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on June 11, 2016
AudioSource AE100VC Impedance Matching Volume Control
I order 5 of these Volume Control units. The problem I have is the quality of the Volume Control knob which has an Off, 1-10, and Max setting. At normal listening level, you must use the 9, 10, or Max level to hear the volume from the speakers. I considered other brands, Best Buy sells the BIC brand for about $5 more, however the local stores didn't have any in stock and it would have taken longer to have them shipped. Bottom line I should have spent the extra $5 and waited a little longer. If I had a similar problem with the BIC brand, it would have been easier to return to the Best Buy store.
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on July 27, 2017
Don't do it! I"m pretty sure this cheap volume control burned up my amp. My amp developed a hum in one channel. After replacing it with a new one, I noticed less volume on the right side than the left when balancing my speakers. I bypassed the volume control and the problem went away. My new amp also runs cooler without this volume control. I just replaced it with a Niles volume control and the balance problem is not there. Time will time if this one is truly better. According to the reviews, the Niles is the way to go. I hope they're right.
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on March 1, 2014
Im not sure if it was a matching problem or a defect but this volume control failed to work for me. It controlled the sound of my remote speakers just fine but, for some reason, it would trigger the protection mechanism in my receiver. I tried all the different OHM settings and nothing changed. Unfortunately, I waited too long to replace it and had to toss it rather than return for a refund. Bummer but my fault.
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on July 9, 2013
I wish I had planned these for each set of speakers in our home from start. We have 5 sets of speakers running off one amplifier from a switchable speaker selector. Each pair has a different volume. If each pair has a volume control you can not only raise/lower but also turn off if needed from each remote location. Nice to have that control.
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installed this in my client dressing room for them to be able to turn the stereo up or down and it works perfectly. The lowest setting turns the volume completely off which I didn't find happening on other brands. You need to purchased a low voltage box to install this in. It WILL NOT fit easily into a standard electrical box without cutting it mostly apart to accommodate for the size of the electronics. The dial action is super smooth and it came with a few colors of outside plates to match whatever you have going on wall color wise. A very good product that does exactly what its supposed to do and very affordable. Highly recommended.
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on May 29, 2017
Tried to use with outdoor speakers on a long run to stereo inside. Virtually impossible to get 12 gauge wire into clamps, then fit inside an extra deep outlet box. Would have returned, but purchased it long before it was time to install:(
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on March 3, 2015
I ordered 3 of these and I really like them. I have a set of porch speakers and a set of balcony speakers and have these right next to the doors leading to those areas. It's much easier to stick my hand around the corner and adjust the volume than to walk all the way in the house and find the receiver remote. For the upstairs speakers, I have two of these right next two each other and it was a very tight squeeze. They went in, but it wasn't without some pushing of wires and moving around of the boxes until they were in just the right position, and I had to pull them back out after the first time because all of that adjusting made the wires come loose. One way they could improve these would be to have a better closing/locking system around the wires, but for the price I'd say these are excellent.
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on March 25, 2013
This Impedance Matching Volume Control Switch worked exactly how I wanted it to! I just installed surround sound in my living room where I had cables running to a pair of wires outside on my patio as well. Luckily, the builders had run the wires from the living room to the wall by the door leading outside before running them through the ceiling to the outside. This helped out tremendously I didn't have to run my own wires (in the tiny attic space) and only had to splice the pre-existing wires through the unit. There are "12" settings on this guy, and as far as what I can read, no true "off" position; however, I'd say it takes it at least to the third position to begin to bea able to hear anything at all, and thats with your ear right up against the speaker. Meaning positions 1 and 2 and pretty much off which are great so that my neighbors don't have to hear all my music and movies playing inside until I decide to let them!

The one bad thing, which has been addressed previously in other ratings, is that the unit is just about 3 full inches deep from the faceplate to the back of the electronics. Most normal boxes only have a 2.5" depth to them, therefore modification to existing or box or a full on replacement is needed to accomodate this guy. I knew that going in and had no problem modifying the pre-existing box to have it fit.

Oh and 3 face plates and knobs to match?? Not that I would want off white or almond (I used the stark white) but it is refreshing to see that an affordable unit does off the choices should you want them! Will definitetly be buying more when the need arises!
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on November 25, 2014
Initially, I liked this volume knob. Although, the lack of a hash mark or dot on the knob makes it difficult to know where the min/max values are. I had it installed in my church's overflow room. It received a post-board line-out signal and was powering some JBL studio monitors. It worked fine for just a few of weeks for it died completely. Not sure what happened, but somehow it died completely. I examined the unit to look for fried circuits or something, but there was nothing to be seen. And naturally, it went out just 2 days after the return deadline. :-( So it looks like I'm in the market for a new volume knob... again.
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on December 1, 2014
This item arrived without any instruction sheet, nor did it include the surrounding wall plate. Strangely enough, as if to compensate for omitting these important items, mine arrived with TWO sets of spare knobs in almond and cream color. Also, unlike the picture shown on the web site, the knob has a big dot on it which didn't appear (to my eyes) to look very professional or subtle. Obviously, I'm returning this product with the hope of buying something with a little better process quality control. Note: This was purchased directly from Amazon; not one of their partners.
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