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on May 4, 2011
I bought this monitor to complement a new PC that I built for my dad. The picture looks great on it. It's sharp and the colors seem pretty accurate. I tried it out a little bit with a few computer games and a blu-ray movie. It looked pretty good...no instances of ghosting, motion blur, or anything along those lines. Black seemed to be actually black and not a washed out gray. Additionally, I didn't find any dead pixels.

The speakers however, are awful. He wanted something with speakers built-in to clean up some of the clutter on his desk. When tried out the monitor, I didn't like the sound at all...but I'm pretty picky. He's not very picky when it comes to technology, but after only about two days, he asked me if I could find him a good set of small-profile speakers that he can use instead. If you're specifically thinking about this monitor because it has built-in speakers...you may want to consider if that option is really a deal-breaker.
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on October 7, 2010
The ASUS monitor is outstanding for the money. Crystal clear and works as performed. The only thing that was wrong was that the first one I had received had a dead pixel in it. I emailed the store and they paid for shipping and I sent it back and received a new one. But another down side was that there was a rebate promotions for this item and I couldnt claim it because I had to send the monitor back and in order to do so, I couldnt cut out the UPC code on the box or I couldnt return the item. The company itself (buy.com) wasnt helpful in this situation. By the time I received my item back the promotion was over :( but I received the item back actually very fast. I sent it out Monday and received the new monitor by Saturday. Email responses were actually fast and helpful. I give this rating 5 stars because the review is on the product and not the company. For this size monitor 23.6" with an HDMI hook-up and 1080p picture quality, and for the $175 dollar price tag, you definitely are getting a steal for this. No other company is selling a high quality monitor with these specs and size for this price. The monitor is extremely easy to use, theres only 6 buttons!! You dont need that many anyways its only a monitor, the goal is to stare at it when in use. This is definitely affordable if you plan to take advantage of eyefinity technology and use multiple monitors or you just want an outstanding monitor but dont want to cost an arm and a leg. I would definitely recommend this monitor to anyone in the market for a new monitor.
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on December 8, 2010
Usually I take user reviews at face value since I personally assume they were just the manufacture trying to promote the product But I have to say this is truly an amazing monitor. I will warn ya tho. Dont Just buy the darn thing and assume you can use it right out of box. Because of the factory setting the monitor is bright...like power of the Sun bright. After a few min adjusting the settings you will find this to be quite pleasant. Also With the monitors presets along with your own personal setting you can switch your viewing on the fly.

Now I will warn you tho when you select skin tone types know that the one you highlight is the selected one. No need on pressing the select button to activate it.

Also make sure you have lot of desk space. because this badboy is big!
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on December 18, 2009
The monitor is easy to set up. Height is not adjustable, but it never was a problem for me. The picture is nice. When connected via analog VGA connector, it automatically adjusts for optimal size and position on the screen.

One problem that bugs me is when my computer turns the screen off, the display never turns to power save mode, instead it stays blue with floating "HDMI no signal" frame. Hello, ASUS engineers! It has no signal for a reason! I must note that it does not have this problem when connected via VGA connector; when signal is lost, it goes to power save mode as it should. The problem is only when connected through HDMI or DVI connectors.

Update: on a different computer with DVI connection, it goes to power saving mode as it should. Must be a quirk in DVI implementation or even a bad DVI cable. With HDMI connection, though, it never goes to sleep.
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on June 25, 2012
I purchased this monitor in early January of 2010 and as of June 25, 2012 it is every bit as good as the day I got it. I am planning on buying two more of these for eyefinity configuration. I was thinking about getting a 26" but I would rather have another one of these for much less money. Two more would be the absolute perfect set up for video editors and hardcore PC gamers like myself.

Edit - It is now 8/21/14 and the monitor works just as good as the day I bought it. I have however, purchased two Asus LED monitors and notice a significant difference in quality (favoring the LED).
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on October 9, 2009
Well, it was great while it worked, then it up and died after two months.

The only option I have is to send it back to Asus to have it repaired, which is what I have opted to do. I have no idea what will be returned to me. Perhaps another one that dies in two months or maybe one that works forever, who knows? But with the hassle of buying a box, packing it up and sending it at my own expense back to ASUS, it's really not worth the hassle.

Hopefully, I'll get a monitor that works once it's returned to me. However, I wouldn't buy this monitor again, nor would I buy an Asus product. Their products are certainly cheap in price, but very substandard in quality in my opinion and don't seem to last very long.
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on February 7, 2010
I was a little skeptical at first as I haven't heard of ASUS before but I bought it to upgrade a Dell 20-inch monitor and I'm pleasently surprised and happy with the unit. I've had it for about a month now and have experienced no problems at all, no dead pixels I can find. At $200 it sure beats the others price-wise.

It does seem a little brighter than my Dell and experimenting with brightness, contrast etc. from factory was needed to suit me but that's to be expected. I have not tried any input except the DVI but I didn't buy it to watch DVDs so HDMI wasn't a deciding factor for me, I have a 47-inch Visio TV for that.

Amazon shipped quickly as usual and I'm very happy with the monitor.
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on February 11, 2013
Large screen with no dead pixels. Colors are vivid and viewing angle is great. Speakers are fine if you get your expectations right. Stand is not adjustable height-wise which was a drawback for me but can be rotated. Price can hardly be beat for a monitor of this size.

A few minor drawbacks:
1. Power button is small and is hard to press. I keep the monitor on as a consequence and let OS turn the monitor off.
2. As noted above stand is not adjustable.
3. no front connector for headphones.

Overall I'm very happy and would buy this again.
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on January 29, 2012
The only complaint I can make about this monitor is that my particular example shipped with one stuck red pixel. The reality of LCD manufacturing is that this sort of thing will happen from time to time. In my case, I was able to rub the affected pixel gently with my finger tip and it unstuck. Other than this small problem, I haven't had any issues with the monitor despite it being subjected to pretty heavy abuse ranging from being hauled to-and-from LAN parties, and manhandled (or should I say toddlerhandled) by my very active son.

ASUS products tend to be very decent quality and this monitor is no exception.

This isn't an IPS panel, so color isn't phenomenal, but it's at least as good as any other monitor I've seen at this price range, and the response time is more than adequate for gaming and video. Viewing angles are good but not great - you won't be able to watch this from extreme angles - but it is clear and easy to see from across a large room.

24" is about as big as I'm willing to go without seeing a resolution bump above 1920x1080. I'm not willing to spend the extra cash for say - a 27" or 30" monitor unless it has a seriously high resolution. But 1080P feels pretty good on this monitor in Windows 7 even with the larger menu bars and chunky start menu.

Overall, I'd say this is a great bang for the buck.
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on December 25, 2010
The Asus VH242H monitor is a great monitor for the price range. This monitor has vivid colors, and displays beautifully. There are better monitors with these specs, sure...but for this price range there are none.
Comparing to my previous monitor, an Acer AL2002W, this monitor is very bright(too bright! you most likely will have to adjust settings) and the colors pop amazingly...while the Acer has dull, faded colors and too dim(no way to brighten it enough).

The built-in speaker in the monitor is unfortunately placed in the back so the sound reproduction is not directed at your ear, and therefor not a good choice to use for anything where sound is critical, or gaming, or music listening, or movie viewing... However, for an office monitor this is adequate enough and should suffice. Otherwise, stick with your desktop speakers, or whatever you have for sound.

Ok, 1 of the biggest complaints with this monitor is the settings buttons on the panel. I have a little trouble as well pressing these buttons because they are positioned at a slant and rounded off...and due to the monitor stand not raising the monitor more than 3" or so...it can be a pain to use these. I have desktop speakers and other things on the side of the monitor so using these buttons with my hand from the side involves moving things around. Nevertheless, once you find the settings that suits your needs all around, there is really very little need to adjust the settings any more. Although you can use the different splendid modes, I just stick with the standard mode in sRGB color temp, looks very nice and from web browsing, to gaming, to photoediting I don't need to adjust the settings at all.

Final note, I haven't had any issues with the monitor at all, no dead pixels, no flickering, packaged very well so no damage from shipping at all. I don't put my computer to sleep or hibernation so I haven't experienced the gray flickering situation either. Connected in DVI mode and completely satisfied. Will just have to see how it last over time now.
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