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on July 18, 2013
Installed on a 2011 F-150 SuperCrew with Tailgate Step and the dealer-installed garbage drop-in plastic bed liner. Overall, I am very happy with the Roll-X and would definitely buy again. Quality, functionality, and aesthetics appear top notch. Visually, it looks much better installed than any of the ones that sit on top of the bed rails. Minimal bed space is lost due to the side mounting rails or when the cover is rolled up. I doubt I would ever have loose material (mulch, gravel, etc) dumped in the bed with the cover installed though since pieces would fall into the rail system and jamb it. But the cover is simple enough to remove...once you get it installed the first time...

Weather tightness: I have only driven through one significant storm. But the one did have blinding rain blowing sideways. I opened the tailgate under a canopy when I got gas. The front of the bed (cab end) appeared dry. Minor amounts of rain appeared to enter at the tailgate corners, which should be expected due to the gap between the tailgate cap and the bed rails. The weather stripping around the perimeter of the cover does benefit from some hot sunny days. Initially, it did not seat tightly all the way around, but that only lasted a few days.

Install was more difficult than expected...mostly due to my plastic bed liner. Note that not all plastic liners are identical, so my experience is not necessarily the same as others have experienced.

First Issue (product): As others noted, instructions are near useless. But the internet contains all you need to know on installation. Extra nuts and some unused hard plastic spacer shims are included in the kit. The foam weather stripping is only needed if you do NOT have a drop-in liner. Very confusing without instructions!

Second issue (not the product): The bed liner is not tightly shaped to the bed at the corners. This resulted in the rail's spring mechanism at the front of the bed (next to the cab) binding on the junky bed liner. As a result, I had to cut out (dremel with a grinding disk) a notch in each corner so it wouldn't bind. You could also possibly shift the whole rail/cover closer to the tailgate. However, the roll-x now comes with plastic twist knobs for adjusting the locking mechanism at the tailgate end. This knob is a great improvement by BAK, but I found that shifting the cover resulted in the knobs hitting the tailgate. So the better solution was to notch out the liner. This should not be an issue if you don't have the plastic liner.

I used short pieces of the included (but otherwise not needed) foam weather stripping under the Roll-X rails where they extended over the front of the bed. This sealed the gap under the rail since the bed caps are higher than the drop in liner at the front of the bed.

Third Issue (not the product): I noticed the back corners of the cover (at the tailgate) were raised slightly. Close inspection revealed that the rails appeared to be twisted upwards at the back of the bed. This slight twist raised the weather stripping enough to expose a clear path into the bed under the cover. I found this was due to the design of Ford's plastic bed rail caps combined with the plastic bed liner being shoved under the bed rail to hold it in place at the back. I pulled it out from under the bed rail and reinstalled the roll-x rails. The liner now rests between the bed rail and a gap created by the Roll-X rails. This is not an ideal solution, but again, is not an issue if you don't have the garbage plastic drop-in liner.

Fourth Issue (product): Even after fixing the rails as noted above, the left corner still was raised slightly. I saw no flaw in the product to create this and could not figure out why. My solution was to fit a small piece of the unused hard plastic spacers under the normal spot that the Roll-x latches under the rail. The spacer had to be ground thinner to fit. I also had to grind down an unused groove in the rail to allow the latch to fully extend under this spacer. I assume this unused rail groove is for the accessory toolbox that can be installed with the roll-x. I may try to upload photos of this fix. Doing this lowered where the latch rests below the rail which results in the corner of the cover and its weather stripping being lowered as well. Modifications were easy enough, and in the end, this fixed the gap. It annoys me that installation required this modification, but my guess is that it is not necessary for all installs since the right side was okay without modification. Since I was able to easily fix the issue, I did not lower my rating.
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on December 4, 2014
I love this cover but the straps that hold the cover back when rolled up fell off. They are held on with one nut each. I have only had it for about a month and the nuts holding on the straps both worked their way off and now one of my straps is gone! So ok not to big of a deal I figured let me email the company. Well it's going on 3 days now with no response!
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on January 16, 2013
Local companies wanted close to $900 for it and $65 for installation. Amazon had this for about $150 less (price has gone up since then). I was unsure if this was the real Roll-X by Bak but my fears were dispelled once it arrived. Amazon's great return policy also gave me peace of mind knowing that if i ordered the wrong size or whatever, i could easily return it without hassle (except for having to lug it to the shipping place to send back). I installed it myself in about 45 minutes. It took so long because it was my first time and i did it myself. I consulted the enclosed directions, which recommends two persons to install, and reviewed YouTube videos. It was a little tight in some places so i had to trim the rubber slightly to fit the rails and now it fits great. If i have to remove and reinstall it, it will take half as long to install now. I'm very pleased with it and i get a lot of complements from people. I have a short bed and the Roll-X allows me to utlilize almost all of the bed when i need to and does not block my rearview mirrow view. If you love your truck and keep items in your bed that you want to keep, get Roll-X.
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on August 2, 2013
This top is everything is said it would be. It did need at least one or two weeks to smooth out.There are no leaks at the tailgate corners as there were in the first few days. I am really pleased at this point with this top! My 9 year nephew can roll the top by himself with no effort! I am a sixty+female and it is so easy to roll back by myself! Love It!
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on October 29, 2015
expensive but very good. Rolls up out of the way easily and tough enough not to get broken into.
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on September 26, 2014
This is every thing it advertised. I installed it with the help of my brother in under an hour. It is water resistant close to water proof. Very happy with the product.
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on March 1, 2016
outstanding and well made with good fit
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on December 28, 2013
This cover met and exceeded my expectations. It was fairly easy to install with my two sons helping and using YouTube videos. Instructions were OK, but could be better. Cover is super easy and quick to roll up or lay in place. Drove through 2 automatic car washes and rain and snow from Florida to Ohio with just a few drops of water near the corners at the tailgate. Kept our luggage secure and dry. 3" of snowmelt didn't leak into the bed. I would highly recommend this cover.
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on March 1, 2013
Pros: Nice looking, sits flush, easy to operate. Really not that difficult to install - was done in 30 minutes and I was taking my time.

Cons (minor): Some of the workmanship on the fabricated working parts is pretty rough - parts were ground down, not machined. I had to make a few small adjustments / repairs to the assembled weather seals. Also, to my surprise (since it's a solid cover), the cover does shake / vibrate a bit, which can make a little bit of noise while driving down the road. However, the noise is minimal - I only notice it with the back sliding window open at highway speeds.
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on January 3, 2014
Buying online sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. This cover is not made to be used in cold/wet climates. The leading edge that's supposed to seal on the front of the box--doesn't. Even using the weatherstripping that came with the kit wasn't thick enough to take up the gap. Had to go to NAPA and purchase more and double it up. Also the leading edge that contacts this seal is flimsy. Thin aluminum with NO extra ribbing or support to really lean on the seal to keep the water out. Driving down the road, the cover vibrates up and down along this sealing surface, so stuff inside the box gets wet. Then when the temp dropped into single digits the next day, you couldn't open it up. The side seals along the tracks also let water in, so the side locking bars could not be unlatched to roll the cover back. Looks Good but not made for cold climates. Will have to modify/stiffen up front sealing area to fix the front leaking, and will have to add some sealing tape at other areas to try to help the other problems. My plan was to get another one for my SuperDuty, That is NOT going to happen, especially at $800 bucks.
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