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on July 9, 2010
I'm a bit compulsive so we own quite a few carriers. For the purposes of this review, I'll skip slings, and stick to backpack style shoulder strap carriers. Specifically the Bjorn line and the Ergo.

Ergo: The most comfortable of the bunch! While it can get a little toasty for both you and baby on warm days, both wife and I felt that we could wear it just about forever. Unlike most backpack carriers, the Ergo has a waist belt on which most of the baby's weight rests. Those of you who've used a hiking backpack know exactly how much this helps. For those who don't, there's a padded band that sits just above your hips. When worn correctly most of the baby's weight is distributed across your hips greatly reducing the stress/load on your shoulders and back. Unfortunately for us, our little monkey recently decided that she must face out, and the Ergo only allows them to face in. So it's been sitting in unused in the closet for several weeks.

Bjorn Air/Classic: Smallest, lightest and easiest to use. We have the "Air" model, and the special fabric actually does work to keep you and your baby cool. It's my preferred carrier for quick jaunts and hot days. But the wife and nanny will wear it only if they have to. It is by far the least comfortable carrier we own. The shoulder straps are unpadded and relatively thin so they really dig into your shoulders. I find it merely a bit annoying, but the wife says she can't wear it for more than 5 or 10 minutes before it really starts to hurt.

Bjorn Synergy/Active: Basically the Air/Classic but with wider, padded shoulder straps and a lumbar support piece. While a little more comfortable than the Air/Classic, it is still a far cry from the comfort of the Ergo. While the lumbar support is okay, the fundamental problem remains: all the weight is still placed on the shoulders.

Bjorn Comfort: The newest Bjorn, and by far the most comfortable. It has very wide and nicely padded straps, and like the Ergo, the Comfort has a padded waist band! While it isn't quite as comfortable as the Ergo, it comes close. I have used it for multi-hour walks with no back or shoulder discomfort. And unlike the Ergo, baby can face in or out.
A couple minor complaints. First it is quite bulky. Given the way its constructed, its actually much bulkier than even the Ergo, so it's not the easiest thing to stuff in a bag/under the stroller. Second is that as of yet you cannot buy additional bibs. One bib is included, but given how much we use the thing it's nice to have a second (note the Bjorn bibs currently sold are NOT COMPATIBLE with the Comfort). Plus while it doesn't seem as warm as the Ergo, you and baby will be plenty sweaty on hot days.

All these carriers seem very well made, and with the sole exception of the Air, I feel will last a long, long time (while so far so good, I have some reservations about the long run durability of the fabric shoulder straps of the Air). Currently we mostly use the Comfort, but I still bust out the Air on hot days or for short jaunts and all in all we are quite happy with the carrier situation. But we still have hope that one day our little one will deign to face in so we can bust out the Ergo again.

Pros: Most comfortable
Cons: Baby can only face in. A little warm on hot days.

---Bjorn Air/Classic---
Pros: Easiest to get baby into/out of. Air is fabulous for hot days. Smallest and lightest (great for packing).
Cons: Least comfortable. Some concern about durability of Air fabric.

---Bjorn Synergy/Active---
Pros: More comfortable than Air/Classic
Cons: Still no waist strap!

---Bjorn Comfort---
Pros: Comfort (almost as good as the Ergo)
Cons: A little warm on hot days. Can't purchase replacement/extra bibs. Bulkiest of all four carriers.
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on November 4, 2016
we used it a lot. My niece would not want to be in it if she is facing me though, so we have to fold the front part of it so she can bee in the front seat.
Folding it was little hard but we used it so much it does not even matter, she would fall asleep in it. great support for your back. I recommend it. Makes a great baby shower gift.
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on February 21, 2017
I bought this for my 6months old 16lbs son; although it is very easy and quick to wear and set up it does not have enough support to carry the baby's weight, and so it makes it very very inconvenient for the parent. The baby seems pretty comfortable and for that reason I gave it two stars because their comfort is just as important. I have a sling baby carrier and it provides much better support, but it's longer to set up and I wanted something on the go. While shopping for a baby carrier look for one with a waist belt for that extra support to protect your lower back. Will be returning this.
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on September 12, 2017
Baby Bjorn is AMAZING! I can't tell you how many different carriers I have went through trying to find the perfect one and I have FINALLY found the perfect fit!! I tried 3 different types of Ergos and ended up returning all three because they were either to bulky, to hot or just to uncomfortable for both baby and I. But I thought I'd give it one last go and order another carrier and oh am I glad I did! This is so comfortable, baby can be faced in or out, there's not infant insert required and it grows with baby! This is definitely a must have baby item!! Plus you can't beat the price!
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on July 21, 2017
Excellent product. Bought this for my grandson,s wife,s baby shower. I ordered it late and was hoping it would arrive in time. It arrived as was quoted, the morning of the shower. WOW, what a crazy concept. A company honoring there commitment to a customer. Shower was great. Baby carrier was just what she wanted. Grammy earned her five stars that day. Thank you Babyjorn and thank you Amazon.
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on September 9, 2017
Great for under 3 months old!
secure & good looking carrier,
1. Material not good, keep the pile & dust on it
2. Small for even 16 pounds baby
3. Leg straps not long enough & useless
4. Baby's weight concentrated in one spot in the back which causes back pain!
5. When u place the baby front facing, his mouth was covered by the head support pad which make it full of saliva & kind of not pleasant looking ūüôĄ
review image
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on March 30, 2016
My baby is 7 weeks old. And there's 12 years between him and his older brothers. "Back then" the Bjorn was the only way to go. This is the exact model I had back then. Now, there are so many new carriers on the market, I ended up getting three different styles all together to try out.

It helps to determine what you want a baby carrier for.

QUICK AND EASY - Bjorn or Ring Sling? I wanted to get a carrier where I could just wear a newborn baby around the house, grocery store, and running short errands. I wanted something easy. Ultimately I chose the Bjorn for wearing around the house and short errands. It's absolutely perfect right out of the box. Incredibly low maintenance, not too hot, easy to take on and off, baby loves it and it was worth every penny. (I just got the basic model and it was about $50.) I really wanted to rock the ring sling but it didn't work out for me. The fabric was heavy, stiff and uncomfortable. I never seemed to be able to get the baby positioned right. I'm sure being a newborn didn't help. The sling felt awkward and that there wasn't much support. I never seems to get it tight enough. I sent it back and stuck with the low-maintenance Bjorn Original.

SUPPORTIVE FOR LONG WALKS/HIKES - I wanted a beefier carrier for walking a couple miles at a time and longer treks to zoo/parks and such. For the trekking around, long hikes/walks etc., I bought the Ergo Baby Love. It has better support for longer distances. However, the fabric is considerably heavier and there's a lot more of it. A newborn also needs an insert that is pretty toasty. But, I really love this carrier and so does baby. The biggest downside (or only downside) is that it's more time consuming to put on - especially with the newborn insert. It's a bit much for just vacuuming, cooking or walking baby around for short errands.
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on June 30, 2015
I've had both of these (the standard cotton and this mesh one) and despite what some other reviewers say, there's a HUGE difference in the breathability of this fabric. I have this thing on regularly on hot days, like REALLY hot days, and I can wear it comfortably for about an hour or so. With the standard black cotton model, you could count on my shirt being totally soaked where my son was pressed to my chest.
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on December 8, 2016
When my second child was born, having a good baby carrier was very important as I was also having to chase after a toddler. I went through MANY different carriers and never really took to them because they were so difficult to get on and adjust with just myself. A friend suggested Baby Bjorn as it was super easy to get on and baby in. I totally agree. I love this carrier. My family recently traveled by airplane for the Thanksgiving holidays and this was a life saver while going through security and walking through the airport terminals. I was able to get baby out of the stroller and strapped onto me while my husband wrangled our toddler and broke down the stroller. I would not hesitate to recommend this carrier to all my mom friends.
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on June 29, 2017
I bought this and used it a few times. I purchased the grey and white one which was the most expensive one but I didn't realize it was made entirely out of mesh fabric... it was not as soft as I would if liked so I returned it and will by the other one. I LOVE babybjorn though! Worth every penny!
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