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on April 29, 2013
I bought this to hold my Cards Against Humanity game and its expansions.


Holds all my cards. Fairly sturdy.


Doesn't do my laundry.


Just some notes: the box is white, as opposed to brown, so it will show dirt more easily. Also, I got it thinking it would just barely hold all 900 cards issued. It can probably hold another 450 cards (around 1300 cards total!), so keep that in mind if you're getting it to hold all your Cards Against Humanity expansions. Other than that, I can't complain.
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on January 21, 2014
We ordered this box after we ordered CAH and the 4 expansion packages. The cards fit comfortably with room to spare - but to take up more room we just kept the 4 expansion boxes (they are small) and we left the black cards in those boxes and then it was a great snug fit. Highly recommend to keep cards organized. Also - very sturdy box!
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on May 13, 2013
Bought this box to hold my Cards Against Humanity set.

The product is as described and performs all necessary functions of a box, including but not limited to, being a box.
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on April 18, 2016
I work with playing cards, Bikes, Bees, Tally decks. I have hundreds of decks, some opened, most still sealed and needed a way to store long-term without warping, etc.

Took a shot on these and they are PERFECTION for storing decks of playing cards! I fit 24 decks per box. That's two (2) standard bricks, end to end, all decks on the long side, no undue pressure and no slack. I mean PERFECT.

I am so happy I took the chance, great price on a perfect box for a specific task. Can't ask for a better fit or price.

Anyone wanting to store quantities of playing card decks, I can't recommend these any higher, look no further, you found the solution!

Just ordered a pack of 20 foam filler pads in case a box doesn't have the full 24 decks I can use these pads to fill the space and keep the decks upright, secure, and in perfect order. Look for a set of you're got a lot of decks.

The white outside of the box makes marking the boxes easy with a sharpie, easy to read and see from a distance,

Also love the design itself. Very secure design, tuck flaps on lid ends, solid tab & slot folds, thick durable cardboard, closed the boxes are very secure. Even the 2 semicircle cuts on the front of the flap really help open the flap without stress bending anything, these are well thought out for a simple cardboard storage box.

Store those decks correctly, cheaply, securely, protected, and all for a few bucks a box. They are PERFECT. Buy them now. You won't regret it.
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on October 6, 2015
I bought this, along with the smaller 800 count version to hold several decks of playing cards, fully realizing this it was a stretch to assume that a box designed for collectible cards could even be tasked with holding normal cards, even if I was collecting them. This box was up to the task!

It arrived flat, and folded up easily enough, which is good since there were no instructions; I've seen some boxes that seem to require a degree in origami. My only problem with it is the choice of color; you get white, or brown, depending on which way you fold it. I would love it if these were available in black.

To solve that, I bought some contact paper ( and, and dressed it up nicely. I do recommend at least doing the insides of the boxes with this stuff and it will serve to protect the cards more.

As advertised, the box will hold about 930 cards, give or take based on thickness, sleeves and/or boxes. This also works out to 24 decks of regular playing cards, or about a dozen Cards Against Humanity expansions.

The included photos show the box as it arrived, a comparison with the smaller 800 version (wrapped in the contact paper), and the last shows it all decked out with cards.
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on October 23, 2015
Great box, holds a lot of cards and seemingly pretty adequate protection for them as well. One thing I'm not a fan of however was the packaging. When shipped to me it was shipped in a giant cardboard box and while the box's themselves were not damaged, they decided to tape them up to keep them in place. This means you must also rip off the tape from the box which you know if you've ever done this with cardboard, part of the cardboard is coming with it. This means that this 'brilliant white' finish they put on it ends up ripped off in some parts, leaving it looking less than appealing.

Can't complain too much, in the end I spend 10 bucks on 5 box's (6 if you count the packaging which would have made another 3 of these...) and they do what they were intended to. can't help but feel the price is a little high, even if the quality of the cardboard is good, it's still cardboard.
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on December 31, 2013
I got five of these, and paid just over $3 a box. I don't quite need that many, but it will be nice to have them as my card collections grow. The first game I boxed up was Cards Against Humanity. It fit the base game, all four expansions, Christmas packs, and PAX promo packs with some room to spare. I was happy to finally have all my CAH cards in one box. They fit nicely, with just enough room on the top and bottom, and are very sturdy. I will use these for other card games without a doubt. In fact, it will probably get me really motivated to sort them out and organize them. I used a sharpie to write what was in each box for future reference. You might be able to get these cheaper at a game/hobby store, but for the ease of getting them to my doorstep, these were a great buy.
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on January 30, 2015
It is what it is. I use this for my Cards Against Humanity game and the expansion packs. It is easy to assemble even without directions. If you order this by itself, be prepared to laugh when it comes... I got a very light cardboard box, opened it and it was a piece of cardboard inside. I hadn't thought of how silly it is to use so much cardboard to send a piece of cardboard. One flaw, they put a sticker on the box, I tried peeling it off and it ripped the cardboard. Good quality otherwise.
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on September 11, 2016
it's cardboard pretty hard to screw it up. I actually got these for cards against humanities cards. instead of paying big money for their bigger blacker box i just bought this and made my own. Saved a ton of dough and then was able to write what i wanted on here, like 'giant spider, don't open'. if you collect or play any card games and have them just laying out then get one of these and bring some order to your chaos
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on September 9, 2013
I bought this to hold my Cards against humanity cards along with all the expansions. It fit all my cards plus I can fit two of the expansion boxes in it as well so that should give you an idea of how much room this box has. You could probably go down in size if you're buying this for CAH but this is a great box and kind of leaves room for future expansions to the game.
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