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on December 26, 2014
It's easy to clean.
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on March 12, 2017
I like these bibs because they're great at catching liquids. It a must for when your child eats soup or cereal with milk. However they are very rigid and doesn't give (bend) like other ones I have tried. I prefer Teeny Tiny Paws food catcher bibs to these ones. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't seem to sell them anymore. They were flexible but still caught food and held liquids just as well. Flexibility matters when your kid is trying to lean forward and the bib presses up against the table. These ones just get shoved under the table because it's so rigid, while the flexible ones just bend. The Teeny Tiny Paws ones also have a longer "chain" that goes around the neck so my kids are able to put it on themselves rather than me having to help them with it.
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on June 3, 2016
My daughter is 2 and seems to not like these bibs. They are a hard plastic that is awkward when placing her in the high chair. If you adjust it so that it's lower to catch food then there's a gap near the neck. The plastic is not that flexible so it seems to make her uncomfortable when the high chair tray is pushed closest to her body. She always rips the bib off herself. Although they're easy to clean, they don't transport well since they're not flexible and can't be easily squished into a diaper bag. These would probably be better suited for infants and babies under 2 that are just starting to eat solid foods and can't take their bib off themselves.
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on March 3, 2017
I LOVE these bibs! They are seriously the only bibs you need. Get a couple cute bibs for pictures but get these for every day. I had cloth bibs. Food stuck to them so bad and he had to have a new bib for every meal. These are so easy to wash off and you can air dry between meals or wipe dry if you need it faster. I have two and that's it. Plus that little pocket catches everything he drops saving me time changing and washing pants. They can fold up for traveling. Some babies may not be comfortable in them but my baby loved them. Would definitely recommend!
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on March 2, 2016
Up till now we were just using cloth napkins or thin, PUL coated bibs for our toddler. When the napkins were constantly crusty and adding to our laundry and the PUL on the thin bibs was torn and not waterproof anymore I knew it was time to order these serious, sturdy, waterproof, quick-drying bibs complete with large pockets to catch all the drips of creamy wheat cereal, oatmeal, and chunks of scrambled eggs. I ordered blue and orange because we have a girl now but are expecting another baby and will not know the gender until we see him/her in just 6 weeks! I like the vibrant gender-neutral colors. I don't love the fact that the brand name is posted on the front and center but the bear is really cute and our daughter loves to look at it and talk about it. I like the easy and adjustable strap that goes around the neck but be careful not to crimp Baby's hair in the contraption when you put it on!
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on June 22, 2017
These are the best bibs out there. I initially resisted buying them because I thought they'd be too heavy and bulky on my 2 year old (who is a hugely messy eater), but they are actually very light and he doesn't mind wearing them at all. They are easy to put on and clean, dry fast after a rinse, and best of all, they catch every bit of food. The only family member who isn't thrilled with this purchase is the dog, because he doesn't have any more scraps to snack on around the high chair.
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on October 7, 2014
Another must have baby item. Great for eating everything from noodle soups to yogurt. Makes cleaning up easier. I even try to remember to bring it with me when we go out to eat. I have the oxotot foldable one but I still like this one better, its easier to clean. Doesn't soak through. Buy it when it goes on sale. I have three of these and have used it on both my 9 mos old and my 2 year old. Its not so comfortable for my 9 mos old since he's so squirmy so I use the oxotot one for him with a normal bib under it (the oxotot one soaks through sometimes). My 2 year old (almost 3) has used it since he's been off of baby food. I think thats a good rule of thumb. Old enough for "normal" food, old enough to use this bib. Just be aware, your kid may start hiding food he doesn't like in the bib.
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on July 24, 2017
BEST BIBS EVER. No, seriously, ditch the cloth bibs and get these. When my daughter started feeding herself, we decided to buy these and they have worked so well. The bottom has a nice food catcher so she no longer ends up with a pile of food in her lap. Then they are super easy to clean. I sometimes will handwash them in between meals, but most of the time, I throw them in the dishwasher. Super easy to use, and less mess for everyone!
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on November 3, 2011
There are lots of things about this bib that I love, but if my 7 month-old could talk, she'd tell you to trash this thing. Whenever I put it on her, she gets totally agitated (some of this is within reason), but thankfully, once she's distracted with a spoonful of yummy goodness headed toward her mouth, she gets over the fact that she's sporting this bib. Well, too bad, anyway. I'm the one writing the review. She can write her own when she's big enough.

- So easy to wash. I don't put it in the dishwasher because it's never convenient having only one bib. I give it a rinse in hot water right after my baby is done eating and hang it on the drying rack. There you go--ready for the next meal. If I get lazy and the food crusts on, a quick scrub with a sponge and dish soap does the trick.
- Does a great job catching all food and liquid (within reason). As long as your baby sits straight and keeps her face forward while eating/drinking, you should be golden.
- Small size works well for small babies. My baby is petite and this bib does allow her to move her arms well enough to self-feed. We started solids at four months and she's always done fine with the size of it. It's also convenient for taking on-the-go.
- Durable. I can foresee this bib making it through the use and abuse of several children.

- I can't stand the fastening mechanism. It's really easy to get hair caught in there and it's awkward at best to fasten around a practically nonexistent neck (come on, a lot of babies don't have much of a neck). I guess for the material, it's hard to think of something that would work much better, so I try not to hold this against the bib too much. This reason, I believe, is also the primary reason my daughter does not like the bib. It's uncomfortable around the neck and fastening it requires more fiddling than she's willing to tolerate.
- Someone mentioned it doesn't work great with the Fisher Price booster seat, which I use and have found to be a minimal inconvenience. I foresee this being an issue with just about any booster seat with a tray, though. Unless the tray is going to sit very far away from the child, it's inevitable, I believe. The good news is that when the child gets taller, there should be enough clearance between the bib and the food tray.

Edit: My "baby" is now 19 months and I still use this bib ALL the time. She stopped being so picky about wearing it and because she's a super-clean eater, she often picks food out of the scoop part that she dropped and eats it. Also has saved us from extra outfit changes on days when she thought spitting out her milk was funny. I think this bib alone has saved tons of food from touching my floor.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 24, 2015
My 11 month old son is one messy eater. We started with regular cloth bibs. While that did an OK just of protecting a tiny patch on the front of his shirt, it didn't prevent food from falling and getting smashed under him. I purchased the OXO fabric and silicone bib OXO Tot Roll Up Bib, Orange and then a couple weeks later these Baby Bjorn bibs. Here's what I like and don't like about the Baby Bjorn compared to the OXO.

The good:

-Durability: The BB (Baby Bjorn) is far superior. The OXO is a great design of a fabric upper part that lays flat on the chest and a flexible silicon pocket. It has a Velcro closure in back, but unfortunately after almost 2 months of use I can see the Velcro losing its hold. The BB doesn't have any parts that will wear out.
-Cleaning: This is all plastic and is super easy to clean. I can throw it in the dishwasher or just scrub it with my brush after meals. The other small issue with the OXO is it's not drying as fast. I think it's my fault, I use brushes in my kitchen more than rags or sponges, I think using a brush on the fabric made it rough up the fabric, allowing more water to get in. It used to dry completely between meals, now if I wash it after breakfast it's still slightly damp at dinner time.
-Closure: When looking at various bibs (I spent a long time weighing the positives and negatives of a bunch) I really wanted bibs that had side closures. I hate trying to tilt his head forward to do a difficult closure (the Tommee Tippee is the worst for this). The BB is a side closure and it's not something that will ever wear out. The little bead and snap closure is easy to use and fully adjustable.
-Pocket: The pocket catches 95% of everything that doesn't go in my sons mouth. He's getting a little creative and often drops food over the side of the high chair. Obviously, there's no way to catch that. The other day he decided he didn't like scrambled eggs and picked the pieces up one by one and dropped them down the front. I was so incredibly glad I had a pocket bib that caught them all! That could've been a gross, squishy mess if I didn't and they got under him. The pockets on the BB and OXO are almost exactly the same size.

The bad:

-Comfort: The OXO is far more comfortable. My son never minded when I put the OXO on him. With the BB he fusses and tries to push it away. It is too rigid. The product description says "soft and comfortable", but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. I wish it had a more silicone flexibility to it. The OXO lower portion that is silicone is still firm enough that it stays open and does its job, but flexible enough to move with him and not be uncomfortable. The BB is so rigid that when I'm putting it on or taking it off sometimes it gets in his face and really makes him mad.
-Price: Buying a good bib isn't cheap, but if you start off with just a couple cloth bibs for infants and then buy these, you'll be set until your kid no longer needs bibs. It's for sure worth spending a little more money on.

Overall, the comfort is the only downfall I've seen. I think it could easily be fixed by making them a little more rubbery. It has to be a healthy medium that makes them flexible enough to be comfortable, but rigid enough to stay open. The OXO has the added bonus of being able to be rolled up and put in the diaper bag. It has a nifty little button that keeps it closed. That's actually the sole use of my OXO now. I keep it in there just for going to restaurants and people's houses. If I could go back a few months and do it all over again I think I'd just buy 3 OXO bibs, not wash them with a brush and be happy with them. Now that I have the BB ones I'm enjoying the durability and ease of cleaning them. I like them enough that I will definitely keep using them. For sure, I will NEVER ever buy a cloth bib again! I plan to buy all my friends either the BB or OXO for baby showers.

Update: I've been using these for about 6 months now and LOVE them. I am bumping them up to 5 stars. My son got used to the rigid design and it doesn't bother him. They are so easy to clean. I have put them in the dishwasher multiple times when I'm lazy and there's extra room. They still look brand new. If I forget to put it on him I find a huge mess everywhere. I stopped using the OXO one because it was harder to clean, the Velcro wore down a little and it takes awhile to dry.
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