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on September 15, 2011
These cases are pretty good and sturdy. All in all worth the money. Though I was planning on using them in the trunk of my car with all my road gear and I feel they are not rugged enough for a rough environment like that.

It comes with removable dividers for every section of the cases which is nice. Allows for customization.
Plastic is not so brittle that it will crack on impact.
Latches seems to be pretty snug and good fitting, though you often can't use just the tab in the front to open them, need to pull up the sides too.
C battery case also holds 9V batteries perfectly, still only 2 per slot, though you can mix them with C batteries as well.

AAA case is a little snug with all the dividers installed.
Lid hinges and closure mechanisms are not very durable for the long haul. Will break eventually. These cases are still worth it though.
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on July 12, 2011
Needed something to hold the batteries we buy, something besides the crummy package they come in from the store. Tupperware doesn't work so well.

These cases are the best. They are made well (although size AAA is a little tight). Some battery organizers hold all sizes together and honestly that just gets too heavy and doesn't work well on the shelf. In these separate cases, I can pull out the ONLY the battery size I need and not deal with a bunch of extra stuff.

Highly recommended. (Be sure to buy a few of these battery case packs if you shop for batteries in the big packages -such as Costco)
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on November 14, 2017
These make organized storage of your batteries much easier than trying to deal with clumsy blister packaging. The boxes are well made, not flimsy. The lids snap closed tightly but aren't going to break your fingernails to get them open either. If you have electronic devices that eat batteries or you just want spare "back-up" batteries while outdoors or in the field, these could be a good choice for you. I only have two (2) criticisms. First is the limited capacity for C and D cell batteries. The boxes only hold 8 batteries of each (the AAA and AA boxes hold 12 each). Many devices using the larger batteries are high-drain devices (flashlights, motor driven devices, etc). The other criticism is the plastic material. For storage it's fine, but for active on-the-go people carrying batteries outdoors, I worry dropping a full box on a hard surface might crack the box as I've had boxes of similar construction with that problem.

One thing I'd like is if the company offered these in a couple of colors besides clear. For instance, a translucent green for rechargeable cells and red boxes for partially used ones.
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on February 7, 2012
Very handy for storing lots of batteries neatly and safely. My battery box is a much more welcome place to visit now. Overall a nice design. I'm sure it will improve over time. It seems a bit on the flimsy side, and will probably become brittle in very low temperatures. (Freezer storage instead of refrigerator.) The latch is a contradiction, can pop open accidentally and hard to open other times.

These cases are identical to this one,
except these come with enough dividers to put in every slot, the others only came with 1 divider per case. I purchased both and took a close look at them.
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on January 11, 2017
Nice cases. The hinge is a thinned piece of plastic which is part of the molding, so I don't know how it would stand up to frequent opening and closing, but it meets my needs. I just need a place to store my batteries till I need them. The "latch" mechanism is a bit tough to open, but I guess that is what it should be. Don't want them popping open on their own.
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on August 9, 2017
These arrived on time and in excellent condition. These seemed to be fairly nice, and fit the batteries well. The only problem is, that they are relatively fragile. I spilled a couple of them, and they split apart in several places. Duct tape to the rescue. The plastic is really too fragile.
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These boxes keep our battery drawer neat and the batteries protected. Sometimes they are resistant to opening, but I always get them open. The dividers can fall out when the box is tipped to shake out the batteries, but they are loose to allow adjustments so it is a trade-off. I like them and will order them again when I need more. Also, if you carry spare batteries on an aircraft you need a case like this.
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on May 10, 2016
When I received these items, I started to wonder why I ordered them in the first place. Obviously, as the advertisement states, they hold limited batteries. But if you have a large stash of batteries, you will have to purchase several. In all fairness, they are good quality and sturdy. If you have a small stash of spare batteries, these would be great cases for you.
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on August 4, 2011
I splurged and bought a number of Tenergy NiMH batteries before a recent camping trip. Between the lantern, the tent fan, LED flashlight, and a portable iPod music dock, I knew I was going to run through a lot of batteries during the 5 day trip. That proved true, and these cases helped keep the investment organized and safe. Durable plastic cases that come with slide in plastic dividers. AA & AAA are snug, so I took out every other divider and that worked fine. Kept them all together in a small plastic tupperware container to give them an extra layer of protection when it rained. Bought 2 sets and will buy a 3rd if I get any more before my camping trip next year!
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on August 21, 2017
Perfect for storing rechargeable batteries ready to be swapped into electronics where the existing ones have died. I try to keep enough charged to handle most needs.
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