Customer Reviews: Avenging Eagle
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on January 2, 2003
I have written soem reviews of other Shaw Brothers and Venoms films that I liked, but this one really caught me by surprise.
This is one of the Finest Films Every Made.
The acting and story are far superior to many movies of this genre and it is a timeless story that offers superior escapeism and entertainment value while pushing a very strong moral message throughout the movie.
Ti Lung gives the performance of a Lifetime as Chee Min Sing. His familiar name is Kow Chu, and he is a man trapped by fate and destiny who finds honor and truth in his life only after undergoing a terrible lifetime of violence and pain.
Alexander Fu-Sheng, also gives a tour de force performance and this actor was in other films with Ti Lung. Sadly, Alexander was killed in a car accident, and his light was taken from us. He is very impressive as Chow Yee Fan, a man who has lost everything and who finds himself united with Chee Min Sing.
The two become close friends and you have to feel that they must have been this close in real life as they seem 100% honest as friends joking and telling each other personal details about thier lives. Well, Chee Min Sing does more telling, but the ending revelas a lot of shocking information to us.
Alexander is a highly moral man who recited poetry of the time about old men who are forced from their homes to fight wondering if they will ever return, and fighting alongside his new friend facing death from many enemies.
The end of this film will have the hair on the back of your neck standing up. A series of fight sequences leads us to a finale that has us questioning everything we have seen up to this point.
This reviewer will NOT spoil the ending for you, but it will blow you away ! One of the finest ending I have ever seen in Any movie from any genre !
Ti Lung has an Eternal Fan in ME after this film. It also helped me understand the Better Tommorrow Series character he played much better then when I watched them before this film which he starred in many years earlier.
This one you can watch over and over, it is so wonderful.
Ti Lung, you are the Best ! ...
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on April 5, 2012
This is one of my ALL TIME Shaw brothers favorites. The Dragon Dynasty transfer is crisp and clean, the sound is also good. Only one problem; like the title of my review says, either it's just a bad dvd or someone f....d up in the editing dept. On my dvd I'm missing the fight between when Fu Sheng tries to kick Ku Feng on the stairs and when Ti Lung and Fu Sheng come at Ku with the double team. I will be getting in touch with Amazon or Dragon Dynasty one or the other.
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on November 5, 2012
I've seen tons of reviews for this, one of my favorite Shaw Brothers flicks, and so there's not much I can say that adds anything new to the discussion. I think maybe half of them use the word "solid" in terms of the script, the acting, and the fighting, and I can't argue.

What I can say is that this movie is far better than it looks on the printed page. Any description is automatic cliche': Two strangers meet in the wasteland, one escaping his past and his enemies, the other with a motive that might put the two of them at odds. Or, call it the story of a killer pained by the evils he's done, and slowly realizing how far he must go to atone. Or...a criminal hunted by his former brothers in arms, each specializing in his own exotic get the idea. It sounds like standard stuff. Somehow, Ti Lung, Fu Sheng and Ku Feng(his best performance? Even including "Uncle?), under the direction of Sun Chung, take a solid (there's that word) story and impart it with real human impact. Ti Lung's performance, in particular, is heartbreaking at times - he's been a cold-blooded killer most of his life, yet he's like a child as he discovers morality. He's almost an innocent. Watch his reaction when Fu Sheng chastises him for stealing his horse and food - it's something I missed my first viewing, the almost wondering look on his face as he thinks "yes...that WAS wrong..."

And the fights, which are probably why you're looking at this in the first place, are great stuff. There's plenty of action as the hero, Chik Ming Sing, tries to stay ahead of ten of his former fellows, and fights for his life. He's no Gordon Liu or Lau Kar Leung with the three-sectioned staff, but again, great stuff. Far too often, a kung-fu flick's best fight isn't the final one, but Fu Sheng and Ti Lung go for broke in the intense final battle to push it one step beyond a terrific fight at a deserted inn at the end of the film's second act.

Then there's the ending. It hits hits you like a haymaker.

In short, this is a movie that completely rises above itself from start to finish, and takes you by surprise. Even if you're not into the whole HK cinema thing, it belongs in your DVD collection.
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on March 3, 2013
This film is definitely a classic revenge tale with a twist that you may or may not see coming depending on your knowledge and experience with Kung Fu cinema. I personally enjoyed the film for its story, plot, art design, action set pieces, and of course it use of martial arts. I can not say a whole lot without spoiling it, but all in all this is a great film to watch with others or by yourself for nostalgic reasons. If I have any complaints it is just I wished Shaw Brothers continued on to make more of these B-movie classics or at least got a chance to created a television inspired by all their old products. I definitely tune in to watch.....(sigh).... one can only dream.
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on February 3, 2002
Chi (Ti Lung) a member of the Eagles, a ruthless killing squad. Is forced to kill a pregnant woman. He decides he no longer wants to be part of the killing and runs away, he passes out while making his way through the desert where he is found and helped out by a stranger (Fu Sheng). He and the stranger become friends while defending themselves from his old gang who want to kill him. He and his new friend set out to destroy the evil gang. Chi plagued by guilt is convinced that the only way he can undo his wrong is to die at the hand of the pregnant woman's husband.
The DVD quality is what is you can expect from from a dubbed VCR tape to DVD. This is quite normal for a movie of this type and any true kung fu movie collector wouldn't worry about this.
I rate movies based upon the content, the actors, and costumes and humour. The quality of the DVD has little to do with how I rate these types of movies.
This type of movie is nothing like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Iron Monkey. If your looking for movies like that don't bother watching this.
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on September 23, 2011
Avenging Eagle was released in 1978 with an ensemble cast of many famous actors/martial artists.It is directed by Sun Chung who has also the best Kung Fu Wuxia movies ever made.In the 70s there were many directors who did the best Wuxias like Chang Cheh,Chu Yuan,Tony Liu,Lau Kar Leung.Sun Chung'sShaolin Prince directing credits if you dont know include Kill a Mastermind,Kung Fu Instructor 1&2,Fist Full of Talons,Deadly Breaking Sword,Judgement of an Assassin,Proud Youth,Rendezvous with Death.

Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng are the main actors once again after past collaborations in Shaolin Temple,Deadly Breaking Sword,Sentimental Swordsman 2,Ten Tigers from Kwantung.So as you can see they both have gotten good chemistry together. Ku Feng is the leader of the 13 coldblooded eagles and it is one of his best villian performances in his career.The 13 Eagles include many famous actors like Johny Wang Lung,Yuen Bun(Rendezvous with Death,Kill a Mastermind),Dick Wei(Project A),Eddy Ko(Duel to the Death),Lam Fai Wong,Peter Chan,Bruce Tong,Austin Wai,Jaime Luk.

Tong Gaai does the fight choreography and has a small cameo role he also directed three of the best Shaw Kung Fu movies ever:Shaolin Prince,Shaolin Intruders,Opium and the Kung Fu Master.

This is a review from the Dragon Dynasty and it is the best version out there,it looks very clear and has good coloring.It includes both Mandarin Audio Track and English Dub.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on June 19, 2002
Avenging Eagle is a great movie, one of my all-time favorites. Classic themes of redemption and revenge intertwined through the main characters. NB: this movie has a plot that actually carries the action. All that and great performances by Ti Lung, Fu Sheng, and many other Shaw Brothers favorites.
Unfortunately, the DVD I received from Amazon looks as though someone put a camera up to a TV and recorded it. The picture is blurry and the colors are dim. I got another Shaw Brothers DVD at the same time and it looks great. So for now, I'll probably stick to the version I taped off the TV 18 or so years ago--at least until the remastered versions hit the market.
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on June 30, 2014
I used to watch USA Kung Fu Theater as a kid and it's awesome to be able to see them once again on DVD. I watched them for three things: The fight scenes, the weapons, and the weapons. Did I mention I loved the weapons? Where else could you see fight scenes with those types of weapons back in the day? this movie has a LOT of fight scenes and pretty much all involve exotic weaponry. So if that's what you're looking for then you'll love this one. Plus, it actually has a very good story of revenge and redemption but in the tragic Kung Fu Theater style. Definitely a must see!
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on December 21, 2014
Excellent mysterious plot and some great epic fight sequences with wide sweeping camera shots that required a lot of choreography to pull off. Another fine Shaw Brother's film. Really enjoyed the music score and the set pieces were very very good. Nice slow motion fight sequences as well. Overall solid film and really entertaining.
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on February 11, 2013
Film was "off the chain" was dynamite !! I really enjoyed the filming and the visual effects that gave the film
my five star rating. Hope to order more in the future from the same Dragon Dynasty clan.
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