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on August 1, 2013
Raymond E. Feist writes amazing books, but as the Midkemia stories go on (with increasingly boring "_______war Saga" titles), they've started to lose their magic. The first few he wrote (Magician: Apprentice and Master, Silverthorn, etc.), were so incredible because not only were they new and fresh, the characters were amazing. No matter how many books I read, Jimmy the Hand will always be one of my favorites, and Pug? Total badass.

But now, with the exception of Pug, all the other cool characters are dead, and their replacements are....less than interesting. And despite all of the magic that he has mastered, there is always something waiting on the horizon that can ruin his day. Seriously? Why can't he just once encounter something that he can kick around for a little while?

Anyway, back to the review. It's a decent book, Mr. Feist is, I think, incapable of writing anything less than decent, but it isn't amazing. The story is the same as the previous 'Sagas,' (imminent invasion and worldwide destruction, Pug has the answers, he and Nakor debate pointless philosophy at weird times that doesn't advance the plot, and there's a twist in there, just to keep it real), just with different names. The saga is worth reading, but I'd get it from the local library, unless you're a die-hard Raymond Feist collector.
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on May 7, 2011
I have read every Feist book published. I would say I love probably the first 15. The last couple of series have been a bit of a decline. I don't think his writing is bad, I enjoy his style still. I also enjoy visiting characters that I have been reading about for 20 years. The problem with the last few series is that he is covering the same theme over and over. First you had the Tsurani invasion, then the Dark Elves, then the Emerald Queens army, then the Dasati, and this book about demons invading. All the books then have Pug leading the way to stop the invasions. I really felt like Rides a Dread Legion and this one could have been combined into one book. I also thought the last series could have been shaved to two. Feist is wrapping up his Rift stories with the final trilogy The Chaoswar. I am sure it will involve another invasion...maybe more with the demons, or the Star Elves or both. Either way it will wrap up the whole thing and for that I will be glad he will end it on his own terms and not continue to write declining stories in a universe I love. This isn't a bad novel, it is just very familiar ground.
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on May 26, 2010
Gates of Darkness reads as if Feist has completely lost any passion for the world of Midkemia. The story is bland and has no compelling reason to even finish reading this book; I only finished it because I enjoyed the previous stories so much.

The writing is sophomoric. There is absolutely no depth to the characters. The decisions they make seem to come out of nowhere, with little to no rationale. The dialog reminds me of those awkward small-talk conversation you have when you are caught in an elevator with someone you haven't seen in years. The writing is so horrible I kept wondering if Feist hired some college freshman to write it for him.

There is little to no reason to read this book. The world of Midkemia has gone downhill since Talon of the Silver Hawk and has careened off the cliff with Gate of Darkness. Even after a long history of enjoying Midkemia, and loading up a book shelf with my precious "..Saga" books, I am forced to wonder if I will even bother with the next attempt in this series.
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on March 25, 2011
Not saying anything all these other reviewers haven't already said; the story continues from book one, it is rather short (read it in one longish day), it's lackluster and not as well polished as Feist normally is, and it generally feels like he was pushed for time to get it out the door... almost unfinished.

Don't get me wrong, Feist is one of my favorite authors, so his worst is still better than most IMHO. I am hopeful that he takes some time and gets it done right for book 3.

Has anyone else noticed that when the authors get involved in more than 2 projects, all of theme seem to suffer? The same thing happened with George R.R. Martin, after book 3 on his 'Song of Ice and Fire' Series, it all went to crap.

Please, please, Mr. Feist, for the upcoming book(s)take the time you need to give us more content, better story, and more polish... focus... focus... we know you have it in you =)
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on January 27, 2011
As an avid Feist reader I was extremely excited to pick up and read this book. Unfortunately, I was soon disappointed. Not only is the book lacking in substance and plot, but it is poorly written as well. The lack of content is somewhat understandable as this book is clearly focused on setting us up for a finale, much like "Into a Dark Realm" prepared us for "Wrath of a Mad God". However, the writing itself is of dubious quality. This is especially apparent in the dialogues between characters which have little depth and are questionable on both a grammatical and contextual level. Almost universally the characters are boring, unidimensional, and dull. Overall the book seems very forced, as if Feist was simply meeting a deadline to have it done and had his attention focused on other things - hopefully the finale of the Demon War saga....
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on August 17, 2011
Feist delivers everything I expected from him in this latest installment. The characters you know and love (at least the ones still alive) are still struggling to save the world from the next apocalypse. There is a new element, which I feel has been building in Feist's work in Midkemia since the Conclave of Shadows series began. When I read his recent work, I feel as if he is drawning his tale to a close. The volume has an overarching feeling of "pending doom." I feel as if maybe Feist is finishing his work with this world he created, and he knows it. It is the end of his journey, and like his character Pug, I think he knows it is coming.

All in all a great read for fans, but if you're looking to start reading Feist, go back to the beginning and pick up Magician.
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on January 31, 2015
Usually feist has me interested throughout the entire story, but this two novel saga seemed almost unnecessary. The story dragged and was mainly just a lot of teleporting around and conversation. Even the fight at the end seemed like more of a footnote rather than an epic event like the previous wars. I'm onto the last trilogy now and hope it wraps up the rightward series in a more satisfying way.
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on August 3, 2013
Enjoyed reading At the Gates of Darkness. Raymond E. Feist does it again. Great fantasy, adventure, action spanning generations and worlds.
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on November 6, 2016
I WANT MOAR FEIST.. holy crap I miss this story. That's it, I'm going back to the Magician and rereading the whole thing. I now own it in hardback and on kindle, if he did concerts I'd buy tickets!
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on February 26, 2017
If you like Feist's work you will love it.
But more mportant, once you start reading it, you will finish it quickly.
Alas it is not a long book, should be longer.
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