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on December 26, 2014
It's easy to clean.
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on November 22, 2015
Seriously, my toddler HATES bibs these days, but he actually thinks these ones are fun! They're super firm and cover him and his clothes completely, but the material is so soft and comfortable, and the piece that secures them around your child is beaded like a soft little necklace. We've had many other bibs that have the "catch-all" at the bottom but this is the only one that works perfectly, always! My son's favorite food is yogurt but he's not that great with his spoon, and it gets MESSY... but now, he doesn't! :) The bottom part is so sturdy it's like a little bowl of it's own, and my son's taken to scooping the yogurt that falls into it out with his spoon... not the best table manners but a testament to how strong these bibs are. I can't emphasize this enough, these things are super strong but super comfy... my kiddo actually has some sensory issues so bibs really were a BIG issue for us for a long time. So for ANYONE looking for a better bib for their kiddos, regardless of reason, I can guarantee you these are the bibs you're looking for. You won't be disappointed!!!
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on March 27, 2017
These are extremely cute, sturdy, and so easy to clean. They lay flat on the baby, so they work well for keeping food off of baby's clothes (for the most part). I had trouble with food around the neck because you don't want it to be on too tight and so you end up with some food around the collar area. Still, they do quite well with keeping food off or things.

The biggest downside that I've encountered with these is that my daughter hates them. She tugs at them. Gets upset when I put them on her. And, well, that does not put her in the right frame of mind for actually eating.

That said, I ordered these because some list I read online said that cloth bibs were basically useless and these are the way to go. I stopped using them after a few uses and have stuck to cloth bibs since and they do a great job. I do have to wash them and baby food stains massively, but I've found that tossing the cloth bibs into a basin of warm water with Dreft in it eliminates the food stains. (Others I've spoken with have just been okay with stains since they're bibs and that's what they're for.)
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on November 5, 2016
These are the best bibs, truly. We have tried other plastic bibs and the soft ones are pointless because the baby can lift them and spill the collected food everywhere. The stiffness of these is perfect and the baby is unable to toss them around or take them off easily.
I have bought them for multiple friends as gifts, and we exclusively use these bibs for our own children. I don't find the stiff structure a problem, but a plus. At restaurants that don't have clean surfaces to place food on, we cut up food and place it in the bib for the baby to pull out. Works perfectly!
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on March 12, 2017
I like these bibs because they're great at catching liquids. It a must for when your child eats soup or cereal with milk. However they are very rigid and doesn't give (bend) like other ones I have tried. I prefer Teeny Tiny Paws food catcher bibs to these ones. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't seem to sell them anymore. They were flexible but still caught food and held liquids just as well. Flexibility matters when your kid is trying to lean forward and the bib presses up against the table. These ones just get shoved under the table because it's so rigid, while the flexible ones just bend. The Teeny Tiny Paws ones also have a longer "chain" that goes around the neck so my kids are able to put it on themselves rather than me having to help them with it.
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on May 5, 2017
We bought these bibs ten years ago, when our first child was born. TEN years. A red one and a blue one. Since then, they've been used by our next five children for 1-3 years apiece. Today, we still own the same two bibs, which are still sturdy, still holding their shape, and still easy to clean (although the little white logo has mostly worn off).

I can't imagine a better investment. I hate doing unnecessary laundry, so the ability to just rinse these off under the faucet and have them ready for the next meal was key. Also, the pocket part of the bib is flexible, but rigid enough that it doesn't collapse on itself - some other floppier bibs tend to just let the pocket flop closed, which basically makes it useless for catching food - this one can hold several ounces of oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, or milk without spilling, until you take it off and dump into the sink.

Can your kid remove the bib? Sure, if he yanks hard enough - probably not a 5 month old, but a one year old, yes. Of course, a clever toddler will be able to remove almost any bib, just like he can remove his shoes and socks at the drop of a hat. None of my kids had too much trouble learning to leave the bib alone after a few days, and I really like how adjustable the neck closure is - none of this nonsense with snaps that are either tight enough to be uncomfortable on a chubby kid's neck, or loose enough that half of the oatmeal ends up down the neck of your skinny kid.

Is it life changing? Well, it's a bib. So no. But if you only want to buy one or two bibs, and you want it to fit various sizes and ages of child comfortably, protect their clothes adequately, and not waste any of your precious parenting time washing, drying, and folding a this one.
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on June 3, 2016
My daughter is 2 and seems to not like these bibs. They are a hard plastic that is awkward when placing her in the high chair. If you adjust it so that it's lower to catch food then there's a gap near the neck. The plastic is not that flexible so it seems to make her uncomfortable when the high chair tray is pushed closest to her body. She always rips the bib off herself. Although they're easy to clean, they don't transport well since they're not flexible and can't be easily squished into a diaper bag. These would probably be better suited for infants and babies under 2 that are just starting to eat solid foods and can't take their bib off themselves.
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on April 9, 2016
These are too hard of a plastic. My daughter is now 7 months old and they STILL don't fit her correctly. When she leans forward to pick up food from her highchair tray, it either cuts into her throat or rides up onto her chin. And the cup also has no flexibility so, just like another review said, you almost can't get the highchair tray in place because of its bulk. When my son was little, we had an awesome one that was more like the flexibility of those silicone cooking pans that are all the rage. I thought these would be like that, but not at all. Just way too rigid and thick. Back to the hunt of finding some like we had for my son 8 years ago!
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on March 3, 2017
I LOVE these bibs! They are seriously the only bibs you need. Get a couple cute bibs for pictures but get these for every day. I had cloth bibs. Food stuck to them so bad and he had to have a new bib for every meal. These are so easy to wash off and you can air dry between meals or wipe dry if you need it faster. I have two and that's it. Plus that little pocket catches everything he drops saving me time changing and washing pants. They can fold up for traveling. Some babies may not be comfortable in them but my baby loved them. Would definitely recommend!
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on March 2, 2016
Up till now we were just using cloth napkins or thin, PUL coated bibs for our toddler. When the napkins were constantly crusty and adding to our laundry and the PUL on the thin bibs was torn and not waterproof anymore I knew it was time to order these serious, sturdy, waterproof, quick-drying bibs complete with large pockets to catch all the drips of creamy wheat cereal, oatmeal, and chunks of scrambled eggs. I ordered blue and orange because we have a girl now but are expecting another baby and will not know the gender until we see him/her in just 6 weeks! I like the vibrant gender-neutral colors. I don't love the fact that the brand name is posted on the front and center but the bear is really cute and our daughter loves to look at it and talk about it. I like the easy and adjustable strap that goes around the neck but be careful not to crimp Baby's hair in the contraption when you put it on!
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