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on August 23, 2010
I bought my first can of Sno-Seal about 10 years ago for my work boots; and I'm still using the same can. The whole reason I'm writing this review is that I was looking on the internet for another can because I ran out and the store I bought some from went out of business. But, I found some on Amazon (figures). This is the best stuff I've ever used, period. Not only does it waterproof your boots it will make them last a long time. I've tried other protectants, both spray-on and rub on, but Sno-seal is the best. Every pair of work boots I've used it on, the soles wear out looong before the leather does and that's because I put Sno-Seal on them once a year. I highly recommend heating your boots up first (I usually put mine in the oven on 150 for 10 minutes or so) then apply the protectant. Best 5 bucks you will ever spend.
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on March 9, 2015
I just purchased a new pair of duty boots and decided to treat them with sno seal. So far so good but we will see how effective this is on my boots a year from now.

Application was fairly simple. On the can it says you can use a Peet dryer on the boot before application but I found that it did not heat the boot enough to apply the sno seal quickly. I decided to use a heat gun on low and it worked perfect.

The can also stated to use a rag to apply but I found it much easier to apply it with my fingers and lather it onto the boot. It also was easier to get the sno seal in the small crevices of the boot.

At first I think I applied waaay too much because my black boot ended up looking like I left butter all over them so I just went over it with the heat gun and it quickly was absorbed by the leather.

The total application took me about 45 minutes per boot which I guess wasn't too bad.

Now for the field test. My boots go through just about everything, water, mud, dirt, brush, rocks, you name it and so far the sno seal has held up fairly well. I did notice after applying the sno seal that my boots attract more dirt and dust but this isn't much of a problem since I spray my boots off with water at the end of my shifts. After the spray, they are back to looking new again.

So far, great product but I will be updating my review on this product as my boot wears on.
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on January 13, 2018
Sno-seal is amazing. I bought it for one pair of Nine West leather boots, but I’ve used this now on three pairs of boots, a pair of ageing hiking boots, and one pair of Sperry docksiders... it keeps them dry and looking great. Per the instructions, I apply a thin layer of wax, and then melt the wax into the leather using a hairdryer. It definitely darkens the leather of brown boots, so if you are worried about that, test it on a small patch first.

I’m attaching before/after pictures for reference. I bought these Fryes on supersale because they were so battered (not from Amazon). One healthy layer of sno-seal and they look like full-price boots. I can’t say enough good things about this product.
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on January 26, 2017
I used this product for my knee high boots. They were starting to look dull and slightly discolored from the few wears they'd had in snow and rain. I bought this due to its high purchasing and reviews. Upon receiving it I couldn't bring myself to use it because of not wanting to deal with the mess. I finally got around to using it and upset I didn't before now. First I just used a hair dryer to warm my boot. But it became annoying in the fact I didn't want wax all over my hairdryer. So I just applied it room temperature. I didn't think and had the ceiling fan and another fan running so it was actually too cold probably. Once I had put a few layers on it felt sticky so I decided to use the blow dryer to help it. It made some of the wax shiny so I used the same rag I used to apply it to wipe it around/off. They no longer feel sticky/tacky. They feel softer and look brand new, granted I got them for Christmas so not that old, but they look great. Now if it would snow I could try it out.

Added: I decided to put it on another pair of boots. Took a picture of them: one on the right is done, one on the left not.
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on September 16, 2017
Love this stuff, even have used it on my dress shoes. Picture is attached of my two daily J&M shoes a couple of hours after applying snowseal and throwing them in the oven (170 F) for a couple of minutes. The brown shoes are a year older than the black and were getting dry, cracked looking spots on either side where the shoe bends (by the toes). The snowseal restored the suppleness, got rid of those bare/dry-looking spots, and will do make it safe for me to walk around in the rain now.

You will also run across Obenauf's Leather Oil on Amazon, which is advertised to restore and protect fine leather goods. I have used the Obenauf Leather Oil on dress shoes and did not see it repel water worth a darn. Whereas snowseal does repel water.
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on February 8, 2018
I ordered this product expecting the Atsko Sno-Seal product in the blue container like advertised. I received something in a clear plastic tub called Snow Guard by "Moneysworth & Best". According to the label it seems to be an equivalent beeswax product for leather so I'm not super upset. But like...it's definitely not what I ordered. Also the price reduced right after I received it in the mail so I'm kinda bummed.
Haven't used it yet.
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on October 26, 2017
my property is wet. i walk through wet grass daily. and through
standing puddles often. my beloved barn boots. my feet are always dry when i use Obenaufs heavy duty LP. thats a 5 star product. but i have to reapply every 4-6 weeks. so i thought id try something different. which is why i bought this sno-seal. dont do it. one week after applying, i noticed my feet were getting wet. on close inspection i notice my favorite boots are now horribly dry and cracked. like they were neglected for years. sno-seal found a new home in my trash can. and the other negative reviews are correct. it is difficult to apply, doesnt absorb well, leaves a sticky mess and obviously does not actually waterproof.
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on February 17, 2017
This is one product I highly endorse. Application and clean-up are easy and it has no odor to it. Most of all it works very well for it's intended purpose, water proofing leather. It has all the properties of old school mink oil without (hopefully) the damaging effects of eventually dying out the material.

After cleaning a pair of work boots and a pair off winter Office boots and letting them dry I went to work. I applied Sno-Seal with my finger tips and worked it into the Leather. A thin coat is all you need. Then used a Hair Dryer set on high/hot and went around the boot (watch the distance, I kept it at about 6 to 10 inches away from the Leather). I sorta fanned it, not keeping it directly aimed at one spot.

Sno-Seal will turn clear when it's heated up enough. Then I just wiped the boot down with a soft rag. The instructions printed on the label state you can apply polish on top of Sno-Seal to bring up the shine, I choose not to but just buffed the boots up with a shoe brush.

As a test I took one of the treated boots and held it under running water with the faucet opened all the way up. The water didn't just bead but ran right off. Leaving the boot as if the water wasn't even present.

Now this stuff is a Wax and it like any wax that's what it's supposed to do. Repel liquids. So I shouldn't have been so shocked. But I expected the water to just bead.

There's a downside to everything and w/Sno-Seal it's that this product will darken light colored leather. Clearly stated on the label/instructions.

I treated some winter work gloves with Deer Skin palms which were yellow/gold and the color darken. The more Sno-Seal I applied the darker they got. I didn't mind though as like I said they were work gloves and it's only the palms anyway.

You really don't need to use a lot of the product to achieve results so one small tin should last you quite.

If properly applied there will be just a hint of wax on the surface which is important as you wouldn't want it to transfer over to the bottom of your pants or anything else the article comes in contact with.

Now to see how long the protection lasts and how well it stands up to cleaning.
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on May 9, 2017
Nothing works better than this except for straight beeswax. But you have to melt beeswax...Sno-Seal comes ready to use. I use it when I don't have time to mess with the beeswax.
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on May 15, 2014
Had used this product previously in Scotland for my hiking boots. Once applied to warm boots this gives terrific waterproofing - no more wet feet which is great when squelching through the Scottish highlands. Was very pleased to find this product on Amazon.
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