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on November 3, 2016
FIRST OFF I BOUGHT THESE HEADPHONES WAS NOT GIVEN THEM.I did my research on the best Bluetooth headphones that would last a long time with battery life and have good sound plus be very comfortable for a fair price. I found the the Avantree headphones. The packaging looked very professional. I have had them for a month now and use them on avg 5-7 hours a day 6 days a week. First off I am a video editor and run a wholesale business. I love the quality of the sound I get when editing video projects on adobe premiere.I also listen to music all day long when doing the wholesale business. It is very easy to switch from device to device the range is not bad but no Bluetooth headphones have good range yet. Some days they are on my head for over 2 maybe 3 hours strait they are very conformable for me no headaches! It is getting to the holiday season so I am on the phone all day right now filling orders. I was really getting sick of holding my cell phone to my ear all day. I decided to check out and see how the mic on these headphones worked. WOW I could not be happier. The mic works great I now have an extra free hand when taking orders. It really is helping me out each and every day. I am actually using them listing to music while writing this review. I am no audiophile but did work in marketing for a high end headphone company breaking into the market last year and learned a lot about sound quality. The sound quality is amazing on these headphones I believe audiophiles would agree with me. It takes about 2hr to fully charge and you do get about 40hr of play back that is not a gimmick. I think I get 40+ hours when only using for phone calls. I love these headphones and defiantly put it through the paces and so far very happy with my purchase.

A little background: I run Mediaunlocked on youtube and have been reviewing products for over 5 years with over 43,000 sub and 7mil video views.I know what to look for when testing a product out.
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on October 10, 2016
First off, this review is for the Audition PRO aptX LL headphones. Most of the reviews I read on this page are for the Audition aptX headphones, so I wanted to provide some insight into the higher tier of the two products.

I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. I just love listening to music while on my (bluetooth-enabled) computer and I was tired of wires getting in my way while wearing headphones. After doing a lot of research on bluetooth headphones, I originally bought another pair of headphones that were advertised as over-ear headphones but were actually on-ear headphones. On-ear headphones do NOT work for me. They hurt my ears and are very uncomfortable to wear.

COMFORT: After that disappointment, I sprung for these Audition Pro aptX LL headphones. They were about double the price, but as it turns out they were well worth the extra cost. (These are the most expensive headphones I've ever purchased.) These headphones are actually over-ear! My ears fit completely inside the soft pads, which means the pads rest against my head and not against my ears. Yesterday I wore these headphones about 6 hours straight and they never once got uncomfortable or made my ears hurt from pressing against my head. Hallelujah! The headphones are easy to adjust, and the headband is comfortable as well.

AUDIO: In terms of audio quality, they suffice for my needs. As I said, I'm not an audiophile at all -- just an avid music lover. I did notice these headphones aren't nearly as "tinny" as the other headphones I bought, so that's a plus! The bass isn't overwhelming, nor is it non-existent. The audio seems to be well-balanced to my untrained ears.

BLUETOOTH/SYNC: Bluetooth is a blessing and a curse for me. I'm now free from those pesky wires, which is absolutely amazing! In addition, I can walk into the next room and the audio will still play as long as I don't walk too far away from my computer. The downside, like all other bluetooth headphones and earphones I've ever used, is that every now and then, the audio cuts out for a split second. I chalk this up to the bluetooth technology versus these particular headphones because, as I mentioned, this seems to occur with all bluetooth headphones I've used.

In terms of sync, I have watched some videos on my computer and the audio was never out of sync with the video. As far as I can tell, the "low latency" feature of these headphones is completely true.

BATTERY: I've had these headphones for three days. I charged them right after I bought them and since then I've put in probably about 20 hours of listening and I haven't received that dreaded low battery notification yet. (From what I read, it can scare you since it's loud!) The verdict is still out on the 40 hour battery claim.

CONNECTING TO DEVICES: As advertised, I had no issues connecting these headphones to either my phone or my computer.

ACCESSORIES: These headphones come with a hard travel case, a micro USB charging cable (wall adapter not included), and a 3.5 mm audio cable which is optional.

Overall I am very satisfied with these headphones and would definitely recommend them if you're looking for comfortable, reliable OVER-EAR headphones for under $100.
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on October 18, 2016
Bought the headphones and transmitter for my Dad who was driving Mom nuts watching politics at full volume. The house is now peacefully quiet!! A huge success.
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on April 23, 2017
Electrical engineer and filter designer. First off, I like Bose. Our ears are tuned differently, so if that isn't your realm I can only be helpful with build and comfort. Build first. The headphones are molded plastic with a semi rubber finish. The only apparent metal is the wire to adjust them. The head band is an extremely bouncy plastic (assumed based on weight). I don't believe the plastic will break down accidentally such as other competitors, though I doubt they'll handle being stepped on. For the price range, its a deal worth doing. Now comfort, it's a bitter sweet feeling. They're light and nimble so they won't exhaust my ears and head. The padding seems low budget so it may compress over time, but at the moment is soft and warm. The material is a faux soft leather with even stitching. However the stitching material looks like it doesn't have a tight thread or high count, could fray over time if outside in the elements. Again, for the price a deal worth taking. Compromise has to be made to accommodate the sound and bluetooth capability. Now! the best part. Sound and connection. I have standard Bose earbuds, the Bose bluetooth speaker, Sonos Play:1 plus a history listening to the variety of names we all know. Everything is different but seems to be the ideal control we all know. These headphones are what I want when I spend around $100. Theres a rich bass that stays warm and doesn't muffle other octaves (high, mid, woofer, sub woofer). The voices are crips and the highs are clean. Of course there is a loss in performance that only $300 can offer you. Also the bluetooth, wouldn't leave the room but other than that, clear connection. The reason I don't give them 5 stars is because 5 stars means they just matched Bose and I'm in disbelief. If you want classic style, comfort, and can take good care of these. It's worth the investment. Buy the 4 year extended plan though, who knows what could happen 1 year from now.
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on November 8, 2015
These are the third pair of Bluetooth "cans" I have purchased from amazon in the last six months. The first 2 barely lasted HALF of their rated usage time..hence my interest in these. After extensive product/price reviews, I found these to meet all my criteria. OMFG!!.. on the first charge I have been able to use them for 5 days!! Unbelievable! 32+hrs & their still working fine..wow!
Sound quality is far superior to any headphones I have ever owned. Mid range and lows are crisp & clear, while bass sounds are deep & make music/movies sound great! I paired these with my phone & computer(using new bluethooth 4.0 dongle) & they work wonderfully with these.
After wearing these for up to 13hrs straight they are still comfortable. The band that goes on top of your head doesn't have any padding like most of this type,however, you can purchase an aftermarket version of this to add to them if you need. In my opinion, if you plan on using these for 15hrs or more per use..you might need this for extra comfort.
If you are looking to purchase a pair of Bluetooth can headphones for a computer,tablet,phone or the like (& are not willing to break the bank doing so), I definitely recommend these. For $50 or so you can't go wrong.
On a side note these do come with a flat red 3.5mm headphone cable to use instead if you want. This works just as good as Bluetooth..and saves battery life.
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on September 18, 2017
I bought 2 pairs of these for my boys ages 4 and 7. They don't have the volume limiter, so I have set volume limits via their iPads. Seriously, I bet you that I have went through probably 8 or 10 pairs of corded headphones and 2 pairs of the kids bluetooth headphones in the past 2 years. They just don't last. With the corded kind, the cords continually break and eventually the 3.5mm sockets stop working. The kids bluetooth don't stay charged long enough and eventually the volume control stopped working.

These Avantree seem extremely well made. They are easy for even my 4 year old to turn on and off and they pair to the iPads flawlessly. They are comfortable for the boys to wear and they are comfortable for me as well. The boys have been using these for about a 2 weeks and I have only charged them 1 time. Thats pretty incredible! The final deciding factor for me was the 2 year warranty. Thats a great warranty for $50 headphones. Hopefully, they will last and I won't even need the warranty. I'd highly recommend them
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2017
When I first started listening to music through these headphones I thought it sounded muffled. Then I decided to really give them an honest workout before returning them.

I am converted! The sound is not muffled, I just needed to pay more attention. There’s nothing wrong with them, I was just use to another product.

To parrot everyone else out there they are incredibly lightweight, amazingly comfortable, and totally user friendly working with my Iphone 6. I can keep them on for 2-3 hours and I’m so relaxed that I’ve nodded off to sleep lulled by my music.

I do not require total noise cancellation and actually prefer to hear some of the world out there. I can always crank up the volume if need be.

These are without question one of the best products I’ve come across in a long time. I was able to grab them at a special value price and am so glad that I scan those daily Amazon deals from time to time.

These headphones are so great - I sprang for the seperate purchase hard case from Avantree to protect them.

Please consider these headphones. I think you’ll be really happy with them.
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on September 28, 2017
A tad disappointed in these guys. I listen to a lot of rock music and guitars, bass, and drums sound super muddy and don't stand out at all. My $20 BT headphones I replaced these with sound better, so that's super disappointing. I tried these on an Android and iPhone with the same results. Also the left headphone seems kind of quiet.

Other than that, pairing was super easy and headphones are comfortable. Battery life is really great too. Haven't charged them in a week and a half.

I might consider returning these, the reviews are great (which is why I bought them) but they don't really kick. Are they defective? I'm not sure...

EDIT: After submitted this review, Avantree has been working with me and determined my unit was defective. Updating the review to reflect their great CS, and they replaced my headset super fast. Thank you!!!
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on August 3, 2017
I really like this headset! It is paired to a transceiver on my tv. Though I'm no expert in sound, I can hear subtle background noises being broadcast with clarity and the sound is nice and crisp. My earlobes are rather large, so these sit on my ears. The cushion makes these somewhat comfortable. I can watch a movie or binge watch a series on Netflix without much discomfort. I can walk into the next room and still be connected. I sit about ten feet from the transceiver and the sound is consistent. I bought these in February and everything has worked well so far. The reason why this did not receive 5 stars is because, over time, the charge does not last as long as it did. I tested it out last week and it looks like I am getting around 15 to 18 hours of use before I have to recharge it. The description says that it can last 40 hours (which I may have been getting when I first purchased it) but I'm getting nothing close to that now. I hope that this does not degrade further because I really like them. Time will tell.
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on July 9, 2017
I was looking for a headset that was similar to what my brother bought on a lightning sale because of the features it had. When it arrived I put it on started doing the setup when my brother came in with his headset; he showed me they were from the same manufacturer, but I picked up this one instead of the $100 one instead. I can't tell the difference to be honest, maybe his a longer lasting battery or something, but this first headset I've bought where my ears aren't in pay after a few hours of use. I say headset because I use it with my Day One Xbox and Elite controller because of the added benefit of making it a wired headset from wireless! My only problem was switching from my phone to my PC, but that was quickly solved when my computer took a dump and I had to reset it; to clarify it was the Bluetooth settings on the PC causing the problem not the headset. This the best headset I've seen in the price range of $50ish, but is far better in quality.
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