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on March 29, 2017
Don't let "Beginner Board" fool you. This is the one and only board you will ever need. Highest rated bearings on the market and wheels stickier than beyond belief. Massive wheel base, but not too large to be an inconveinence. Lowered deck for a lower center of gravity so even the most uncordinated can pull off riding this board. Worth every penny if you ask me. I ride this board everyday.
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on November 2, 2015
I bought this longboard for $85 about 3 months ago and paid less than $100 after shipping. I have to say I wasn't expecting much for that price. But I was delightfully surprised. This board is of very good quality. The deck is sturdy with good flex and the trucks are good cruisers. I wouldn't use the trucks or wheels for downhill but it's great to ride to work.

That's my story so far until today. Today I became amazed by my atom longboard when it was ran over by a pickup truck. I was heading to work and I hit a grove in the asphalt I hadn't seen as I was swinging to kick and I faltered and in doing so shot my board forward and right under a pickup crossing the road I was on. The pickup went over the board just behind the nose where the truck mounts. Needless to say I thought my board to be doomed. It was not. My truck is bent ever so slightly on one side where the tire climbed the nose but the rest of the board is fine. I'll pickup a new set of trucks as I have been meaning to upgrade anyways but I am in love with my board. I believe this board is a steal of a deal for what they sell them for. I have had $300 boards I have liked less than this one. I will be buying boards from atom in the future and I am recommending everyone I know who just needs a cruiser or a good deck and a spare set of trucks to get this board.

5-17-16 update. I have since replaced the trucks with caliber 44s and upgraded to abec 11 bearings. And pulled out one of the spacers between the board and the trucks. The board is so low when you turn the board can bite the ground at full turn. But, this board is now crazy fast. It's insane how fast it is. I strongly recommend the extra $60 it took to make a good board a great board.
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on February 12, 2013
Okay, if you are looking at longboards, this is the one to get!! I used to have a Sector 9... until it got stolen. So after doing some research on the net, I came across this board on Amazon. I had never heard of "Atom Boards" but thought what the heck, if I didn't like it I could send it back or sell it. Came in 2 days with the Prime shipping option, beautifully packed and no set-up at all; ready to ride!

You really cannot beat this price for this quality. The board is made beautifully, definitely right on point with a Sector 9. But for half the price, what is there to think about.

Not only all this, but if you are looking at longboards, the drop deck is the way to go. It's pretty much like surfing, you can carve hard and it's lower, making pushing much easier. I repeat, get a drop-deck if you are looking at longboards.

So to conclude... GET THIS BOARD if you're looking for a longboard. I rest my case; hope this helps.
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on September 19, 2015
This longboard is one of the top that I've ridden. The flex is enough to dampen the bumpiness of uneven sidewalks; the low centre of gravity means that even at a beginner level, you'll have the confidence to bomb anything. The trucks it came with are very good, once loosened, and the included wheels are just about as good as you'll find.
The only thing I didn't like about it is the bearings. They came with a godawful grease on them, akin to white bacon grease, and they slowed everything down so much that I had to clean them twice and put Speed Cream in them both times. Now, however, they spin much better but still not what I would've wanted. The bearings seem to catch on the raceways a lot for some reason.
Again, on the whole, wonderful board. Change the bearings. As soon as possible.
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on July 16, 2017
I wanted a skateboard experience that approximated the pump and carve of surfing. It's been about 35 years since I owned a skateboard, and I figured it's about time to get back into the fun. After a two hour maiden ride, my conclusions: 1) Overall good board, 2) Loosen trucks - delivered very tight, 3) stock bearings are OK - I bought and intended to replace all with Reds but found that lubricating the stock bearings with speed cream made these spin as good as the Reds. So I replaced one wheel bearing set with Reds just to see how the stock versus Red bearings differ over time (will update if any difference). I think some of the wheel nuts were overly tightened, and merely loosen the nut a bit and adding a small washer on the outside helped the wheels with the stock bearings spin better. As far as the ride, I was able to pump and carve well on this board on a level surface after a few adjustments to wheel nuts and trucks. I recommend it for those who want a board that you can "pump propel" without spending too much money in the process.
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on December 8, 2017
My 10 year old loves this board. It's as tall as he is! It's quiet, rolls fast, and handles great. My only issue is the grip tape. It was already peeling off when I removed it from the box. It's getting worse as he rides it and I keep cutting it off with a razor. Like any board, it can be replaced when the time comes.
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on July 2, 2018
This is not just a starter board, this is a pro board. As you can see there are custom wheels and I have had the board for 3 years. The front of the board is destroyed but that’s from all the bail’s I have had to take and I was doing at least 20+ when I bailed and it’s hit concert at least 5 times. The most important thing to know is that do NOT flip out if it cracks in the front because it will eventually hit the trucks... I’d also advise trying to get a SET of titanium trucks, don’t get scammed Ware they charge 80+ for titanium trucks always make sure if your getting new trucks always make sure that there a set and not just one. But I did add washers to the bottom of both my trucks I don’t like having to tighten my trucks and see them poor off the sides of the trucks and if you want speed and to slide I would recommend new tiers. I’m using Bigfoot 83a (really hard wheels) they are also 76mm wide and they will take a lot of time before you have fully broken in the wheels. The skateboard deck alone is amazing the logo is right in the scenter and I have actually become in love with the board I have actually picked a favorite side A.K.A a front and that’s what you see in the picture the back of my board has little to no damage and yes the logo pice in the middle ware they put grip tape, yes it will peal. I recommend when that time comes just cut it off.
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on June 3, 2018
So I bought this longboard this week. It was suggested as a cheap first board to get into the hobby with by my friends. Coming in complete at under $100 shipped is pretty slamming. I road it around all afternoon (my first time) in an empty parking lot and it was super fun. I can already tell it is a decent board for this price point. Only real gripe is it doesn't glide super long before having to push again, but at this price point I can upgrade trucks/wheels/bearings in the future! The grip tape on top isn't 100% set either, mine had big bubbles in it that went away with riding.
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on June 7, 2017
It's my first real long board I only recommend getting new bearings at the same time. I'm not knocking the board but stalk bearings always disappoint. Other then that I love it great turning, control and stable so far I have not felt the death wabble.
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on June 8, 2018
I was suprised the quality of wheels, bearings and trucks. I have a few boards I ride. With how good this board feels I already started upgrading it. To be fair if this was your first board it is perfect except I would upgrade bearings to Reds Ceremic. They are expensive but they roll so smooth. Wheels were much gripper then I thought they would be. Overall great buy. You can see by picture the changes I made so far. This in noway says the original setup is bad. In fact it’s one of the best carvers I have seen
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