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on March 29, 2010
These are heavy duty tubes. I did not expect them to be as thick as they are and I mean they are thick. I installed these tubes on two of my bikes so far but haven't had a chance to go for a long ride yet. But I didn't have any problems with installation. I removed the original tubes and installed these and I used one of the ORIGINAL tubes as a spare in case I do have a flat. I would not use one of these as a spare as they are about the weight of three regular tubes combined.

I have a Burley trailer that uses 20x1.75 tubes and even ordered tubes for it as I don't want any flats. And even if I do these are so thick that I could probably run the tires flat and still keep going.

I was leary about ordering these at first but at this time I am very please with this product. Just take your time and make sure that the tire seats itself properly on the rim and I would recommend these to others and I will also update my review of them after I get some miles on these tubes.

Since these tubes are so thick and heavy it might take some more effort to pedal because of the rotational force that is involved. I don't think I would use these on my road bike because of that. But for the commuter bike that I plan on riding to work (7 miles one way) or the bike for pulling by trailer it won't matter that much to me. I don't want to fix a flat. If you are planning on riding a long distance (10 to 20 miles or more) stay with the lighter tubes and just carry a spare tube in case you have a flat.
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on August 10, 2013
I purchased three tubes at once this was the only tube I put on my bicycle. Its four times thicker than any tube I have seen - on the tire side. The inner part of the tube isn't as thick This will be the only tube I'll buy in the future. The sunlight tube was more like the factory one which blew up. This one is built to last. As far as I am concerned there are no other tubes - there is this and then there is crap. Sorry to be blunt but lets face it ordering a tube online is scary. You really have no idea what quality your getting - that's why I am writing this - to save someone else the trouble of ordering several tubes and praying you get a good one. This is the good one.
I ordered this in 2013 I believe..I am still using it and rarely need to add air - 3/8/2016
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on November 20, 2015
Purchased this thorn resistant bike tube after tiring of replacing the standard tubes every month or so. This baby is thick and sturdy and have had no issues for two months. I also don't have to put in a little extra air in the tube every 5 days to "top it off". It holds air pressure extremely well. Worth the higher cost if you bike regularly off road in the dirt and through the shrubs.
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on June 20, 2011
I wish I had read the reviews on this product. I installed the tire and was having some trouble pumping in more air. I could hear a lot of air leaking through the pump. I gently yanked on the valve to make sure that it was completely through the tire rim. I was suprised when the valve came completely off. I did not even yank on it all that hard.

I was initially impressed with the heaviness of the rubber. It certainly is a more substantial tube than that which I was replacing. However, when it comes down to it--- it does not matter how thick the rubber is if the valve is so flimsy that it falls off.
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on September 11, 2012
I originally bought these inner tubes for a 100 mile bike race. I didn't want to be way out in the middle of no-where with only SAG support to rely on. I had tried inner tubes in the past that have the goo inside that will self-heal a puncture, but I noticed that those type of tubes are irritating because they cause an imbalance in the way my bike wheels spin due to the goo sloshing-around inside. So I was desparately looking through all the stores trying to find "thorn-proof" inner tubes when I finally gave-up and searched the internet. Thank God I found these! These inner tubes are sufficiently thick to resist most punctures. I have ridden my bike more than 400 miles since purchasing these. I was espeacially thankful they are thick enough during installation when I accidentally pinched it with my screwdriver, an ordinary tube probably would have ruptured, but these held-up very well.
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on April 14, 2010
There is no doubt in my mind that this is about as good a tube as you can get. If you blow this thing out, good job to you.

Update: It has been over a year since I purchased this tube for my bike, and I haven't blown it out yet. That is good considering I was going through about 1 or so a month before.
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on October 17, 2014
Thorn resistance

Mystery leaks

Brief review: Ok tube and it will keep the thorns out, but it's definitely a heavier option for this and the rubber develops it's own leaks.

Details: I got this originally because I was having trouble with my tubeless setup and I wanted something that could withstand thorn punctures without having to deal with something like Tuffy Strips or Slime tubes. I wound up getting three at the same time. The first one was ok for awhile. Then it went flat on one ride. I thought maybe a thorn in the tire had gotten through but discovered the leak was just a small spontaneous split on the inside of the tube that was up against the taped rim. The second lasted exactly one ride. The next day my tire was flat. I got the tube off to figure out where the leak was and I never did find it. Couldn't feel it, couldn't hear it, and didn't want to go to the trouble of sticking it in a bucket. All I know is it wouldn't hold air. I'm currently on the third tube and haven't ridden on it yet. We'll see how long it lasts. The unpredictability combined with the fact that it's pretty heavy means I won't get any more. Once this tube goes out on me, I'll either convert back to tubeless or use a normal tube with Tuffy strips, which is lighter and I've had better luck with this setup in the past.
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on October 15, 2012
I had high hopes for this tube. I bought new tires for my bike, and replaced the front one with a different tube from a friend. When the other tire finally began to give out, I went to replace the tube and tire at the same time. The Avenir tube lasted a couple of days. Where did it puncture? On the inside wall facing the rim. Spoke puncture? No. Rim rub? No. Just a spontaneous pin hole. I patched it, pumped, and waited (after remounting). Another flat. Inspection revealed another pinhole an inch from the old one. Patched, pumped, flat, another hole. Very strange tube. Even the old, old tube that had taken poking out of the tread and being bonded to and ripped from a shoe goo patch on the old tire is holding up better. I really wouldn't trust the Avenir tube. Look around for a well-reviewed tube.
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on July 21, 2012
I got on here to check reviews as I didn't remember seeing problematic reviews when I bought these tubes. Had knee surgery in early 2011 and was going to ride my bike indoors. Got a flat rear tire for the bike mount and upgraded (so I thought) the tubes to these Avenir tubes. Turns out I didn't get around to biking until today when I get my bike out and the rear is flat. No biggie I thought as I was just going to pump it up and be on my way. As soon as I started pumping I could tell air was just gushing out. I take the rear tire off only to discover the stem falls right off the tube. There is DEFINITELY a manufacturing problem with these tubes. I will be contacting Avenir about this, and I hope all the rest of you with the stem problem do the same. They won't know it's a huge problem until we let them know it is... Switching to a different brand for now as I need to get out and ride and get in shape.

I had put maybe 30 minutes on this tube inside my home, on a fixed mount. These tubes are crap right now. Avenir needs to fix this problem.
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on July 15, 2013
Add me to the chorus of people having trouble with the stems on these tubes. I bought a bundle of 4 or 5 of these tubes to have a supply around in the event of a flat tube. I've gone through at least 3 of the tubes in my supply due to flats. Every flat was due to a small tear near the base of the stem. I had another flat this last Saturday, also due to the tear near the stem. I ended up walking home about 3 miles in the New Mexico heat. Officially looking for a different brand of bike tube now.
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