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on November 24, 2013
I've had a number of storage boxes over the years. While I usually prefer the single-row side-laying boxes for storing a single set or an individual deck of cards, when I want to store multiple sets or a mix-and-match of cards, this does the job nicely, as I can store a lot of smaller sets of cards in an easier-to-use storage system, where I can flip through them and see the card names as I go.

The boxes are sturdy and I've now purchased several to stack, filled with cards and dividers (homemade, don't pay for the pre-made ones, they're expensive for a 10-pack and you can make them yourself for a lot cheaper). They hold up in a stack, fit cards with penny sleeves just fine.

These boxes come un-assembled, but assembly is easy. At first you'll think to yourself, "how will this ever stay together?" but trust me, it does, and it's just fine!

I personally find the 2-row boxes better than my larger 4-row boxes as they're easier to manage and work with, although I still have a few of my older 4-rows around that I've had for literally 20 years, stacked, and still in perfect shape!
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on July 26, 2016
This box was delivered in a comically large box, but it was undamaged and well protected so it was much appreciated. I have a whole butt load of these type boxes for my collectors cards and bought this one for my cards against humanity sets. The cards fit fine, I even had room to use the cards against humanity boxes as a filler inside(to stop cards from falling and sliding). Some said they would've liked instructions, but it's a 3 piece cardboard box...take a good 4 seconds to look at it and you'll be fine, it should pretty obvious what goes where. As for quality, seems to be a bit thicker than others I've purchased before, expensive for a box, but if it fits the need it's worth the cost.

**SIDENOTE: Those of you buying these for collectors cards, they fit my hard covered cards just fine. Those of you looking for an actual shoebox, my size 10 dress shoes fit okay.
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on February 23, 2013
I posted the customer image of the box with all the stuff in it. I did have a little problem putting it together, I ended up using quite a bit of clear box tape, which worked pretty well. The box won't stay together without tape, but the tape needed won't be in noticeable areas, so it won't matter too much. I originally thought this box would be too big. It WAS too big for my cards, so I kept putting stuff in it to fill it up. In the end I fit two Ultra Pro Magic the Gathering: MTG Mana Magnetic Flip Box (Deck Box / 82771) Red, two Black Velvet Dice Bag w/ Gold Satin Lining (Large) (one with 100 White Dice - 16mm and the other with two Translucent 16mm Polyhedral Blue/white d10 Dice and two Chessex Opaque 16mm d20 Dice, Black with white numbers and a bunch of poker chips that we use as tokens for magic the gathering), a pack of Trading Card Dividers (10) (which you can see, they're written on), and around 850 cards....with LOTS of room to spare (the black thing in the bottom right of the box is a piece of cardboard used to hold the extra space so the cards won't move around too's about 3 inches long...that's how much extra space I had in that row.) I'm absolutely so happy with this purchase. All my magic the gathering gear in one box that's the same size as a shoe box! So so convenient, I'm so so so happy with it!
review image
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on November 29, 2016
I got this to store my husband's cards against humanity set (with all expansion packs). It definitely has enough room for all the cards and then some, but it's pretty bulky. It comes flat and you have to put it together. I think if I were storing baseball cards it would be perfect, I wouldn't buy it for cards against humanity again but I'm not going out of my way to replace it. Overall, it's a good product and has lasted over a year just not exactly what I was looking for.
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on April 1, 2013
This box is great if you own Cards Against Humanity and all three expansion packs. It holds all the decks together with plenty of room to also store their empty orginal boxes. There's even a little room left for one or two more expansion packs (assuming they make more in the future).

The problem here is Amazon's shipping department. They do not have appropriate packaging to ship this item. I had to order it twice, and both times the item was damaged. The first time, they folded the item in half to fit it into a small shipping box. Keep in mind, this item is merely a cardboard storage box... after it was folded in half and creased, it did not assemble properly. What were they thinking?!? I quickly requested a refund and I re-ordered the item. I explained the packaging situation and I was assured that it would not happen again.

The second time I received the item, it came in a huge, very deep box (but still wasn't LONG enough to fit the item without bending it in some way). This time, they didn't fold the item in half, but they bent the ends to force-fit it on top of tons and tons of paper filler. By doing this, they tore one of the flaps needed to build the box. Furious, I called and demanded a refund again. I've given up trying to order this from Amazon.

This product itself is a great item for card storage, but I would try to find it at your local craft or collectibles store. Until Amazon figures out the proper way to ship this, you are most likely going to receive a damaged item.

Here's a hint, Amazon: Either get a long, shallow box to ship this in, or don't put this item in a box at all. The item is shipped unassembled and flat: You can package it between two larger cardboard pieces and shrink wrap it, like how some posters are shipped. Problem solved!
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on December 5, 2011
First things first - the box is well made (as much as a box can be) as it doesn't continually collapse like previous boxes I've had from other manufacturers. It's sturdy and will hold up quite well for what you need. The item comes in a VERY large box (shockingly large) as the item is nothing but flat cardboard when it arrives. It's your job to fold it up into the shape you see in the picture. There were no instructions in mine, but, after looking it over for about five minutes and looking at the preferrated lines - it's pretty easy to see what you need to do and fold where you need to fold.

The lanes for the cards are wide enough for those in penny sleeves (a must) and they're also wide enough for MOST hard covers, though, if you plan to store any graded cards in these you'll need to find another method as graded cards will not fit (even the smallest of graded cards). You can adjust the divider in the box to fit them I guess, but, that pretty much turns it into just a random box with a bunch of extra un-used space (plus your cards will rattle around).

Very nice quality though - hard not to like it for storing cards. I wouldn't recommend putting any cards of value in these (or any boxes)- find yourself some high quality cases for that.
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on September 5, 2017
I don't understand why this is sold as a 1600ct card box. That description would lead you to believe that it neatly fits 800 cards in each row. However, this box is designed to hold cards that are in a toploader, so it's too big to properly fit loose cards. The box isn't totally useless to me, but I cannot use it for the purpose I bought it for.
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on January 10, 2014
I bought one of these back in 2011 for the office to store our certified mail receipts. We send out anywhere from 25-50 pieces of certified mail every day and, prior to this, we pulled each customer file and stored the mailing receipt in their file, stapled to a copy of the notice we mailed. That was becoming a very time consuming filing process as the company grows and we send more and more certified mail each day. Since our computer system automatically archives copies of any form letter we send out, I wanted to find a way to store the mailing receipts without having to pull each customer file. That's when I found this storage box on Amazon. So now I store our certified receipts in these storage boxes, by date mailed then by account #, so that we can later reference them for tracking #'s, proof of mailing, etc. (Our computers will tell us what day we mailed the notice so that we know where to go look in the box).

The USPS receipts fit perfectly in this storage box. I've just filled up the first box I bought, and a quick computer report shows me we've sent out 6,580 pieces of certified mail since I bought the box, which means it can hold at least 6500 USPS mailing receipts.

Granted, we are sending out our certified mail without a return receipt requested. If you need to store the green signature cards as well, this isn't going to work....
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on May 24, 2017
Lol it came in a giant box the size of a flat screen TV, only to have tiny cardboard pieces inside of it. Nonetheless, easy to setup and great for storage. BE WARNED, THESE DON'T HOLD YUGIOH CARDS THAT WELL.
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on March 21, 2016
I got this to hold my Cards Against Humanity cards, I have all the packs + christmas + week of december sets + bigger blacker box + Crabs Adjust Humidity sets and ran out of room. This was perfect and still has some space to grow Into and I will just have my friends draw funny stuff all over it while we play!!
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