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on January 15, 2017
Go to your NVIDIA control panel, and click on "Change resolution" under Display. Scroll down, click on "Output dynamic range" and set it to full. I've included a picture for help with this. It should fixed colors that look washed out, without having to modify any color settings. If you already made some, I suggest you factory reset your monitor (in the menus) as it will look strange after doing this. Other than that problem, this monitor looks great! Also, you shouldn't have to worry if you're using DVI.
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on December 5, 2012
First off to address the complaints of "graininess" observed by some owners due to the matte finish: Lower your brightness! The pearly shimmery effect is only noticeble at the maximum 100% brightness which is around 270 cd/m2 (~20 cd/m2 higher than advertised). However, at the max brightness level, most users would find it uncomfortable to use for more than 30 minutes anyway. The factory settings are only set to this max limit to impress buyers in stores and when they turn on the monitor for the first time! The recommended comfortable brightness level for any monitor during regular use is 120 cd/m2 which translates to a setting of 35-40% brightness on this model. The user can easily change this setting through the OSD menu using the built in buttons.

Price - Comparable e-IPS displays from other manufacturers are $200+ (see LG)

e-IPS panel - Viewable from virtually any angle

Matte display - Reflections from nearby lights do not impact the display. Great for nightime/sunlight users.

Negligible ghosting - 5ms response time combined with the built in Trace-free feature set to 60 eliminates most ghosting. This makes the monitor great for gaming and HD video watching. Only professional FPS players would need a higher response time.

Thin - Roughly the thickness of a MacBook Pro! Very slim on a desk or a mount

100mm VESA - Standard mounting holes w/ removable black rubber covers to hide the holes for users that prefer to rock the stand (blends in if not mounted)

Power efficient - 24-30 W after calibration

3 yr warranty/exchange: Asus will replace your monitor within 3 years and pay for shipping both ways. I haven't tried this myself, but I hear Asus customer service is above average for the industry.

Thinner than average bezel

Matte back - Has a carbon-fiber-like texture on the back that makes it look modern

No built in gamma correction - Must be adjusted using your video card

e-IPS - Unlike higher quality IPS panels there is a very small amount of color/gamma distortion if viewed at an angle. However it is still exponentially better than any TN panel. Higher quality panels that completely remove thus effect cost $400+ currently and only graphic designers/photo editors really need that level of color accuracy.

$40 more than cheap TN panels - Extra cost for the latest gen display. Better viewing angles and colors. You be the judge.

Recommended calibration settings:
Brightness: 35
Contrast: 80
Red: 100
Green: 100
Blue: 98
Trace free: 60

These are the settings I came up with after calibration. They can be used as a starting point or ballpark figures if you don't feel like spending hours reading up on monitor calibration techniques. Your actual ideal monitor might vary slightly.

Best price/value monitor currently on the market <$200
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on February 4, 2017
I read some pretty horrible reviews on Amazon today regarding Asus customer support, and thought, that can't be right! But now I fully understand the frustration that all of those customers have gone through.

I'll start out by saying when I build a computer, most of what I pay goes into Asus products (used to, but not anymore). Motherboards, video cards, DVD drives, monitors, etc. I also recommend Asus to others, probably at least once a month if not more often, since it's the brand I've always purchased for certain products. But my last few Asus purchases have been getting worse and worse. This monitor lasted a few months working as it should. Then one day I heard a loud buzzing sound, and it was this monitor. It sounded like it was about to explode or catch on fire or something horrible (almost worse than the nails on a chalkboard sound). So I rushed in the room and tried turning the monitor off, and the sound stopped. I wasn't sure if it was a one-time fluke, but it repeated again the next time the monitor was on for a while (although I tried to make a point of turning it off when I didn't REALLY need it on at the time).

Today the buzzing started immediately when I turned the monitor on. The only good part about that is it was an instant reminded to submit an RMA claim for my Asus monitor with a 3 year "Rapid Replacement" warranty. I submitted this online, received an e-mail, but there was no mention of the advertised Rapid Replacement, or the fact that Asus advertises that they pay shipping both ways. Rapid Replacement is supposed to ship a replacement monitor as soon as the bad monitor is shipped out, so I would think around 1-3 days downtime at most. HOWEVER, apparently all Asus had to do to get out of replacing the monitor in this way is say that the model isn't currently in-stock. Do they tell you they'll ship a replacement in a few days, after they locate one, or have stock available? Nope! They immediately send you through the more tedious "repair" process, then tell you that if the monitor is deemed non-repairable, they'll then replace it with the current model or possibly a different model if they don't have the current model.

So I asked how long this process would take. All I wanted to know was what the minimum and maximum amount of time that my "Rapid Replacement" warranty service would have me down for now. The rep had no response. I asked if it would at least be a maximum of 2 weeks, or a max of 1 month, or 6 months? He had no response other than to say he couldn't give me any type of maximum timeframe at all.

So then I asked to speak to a supervisor, thinking surely they can put themselves in the customer's shoes and understand how ridiculous of a response that was. I basically got the same run-around from the supervisor, with a few new twists. I told the supervisor, like I had told the previous rep, that I was just online looking on several different web sites and saw this exact model available on every site I went to, and none of them indicated low stock. So it's not as if it's discontinued or in short supply. I even said that what a company should do, and typically does from my experience, is replace the defective product with a model that is equal or better in comparison to the product the company doesn't have. I mean it's not the customer's fault you don't have this model in-stock, right? By the end of the call, he told me he would submit for an escalation asking for a replacement model, and that if that was approved, I MIGHT receive a replacement of equal or LESSER value. "Um, did you mean to say equal or greater value?" Nope, he confirmed, "equal or LESSER" value. Hmm, seems like a backwards way to do business, if you're trying to satisfy your customers and not make your defective products the customer's problem, doesn't it?

Needless to say, I will never be purchasing another Asus product again, nor will I recommend Asus to anyone. This experience was beyond sub-par, so I can't in good conscience, recommend them anymore.

If some seemingly miraculous change happens with this case and the Asus gods swoop in and make this all better somehow, I will update my review. ;-) And if not, I may add a few videos to this review so you can hear the very disturbing buzz, and maybe even the ridiculous responses from support (since it was on a recorded line).

UPDATE 6/15/17:

I've been meaning to submit an update and finally got around to it. Asus never called me back. The escalation must have been all talk because I never heard from anybody after that point. And when I tried calling them back, they acted as if I never called the first time, but gave me the same run around all over again, and still no call back. Wow, such a popular monitor available everywhere, and twice now Asus does not have it in stock, how convenient right?

My monitor continues to buzz like it's going to explode if I forget to turn it off. Sometimes it does it immediately when I turn it on. And sometimes when I turn it off to stop the loud buzzing, then turn it back on, the buzzing continues. Like others have mentioned here, I think I'm switching back to Viewsonic monitors as well. As for all other components in PCs that I build, I'll be switching to anything that isn't Asus.
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on July 3, 2012
So far I am very satisfied with the monitors. These are actually my first IPS and I can say I am simply amazed and the picture. Before I go on let me post my settings because out of the box settings are the WORST and will make you want to return the item.

Splendid: Theater
Sharpness: 45
Trace Free: 80
Brightness: 90
Contrast: 78
Saturation: 70
Color Temp: User Mode with all colors maxed
Skin Tone: Natural
Smart View: Off

With those settings everything should look great IMO. I actually bought 3 monitors because I am running SLI configuration for programming and for gaming. Because I have such a small desk, at the moment, I had to angle the monitors 75 degrees from the center monitor. So if you can picture that in your mind, I want to say I have NO problem seeing anything. The colors still look great and gaming is just as fun. Only problem (this is not the monitors fault) is my head hurts from turning lol, just wanted to share that :P

Some might ask if the 21 inch is too small. I can say I was worried about this too because I was using my PS3 3d display beforehand and can say that text is a fraction of a bit smaller. Unless you have really bad eyes, these monitors are perfect size. I also like the size because I have heard the bigger you go, the more you can see the LED backlight. In my case I can say on a totally black screen I see MINOR backlighting; nothing that would make the screen look awful, don't let that turn you away from the monitor.

Some reviewers have had bad outcomes with dead pixels and what not, I bought 3. Not one of them has had any problem except for user error. This user error was I thought all 3 monitors were dead because when I "touched" the power button it didn't respond. Don't fall victim like I did, the power button is under the screen, it is not a fancy touch sensitive button like I thought, again user error. You have plenty of connection options except display port but that is alright because I prefer DVI and HDMI so it really is user preference. No speakers but again doesn't bother me, I use a headset. Lastly, the design is sleek but the stand feels cheap. Just touching the monitor a little and you will notice a bouncing effect (monitor rocks back and forth). This could have been made better but I don't plan on moving them or touching them so not a big deal breaker.

So overall I am very happy with the purchase. The picture looks great at all angles, the frame rate if perfect (even for hardcore gaming, tested BF3 with ultra-settings, SLI 670s, and all three monitors in surround mode and it was PERFECT/BREATHTAKING), and the price couldn't be any more appealing for IPS. You will easily tell the difference from TN to IPS and you will never go back. Thank you for reading the review, if you would like to know more and any questions PLEASE leave a comment. I tend to check my amazon comments often and will do what I can to better help you.

Posted pictures, comment if you need more or anything else. I also want to update that the first thing I did when I got these monitors was run over to YouTube and play a Dead Pixel Color Test. This allowed me to check every pixel and confirmed that all 3 monitors were flawless.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 17, 2015
This monitor seems to be manufactured by different companies even though they have the same ASUS branding and model number. I ordered two of these monitors and one had the colors spot on with those on my laptop display while the other had washed out colors and reds appeared orange. I couldn't fix the washed out colors with any of the settings provided by the monitor nor manually changing the RGB parameters on the monitor and my NVIDIA settings. I promptly decided I couldn't deal with that and I returned the monitor with the washed out colors and received another one without any hassle. Amazon was great at sending me another monitor as fast as possible without any gimmicks. The two monitors I have now are great and colors are the same. I noted differences between the two monitors with the same model number. I will describe the good monitor first and the bad monitor second. The images will also be in the same order.

1.) Good: Handle on the packaging box is white. Bad: Handle is black.
2.) Good: Styrofoam protecting front and back of monitor. Bad: Styrofoam protecting top and bottom of monitor.
3.) Good: Quick Start Guide for VS228/VS229/VK228. Bad: Quick start guide for VS228/VS238/VS247

1.) Good: Power LED is dark blue and dim. Bad: Power LED is light blue and bright.
2.) Good: Bottom of base is half metal and half plastic Bad: Bottom of base is all metal
3.) Good: Menu is smaller and not that bright Bad: Menu items are bigger and bright
4.) Good: Monitor is physically taller Bad: Monitor is physically shorter
5.) Good: Awesome colors Bad: Washed out colors and reds appear orange
6.) Good: When no signal is present blue screen is a dark blue Bad: Blue screen is a bright blue.
7.) Good: No effect on ASUS logo when turning on monitor Bad: ASUS logo appears from center towards the outside

Aside from this small setback, the monitors are perfect for my setup. They have nice colors and work great with anything I throw at them.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on October 23, 2016
Still using this monitor for over a year and I love it, the colors don't feel biased towards a certain color and it's a good size for my desk area..

I would like to be able to lower brightness a lot more for night time, but other than that I love it more than the $100 monitors I have used in the past.

It has all the connectors to suit your needs, except DisplayPort but adapters exits so you can hook this into a DisplayPort output if you look up DP to VGA/DVI/HDMI adapters. I will say that the headphone port on the back of the monitor seems relatively bad in quality, but it could be my HDMI cord or my GPU so I'm not going to say for sure whether the monitor is the problem or not.

As for tilt, it indeed has tilt and the range definitely will accommodate most situations!

It even has VESA holes, which is nice because I plan to utilize them someday!

Definitely recommend this one to most people who want a monitor that works out of box no annoyances and want 1080p@60hz.
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on March 6, 2017
I bought this monitor as a secondary for my home office setup since I was tired of squinting at a dinky laptop screen. I had another 24" ASUS monitor that I love and wanted a dual monitor setup with the same size monitors. My old ASUS had been discontinued so I thought this one would be similar. Unfortunately, the difference between them couldn't be more apparent. While the screen size is the same, the border is much wider on the new one which makes it seem larger. When I first plugged it in and had the computer recognize the dual screen, it was obvious that the colors were way off. The yellow tint that other reviewers have complained about was there. I used the monitors' menu settings to get them as close as possible but there is so much bleed-through from the backlight that the new one is still brighter and the blacks are not as deep as the older one. I did notice the next day that the yellow tint had vanished so I don't know what that was all about. I'm not a perfectionist so I'm not going to go through the trouble of boxing the thing up and sending it back just because the blacks aren't a true black. It does the job and it's much better than staring at a tiny laptop monitor with my aging eyes.
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on March 17, 2017
The monitor is fine, has a bright clear display and connects via hdmi. I use it for word processing and other text applications connected to my laptop when I'm working from home. Works great for my purpose. I have an earlier version of the same model.

Rebate process is awful. You have to go to a website, enter codes, search your product, select your product, enter your info, decline spam emails, answer some survey questions, submit the 'claim', print out the sheet, sign the sheet, locate one from 7 different shipping stickers from the product box & cut it out with a box cutter, xacto or some other blade, print out the amazon receipt, and mail all if it in within 30 days of buying the monitor. At some point supposedly they will send me a $20 visa card for my efforts.

Summary: If the price is competitive with other monitors WITHOUT the rebate, go for it. If there is a competing monitor for about the same price, I'd buy that one instead. At this point, most panels are probably coming from the same factory so differences between brands is likely to be small.
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on November 13, 2013
I use a Dell U2410 24" factory-calibrated monitor most of the day, and I've grown accustomed to a certain quality level in the mid-range monitor segment over the years with various IPS and MVA displays. Point being - I've become a tad picky. I want good viewing angles, proper color gamut reproduction, and anti-glare screens (glass screens might make the colors "pop," but after a while, it can pretty distracting trying to work on something when you feel like you're staring at yourself all day).

So when I needed a new monitor for another workstation in the office, I started looking for something good quality, but a bit less pricey than the Dell 24" U2410 series. What I ended up with was this ASUS monitor. It took a bit of digging, because their model number scheme can be a bit confusing in regards to which monitors are IPS panels and which are not (Amazon also didn't help matters by listing a couple of non-IPS monitors as being IPS, but ASUS's website helped me figure out which model I wanted. Once I had the model number of my desired monitor, finding it here on Amazon was easy).

Right out of the box, this monitor looks great. The colors are vibrant but fairly natural, so we didn't bother attempting to further calibrate it. The matte screen was as good as I had hoped with no noticeable reflections. The monitor housing itself is also very nice, with a slim design and a smooth, subtle curve to its backside.

The stand looks good with its rounded base, though I do wish it was height-adjustable (not many monitors are these days, though, it seems). This monitor does not have built-in speakers, nor does it have any USB expansion ports. I never recommend using built-in speakers on a monitor if you have other alternatives, so I don't think you're missing much there (unless you intended to use this as a small TV), but having to give up the USB ports I've grown used to on our Dell monitors was a trade-off I wish I didn't have to make. For the price, however, it's a minor quibble and certainly not a deal breaker.

The bezel looks nice, as well. While I prefer matte bezels, it's not an overly wide bezel and it doesn't distract from the screen.

All in all, the ASUS VS239H-P is a very solid upper-entry-level IPS monitor with a great matte screen, wide viewing angles, and a pleasing aesthetic design. Highly recommended for anyone looking at budget widescreen IPS monitors in the 22" to 24" range.
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on August 18, 2016
Update 10 days later: Still loving the monitor, no issues at all. So far, super happy with my purchase. Images look great in high end photo editing software.

Original Review Aug 18. 2016
This is my "first impressions" review, I'll update once I use it more (3mos, 6mos, etc)

After spending a day reading reviews, I finally came to the conclusion that this was the one I needed. Since I can't afford an expensive photo editing monitor, I was able to conclude that this was my next best bet. It has the IPS which I've read is what you want for editing so that's a good thing.

It was very easy to use right out of the box. The monitor is very lightweight. The stand came apart from the display and screws in with a screw that has a loop so you don't need any tools. There is a slight wobble, but nothing that I should really even mention. The base is nice and wide which gives plenty of stability.

The picture is pretty sharp, you can barely see the pixels when you look up close. My previous display was an Asus and I liked it so much that I had no problems buying another.

Like I mentioned before, I will definitely be updating this as time goes on. Usually I like to wait a while before reviewing but I did want to give a "first impression" review while it was still fresh in my mind.

This product was a PERSONAL PURCHASE for myself at the normal retail price. I am reviewing it solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review nor do I have any relationship with the seller or manufacturer of this product.
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