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on May 24, 2011
if you're looking for an audiophile review, go elsewhere... my ears are good, but I just don't know the terminology. I like the way these sound - MUCH better than the ipod earbuds, but that's not saying much, of course. I've also used skullcandy buds and while these may be as good or not, I like the cord way better (skullcandy cords are often too long and unwieldy and/or they rub on clothing creating a bonus soundtrack!) I don't notice a real difference between these and others I've used in the past, but I do tend to go for ergonomics rather than speaker quality.

i'm content with the way they stay in my ears. better fit than many I've had but not the best. I don't notice any interference from the cord rubbing on my clothing - the cord, btw, is plastic-covered, and looks pretty durable. I like the cord length - just long enough for me to hold the nano comfortably if I want to dance or run, and not so long that it gets tangled up in stuff.

I got the pink ones because I want to coordinate with my orange nano. I like the color - it's not the best match for my nano, but it's good enough - I wanted something brighter.

I LOVE the case that came with these. Such a neat way to carry my nano and it's buds together and safe in my bag! The cord that bends just enough to curl up the phones in the case (I wrap them around my three fingers, just a little tight, and that forms a circle just tight enough to fit) and the nano clips on to the mesh panel so I can fiddle with the buds without dropping it! The only improvements I want are - lose the clunky brand label on the front: the one on the zipper pull is quite enough and the one on the side makes the case bigger! AND - add a wrist strap: maybe even one of those spiral thingies people use to put their keys around their wrist? That would be so cute! I'd settle for a keyclip or carabiner.
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on April 13, 2012
I'll keep the review short and simple :) We are all busy people aren't we ? lol

I got this for my girlfriend last year, and the thing that I liked most about these earphones is that they come with a small carry pouch (that doubles as a protector) and replacements for the buds. They also come in a range of flashy colors - I was torn between the Pink and Purple options - they both look great; and I ended up getting pink for no better reason than the fact that I was getting this for a girl ;) haha.

I'd like to note here that the earphones are much smaller than you might think they are. This might sound silly, since they're buds and go into your ear, but trust me, when you see them you'll know what I'm talking about. The carry pouch is also really compact and easy to stow away in your coat, purse, backpack, etc. Also, packaging it arrived in and quality of this item is very high and it was very well made indeed. I couldn't have asked for more. The cord is strong and doesn't feel like it would tear easily.

The sound quality of these earphones is pretty good but obviously lacking on the bass. If you ask me, anyone buying in-ear headphones knows that bass is a compromise (unless you get ones specifically designed to produce good bass) so I shouldn't really be complaining here - you know what you're gonna get. If you stuff them in all the way they do a good job of isolating you from noise, and actually start to sound much better. It's a perfect companion for commuting and even when you're falling asleep listening to music.

My only real qualm about these earphones (the reason I docked a point) is the fact that the left earbud refuses to stay in my ear. Which means, that the right one stays in well and sounds right, while the left one pops out now and then and obviously the sudden imbalance of sound in your head turns out to be rather annoying and disorienting. My girlfriend does not seem to have this problem so I'm assuming its just me now. But it's something you might want to keep in mind. Maybe replacing the earbuds will help?

All in all, a good buy, a great gift! Compact, stylish, very well made. Hard to go wrong with these earphones!
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on January 22, 2010
I got these pretty earbuds with a discount, so I paid a little less than $30 for it.
They came with Amazon's frustration free packaging, sooo easy to open! It's a big plus for the entire purchase.

I read all the reviews and I decided to burn in the earbuds. I played it on my ipod classic for 1 full day.
I kept listening to it during the burn in period from time to time, I felt like the sound did go softer and fuller after the burn in.

I used to have two pairs of Ultimate Ears SuperFi5.
Just for the purpose of comparison, the JBuds aren't as comfortable, since they don't come with foams.. And it didn't tell which is left or right, I can just distinguish them since I have different sizes for my ears, so I put different size of silicon buds on them.
Since the fit isn't that good, sometimes I just have to keep pushing the earbuds so to get the isolation effect.

For the most important part, the sound quality is pretty nice. Of course it's not like my pair of UE, sound isn't that crisp, but for a price of $30, it's totally worth the price. It has a nice touch on normal pop songs, I have all my songs at least 320kbps, and they can still handle fine. However, if you're a big fan of classical music, it's a little weak on that. I play the harp and I listen to harp music a lot, and from the earbuds I can't find a clear note, sounds kind of flat and too soft. But it has a nice base, so when listen to hiphop/R&B music it's a really really nice choice!

Though for earbuds at this discount on Amazon, it's a good purchase, for a nice partner at gym or on commute!
And the choice of color gives it a push since good headphone usually comes with dull color tones.. I like my accessories come in different color, so I got the pink one and it's fabulous!
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on May 12, 2014
I have purchased 5 sets of these. 2 of the 5 are to replace sets that malfunctioned just over the 1 year warranty period. Both times, one of the ear buds stops working. Also, I lost one of the correct size ear cushions and needed to replace it. I looked and looked and couldn't fine them without buying a complete new set. I used the cushion off one of the broken ones. I should add that I take very good care of the ear buds. I keep them stored in the nice case that they come in. I don't leave them in the car and don't use them in the rain. Unless the sweat bothers them, I can't see any other reason that they fail. One set that failed was my wife's one one set was mine. They are comfortable and have pretty good sound, that's why I keep buying replacements. Unless you are willing to replace them every 18 months or so, you might look for a different make or model.
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on February 26, 2010
I bought this for my girl and as noted by other users it is like a bunch of noise or better yet it is like my boss talking to me and I decided to put the volume up - now that is nerve wracking and the sound that these ear-buds transmit is also zilch variance. No bass and only high and I mean high treble. There is no range whatsoever on the transmission of sound for these buds. I plugged these into an equalizer app that I have on my PC and the sound channeled through with a low hissing sound, a low to mid noise sound with no stereo crosstalk, and absolutely no BASS but high treble. I bought 2 of these and they are going back. Whoever made these should go back to the drawing board and start all over again. I guess they figured if they made it shiny we would buy but JLabs you got to make them work also. I also did the burn in for 40 hours plus that your website suggests but still no resolve. Not a pleasure when you want to chill and zone out to music that you appreciate.

Update: I did purchase the J2 ear-buds from Jlabs at the same time for a comparison against the J3's and the J2's are much better with a deeper sound that resonates across my ear drums and they cost close to half the price of these. And yes I did hear the bass - perfect mid-range of all dynamic sounds. My advice is to get the J2's if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that sounds much better than the J3's. I still will be looking at other options for a satisfying ear-bud experience, so if anyone knows of a excellent sound experience - drop me a comment. So JLabs you get 2 stars because I am sure you tried to produce a good product and for the appealing packaging and aesthetic design of the ear-buds but minus 3 stars for the piece of wire junction that is midway between the ear-buds and the connection to my ipod that keeps hitting my chest and leaving a dud sound every time I try to listen to music. Like I said back to the drawing board and be honorable this time and stop ripping people off.
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on October 19, 2013
I ordered these just because the price was low and with three kids it seems someone always is in need of a pair of earbuds. Wow!!!! I tried them when they arrived and could not believe the great sound they had. My husband paid over a $100.00 for a pair Beats earbuds for me almost two years ago for Christmas and these sounded just as good as the expensive ones did on the day I got them. I know people like to show off with the hot new items, however, if you just want a great pair that look cool also, save your money and buy these! I am ordering several more sets of these for Christmas gifts and these come with different sizes of tips for your perfect fit and a nice zipper case to store everything in, so no more loose, dangled up earbuds all over the house, car, or your bag!
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on January 13, 2010
I just got these, I mean literally JUST tried them and they are AMAZING! The sound quality is super clear, even with the very first use. The bass sounds great too, which is hard to find in earphones. To get the best sound, you have to stick them a decent way into your ear, which intimidated me a little bit at first because I've never had earbuds like these before (just the typical kind that come with iPods and whatnot) but they are VERY comfortable! They come with multiple silicone tips in different sizes so you can pick the ones that fit your ears the best and that are the most comfortable. I wasn't expecting that, so it was a nice surprise. The travel case is really cute too - its the perfect size. I hope to enjoy these for a long, long time!
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on January 18, 2011
I'm still on the prowl for good earbuds to run in. I was hoping the unique fitting ear buds might have a suction type of effect, but they come out easily like the rest. The sound quality is really great though, and I found that they're much better for casual listening rather than having to move around a lot with them. While walking around in the city, they cancel out a lot of the outside sound which I think is caused by the suction fit and sound quality that the earbuds already have. The length of the chord is pretty decent. It's not excessively long so it doens't get caught on anything, but can comfortabley fit in your coat pocket without much hassle.
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on January 8, 2010
I have been searching for inexpensive yet quality headphones for a few years. I have kids that are getting into the music scene, but not responsible enough to be trusted with an expensive pair of headphones.

I tried a few of the ~10 dollar sets. All were better than the headphones that came with the MP3 players, but none were great. I purchased a set of Sennheiser on sale for $30, but the quality was not significantly better than the $10 Coby's.

This year for Christmas, my 14 year old son was begging for a nice pair of headphones. I did some research, and decided to get the JBuds J3. Reviews indicated they were much better in quality than the $10 headphones, and the price ($24) won't kill me when he loses or breaks them after a few months.

After they arrived, I pulled them out to give them a try before I wrapped them for Christmas.

They definitely had a 'tinny' sound right out of the box, but that was the only negative.

My biggest complaint with cheap headphones is the blending of sounds in the higher ranges and the tendency to make high pitched vocals sound like a screech. The JBuds J3, right out of the box, were fabulous in producing clean and clear sound in the high and mid ranges. No screeching voices, and very distinct and separate sounds in all ranges. I was in awe at how clearly I could hear the music.

I read on JBuds website that a break-in period was required, so I hooked these headphones up to my computer for three nights and played music at a moderate volume. After three days there was a noticable difference. The tinny sound was pretty much gone, and the overall sound improved slightly (it was already great).

I own a pair of over the ear Sony's that I purchased for about $55 a few years back, and a pair of noise cancelling Audio-Technica I paid about $120 for 2 years ago. Both produce great sound, but the JBuds J3 exceed both in the high ranges. (I would highly recommend the Audio-Technica for anyone looking for noise-cancelling. They are great on flights and in noise environments)

The JBuds J3 reproduce excellent balanced sound across the entire range. For the price, these are a steal.

After finishing my tests, I wrapped the JBuds up for my son, and ordered a pair for myself.

To address complaints I have read from others:
1. Poor base: The base on these are excellent. It is clean base that balances with the sounds across all the other ranges. If you like base that thumps and drowns out the rest of the music, these may not be for you. If you like base that is strong and clear and enhances the overall music experience, but not overbearing, these are great. That being said, when I turn the base all the way up on my Sony Walkman, these headphones thump without killing the other ranges.
2. There is a tinny sound: There is a 'treble' tendency on these. I typically turn the higher ranges up in the equalizer settings, with these I leave the equalizer on my Sony almost flat. On my wife's ipod, I have to customize the settings to get the best sound. Every device produces different sound quality. If you unplug your old headphones and plug these in without altering the equalizer settings (especially right out of the package) they will sound 'tinny'. Give them 24 hours break-in and adjust your equalizer and they will sound phenomenal.
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on December 15, 2011
These earbuds are awesome. The sound is great. They are small, have several sizes of tips so you can get a comfortable fit. They come with a tiny carrying case and the pink color is beautiful. Great earbud, great package, great price.
I can listen to football or music on my iPad and don't disturb anyone in the room with me.

Update: 12/25/2011. Love these so much I ordered a second pair, same color, love pink and my iPod nano fits inside that adorable case that is included. Double 5 stars. Sound is fantastic!
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