Customer Reviews: BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle - Black/Silver, Cotton Mix
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on April 6, 2013
I purchased the Bjorn Miracle off Amazon and later bought a secondhand Ergo carrier because I was intrigued by all the glowing reviews. I like them both though each have their pros and cons.

The Bjorn allows the baby to face in or out. My son is now 6 months old and LOVES facing out. This is a huge plus as the hour before he goes to bed is generally his fussy period and putting him outward facing in the carrier is a surefire way to keep him content. He enjoys being able to watch me prep dinner, get his bedtime stuff together and do housework. With the Ergo, my son is comfortable but he does get frustrated (and therefore, squirmy) because he has to face in. I often have to find ways to distract him when he gets cranky about not being able to see what's happening around him. Finally, the Bjorn is incredibly easy to put on and reasonably comfortable - I can carry my son in it for about 1-1.5 hrs before my shoulders start to tire.

The Ergo offers amazing support - far better than the Bjorn Miracle, in my opinion. I'm not sure if my frame is too small (I'm 5'5" and 110 lbs), but I can't seem to tighten the shoulder straps on the Bjorn enough to sufficiently distribute the weight across my hips and shoulders. When I carry my son in the Ergo, I can go at least 2-3 hours without feeling any strain. I did, however, find the Ergo a bit trickier at first to get the baby in and out of (although now that I've had lots of practice, it's not a problem). I also love that the Ergo wraps my son's legs around my waist and he's supported to the knees. It's helpful for me in that I can sit down easily with him in the carrier. With the Bjorn, the baby's legs dangle freely and so I've always found it awkward to sit with him strapped to me as they get in the way. I either have to sit with my upper body turned at an angle (so his legs fall on either side of my thighs or with my legs wide open so his legs fall between mine - awkward...)

Overall, I like both and use the Bjorn at home and for quick errands and the Ergo for longer outings. The Ergo is definitely better for me while my baby seems to prefer the Bjorn. Each have their advantages and ultimately, it will depend on what features you want out of a carrier.
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on August 3, 2012
Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier

This is a wonderful carrier! A big improvement over the original Baby Bjorn Carrier. I have researched baby carriers and did not purchase this carrier originally.

Here are the carriers I have had personal experience with:

Baby Bjorn Original: A good carrier, easy to use, but wear it for any length of time with all but the lightest babies and I would get should pain. The pain was not bad at first, but it would build. The pain became enough for me to stop using the carrier which was a disappointment. As this was discovered during use with my son, our first child. I decided I would look for an improved carrier when we were pregnant with my daughter, our second child.

Becco Baby Gemini: I purchased the Gemini after much review and reading online. It seemed great, looked great, and had many wonderful reviews. In reality it was not the carrier it was described to be, and was not for our family. While it was made of quality materials and comes in many wonderful fabrics, it is not a carrier a single person can put on easily, and it did not feel comfortable nor safe when used with a newborn. Our newborn was within the weight requirements and we had watched the videos demoing how to use it properly, and we read the directions that were provided. But at the end of it all it was not feeling right. Another thing is the Becco was very difficult to put on, and impossible to do so by yourself. The carrier required too much attention to be given to pressing the security latches with two hands and not allowing you to give enough attention to your infant when putting the carrier on or taking it off. I noted afterward that their video demos were done with dolls, and not real live moving, squirming badges :-) This makes a difference! After several attempts I could not put the carrier on by myself and felt I was risking the dropping of my baby while doing so. Because of these reasons I felt the product was not delivered as described in the literature and returned it to amazon. I still like the look of it, and the ability to carry your baby in so many different ways, but the infant carrier ability is just not there for me. Also, not ok because it was not easy to put on by yourself!

Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier: After returning the Becco Baby I purchased the baby Bjorn Miracle carrier. My initial impressions of this carrier are much better than that of the Becco baby. It holds my infant securely and is easy to put on by myself. I have only used it with my infant, but the back support on it seems much improved over the original baby Bjorn, no shoulder pain yet. I will try and update my review as our little girl gets bigger. What I really like about this carrier is how easy it is to put my infant into it without any outside assistance. I simply put on the shoulders straps much like you would put on a jacket, clip one side, slide my infant in and click the strap to hold here in. The head support straps are easy to click in at this point. My little girl is happy in this carrier, I can see her easily and she seems to have good airflow on both sides depending on which way she leans her head. Time will tell how this new model does on back/shoulder support but I have high hopes that my initial impression will hold true.

One other thing: Forward carry capable.

Many carriers do not allow you to hold you baby facing out. They state that infants are over stimulated, it hurts their crotch, etc. Speaking from the personal experiences of my son, his two males cousins, one female cousin, and two young friends, forward carry is the way to go once they support their neck/head. None of these children have ever suffered over stimulation, at least that was noted. What all of us have agreed on is that at some point facing inward becomes undesirable for our children and they truly want to face out. This makes products like the Ergo Baby and the like unsuitable because baby cannot look out.

My vote goes to the Bjorn Miracle Baby Carrier. I would recommend it to friends, especially those wanting to use it with infants.

Update 8/27/2012
Used the Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier at Disneyland a few days ago and things went great. My daughter was comfortable for several hours. We even went on pirates of the Caribbean with her in the carrier! It was comfortable for me to carry, my back never grew tired! I love this carrier!
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on August 8, 2013
*Edited 10/12/2013 as I now own multiple baby carriers after this Bjorn*

I got this as a babyshower gift since it was on my registry. I loved using it in the beginning when baby was under 15 lbs. She fit in it well when she was a newborn - 3 month old. She was 9lbs at birth and she was well within the perfect range to start using the carrier. I used it to go for 20 min walks when she was younger (0-3 months), and she fell asleep in the carrier. This was a great product at that time. It only started getting useless when she reached ~20lbs (which isn't the top maximum weight for the carrier). The carrier weight capacity is about 8lbs - 26.5lbs.

With my experience:

Pros -
- Good head support for 0-3 month old
- Helps baby fall asleep when fussy
- Very adjustable, even husband can use it
- You can hold baby while having your hands free

Cons -
- Appears to "squeeze" thighs when baby grows. The weight limit is 26.5 lbs. Baby is about 20 lbs and almost 28" at 5 months (she was >90th %ile since birth) and she seems to be outgrowing this already even if she's not 26 lbs. Her thighs have huge red marks from the carrier. I only carried her for 10 minutes or less.
- Got too uncomfortable on my shoulders at baby reaching 17lbs+
- Baby can only be carried in the front of your body, not the side or back like other carriers
- Ridiculously expensive price not worth it (For something cheaper we can find a more ergonomic carrier for both the wearer and the baby, plus there are some that can be worn on the back or side in addition to the front)
- "crotch" dangler carrier, if you're a frequent babywearer, this is NOT recommended, do your own research about hip dysplasia. BabyBjorn even has to make a whole section defending their product on their website. And if you notice in the BabyBjorn pictures the "parents" are often bending their baby's knees from their feet to make it look less bad.
- Way too overpriced for the lack of functionality and features. You can only carry in the front. Not the back or side. I own a ring sling, Boba3G, Ergobaby, and Lillebaby - these are all cheaper than the Bjorn but they are WAY more comfortable to wear (even for extended periods of time, and I mean 1+ hour), plus these can all have baby worn in the back.

IN conclusion, I wouldn't recommend this carrier if you want to be a babywearing parent. I didn't realize that it would have been nice if I had a carrier that can be worn on the side and on the back once baby gets heavier. This is best suitable for short term use if you need your hands free. Baby's legs dangle instead of bend while sitting in this.
I ended up not using it as often and this was the first baby product I really regretted (my mom bought it for me from my registry, and her budget is very limited). I really tried to put some love into this product and it just didn't satisfy me that well. It was great in the beginning while it lasted. I thought it was well worth the expensive price, but it was a bust.
review image
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on September 22, 2011
Color: Black/Silver, Cotton|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love carrying my baby. I have all different kinds of carriers--a Lovey Dud (moby-like wrap), a Maya Wrap (d-ring sling), an ErgoBaby Sport, and a Chic Papoose (pocket sling). I like them all, but had always heard good things about the BABYBJÖRN and wanted to try one to see if it was worth the hype. In my opinion, it is totally worth it. I am very happy with this carrier. My baby is comfortable and happy in it and it doesn't hurt my back or shoulders.

* Easy to get baby in/out
* weight is well balanced
* lightweight and not a lot of added heat (baby is hot, so having him close is going to be hot no matter what)
* simple to adjust

* doesn't fold up easy--seems trivial, but it is difficult to fit into a diaper bag and carry with me
* can't take baby out easily without waking (Maya Wrap is awesome and my baby sleeps right through being put down after falling asleep)
* doesn't convert to carry on your back (the ErgoBaby does and will last you longer with your child)
* when putting on, I get my arms caught up in the different straps--another little nit, but it isn't a quick on sometimes when I need it to be

My son is 3-months-old and fits in it easily. He was 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21 in at birth, which are the exact requirements for this, so he could have been in it from birth. I'm not sure how comfortable he would have been as a newborn, though. I do really like the ErgoBaby because baby can be bundled up inside it without his legs sticking out which is how newborns usually prefer to be. The slings are also great for a newborn.

Overall, I am very happy with the BABYBJÖRN. It is my go-to carrier right now. I use it to carry my son around the house when doing chores or to go to the store. I also used it recently when we went to a college football game. It was hot and uncomfortable that day, but when baby was in the carrier he was happy (very unhappy and hot, so he didn't last long at the game).

The price is a little steep for a carrier, but most are expensive. If I had to chose to only have this one or the ErgoBaby, I would probably choose the ErgoBaby because it will last until the child is bigger and is more versatile (carried on your front or back)--with the added cost of the newborn insert, it is comparable in cost to this one (we never used the newborn insert as my son was 13 lbs with good head control at 7 weeks when we really started using it). If you only plan to carry on the front, then I would go with this one. It is completely worth it.
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on June 26, 2014
Exactly what we needed for our new baby boy. It fits newborns great. He was born 7lb 8oz and he fit from day one. It is very comfortable to wear and it has great support, the waist strap is a very welcome touch. It does get kinda warm but what do you expect strapping a little furnace to your chest. One thing I noticed right away was the quality of the materials and the construction. I definitely expect this to last a long time. Is it pricy? Yes. However all the good baby carriers are. After surfing the web and digging up reviews for different carriers this is the one I settled on. It seemed to have everything I was looking for and I have not been disappointed. My wife loves it too (she's the only one that really counts anyway :P ). My recommendation, if you're in the market and you can't decide go for this one. You won't regret it!
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on April 25, 2013
I've used Babybjorn original carrier before, and Miracle is much more comfortable. I wanted to keep it, but here are the reasons why I returned it:
1. The quality of fabric is much lower than what it was before. The black material attracted every little fuzz and didn't look good.
2. When I wore the carrier on bare shoulders, it dug into my skin.
3. The snap was hard to open when I wanted to take it off.
4. The straps are too long and frail around. I understand that this is done to acomodate every body shape, but for my frame they were too long. I probably could've cut them off to adjust to my size.
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on August 1, 2015
We have twins and received the Babybjorn and ErgoBaby carries for gifts. Overall, I like the BabyBjorn much better. It doesn't need a separate insert to hold smaller (8lbs) infants and it is much easier to adjust on your own. The Ergo had adjustments on the back, much harder to do when you have the baby in the carrier already. With the Babybjorn, the adjustments are available and easy to reach when even when the baby is inside. Even though it is very secure, I feel like it has good airflow so baby doesn't get to hot. Overall a very well thought-out design. I liked it so much, I purchased a second one so we could both use Babybjorn's with our twins.
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on October 21, 2013
My husband loved this carrier, and my son loved being in it (with either me or my husband). We loved using it for grocery shopping or just doing chores around the house. It definitely took a little bit of figuring out at first... adjusting all of the parts to make it fit isn't exactly straight forward.

We found that the carrier worked best when our son was younger and we had him facing towards us. It was soft and cozy, with plenty of head support.

A few picky things:
1) The thing that hangs down in the front feels awkward. It's part of the adjustable thing that allows you to make more or less room for baby, but it just feels weird.

2) There is a little mesh bag that is tucked into the bottom of the little thing that hangs down the front. It's barely big enough to fit the carrier into and has no handles of any kind... those two things make it basically useless. Plus the little pocket it tucks into is tiny so it was constantly falling out, which makes you look kind of silly.

3) This carrier wasn't as good for a forward facing baby. The little flap thing that is supposed to fold down for a forward facing baby (shown in one of the pictures) never stayed put, so it was always blocking our son's face. Also, he chewed all over it since it was right in his mouth.

4) This carrier doesn't give the support under the baby's thighs like many people are recommending these days. I can imagine that being in it for a long time might be uncomfortable for the baby.

Overall, we really liked this when our baby was small enough to prefer facing mom or dad. We used it for relatively short periods of time (usually an hour or less) in our house or out on the town. It was cozy and comfortable for everyone, without being too hot. I wouldn't recommend it for a forward facer or for really long periods of time (save your back and their legs!).
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on November 25, 2012
I bought a Moby wrap and a Baby Ergo as well as this Bjorn Miracle. I disliked the moby because it was like a puzzle to put on, plus once my child could hold his head up he didn't want to snuggle up to mom. The Ergo was good, but my baby wanted to see the world, not face my chest. We decided to keep this carrier because it had the back support we were looking for and it was manly enough that my husband would wear it. My twins love this carrier because they can face out and see whats going on around them. The material is soft and it feels comfortable enough to wear for extended amounts of time.
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2012
Color: Black/Silver, Cotton|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Our 7 week-old is not our first rodeo and so we have been through all kinds of carriers -from slings, to soft packs, backpack carriers and more. This carrier has been the most comfortable and ergonomic for working around the house and keeping the baby close (she has been the most demanding of constant contact of any of our kids). Because of the high-carry setup and the versatility of the system, it is very easy to go from sitting to standing and back again without having to remove the carrier or spend five minutes readjusting it each time. We had always heard good things about the Babybjörn and we were pleased to learn that it is worth the price.
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