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on December 2, 2010
While individual spoke wrenches for each nipple size are usually the best, many times you'd just like a single, high-quality compact tool for occasional use, or to fit in your seat pack.
I've seen many el cheapo circular spoke tools, cheaply stamped or cast; this is NOT one of those! It's got a good solid feeling (the packaging says it's made of forged steel), precise labeling and (most importantly) precisely crafted channel openings for the spoke nipple. I bought two just so I'd always have one handy!
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on July 23, 2016
Quick Notes:
-Arrived in 2 and a half weeks from China.
-Very impressed with build quality and that is a full sized Spoke Wrench it’s about the size of a half dollar.
-Slots in wrench are 180 degrees away from the opposing slots so the wrench can sit straight on the spokes and not at an angle.
-Slot sized are clearly marked on the back of the wrench (see photos).
-I would recommend this tool to anyone who like doing their own bike maintenance.

Full Review:
I purchased this tool because I normally use a small crescent wrench to adjust spokes which takes a while if they need more than a quarter turn adjustment. This tool fits on the spokes easily but also very accurately so you don’t have to worry about stripping your spokes. It’s very easy to use as all the sizes are marked on the back. If you don’t know your spoke size just try all the slots until you find the one that fits snugly on you spoke then put a small piece of tape below that slot so you know which to use in the future. I would recommend this tool to anyone you like doing their own bike maintenance. If you don’t know how to do something on your bike I would suggest you learn how to because it will save you money and is very rewarding doing your own maintenance. Make sure you know what you are doing before you start adjusting spokes though because you can really mess your wheel up if you don’t know how to properly true a wheel.

--*If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will try and respond as soon as I can, but I have a job and things to do so please don't expect a response immediately.*
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None of these fit my Fuel EX8 spokes exactly. They got the job done, but it was an imperfect match. Look elsewhere for a dedicated exact fit for your bike.

It's also a little weird on twisting. That is not much torque since it's a small tool. Maybe you don't need much, but still, I didn't feel like I had fine control of the torque.
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on April 29, 2011
My daughter has a cheap WalMart bike. After we took it out of storage, the front wheel was way out of true. We called a local bike shop and they wanted a week and $20 to fix it. My dad used to fix bikes so I figured, I could manage this. I bought this wrench because after some research, I determined that sometimes the Walmart bikes have weird size spokes and I wanted to be prepared. This is a nice solid product and I had my daughter's bike back in true in about 20 minutes (more or less, without a truing stand). Now I have a tool to fix it next year when it inevitably will go out of true again. Definitely worth the $6.95!
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on August 13, 2016
This is a particularly hard piece to find, if you own an e-bike with a rear centered motor it is vital you have one, you'll ride all out and the bumps and such will break spokes at the head thus you need this tool buy it cause so called bike shops know little to nothing about e-bikes and stock little for them. Them best shops in north Chicago were clueless 😩, so yea get one.....
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on June 24, 2015
I was looking for a basic (read:inexpensive) wrench to adjust my wheel spokes. To be clear, I am a hobbiest so lave limited equipment, time and budget to tune my bikes. I saw other wheel speed wrenches here that cost 3x more and decided to try this one out to see how it works and if I could save a few bucks.

After receiving this, I can say that I am 100% happy it is inexpensive and simple. It just works. I am happy that I purchased and would definitely buy it again.
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Best tool ever. Has all sizes. I didn't realize how quickly spokes can come loose till I got this. Now my tires are always nice and tight.
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on June 3, 2013
This spoke tool is actually a bit larger than I had expected. It can take some patience with high spoke count wheels that have tight spaces, especially for those with large hands. The sizes are slightly sloppy, and if you aren't careful you can round off the nipples.

If you own multiple bikes with different sized spokes, don't need to true them often, and have nimble fingers... this tool is for you. The fact that its inexpensive is another great plus. If only need one or two sizes of spoke wrench, i'd recommend individual wrenches that are easier to use with a tighter fit.
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on February 11, 2011
Purchased this spoke wrench after my disappointment for Park Tools mini spoke wrench SW-7. Avenir has designed a much better product.

Both sides are marked with the corresponding numbers so you don't have to turn it over to determine if you have the correct size. Also this spoke wrench is substantial as far as the thickness and is not a flimsey tool.

Unlike the Park Tools SW-7 which has only slots for 3 sizes, the Avenir has 7.

This tool really works as I used it to remove a broken spoke. While professional bike mechanics may prefer the individual spoke wrenches, this tool is great for the hobbyist.
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Fantastic to have size choices on this one - spoke wrenches for single sizes are available, and probably easier to hold in terms of ergonomics, but this is a great one size fits all (most?) wrench for my purposes.
Quality is fantastic - it's made of steel and hasn't bent up during use.
A great tool to have in my pack.
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