moving things around. Nevertheless, once you find the settings that suits your needs all around, there is really very little need to adjust the settings any more. Although you can use the different splendid modes, I just stick with the standard mode in sRGB color temp, looks very nice and from web browsing, to gaming, to photoediting I don't need to adjust the settings at all.

Final note, I haven't had any issues with the monitor at all, no dead pixels, no flickering, packaged very well so no damage from shipping at all. I don't put my computer to sleep or hibernation so I haven't experienced the gray flickering situation either. Connected in DVI mode and completely satisfied. Will just have to see how it last over time now.
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on December 31, 2012
These monitors are hard to beat for the price. They look good both cabinet wise and the picture display is outstanding for what these cost. I have used about a dozen of this model and I have not been disappointed. If you watch for the right deals, you can pick these up real cheap and they throw in a rebate most of the time that really puts it over the top. AND THEY ACTUALLY PAY THE REBATE! And fast if you choose the "Fast" track and pay them $1 or $2. for the speed up. Pays in about 3 weeks. Put that all together along with the 3 year drop ship warranty and you will be hard pressed to find a better deal for a good solid, great looking monitor. I have never had any of the various Asus monitors that I have used fail and that is about 60-80 over the last 3 or 4 years. (I build and repair computers for a living). Great deal. And no, they don't have vertical height adjustments and they are not made with the highest end panels. If you want that stuff, get a bigger wallet. If you want a really good looking monitor that holds up and is really easy on the eyes at a killer price, get any one of the Asus in this style and you can't go wrong. A lot of the idiots that review these on various sites, cry about all the features that these don't have that are only found on WAY more expensive models. If you really think you need all those features, get off this page, get a bigger wallet and review those there! If you you want great quality and a very good looking display, you found it.
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on August 31, 2010
I chose to buy this monitor based on the huge number of positive reviews (Amazon seems to have a slightly lower average rating, other sites with reviews had higher averages, but Amazon had the best price, as always). The packaging was great, the actual retail box was surrounded by padding in a monstrously huge box, so I wasn't worried about any damage. Set it up immediately, connected it to my laptop via DVI, and did a quick check for dead pixels, and couldn't find a single one. (A quick search on Google will yield various free programs that can help you find dead pixels, and help fix stuck pixels, so give them a try before going through a hassle-some return process).

The monitor's great, the brightness is amazing, and the contrast is definitely good. A little bit of bleeding is visible around the bottom edge in dark images, but definitely not a big issue, it's not bad enough to detract from anything I'm looking at, and it's something I'm willing to tolerate at this price level.

The speakers are quite weak, as one might expect, but Asus has provided all the ports you need. I actually have this monitor hooked up to both my desktop and my PS3. My desktop is hooked up to an external speaker system, and I wanted to hook my PS3 up to the same system without a big expensive setup. If you're looking for something similar, here's how I did it:

My desktop is hooked up to the monitor via DVI, and my PS3 is hooked up via HDMI, which carries the audio signal from the PS3 to the monitor. I then connected a male-male 3.5mm audio cable to the headphone port on the VH242H (the output port, which is black; the green one is for input, which will allow you to connect your desktop sound to your monitor, if you're primarily relying on the monitor's speakers) to the microphone port on my desktop. Next (this applies to Windows 7, other versions of Windows should be quite similar), right click the audio icon in the taskbar and select Recording Devices. Find the device into which you plugged the cable, right click it, and open the Properties window. On the Listen tab, check the checkbox next to "Listen to this device." Now, all sound that the monitor would normally play is instead routed through your computer, allowing you to pass it through to the same sound system your computer is hooked up to. Keep in mind, sound from the HDMI connection will only be sent while the monitor is actively on the HDMI video input, while sound from your computer will always be playing. This is actually really convenient, as I can play whatever games on my PS3, and when I need to get back onto my computer for whatever multitasking I'm doing, I don't have to somehow mute the PS3.

Anyways, to sum it up, a great monitor at a great price, that allows me to do everything I wanted it to do: handle multiple inputs, and allow me to pass through audio signals to a better sound system. We'll see how this monitor stands the test of time, and I'll return with a part two to this review in the future!
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on December 24, 2012
UPDATE 8/24/2014: This monitor STILL runs strong to this day! It's been almost 2 years and has been through long hours of gaming sessions and used as our primary computer monitor daily. It's still going without any problems and I even have only caught a single dead pixel. HIGHLY recommend this monitor if you're able to purchase it. It's great and the quality is awesome. ASUS never seems to let me down.

My old monitor went out. I was stuck on a 15" flat panel for quite some time.

Finally decided to give ordering a monitor online a try. I was very concerned since LCD can break easily if mistreated. But I went ahead and picked this Asus monitor out and purchased it.

It arrived and was handled with care which was a plus.

Hooked it up and it was a nice clean and crisp picture. I have my computer hooked up and it looks amazing. I'm also taking advantage of the HDMI port which is why I actually chose this model.

I have an additional Xbox 360 hooked up to it and it displays a very crisp HD picture for it. It's perfect for my gaming needs as well as my computing needs.

I'd recommend this monitor to others for sure. It's a great price (I paid $160 with a $10 rebate coming as well) and it looks nice.
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on April 7, 2013
I bought this screen to update from a office sized monitor I was using and I must say I quite love it. The picture is clear and vibrant, it has multiple ports so you can use HDMI, DVI and VGA, and a few others. Really, the only issue I have is that this monitor really needs a remote since pushing the buttons is sometimes a pain and switching between HDMI and etc is really a pain in the butt.

Overall, this made for a good basic upgrade.
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on August 19, 2010

*Bright, sharp, and vibrant picture. It doesn't get much better than this! With the adjustments this monitor can be setup to your liking. Colors can be as bright as you like. Superb quality!

*1920x1080 with HDMI so it's 100% perfect size to hook up a bluray player. And of course it's perfect for the PC too.

* This model has a built-in feature you can turn on that allows 4:3 aspect resolutions to be displayed NON-stretched. It works great. This way you don't have to set the feature up on the video driver, just let the monitor handle this mode for you. Many old or casual games are in 1024x768 for instance, and this monitor shows them non-stretched as they should be. This mode can be turned off, and it will stretch, if you want.
* I only have one issue with the monitor, and this issue doesn't affect normal usage at all. This monitor has a smaller angle of view than some. When sitting normally in front, or even from a slight angle (normal use) the picture is great, no problems at all. But if you stand up behind someone using it, and you are at a more extreme angle, or are in a chair across the room at a large angle, the screen's colors will be dark, or incorrect. I want to emphasize that in normal use, even sitting at an angle, the picture is perfect! So for me, this doesn't end up affecting me as a user. Only when I turn to look at my wife's screen who's desk is 90 degrees from mine, do I see this issue.
I'd like to end with a positive note. This monitor is worth the money, I love it. The colors/brightness/refresh/sharpness -- fantastic! And I wanted one with the 4:3 "correct aspect" option as I hate playing casual games that are stretched to 16:9. This monitor is big, but not too big. It's perfect for a PC monitor. 5 Stars.... BTW, my friend saw it, and had to get one.. He did and loves it too. In fact many others have looked at it and immediately said to their husbands, "When I get a new monitor, I want one big like that one!"
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on October 7, 2010
The ASUS monitor is outstanding for the money. Crystal clear and works as performed. The only thing that was wrong was that the first one I had received had a dead pixel in it. I emailed the store and they paid for shipping and I sent it back and received a new one. But another down side was that there was a rebate promotions for this item and I couldnt claim it because I had to send the monitor back and in order to do so, I couldnt cut out the UPC code on the box or I couldnt return the item. The company itself (buy.com) wasnt helpful in this situation. By the time I received my item back the promotion was over :( but I received the item back actually very fast. I sent it out Monday and received the new monitor by Saturday. Email responses were actually fast and helpful. I give this rating 5 stars because the review is on the product and not the company. For this size monitor 23.6" with an HDMI hook-up and 1080p picture quality, and for the $175 dollar price tag, you definitely are getting a steal for this. No other company is selling a high quality monitor with these specs and size for this price. The monitor is extremely easy to use, theres only 6 buttons!! You dont need that many anyways its only a monitor, the goal is to stare at it when in use. This is definitely affordable if you plan to take advantage of eyefinity technology and use multiple monitors or you just want an outstanding monitor but dont want to cost an arm and a leg. I would definitely recommend this monitor to anyone in the market for a new monitor.
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on August 3, 2012
This a a beautiful, vibrant, and VERY large screen monitor at a good price. I agree with other reviewers that the buttons on the front are hard to see and use but seldom need adjustment and the sound quality is not impressive, but that's as you would expect for speakers in a monitor. I won't dock a star for that.

The one thing I saw several people complain about and I experienced myself was trouble getting the right brightness. I spent a few hours fiddling and lots of time researching before I figured out the solution: gamma settings. Windows 7 has a color calibration wizard, find that and set the gamma right, and BOOM, your too bright monitor will be perfect. Then the various display settings work perfectly and are easy to master, no further fiddling needed. Hope this saves somebody else the frustration I had!
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on June 3, 2011
I ordered this on May 26 and received it 2 days later. Everything was nice and still is! When I opened it I was like wow man this thing is way bigger then I imagined! I was iffy about spending 500+ money on a new monitor, I'm a photographer so picture quality colors are important to me and to be honest.. What's the difference between this 24 and a 500$ 24? I guess what I am saying is this monitor has good colors! I don't play Xbox or any console but it has HDMI for playing your games on it too! There is a button on the front that you can just hit and it easily switches to the next setting. I was also kind of was "discouraged" that this monitor was so glossy (like a old PS3) but to be honest... I don't have any problem with fingerprints but then again? How many times to you find yourself rubbing your monitor? The stand that your monitor sits on has no screws or anything just take the screen and set it on top of the base and it'll click thats all (no bad wobble either)! Some people have put bad reviews on here but I will say.. I use this monitor for personal/professional work and have no problems what so ever, I also play video games on it and games like Crysis 2 show really good and has no blurring or anything.

No dead pixels, no scratches/dings/dents or braises.
Quality build = 9
The people saying negative things about the ON BOARD speakers.. It is a monitor and honestly.. like all speakers.. the more you use them and break them in the better they start to sound! They are good enough for your regular user.

Very shiny. Like I said!

Buy this if you want a CHEAP but still.. REALLY good quality/sized monitor.

ASUS really made a nice product.

if you have any questions about this monitor or what to know something , pictures email me here

and just let me know what you would like to know about this monitor.

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on April 12, 2011
After many years of My Son perfering laptops to Desktops he finally came around and asked me how he could aquire a Desktop of his own. So I gave hime my old gaming/workstation that I was no longer using (Despite the age, this still has some kick to it, see specs below) and we both went in on the cost for this monitor for his new Desktop.

I did the research and came across the ASUS VH242H for around $180. Despite some of the negative older reviews the current reviews were generably favorable, ASUS is a well respected Name, and who would believe you could get a LED-LCD 24 inch monitor for Under $200 dollars. So we took a chance and ordered it, He has been in hog heaven ever since then.

The picture on it is phenominal. The LED backlighting brings out the color, texture in depth, and overall 1080p display on any of games you play. On Crossfire you can see the detail of the weapons as if you could also hold them. Even the Windows 7 Desktop just looks plain awesome. It has 3 Video input (VGA, DVI, and HDMI) with a regular PC audio sound plug and SPDIF input. It comes included with a VGA and DVI Cord for your PC (HDMI has to be purchased seperately).

*** Please Note*** You Will need the right video card in order to get the max potential from this monitor, Most intergrated Video Cards will probably not do the job. Also for those that are still using VGA Pay Heed, You will NOT get the full 1080p resolution if you use the VGA Option, it will look fuzzy and distorted. Use either the DVI or HDMI inputs for the MAX performance out of this Monitor.

This can also be used for other devices than just the PC (DVD/Blu-Ray Player, Game Console, etc.)

Overall, both me and my son are very pleased with the product and contemplating picking one up for my Wife, I would defenitly recommend it.

System Specs:
P4 3.4GHZ HT socket 478, 1 MB cache processor
4GB of DDR1 400mhz PC3200 RAM
680W PSU
24bit 5.1 Creative Sound Card
Edimax Wi-Fi Card
1GB intergrated Intel NIC
ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP 512mb
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (32 Bit)
ASUS VH242H 23.6-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor.
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