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on March 22, 2015
I used to go to a neighbor's basement at about age 14. A schoolmate's older brother (older brother had an income, he flipped burgers on the weekend!) had the vinyl original box set of this album! We were very careful to not get caught "wearing out" this set by playing it when he was at work. We never did get caught, thankfully and I have loved this record ever since. Whether it is new to you (or Byzantine like it is to me), if you don't have the CD version of this historic collection, do yourself (& maybe your neighbors) a favor and enjoy!
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on February 1, 2008
Yep, I again have to agree with Bill Fleck that something just was not quite right on this one. As I mentioned in my review of Chicago III, I saw this band less than 60 days before this 5-day marathon recordfest, and I wish they had recorded that one night instead. However - that said - I must also take to task Mr. Guercio for what I feel to be bad production decisions regardless of the band's state. You have to remember that this was early 1971 and this band had already done over 700 shows. I might get drunk too. It sounds as though the band is ashamed to play "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is". I refuse to believe that after five nights, that was the best take. I will say this: Danny Seraphine was neither drunk nor sloppy. This guy (as I remember well from seeing them) was AWESOME. As good on his instrument as Terry Kath was on his. Speaking of which: Why is Kath playing electric on "Flight 602"? and "Happy Cause I'm Going Home"? Why is he up in the mix AT ALL TIMES even when he should be backed off some? "Free" is terrible - WAY too fast and the vocals...ouch. Then "I Don't Want Your Money" crawls like a tortoise. These are a few of the things that bug me about this recording. Also we don't need over three minutes of nothing to start this. that that is all off my chest, I also agree ultimately that this is worth having. Like "Mr. Chops" says, it is a document of an event, and well worth the flaws simply to have that document. Bill, I hear you and agree with you. But we both also agree that one should have this. That is the highest praise, no?
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on December 31, 2012
Most of you reading these reviews already know what a great album 'At Carnegie Hall' is. If you're still on the fence as to whether or not to spend money on this remaster, SPEND THE MONEY! The painstaking amount of work that went into this remaster makes for a jaw-dropping, goosebump-filled listen. Yeah, the scaled-down replicas of the original posters are really pretty cool. Yeah, the extra disc of alternate and left-out versions of the performances is interesting. But buy it for the beatiful sound quality contained in the first three 'original concert' discs. It's like listening to it all for the first time again. This package makes me feel like I'm 16 again.
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on June 11, 2017
Great album that I needed to retrieve from my high school collection
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on July 9, 2012
Replacing vinyl with CD's has not always been easy. Chicago's CTA, II, and III were easy. Those CD's are everywhere. The best I could do with Chicago IV was a cassette version from way back. This album (CD) records a series of concerts in New York's Carnegie Hall back in the days when the band was still rockin' it. Before the pop, when Peter Cetera was still part of the ensemble (not the whole band), and Terry Kath was still a huge reason for their rock roots. The music is great! Everything you'll want to hear from I, II, and III is here, but LIVE with all the flaws that one would expect from a concert recorded from the early 70's. I saw this show in San Diego at the Sports Aroma. CD brought back those memories of what a great show that we witnessed. CD is boxed like an album with four discs, all with separate jackets and album inserts included. CD is an album based concert event for those who loved and remembered the "old" Chicago. Once I got it on my i-pod, I made it its own playlist just so I could hear the "concert" whenever I wanted.
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on April 12, 2011
this was the first rock album i ever owned way back in the day. i must say it was a real treat to see the posters again even though they are no longer wall sized. i was not that impressed with the re mastering. i think it actually took some sparkle out of the original recording. but if u have never heard it before u wont miss it the discs still sound excellent. and the bonus material was kind of gave me the impression that it was stuff that wasnt up to par to be on the original release but over all die hard Chicago fans will appreciate the inclusion of extra content. this is a great version of this recording and is price point effective against some of the earlier releases that are just insane as far as cost so if u want this and dont have the original or the original cd release it is definitely worth the money. the posters and the book are just cool. and if you are a terry kath fan thsn this collection is a must
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on July 22, 2014
A great hidden gem from the past. If you are a Chicago fan for the musicianship and not the pop music hits, then this is an album you we really enjoy. Recorded over four nights at Carnegie Hall there is a wide variety of there classic hits along with many other compositions probably not heard by most Chicago fans. I remember getting the four album box set for Christmas when it first came out and have been waiting to find it again until now.
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on August 28, 2005
Man I am so glad Chicago FINALLY had Rhino re-master this classic recording. This re-master is SUPERB! Anybody who has listened to "Chicago" these past 20 years has got to listen to this to hear what the Real Chicago sounded like in their prime. This band, featuring the great Terry Kath on lead vocals and guitar, just kicked ass! Terry's guitar work here is incredible! Some of the best moments here involve long jams with Kath, Peter Cetera on bass and Daniel Seraphine on drums - all three of whom are no longer with the band. It still saddens me to think of Kath's death in 1978. He was clearly the heart and soul of this band. These guys were tight - great rockers, great vocals, superb musicianship throughout. I rate this live album as good as the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East. A beautiful package, with all the original artwork is part of the deal. I have the previous CD release of this recording, and this Rhino version is a real big improvement. The stereo separation mix is real distinct; every instrument comes through with crystal clarity. Even the horns sound great now! And the extra disc here adds a lot, though I have to admit the quality of the sound is not as good as the rest. That said, the extra disc is still really great. The live version of Listen is incredible.
This great re-mastering is the icing on the cake of my Chicago collection. I have all the records up to and including the last one with Terry Kath on it. I used to have a couple of the ones after he died, but they were awful and I tossed them (literally! like frizbees!). Now on CD I have only the original Chicago, and I guess this one last re-master will be my final Chicago record. But that's okay - there's plenty of great music from these guys.
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on December 24, 2016
Let's face it. More than enough has been said and written about this super group and frankly none of it needs to be said or written if you just listen. This performance captures the excitement and soul that was this original lineup, live and in person! Let me just say that I paid $100.00 for this CD over ten years ago. At that time, there was one copy available and as far as I knew, it was out of print, so I paid it. As I sit here listening to the band's performance on this CD, and realizing that there are copies now being sold for as low as $4.99, the reality dawns on me that you can't really put a price on something so timeless. I would of course, if not yet in posession of this snapshot of the best lineup this band had, jump at the $4.99 pricetag and get it! P. S. someone in John Mayer's camp needs to get a copy of this to him. I gotta believe that he will thrill at Terry Kath's amazing guitar artistry throughout.
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on December 19, 2005
I have the vinyl edition of this which I purchased via ebay about 2 years ago. I have been really anxious to get the CD version since I saw it was coming. Finally, I treated myself to the CD's.

The first thing that comes to my mind is how incredibly raw this band was. I think it gave them a rock sound that I have really enjoyed far more than the 80's stuff. But, I think mainly it's Terry Kath's incredible performances on both guitar and his remarkable "Ray Charles-esque" vocals. He was absolutely brilliant in both capacities.

Robert Lamm's vocals were always a favorite for me and I really think his level of soul here is exceptional.

The new Chicago lineup is very good live and not to be put to the side for their quality. But, This 1971 Chicago band is one which they should look back and aim for again.

It absolutely will blow away the competition and perhaps put them in a place creatively today that will give them a sense of true re-birth / sans nostalgia.

I cannot stop listening to this powerful snapshot from one of my favorite bands from any era. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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