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on September 30, 2011
SEPT, 2011: I bought these for my Energy take one classic speakers. I only used two for the surround speakers. These are decent mounts. Construction quality is decent and strong enough for my energy classic speakers. 2 issues though, the included screws are really cheap and the angle fastening is inconsistent.

WARNING. DO NOT USE THEIR SCREWS. I tried using their long screws that were included with the package. I screwed them into a wall stud, and as i was tightening them the heads of the screws broke off. This happened to 3 of the 4 screws. So i had to take them down because without the head there's nothing holding the bracket to the wall! The screw was broken off into the wall and I had to use pliers to pull them out. One of them i just hammered further in so it wouldn't stick out. Then i mounted the wall bracket someplace else with some decent screws that i luckily had stored away. I think wooden walls should give before any screw does. These are low quality screws. The second place i mounted them wasn't in studs so i used anchors and they are fine. But after the experience with the cheap screws i had no faith in the anchors that came with the package so i used some of my own as well!

To angle the speakers, you first tilt them in the direction you want, then tighten the back of the mount. Of the two i hooked up to the wall, one was perfectly fine. I angled it and tightened it and it stayed perfectly. However, the other one wouldn't keep the angle despite how much i tightened it. It would just keep drooping down. My solution was to take a bit of scotch tape and put that over the 'ball' inside the mount to create more tension when fastening. It worked, but if anybody touches it, it may droop down again. I wish i had tested the 5 mounts that came with the package to figure out which two tightened the best.

Also, if you're using these for the Energy classic speakers, the keyhole screws they include were too big for me to use with these speakers. I could have gone out and gotten a replacement screw, but instead i just unscrewed the keyhole mount from the back of the speakers (2 small screws and easy to put back if i ever chose to). That made space to use the standard speaker mounting screw. I put that through the middle of the speaker mount (the hole in the mount where the instructions tell you to put the keyhole screw). The mount isn't flush to the speaker a bit angled, but it's in there pretty solid and i'm not afraid of it coming loose.

So they're decent mounts, cheaper than most out there in price and do the job. The've been up for a week and are holding up my Energy classic speakers well. If you use your own screws and anchors when you install you shouldn't have any issues putting them up. Just hope that the tilt control screw is nice and tight for you on both of them.

UPDATE FEB 2013: These mounts are still holding up a year and a half later. And that issue i had with the drooping speaker mount tightening hasn't had any issues since i put the scotch tape in there to increase the tension. I also used the other 3 mounts and did not have issues with drooping. They've all been staying up strong.
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on September 12, 2011
Got these for a new set of Energy RC Micro speakers. Out of the box these don't work with the Micro speakers. I dismantled the ball&socket (by twisting off the big black ring) and inserted a 1/4 - 20, 1.5" bolt (from home depot) into it, with the screw end sticking out. Then I took out the keyhole from the back of the speakers (simple, 1 screw) and screwed in the ball&socket into the hole. Then I put back the ball&socket (the big black ring) and screwed the mounts into the wall (4 of them per mount). Used my own wall anchors and screws. Did not find any use for the different screws, bolts and anchors etc that came in the box with this mount. Overall clean DIY solution using the ball&socket mounts. Still holding strong after a week with no sagging. Took me an hour to put together, including the home depot run to get the bolt.
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on April 9, 2009
I was already spending a ton of money on my new home theater system and TV and it was killing me to see the prices for some of the speaker mounts... until I found these!

They're not the highest quality out there, but they are definitely worth the price. They are able to be mounted in a variety ways, including through standard 1/4" or 6/32" speaker mount holes or using a speaker's keyhole mount.

They come with the following parts so you can mount them to almost any speaker, regardless of their mounting holes:
- 20 wall anchors and screws.
- 10 6/32" short speaker screws
- 10 6/32" long speaker screws
- 10 1/4" short speaker screws
- 10 1/4" long speaker screws
- 10 hex nuts

The maximum weight for these mounts is 10 lbs per speaker.

Although advertised as "black", they're not a pure black (as they don't really match my pure black Energy speakers). They're sort of gray-black. Not a big deal for me personally, but I thought I should pass that along. :)

Overall, a great value.
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on April 26, 2013
These are working very nicely with a set of Energy speakers. However, there is one thing that MUST be done before they will successfully support the weight of the speakers without sagging and once done will support speakers weighing twice as much. The ball parts of the assembly must be sanded as they are too slick. I used a soft foam sanding pad which is easiest with the round shape, but any fine/semi-fine sandpaper will work. Once the shine has been removed from the ball surface, the mount will easily and firmly hold these speakers even including the heavier center speaker. The wall mount screws that are included are not good and should be discarded--too thin. Drywall screws work just fine as will any #8 screw for the four hole plate or bigger (10 or 12) if mounting the two-hole side of the mount to the wall--which is how I used them as the ball screw fits right into the screw hole mount of these speakers. Nice mounts--after modifying.Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)
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on August 24, 2012
I bought a set of these wall mount speaker brackets because of all the postive reviews and the low price point. I must say that I was skeptical that a product could be offered at such a good price and still maintain quality. I was pleasantly surprised when the product arrived. The design is very simple and well engineered. I installed my 5.1 surround speakers very quickly and securely. They shipped with plenty of nuts and bolts that allowed these to fasten to my Energy Take 1 Classic speakers. My wife did not want me to mount the speakers to the wall but she was very impressed after the install. These brackets are adjustable and allow rotation and movement of the speakers. I mounted my center and right-left front speakers above my 60" Plasma TV and have them angled downward. They setup looks and sounds great.

I certainly recomend purchasing these brackets above other products that cost much more. There is no need is wasting money on costly name brand products that do the exact same thing.
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on October 21, 2012
I have the Energy take 5 classic speakers. I used these for the front and rear speakers as I didn't need to mount the center speaker. As one of the other reviewers said DO NOT use the included screws meant for the walls IF you are going to try and screw them into studs - the head of the screws snap off, usually when it is at the very end of being screwed in, or close enough you'll have a hard time grabbing them to get them out of your wall. So SAVE time and spend abut $3 to get good screws from the hardware store before attempting to mount these, you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.
That is the only bad.

I disassembled the mounts, screwed the base to the walls, then opened the mounts and fed the appropriate screw through the hole in the mount into the screw hole in the back of the speakers, then assembled the mounts onto the wall. I angled the speakers as I wanted and tightened the ring to get them to stay at the angle I chose.

Very pleased, good price and good mount.
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on March 4, 2012
I bought these for my Energy Take 5 Classics. They are simple mounts, plastic with a metal rod embedded in a plastic rod. Speaker positioning is done by positioning the speaker and then tighting a screw collar, which tightens around the ball so it doesn't move. Speaker mounting for the energys requires you to put a screw into the keyhole which then goes into the middle hole of the mount, after which you tighten from the back before connecting with the rod. Didn't have any problems with it being too loose and feels pretty solid once you get it on.

I got this to mount a 7.1 stereo setup for a computer system in a room that is about 12 x 10.5 large. To avoid hitting the speakers, i installed the mounts about 7 feet high. I did find that the range of motion is not suitable in a room of this size. If you try to slant the speakers down to the center of the room from that height there isn't enough angle to point it perfectly. If you are mounting it lower, the range of motion is probably enough to point it where you want. In a large room, i dont see this as being a problem.

I did half the install in a stud and half in drywall. (Didnt have studs that lined up perfectly in the room.) The included drywall screws and and the plastic supports worked fine though, shouldnt come out of the drywall unless you pull on it with excessive force.

Overall, a cheap and solid solution for mounting smaller speakers such as the Take 5 Classics.
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on November 9, 2011
I bought these to mount my Energy 5.1 speakers and they worked with only minor issues. The mounts come with plenty of hardware to mount various speaker types, includes the wall plugs to insert them into the drywall so you can get a great tight secure fit. The minor issue I had was mainly due to the design of the Energy 5.1 speakers and was easily fixed.

On the Energy 5.1 speakers I had to remove the wall plate/screw adaptor put on if you were to just put a screw on a wall and attach the Energy speakers without mounts. Not a Big issue since I was mounting these using these and wanted the swivel capability. So by removing the unneeded screw mount fromt he Energy Speaker, I ran the provided screws with the kit to attach to the other threaded screw hold on the Energy. Due to the design on the speaker back having a lip from the plastic insert for connections and the size of this mount it doesnt sit entirely flat but definatly secure. Once you mount it youll never see it and its not a big deal nor is it the fault of these mounts. They are well designed and Im glad I bought them.
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on April 18, 2013
You have to really get them tight on that ball-in-socket fitting or the speakers will shift on you, slowly, while you're not watching them. I'm sure vibrations can be part of the problem as well. 80% of the time they are good and stay put, but that one speaker that keeps shifting will drive you nuts! So they are pretty good, and not a bad value, but far from perfect if you need to angle your speakers to the side and don't want them looking crooked.
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on April 7, 2011
I bought these for my Take 5 speakers. They do not fit. Period. Nor will they fit any speaker with a single mounting hole.

These are designed for speakers with two mounting holes. The Energy speakers have one 1/4-20 threaded mounting hole and one keyed hole for easy hanging. Unless you're willing to fabricate a bracket to go between this mount and the Energy speakers these will not fit... Unless you're happy with sloppy work.

I even tried removing the bracket that mounts on the wall so I could use these backwards, ie. screw the bracket into the speaker. No go. The threaded portion is metric. The Energy speakers have 1/4-20 thread.

If you have speakers that use a single 1/4-20 threaded mounting hole buy something else.

Amended comment...

Bren McRae made a comment to another review in response to a comment I made. These will work with the Energy speakers. When I opened the box, I saw no instructions. They were buried, I had removed one bracket and the mounting hardware and didn't look any farther. If you buy these, instructions are included!

I followed Mr. McRae's suggestion and it works. But as others have noted, the result is ugly. Other brackets will look better.

I've changed my rating to four stars from two.
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