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on September 23, 2015
I use this daily to charge my iPad Air and its various peripherals - battery charger, earphones, etc. Reading over the reviews, I believe there has been some confusion in which product was being reviewed. This is NOT the travel charger, for which the individual ports are indeed labeled and not interchangeable. This one is the 5-port charger with the cord, and there is no individual labeling of the ports. Instead, the side of the charger box has a printed bracket symbol including all the port positions and indicating that they are all, as described, "AiQ". I don't pay attention to which port I plug into. Some of the other comments describe individually labeled ports that can only be used for specific things. That is true of the white travel charger which is one of the choices on the description page, but not for this black 5-port AiQ model. As I said, there are no individual port labels. There is also at least one report of it not completely charging their device, but I have not had this issue over the last couple of months since receiving it. So, 5 stars becasue it does what it is supposed to do. If I have any future problems with it, I will update this review with a report. In the meantime, I am ordering another one.
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on November 15, 2016
I bought this almost two years ago, and for a good long time I was very happy with it. It's a solid, sturdy device. The power cable has a good length to it, making it easy to place wherever it's most convenient. The USB ports all have a good, snug fit, so cables don't fall out. And most importantly, it delivers optimal charge to whatever I plug into it. I've had my phone, my tablet, two bluetooth headphones and a wireless speaker all charging at once and didn't notice any decrease in performance.

So up until a few months go this would have been a 5-star review. Unfortunately, first one and now a second of the USB charging ports have failed - that is, I plug something into them and no power comes out. I've tested it with multiple cables and devices and confirmed with a USB power meter. So instead of a 5-port charging hub I now have a 3-port charging hub, and the warranty period juuuuuust ran out. I don't believe in such precisely deliberate planned obsolescence, put the timing is almost comical. I'm particularly disappointed because I have a number of Aukey charging devices that I have also been very happy with, and now I have to wonder if they're also going to hold up.

The almost-identical Anker-brand device I purchased at almost the same time, by contrast, is still going strong.
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on December 21, 2015
If you are tired of playing the charger game then this is a product you need. It seems that products that charge via USB are becoming more and more common. I have multiple bluetooth speakers, battery back up devices and even a desk lamp that require USB to charge to go along with my phone, Kindles, digital cameras and tablets. This little device lets you charge up to 5 items at a time using just one outlet.

The size of this unit is about the size of an Altoids container and is covered with a soft rubberized coating. There are five ports on the front that will charge at 1A, 1A, 1.3A, 2.4A & 2.4A respectively. The other side has a port for the 2-prong cable that plugs into the wall which makes is very easy to find a spot to plug it in even with a crowded power strip.

This device just works, I've plugged in five devices and let it do its thing and they all seemed to charge just fine. The device will get slightly warm but no more so than any other chargers I have tried.

It is perfect for traveling as you only need to bring one brick and your USB cords and you can leave the other wall warts at home. It accepts 110-220 voltages so with a simple plug adapter you can use it in Europe as well as the USA.

Overall a great little product that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Highly recommended.
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on October 29, 2015
This charger is great for most devices and is currently charging 5 Androids with no problem at all. It is super compact and portable, doesn't get very hot even when in use, and can even be used as a weapon since the corners are so sharp (yes, blood has been shed). However, I found that it doesn't work with certain devices (or brands?). It would not charge my Nexus 7 (2012, made by Asus) nor would it charge my Asus Transformer T100TAM 2-in-1 Tablet/Laptop. Both of them are really picky about the charger and it seems to have to a constant 2 amp in order to be charged. This charger is not able to do that. To be fair, there are charers rated at 2 amps that will not charge those thing tablets correctly either, so perhaps it's not really entirely Aukey's fault.

Normally, I would've only rated this 3 stars, but I am adding one star for Aukey's AMAZING customer service. Even though it took a while to verify that I actually purchased the item, I was able to basically have a daily e-mail exchange with the customer service department. We eventually settled on a the newer version of this charger and I am happy to report that it charges the Asus Transformer correctly. And it doesn't have those crazy sharp corners anymore, as well as the cool looking green ports to boot! I ended up buying a couple more Aukey products due to the awesome customer service (a portable battery and a 3 port charger with quick charge).
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on December 5, 2015
This is a great charging device. We have 3 iPads plus 2 iPhones as well as other devices needing charging. The outlet which we used as a primary charging point was always crowded with both outlets being used by Apple's charger blocks. We would often need to unplug one device to allow another to charge as well (if one was in dire need of a charge). We needed a solution to this mess and I found it in the Aukey 40W 5 Port charger.

I removed the Apple charge plugs and put this in their place. I attached 3 lightening cables to it plus a couple Mini USB cables for some other devices and plugged in our devices. It has worked like a charm. The iPads (standard size and minis) charge up nicely while plugged into this at the same time. There is no need to worry over which port to use (I saw this mentioned by the reviewers) as this device auto senses how much current to output to each port.

My only complaint is the suction cup pad which is intended to hold it in place on a counter. It constantly becomes unstuck from the device so we don't really use that any more. Some more thought could have been put into this aspect of the design. It's nothing which warrants a star deduction however.
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on April 24, 2015
This is an excellent solution when you have multiple items requiring charge from USB. I have 3 of these types of chargers (different brands) and this is one of my favorites if not the best.

Multiple ports for charging any type of device
Can charge anything I have thrown at it (including game console remotes)
Tight fitting USB ports prevent accidental unplugs due to cord movement (can be a con also as it can be tricky to put the cable in the port)
Built in protection to prevent shorts from faulty cables

Tight ports require you put in the cable just right (for me it is not a con but for some it can be)

Overall this unit is great, I have one in the living room behind the sofa and have threaded it through the back to the arm rest pocket so I can charge my ipad/iphone while watching tv or whatever, I can charge both my ipad and my wifes and both our phones at once without issues. I usually also have a PS4 or Xbox One controller connected charging while other things are charging. The built in short protection is awesome, many times I have lost chargers due to a cable shorting out and ruining the charger, the charger addresses this by disabling the port as soon as it detects a short. To re-enable the port you just have to unplug the charger for a few minutes and it will go back to full function.
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on October 1, 2014
Excellent for my needs as I have several components with different charging ports but are all supplied power from a USB port.(5.5 Volts) Simply plug in the various cables on the peripherals and the USB end of the cables into this charger. I like the fact that each port is identified with their individual outputs to make sure a tablet is not plugged into the port meant for a cell phone as the tablet will take forever to charge and it could easily be deduced that the unit is defective and return it, where there is nothing wrong with it. I have always made it a point to read the literature included before I even pull the parts out.It has proven very beneficial as I will know what to look for and what to expect. I say this because by enlarge, instructions are for kids or dummies and are discarded as wrapping paper. I you are looking to buy this charger, you may regret not reading the instructions even if you are not a child or a dummy. but you will feel like it if you don't read them.
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on March 28, 2015
Power cord is not long enough. I wanted to run this from a surge protector on the floor to the top of my desk. The cord is too short.

UPDATE: The power cord I got was 30 inches (2 1/2 feet) which nixed my idea of putting the charger on my desk while plugging it in to the surge protector on the floor. That's why I gave my review just one star. I'm using an extension cord for now. I've ordered a couple of power cables for Epson printers - 6 feet and 10 feet - that I'll try out.

Aukey acknowledged that the cord measures 0.8 meters and they say they'll update this Amazon listing accordingly. So be aware, this device may not be as handy as you might expect...

If this charger really came with a 5-foot power cord, I'd give it 5 stars - no problem - and none of this would have happened.

Aukey offered to give me $8 to put toward the purchase of a longer power cord, but since I already have a couple on order, I'll decline and leave it at that.

I'm changing my review from one star to three stars because of Aukey's follow-up and $8 offer and also because I have their 5-port USB car charger and I'm very happy with that.

These are good products, but for me anyway, a 30 inch power cord just isn't going to cut it for this charger. It really needs to be longer.
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on January 20, 2017
Sorry folks, while this product works for some time, I have determined it is not worthy of owning! the first of the two just quit, none of the ports would charge. Aukey was nice and sent another, that one hasn't been put in use yet because I bought another for my brother(they took a month to respond. Shame on you Aukey). The second one has given out on one port and Aukey has decided to ignore me even though I am within the 18month warranty. Zero response. So I have a 100% failure rate within the warranty period! Give this one a pass. Clearly Aukey has a manufacturing issue they know about and now ignore people within the warranty!
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on January 21, 2015
One of the ports did not work at all. I tried several different devices of several different types. Other ports did not seem to have any problems. I am reading varying reports from other reviewers about how each port should work or if all should be the same. The instructions say nothing about it, so I assume all ports should work the same. In any case it did not meet my expectations, so I returned it.

Edit1: The manufacturer generously sent me another unit. This one is working so I will use it for a period of time and update this review again.


The second unit is working like a champ. It is compatible with my Qi charger. I am able to charge my phones, Nexus tablet, portable Bluetooth speaker, and portable battery. The suction cup does not keep the unit in place on my Ikea desk. Great unit for a fair price!

As you see above, I had trouble with the first unit I received. I was content to return it and move on but the company sought me out to make it right. They were very concerned with my satisfaction. You can feel confident that they will take care of you as a customer.
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