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on January 17, 2013
Let me make myself clear before I begin. I love Polk, I originally was going to make my system all Polk however, as any half decent audiophile knows, one company simply does not make the best of everything. I have Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Black) Each as fronts Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black) and BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker, Black (Single) rears. I own the Polk PSW505 and have been using it on my main surround system for the past 7 months

I wasn't content at all with my Polk PSW505 as you can see in my over 1000 word review of the PSW505 on Amazon, so I saved up money to try the F12 and planned to send it back after testing it out. Honestly, I didn't want the f12 to sound better than my Polk. I tried to tell myself the no name Bic f12 could not compete with the Polk PSW505, that sub is practically God of home subwoofers on Amazon. As the current owner of both, I would advise you to buy this f12 and never look back.

My main issue with the PSW505 was port noise. When my Polk sub hit below 30 hertz it sounded just awful and unless you just watch Teletubbies, Dora the explorer, and Sesame Street your sub will be forced to hit below 30 hertz. This becomes very important if you are watching blu rays with Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master Audio. This sub can punch, roll, and roar much beyond its $200 price tag. With my Polk PSW505 it struggled to hit some lows in Dark Knight among other Blu rays as well as music with heavy bass. That is not the case with the F12 not only will it hit these low notes, but it will shake the room while maintaining clarity.

I have seen quite a few negative reviews on the build quality of this Bic F12 I would agree and disagree. I have disassembled the Polk 505 multiple times so I am more than aware of its build quality, but have not yet taken apart the Bic. I believe the PSW505 has a better exterior finish than the F12, bic clearly did not spend as much on the cabinet. Bic spent its money on the driver and amplifier, which far surpass the Polks driver in quality. I would know this because Polk has sent me two PSW505 drivers(the actual 12 inch speaker) and they somehow even sound muddy and distort when not inside the cabinet. The F12 has a very nice metallic looking driver and it does outperform the PSW505

I know its difficult to believe that this f12 sub will outperform the tried and true 505 but it really does. Don't stray away from the Bic just because it isn't a big brand. Polks subs have a premium to them because of the brand. With this Bic all your paying for the sub. For example Klipsch, Energy, and def techs are great well-known subs but they have a markup because of the name. In contrast HSU, Outlaw, Epik, and SVS are not household names but they will destroy the big names in performance without the markup.

Don't let the brand scare you! Bic customers are some of the happiest in home audio. If you have any questions about the differences between these 2 sub-woofers please leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.
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on November 25, 2017
First unit smoke-checked on initial hookup, which should not have happened. I almost didn’t try a second time but it was likely dropped / jarred somewhere in transit and amp shorted - such a distinctive and unpleasant aroma.

Second unit works as advertised and dare I say sounds like a $500-$750 sub with both tight bass and some serious punch, when necessary. Internal amp seems fairly clean with good headroom although I haven’t pushed it, yet and it’s being run via a power conditioner so a somewhat unfair observation.

Utilizing pre-out input with digital receiver setting seems to work well thus far. Denon AVR 5800 currently decoding, paired with old-school Klipsch Reference 5’s provides very balanced almost sound stage quality sound.
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on December 7, 2017
I bought this subwoofer to replace the boston acoustics model I had for the 5 years previous. I've had it over a year now and still love the performance. It literally outperforms the Boston sub in every respect. The internal crossover is great and the sub responds well in the upper spectrum of its range. I've got Klipsch speakers throughout the living room and love them. They're a bit small and don't produce lower frequencies well, so I'm losing out a bit from about 150hz-200hz, but this sub does a great job up to there without sounding muddled.
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on December 3, 2017
Decided to try this sub While I waited for a price drop on the better reviewed PL200 ii. Living outside the US means very limited options for a powered Sub as most vendors ignore those of us with 240 volts. Bic has a very easy way of converting their Subs from 110 to 230 volts. Took me five minutes and works like a charm. Coming from a Taga Harmony TSW 120, a 120 Watts sub, this thing is punchy. You really feel the thump. It's rattling my windows even at minimal volumes! Used to turn the Taga up to full volume, I only do 4 on this. More than happy with it. Still waiting on the PL 200 ii to arrive so I can give a comparison. Oh yeah the price dropped to 249 and I couldn't just let it go. Anyways, for 200 bucks, am sure you won't find anything better. just buy it already.
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on November 22, 2017
this goes welll with bookshelf or studio monjtor speakers. we have it in our kitchen sound system. really fills out the sound. and saves the smaller speakers fromgetting blown out. we like to have easy access to it tonadjust the level in back (although we keep it faced to side to keepmaccess easy) .
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on March 9, 2017
Purchased one of these almost a year ago today. Chose to get another one from my tax money. Exactly the same as previous one. Thanks that the styling has not changed. Really have to keep these at low settings because the rock the house. Or at least my room. I have mine set at 4 I think. Last time I looked. Love the looks of this unit. Basic black is always nice. The grill blacks the whole thing out so it really blends it self in. Even with the grill off it is still really nice looking sub.
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on April 4, 2017
Bought based on reviews only to find out that my room is too small for 180 rms watts. I am super happy with the unit even though I only have the volume up 2 out of 10.
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on July 26, 2014
I toiled over what speakers and subwoofer to use for stereo system. I read probably 100's of reviews and options. Certainly no audiophile, but started upgrading Onkyo home theatre in a box with JBL studio speakers. For me they added new dimension of sound. Love my JBL's, but just couldn't get that deep rich base that u crave if u like base and a total music experience. I finally broke down, & decided my sub from 7.1 in a box just didn't get. Ordered Bic F12 sub based on overwhelming reviews of satisfaction for price point, & ability to hit lows 24hz-200hz. Forgive me if numbers are wrong, basically lower than most subs hit even at higher prices. Let me just state this sub alone makes my whole listening experience elevate to the level I have dreamed of. So much base, that I know I am going to get in trouble with my neighbors. This sub hits lows u can't hear but feel. It delivers punch and depth & richness. I primarily listen to music all kinds. My favorites are electronic, & pop. I also listen to melodic music, the key for me is to listen to high quality recordings, same song depending on recording will produce different listening experience. Don't be afraid to play with receiver settings, use quality wires, upgraded LFE cable & try different placement. No matter what I do with this sub it adds a dimension to my music that just wasn't there with cheap sub. I can't wait to get home & listen to music like never before. This amp is incredible. I recommend front firing if ur house is built with crawl space, eliminates house vibration and gives pure rich deep sound with out annoying vibration sound. This sub is awesome bass u can feel & listen to with out chuffing, simply with JBL studios music is amazing hitting highs, mids & lows with out distortion. With this sub ur music will add a dimension necessary to fully hear all of music or movie. Totally awesome & still playing with settings & breaking in. I think at I would choose this over center speaker for enjoyment of listening experience. Love clean tight bass on a budget, this speakers kills it.
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on December 10, 2015
I purchased the F12 to supplement my Infinity tower speakers when watching movies in my basement theater. The towers did a nice job with frequencies down to 32 Hz, but I wanted a powered subwoofer to get me down to around 25 Hz. The F12 noticeably extended my system's bass response. It won't really rattle the foundations, but it is a solid home theater subwoofer for medium to large rooms, and a great value.
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on May 4, 2016
Right now I'm going with 5 stars. The unit feels a little well, cheap. It looks good enough once sitting in the corner it's just not Polk/Yamaha quality as far as the case it concerned.

Now let's talk about the sound for a min here. I'm not audiofile (would like to be) but I would say it's all but perfect for my system.
I have a home theater downstairs with a Yamaha Amp, Front and center channels are Polk, surround speakers are all Yamaha. In the front right corner is where I placed this sub, I also am running a 10" KLH sub that is positioned behind the seating so we are getting a really good experience.
The BIC sub really hits the lows well. I started Gone in 60 Seconds and it sounded great, no distortion just nice and clear bass.
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