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on July 8, 2017
Although I am technical and work in information technology, I have never used nor have I ever been trained on building or using a 3D printer. My goal was to find a printer that had good reviews, that was enclosed, that had a heated bed and a dual extruder. I watched multiple youtube reviews and decided on BIBO.

I purchased the BIBO printer with the multiple laser engraver because that just seemed like it would be fun to play with.
BIBO was packaged extremely well, superfast shipping…I ordered it…a few days later it arrived

What I love so far about this printer is its well-made, there are videos on a Memory Card/SD Card include to help put together the last 10% of putting together the printer. Remember although technical, this is all new to me. I found this easy to use and the instructions fantastic. They also use whatsapp on android/iPhone if you need to ask questions…and I used it on a question I had and I was responded to in less than 15 minutes.
I then made an account over at to I could download the .stl files to put on the memory card and start printing! Below is one of the prints…it speaks for itself, I could not be happier. I plan on trying the laser engraver and printing out some family photos and loved pets on wood as soon as I conquer the printing requests I have received from family 😊.

I don’t typically spend time on reviews, but when I receive a good product, it’s worth sharing to you all. I hope this helps your buying decision.

I have attached two photos, one is of the actual object that i downloaded, the other is the object being built by BIBO..around 50% complete. Simply amazing.
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on May 10, 2017
This is my first 3D printer. I've never used one before purchasing the BIBO 2 Touch. I was considering the dremel printer because I'd heard it was good to learn on. I was also looking at the flash forge creator, both of which have relatively good reviews and are in the same price range. Ultimately I decided to go with the BIBO 2 touch based on all of the glowing reviews (though, I can be a bit skeptical of all positive reviews) and for the simple facts that of those three printers, this one had the best combination of bed size, print height, dual extruders and also included a laser engraver. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived from China to my house in Pittsburgh by Thursday of that same week. I couldn't be happier with the shipping time! Once it arrived there was some assembly and as others have said, the written instructions provided in the SD card aren't as clear as they could be, but between the PDF instructions and the assembly videos I was able to get everything assembled and tested in less than an hour. It's truly not that hard. The included PLA was helpful to test some things and to get to know the included software. However, I purchased some from amazon and it seems to me to be higher quality than what was included, but again I've had it less than a week and am still getting used to it. I have been printing almost non-stop though for that entire week and I'm very happy with the end results. I'll include a picture of a birdhouse that I printed. It was printed in 5 parts and the body alone took over 30 hours straight to print. I had no issues. I do suggest that you make sure your bed is level with both of the extrudes before you start but really this thing has been great. I haven't used the laser engraver yet, but I'm looking forward to what I can do with that too. I keep hearing how great the BIBO customer service is, I have had zero issues so I can't attest to that, but if their shipping and communication during the order fulfillment are any indication, I'm sure it's excellent. From what I saw in this price range, this really is one of the most feature packed printers you'll find. I would definitley recommend this to anyone looking for a good printer at this price.
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on October 1, 2016
I had previously built a diy prusa printer and had a lot of fun doing it, after much tweaking and fiddling around I thought I had pretty good parts till I took a chance and ordered this. this is amazing for the price and what it can do. I am totally happy with this printer.
update 10/6/2016 I had a small problem with a ducted fan cover and within a day had a copy of the stl file to remake it, customer service is very responsive. I made the part in the picture as my first test of dual extruders. I am still very happy with my purchase of this.
update 10/15/2016- had some minor issues and contacted bibo support, answers came thru within hours. added picture is my first laser project. this is a 4x4 size coaster. not the best image to do but a fast way to test.
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on July 16, 2017
 Overview: First of all, let me just start off this review by saying how impressed I am with this printer. I've only been using it for a couple weeks, but have done numerous high quality prints without difficulty.

Before getting this printer, I had never owned a 3d printer (though I do have experience with modeling). Instructions were easy enough to understand with expected translation errors, but I had no issues getting this put together and printing the same day it arrived. Just yesterday I was able to try out the copy printing function and it's as simple as inserting a few lines of code into your .gcode files. This will definitely be a time saver for future print jobs.

I have yet to get to the laser attachment, but I will try to update with my experience when I do.

Packaging:The item came extremely quickly with all parts in functioning order, no issues with bed or z-axis being misaligned as some others stated, I think their packaging has improved since the early shipments. There were, however some noticeable cracks in the frame as well as a dent on the front corner which was a bit of a bummer.

User Interface: The company provides all the software to get right to printing, all of your settings in Cura/Repetier are just a simple import function away (though you will need to modify some settings depending on the filament you use). The touch screen makes the printer easy to control, you can modify temperature settings as well as fan settings during the print job. I have experienced the unresponsive screen / heating elements at times after performing a print and moving on to another, but a simple shut down and restart resolves this issue.

Bed Allignment: I had to modify the plastic washers that come with the printer to get the bed to properly allign at first (some light sanding, took them down about halfway). Before modification the bed would not adjust low enough for the nozzles. I usually relevel the bed after every major print (very easy procedure), but I can get away with leaving it the same between smaller prints.

Installation: Instructions / videos were easy to follow along with, basically you will need to install the; glass bed, filament holders, filament guides, printing nozzle / hotends / extruder, the front door, and the top lid. Some issues I ran into during construction was one of the cooling fans was pre-installed at the wrong angle (horizontal instead of vertical) but it was pretty obvious to fix since the hotend wouldn't fit in it's hole with it installed that way (just a simple re-angling of the nuts). The holes for the filament guide, on the guide itself, had some residue that prevented the screws from going in, easy enough to use an exact-o and scrape it to the proper opening size. Other than that, everything went together as intended.

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a low maintenance printer to get right to printing, this is the printer for you. It's packed with features at a reasonable price. I would rather focus on the design / printing aspect of this hobby rather than the tuning of the printer itself. I would definitely recommend this product
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on March 28, 2017
I got this product a little over a month ago and have been printing almost non-stop since. There have been no problems or breakdowns of any kind. This is a high quality piece of equipment! I've printed ABS, PLA, TPU and HIPS. As well as combinations of TPU/HIPS and ABS/HPS. This printer was able to handle them all and produce quality prints. Be warned that ABS/TPU/HIPS are all complicated to print with and these are all about having the settings dialed in correctly.

The customer service is outstanding. The CEO wrote me personally to answer all of my questions. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
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on June 29, 2017
I bought this printer 6 months ago and have had enough time to evaluate it. First, let me preface this by saying I’ve been using 2 extruder Stratasys printers at work since 2007 on a daily basis. When I retired I missed having one. I began looking at every 2 extruder, heated bed, enclosed printer on the market in a price range below $3500. Before deciding on what printer to buy, I emailed each potential vendor with very specific questions based on my use of 3D printers for the last 10 years. Bibo was always the quickest to respond to my questions…I had many…and did so in less that 8 hours from the time I sent the question…incredible, quick communication. I confidently bought the Bibo 3D printer. It arrived perfectly packaged in perfect condition in 3 days….impressive…considering it traveled half way around the world. It took and hour or so to get it together and up and running. Prints are great! It actually has better specs than some 3D printers I was using at work…in fact, I printed off a file that was previously printed on the Stratasys and compared the two… Bibo’s print was actually better!…in both detail and surface finish. I am extremely pleased with this printer, and am SOOOOO glad I purchased this particular one. Through the months, I've had some questions, and every time I’d have an answer no later than 8 hours from asking it. Unbelievable customer service. For the novice, this is a great machine, as help is just a few hours away via email when you have a question. For the experienced user this printer has enough capability to keep you very happy and busy printing. I highly recommend this printer without hesitation. Buy it, enjoy it, be happy!
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on April 18, 2017
I bought this printer after reading all the reviews, especially the customer service comments. I am really impressed. So yes it's a little different ordering from China direct and watching everything ship and go through multiple customs checks. When the printer arrived the documentation isn't the greatest from a readability standpoint, but the videos they provided (step by step) made the setup a lot easier. Sure enough because of shipping one of the components had come unplugged on the motherboard. Braden from customer support was with me for a few hours helping me diagnose and resolve the problem. I have done a few test prints, and they turned out really nice. (I even got to see the filament monitoring feature work when it got tangled up - yes I was able to recover and continue printing) My wife wanted the laser engraving feature more than the 3D printing capability, and having done a few test prints with that (including onto a 2" piece of bamboo), I have to say I am enjoying that feature even more than I thought I would.
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on August 28, 2017
WOW!! This printer is amazing. This is my FIRST 3D printer! have watched videos on 3D printing but you can not understand how hard it can be if you don't know how things work.
it only takes about 15 min to put the few things on that are not attached. The support is excellent. I had a few questions and the reply is so fast . After getting a few questions answered I was off and printing!! I have only been printing for 1 night. I did not have time to put it together until 8/27/17 I have added 2 photos of a Yoda I printed. I only had the black filament that came with it.. the detail is really good...
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on March 25, 2017
Ok..first of all, I'd rate this thing much, much higher if it were possible. The printer is amazing! But what separates this one from the crowd is the exceptional customer service!

When my printer arrived, the power supply was faulty. I know what you're thinking, and at first I thought the same thing...great...I've spent all this money and this thing doesn't work. But here's the amazing thing...2 exchanges of emails in one evening, and a new power supply was in my hands two days later. I can't say enough about the excellent customer service I received.

Now onto the printer itself.

This machine has done everything I have asked for and then some! Its print area is massive for a machine that's the size of a microwave oven. Its printing capability is unmatched if you're like me and just wanna print stuff. I bought this machine to prototype the miniatures and tiles for a game I am working on, and it has really impressed me at every turn.
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on June 28, 2017
I would like to put in a good review for the BIBO touch 2 with laser etcher, I have used the 3d printer for 5 months now and I am pretty happy with the printer. At the beginning of getting the printer, I did have some issues but I was able to get that taken care of through the customer support which is spot on. This is my first printer and it was pretty simple to get started. The company had sent all the config files you would need for different slicers such as simplify 3d, cura, and slic3r. I have been able to print different items mainly using PLA and I was able to print at 150 microns or .15mm layer height without any major issues.
The pros of this printer is it comes fully built and all you basically need to do is attach the hot end assembly to the carriage. The printer is pretty sturdy and doesn’t wobble around while the printer is printing, it does come with an LCD screen which is good for replacing filament, leveling the bed, and potentially getting rid of a clog by manually heating up the hotend. I didn’t have to do any tweaking to the printer so far either by attaching a part cooler or anything of that nature. The build plate at Z=160mm, X= 186mm, and y= 214mm is a good size build plate, along with the heated bed which I haven’t had any issues with it so far. The filament sensor is a good addition to a 3d printer which can be used if your printing a big object that will require more filament and it will beep if the filament runs low giving you a audible warning along with pausing the printer to allow you change the filament. The customer support has helped a lot at the beginning of this journey and I am happy to have purchased the printer from them, they have a whats app address and also reply within a day to the emails I have sent.
The cons that I have seen for my first printer isn’t a big deal and probably can be looked at for future products, one of the issues that I have seen is I didn’t need to buy the laser attachment, I think there should be a setup for an auto bed leveling I would have spent the extra money on that part instead of the laser. It did take me a while to level the bed and also make sure the settings are correct to get a good first layer. The other con that I can see is I can’t upgrade the hot end to a different type to print different types of materials, I would love to be able to change out the hot end but with the dual extruder system and the custom built carriage it will be hard to do it.
My final thoughts of the printer are it’s a good first time printer to get you started, the heat bed has kept a constant heat and I really didn’t need any adhesion for PLA just printed straight on the glass. The company that supplies this printer is all about the customers and respond quickly to any concerns you have, they have even sent me a replacement unit when mine wasn’t working at the beginning. There are some minor tweaks that should be done but it doesn’t impact the use of the printer, such as longer and harder springs for the bed leveling, the screws for the glass holder seem to keep getting loose so I have to use binder clips to keep the glass from moving, I would love to see some sort of bed leveling system implemented in future designs hopefully, I would also recommend save the extra money and don’t get the laser engraver, it’s a decent laser but it seems I did not use it as much, I think I only used it twice just to test it. I only had one major issue where the filament got stuck to the hot end and attached to the thermistor and got broken off, I was able to email the manufacturer and they have sent me a replacement which didn’t take that long for me to replace it and get the printer back to working condition.
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