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on November 10, 2016
I liked the characters and the story. However, there was quite a bit of confusion about the back story. They made it a bit difficult to figure out the past for each character and how/why they got to the beginning of the story.

This is really hard to find anywhere, so thanks for having it here.
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on April 22, 2006
This show has a lot of weaknesses, but it's still one of the few action/sci-fi shows that has a decent female lead who a) doesn't have huge [...] get her clothes torn off every fight, b) isn't a ditz and c) isn't obsessed with her own gender. There's no romance, goopy scenes, stupid comedy, or annoying/lame magical-girl elements. Even though a lot of things are left unexplained, Layla is a great character and Avenger was a refreshing change from the usual, sexist action anime out there. It's a very good show at least for female anime-fans who like genuinely strong, independent female leads rather than female leads who are supposedly strong but who are actually totally lame and weak when you think them over carefully. The fight scenes are a bit different from the norm, but they're great--I only wish that there were more of them. Art and music were decent. The story wasn't great, but it kept things moving. The first episode is very representative of the series, so if you don't enjoy that first ep, you should probably just quit.
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on September 15, 2009
Questions, no answers. The other reviewers have said the same, but for some reason were much more forgiving than I am. If I don't like a show, or its characters, or the plot, or the visuals, thats 1 star in my estimation. Melodramatic dribble. I didn't care what happened one way or the other. The dialog was horribly boring. The ending made no sense. You had no idea what the characters were talking about because the writers were trying to keep up the suspense by not telling why things were proceeding along. Then it ends and some stuff happens but you don't know why. Neither did I care.
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on March 7, 2012
When you buy this then it comes in a cool metal case,its also packed very well.The only thing is that, none of the disks have the number on them.So, when you watch it,you kind of have to blindly try in every disk to find the correct volume.I would definitely recommend this anime,It's a good price and it's packed better than most higher priced animes.
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on November 3, 2005
13 complete episodes for twenty bucks? Sure, I figure that I'd try it. And hey, it turned out to be a good deal.

The story, though it admittedly has parts that don't make sense, is still interesting; it's about a gladiator named Layla who wanders around Mars with a little robot girl named Nei. Earth has been destroyed, humans can no longer reproduce, the moon somehow threatens to wipe out the planet, and in the middle of it all, the two main characters are being hunted down by a pair of immortals who rule over part of the planet.

It certainly has its slow parts, but the occasional fight scenes and some good-quality animation makes up for it all. The characters are kind of likable, but not entirely engaging. The packaging for this is awesome; it's a metal tin with all three discs securely fastened to either end of it. And it comes with four free film cells.

The whole series is like "Noir" mixed with "Iria," and although it may not be up to par with either one, I would reccomend it if you liked them. I'd also reccomend it if you enjoyed such things as "Madlax," "Dot Hack Sign," "Planetes," and maybe "Outlaw Star."
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on September 14, 2017
Very nice
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on July 28, 2014
This series is okay a little hard to follow.
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on February 16, 2008
This is a great anime except for one flaw. The ending. I think I know what happens but I'm not sure. The story revolves around a trained fighter name Layla who was born on a Moon of Mars. All the inhabitants of Mars are people who traveled from Earth. There are the original 12 Earth people who are Gladiators and protectors of doomed cities on Mars. When inhabitants from a Moon orbiting Mars try to land on Mars the ship is attacked and all are killed but one...Layla. Cross, one of the 12 who was against the attack on the ship finds and raises Layla to become a Gladiator and seek her revenge. On her way to take down each Gladiator, she comes across a little girl called Nei who is passing as a robot child called a Doll. There has not been a child born for ten years so Dolls are made to replace them and since Nei is a real child she disquises herself as a Doll. The only other friend to help Nei and Layla is a young man named Speedy who is a Doll maker. Going from doomed city to doomed city they make friends as well as enemies alone the way. Eventually Nei becomes ill and her last chance of survival is for Layla to go up against the last of the 12 Gladiators who also happens to be the man who launched the attack that killed everyone on the ship coming from the moon of Mars. Will Nei survive, will Mars survive, and is Layla all she seems or is she a wandering spirit of vengence fueled by the spirits of those who died on the ship?

The animation is great and the fight scenes and themes seem to be a tamed version of Fist of the North Star? With no extras of any significance and a theme song that is both irritating as is catching this is a nice DVD set at a great price for those just getting into anime.
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on January 1, 2006
The story Avenger, at least as far as I got, takes place on a future Mars, where the air is breathable, and people live in tightly packed cities with their form of entertainment being the gladiator contests. Layla Ashley, a young woman with exceptional skill, is just such a gladiator. Though quiet and moody, she's obviously driven by a want for revenge. Traveling alongside her is a man named Speedy who works in dolls, mechanical, child-like servants, and a doll named Nei who doesn't seem like a doll at all. Nei is the only thing to be able to get some emotion out of Layla.

The story sounded interesting at the time I purchased it, and after seeing Avenger in a magazine article I figured it at least

had some potential. If a big-named magazine like New-Type USA would spend valuable space on this anime, then it has to be good, right? Right? My rating is a very forgiving three, and I'll explain why.

I gave Avenger one star because I didn't finish watching it, giving it the benefit of the doubt. I couldn't finish it; every time I sat down to watch the series, I always ended up turning it off after one episode. It's a boring anime, with repetitive dialogue, and often cheesy drama. I gave it a second star because, despite the boring episodes, the animation was pretty good, and some of the earlier action scenes were exciting to watch, despite recycled animation (brief moments that are repeated in an anime). You even get four animation cells inside the DVD bundle to look at. I gave it a third star because of the bundle. You get the entire collection for a little more than thirty dollars. It comes in a reflective, tin case, with DVDs that are well protected despite the fact that the case is over-sized. Though it's difficult to sit through, I know I have all the time in the world to eventually watch the rest, with no further obligation or money spending on my part.

I can only recommend this collection for its value, so if you're a collector of all things anime and are looking to expand you collection, then Avenger is a good, cheap choice. Some of you out there with unique interests may find this anime good.
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on February 24, 2006
Animation studio Bee Train and director Koichi Mashimo generally put out good shows, such as Madlax, Noir, and hack//Sign. This is one of their rare failures. This show follows their typical style, where they try to put out slow-paced stories that are somewhat poetic in mood. However that style does not work for this particular story.

Normally I do not write spoilers in a review, but the Editorial Review already has many spoilers, and none of the other reviewers here appear to have fully understood the story behind this show. This is not surprising as this show is done in the typical confusing, poetic style that seems popular these days. In this case, there really was no need for these techniques, so I believe the viewer's enjoyment of this DVD will be greatly enhanced by an explanation of what is going on.

Story: In the distant future, the Earth has been destroyed for reasons never explained. People currently live on Mars and the Earth's Moon but they have very low standards of living. (astronomy: Mars itself has 2 moons by the way but they are too small for anyone to live on, more like asteroids). The people on Mars mostly live in bubble-dome structures. They have all lost the ability to reproduce so the population survives by using technology to prolong their lives. Nevertheless, the population heads towards a likely eventual extinction. The leaders of Mars include a buff guy Volk, his "queen" Vesta, another buff guy named Cross (also known as Ares), and various other buff guys.

Even worse, with the Earth destroyed, the Moon is now slowly spiraling towards Mars and will eventually crash into it, which dashes peoples' spirits. (astromony: I do not know if this is scientifically correct gravitational physics or not, sorry. It is not correct for 2-body gravitation but the solar system is not a 2-body system, either).

The status quo on Mars has the leaders of all the bubble-domes engaging in dumb gladiator fights every so often, to be allocated resources to survive. Volk and Vesta are the main leaders of Mars. Cross decides this system is dumb, and so he leaves the bubble-domes and goes out by himself into the Mars wilderness to try to research ways to make the environment more suitable for human living and ways to enable humans to reproduce again. He's the ultra goody-goody super guy of this series, although it is not apparent until the end. He's also buff and a super duper fighter, like all the Mars leaders are, for no apparent reason.

One day the Moon decides to send over a space shuttle to Mars to try to make friends and work out a solution to their inevitable collision. Volk decides right then and there that his solution to the problem will be to blow away the Moon to smithereens with rockets when the time comes, and so he blows up the space shuttle and kills everyone in it to make them go away.

One lone little girl, Layla Ashley, survives in an escape pod and crashes on Mars. Cross, who is wandering the wilderness (and miraculously improving the environment through his scientific knowledge, even though he has no resources and facilities) finds her and raises her. He teaches her how to fight super good because he is buff and the strongest guy (in addition to being a scientist, wow!). He tells her his name is Volk, though, so she grows up kind of hating him (since Volk blew up her shuttle). Cross tells everyone his name is Volk. This causes a lot of confusion in the series, and lots of people on Mars are themselves confused about who is Volk and what he even looks like. In reality Cross and Volk are brothers, but Volk is filled with cybernetic enhancements and rules Mars from his bubble-dome, and looks nothing like Cross, who looks like a regular bald guy with a beard wandering around like a bum. Cross' explanation to this which he tells everyone is that he puts on the cyber gear from time to time and that he is really Volk....LOL!

Anyway, Layla Ashley grows up and is the main character of the series. Somewhere along the way she befriends a little girl named Nei, who is actually the first human child born on Mars due to Cross' experiments. Nei has some health problems since she was difficult to make, so her eyes are different colors, and she is genderless. She pretends to be a robot little girl, so as to not attract attention. There are lots of little girl robots on Mars because people make them with technology (and no real little girls can be born), and Nei just happens to look a lot like them.

This is where the actual story begins, in Episode 1. That's how convoluted this story is. All the above is revealed slowly as the episodes progress. All that happens is that Layla Ashley wanders around pretending to be a gladiator so that she can kill all the bubble-dome city leaders, which she does. A real gladiator would win and then rule the city, but Layla just wins then goes to kill the other bubble-dome leaders. She does this because she is super angry and hates everybody because her shuttle blew up when she was a little girl, that is why this show is called Avenger. BTW, people who wander the wilderness and do not live in bubble-domes are called Barbaroi, it took me a while to figure that out.

A mechanic-dude named Speedy joins her on her journey in Episode 1 but he never does anything of real significance. Neither does Nei, really. She is just the first born human child on Mars. There's no real reason why she has to follow Layla around but she just does. I guess the only reason is that so Layla can have a friend. If Nei was not there Layla would never speak a word.

Cross eventually goes to find Layla again. He tells her he is Volk the bad guy and it is time for her to kill him, so she does. By then, she realizes that he is not really Volk but kills him anyway. Then she goes and kills Volk too and the show ends. I guess Cross let himself be killed by Layla for various reasons. He wanted all the Mars leaders to die, including Volk and himself, for he feels bad for their poor decisions in the past (even though Cross never agreed with them, what a great guy, huh). He also wanted Layla to feel better and not as angry at everyone. And by killing him Layla could get stronger so that she could kill Volk for real (which wasn't easy).

Right as Volk dies, water mysteriously appears from nowhere and makes Mars a better place to live in. Also the Moon is still coming and is pretty close, but the show just ends. It is assumed that Cross' wishes will be fulfilled, and the Moon will just end up crashing into Mars soon (instead of being blown up by rockets), but hopefully somehow Mars and the people of the Moon can barely survive anyway (haha!). Nei suddenly gets healthier too for no explanation at that time and suddenly transforms into a boy (pink = boy, watch the endings carefully). I guess everybody is happy. Layla just walks off into the wilderness to be by herself forever though, because that is how she likes to be.

I guess that seems like it could be a good story, but I did not like the way everything was presented in a purposefully confusing way to seem mysterious. That style does not work for this show. Also, much of the 13 episodes centered around fighting action, which Bee Train is NOT good at. Bee Train puts out high quality drawings and animation, but they do not have any sense of fight choreography, style, and application, without which fights look poor, regardless of how many animated frames there are.

This would have been much better as a 2-hour movie, or a 4 to 6 episode OAV series. 13 episodes went too long and was repetitive, with most of the episodes focusing too much on the fighting. This series would have worked better with less fighting and a more direct story structure. Or, it could also have worked almost as is if the fighting scenes were better.
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