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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on April 6, 2013
I just assembled and used this vaccuum for the 1st time, lastnight (ie: April 5, 2013). For one thing, I Loved how easy it was to assemble! Basically, stuff just pops into the sockets where they belong. You will only need a philips screwdriver to tighten 2 screws on the handle (which are included). Besides that, I think the cord is a very nice length! Granted, I live in an 880-sq.ft apartment, so there isn't a whole lot of ground to cover, but I only had to unplug it once in order to reach all areas of my apartment. Besides that, my girlfriend & I were amazed to see just how much dirt & stuff this thing picked up!!!!!
This vacuum does make a fair amount of noise, but that's because it has a proper motor which does exactly what a GOOD vaccuum is expected to do!
Also, it was so easy to remove the dirt canister, empty it & put it back in place! And, finally, it has a dial on the front which adjusts the vacuum's height, and the machine is very easy to manuever. I love it, so far!
I will post a follow-up here if this vaccuum malfunctions in time, but for now, I'm highly impressed!

***UPDATE*** Today is May 29, 2013. I've owned this vacuum almost 2 months and have used it once per week to clean my apartment. I have NO complaints so far. It's still going strong, and I really like how the canister is so easy to dump out & replace.
I'll be sure to post here again if/when this thing lets me down.

***UPDATE*** Today is December 15, 2013. It's still working great, and I still love it. No complaints! :)

***UPDATE*** Today is June 18, 2014. It's been about 14 months now and I continue to use this vaccuum frequently. NO complaints. It still operates as expected, and Very easy to use. I'm extremely pleased!
NOTE: I learned a very important lesson!! I recently began using a powder deodorizer on my carpet (the last 2 times I've cleaned), and I noticed that the vacuum's base area (motor?) was getting unusually warm. Of course I became concerned so I called a local vacuum repair shop to ask if this was alright. The shop worker immediately told me that using any powder product with a vacuum is THE WORSE thing you can do! The powder is so fine, it gets into the vac's motor and will cause it to overheat! He said that using powder products, KILLS vacuums! I immediately discontinued using this stuff, and so far, my vacuum seems fine.
So, beware.....NO powder deodorizers! :)

***UPDATE*** Today is May 19, 2015. I am still using this vac 1x per week, and am still Very happy with it's performance!

***UPDATE*** Today is August 8, 2016. Yep, it's still running strong, and I have No complaints. I wish ALL products were made this well!

**UPDATE** Today is June 23, 2017. This vacuum is still going strong! I still use it once per week, and it works as good as the day I got it. Someone recently posted a comment, stating that my updates were "totally unrealistic" and I probably "do not own pets". Well, it's true that I do not own any pets. My son does own a hamster, but this animal does not shed much. ;) LOL. Meanwhile, I have continued to use my vacuum atleast 3x per month, and it's still running as well as the day I received it. I will post an update here if/when this vacuum stops working. But, I have no complaints so far.
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on November 2, 2015
Holy mother of SUCTION!! I knew my new Bissel One Pass was being delivered today (Amazon Prime) so in preparation, I vacuumed my living room carpet with my 2 year old Eureka Endevor NLS just so I could see if the new Bissel was any better, since my carpet was now *clean* there shouldn't be anything in the new dump can afterwards. Right? Side note: I have a Persian cat so I NEED to vacuum daily. I'll attach a pic of the culprit that leaves my carpet full of baby soft hairs.
I received the vacuum and assembled it quickly. It was very easy. I plugged it in and went to work on an 8'x10' section in the center, where the main traffic area is. It sucked so hard my carpet was lifting off the ground in the area right around the vacuum cleaner. I'll attach a picture of the new dirt, cat hair and ALL the dust it sucked up from my *clean* carpet. Now I'm so disgusted that my carpet was THAT dirty after I vacuumed it with my old Eureka. The one complaint I have is the hose seems a bit short. I use my vacuum cleaner hose to clean all the base boards and corners and this one seems a little shorter than my old one. If you are considering this vacuum I am 100% happy with the $80 +$5 tax I spent on it. I don't know how long it will last. I sure hope it continues to have such powerful suction like it has now. If this changes I will update this review.
I still like how well this vacuum cleans. My one and only complaint is the hose. It is still very stiff. It's shorter than I'd like. It doesn't really matter how long the hose is if you can't extend it because the material is so strong. I use the hose often and when I pull it more than 2 feet , the hose is so stiff that it won't stretch out and the vacuum cleaner gets pulled toward me and the falls over and hits me, or anything around me. This drives me insane!! It's always slamming into my side or back when I'm crouched down vacuuming the base boards. And it won't stretch high enough to reach my ceiling fan or AC vents. :( attention manufacturer: can you use a more pliable material for the hose?! Please and thank you.
PS: I added another pic of my cat since there was a request in the comments.
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on February 8, 2017
What prompted my purchase was me, hitting rock bottom. ‘Twas Christmas just over 2 months ago, and ‘twas last week, when I was taking down my Christmas decorations, and jamming my artificial tree back into its sad box, that I realized I had no efficient way to remove the pine needles from the carpet in my living room. Down on my hands and knees with purple duct tape, I realized, this was no way to live. 20 minutes later, I had discovered that some 5-star vacuums do not cost $400 as I had naively believed, and I ordered a brand new purple vacuum to be delivered directly to my door a mere 3 days later. That day was today. And today was glorious.

Beware. The vacuum is delivered in pieces. You will need a screwdriver. (Or a tequila sunrise if you prefer.) At first, I felt frustration at the lack of detail in the user’s manual, but I soon forgave Bissell, as I realized one should never start putting a machine together without first realizing there are more instructions as you flip the page. I managed to put the entire vacuum together. By myself. Because I’m an accomplished adult. Who can read.

I am amazed at what this vessel can suck out of the ground on which we walk inside our homes. My life has been forever changed. This Bissell proves that my mother was right. Vacuuming DOES matter. My entire adult life, I believed that vacuuming was a hilarious joke between true adults to keep children busy and quiet for 15 minutes a week. Had I been properly educated in Family and Consumer Science in middle school, I would fully understand the importance of vacuum cleaners instead of how to sew a pillow. I have yet to make another pillow outside of the 7th grade, and I have no plans to spend any free time doing so. I do however, plan to vacuum on a regular basis for the rest of my life.
These pictures should be used to scare kids straight. Like the “Meth Makes You Ugly” campaign. It works because oh my God, look at those pictures. Those are the “halfway done with my room” and the “all the way done with my room” pictures. I now know that waiting a year and a half to vacuum is equivalent to procrastinating for a year and a half on anything that you should definitely do more often, because well, look at those pictures.

I can’t believe I used to make my friends take their shoes off when they came over. I can’t believe I have done yoga on that floor. (Who am I kidding? I can’t believe my friends and I have sat around in a circle drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity on that floor). I have never been so impressed with a product that I put my binge watching of Parks and Recreation on hold, simply to write a review and let the world in on a secret. The secret wonder that is the Bissell.

I even used the hose attachment to vacuum the stairs and it works beautifully. (I will have to find some other product for the mysterious caramel stain, but with my newfound confidence in adulting, I think I can handle it.) With my Rapunzel locks, it was clear that I needed to clean out the now hair-coated brush, and like the champion I now am, I successfully took apart the hose attachment, cleaned out 18 months worth of hair that used to be attached to my head, and put it back together again. Like a world class Humpty Dumpty. Granted, it fell apart on accident while I attempted to remove the hair, but that did not thwart my success in restoring the attachment to its original state.
I am in love with my new vacuum, and I am excited about our blossoming relationship, which I can only hope is just the beginning of a mutually rewarding partnership in life. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Thank you Bissell and God Bless America.
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on March 29, 2017
I have to say that I am a bit surprised that this vacuum cleaner is an Amazon Best Seller. I am not impressed at all with the OnePass technology. It simply doesn't pick everything up in one forward pass, especially pet hair. As with any vacuum, pet hair requires multiple sweeps. Also, the amount of dust, dirt and debris that can bypass the main collection tank requires the removal of the cyclone tube. Each time the unit is emptied and cleaned, I had to stick my hand in there, twist the tube and then remove all the debris into the waste container. I just vacuumed up this debris, I don't enjoy touching it a second time. I'm sure this unit would be fine for a single person, living alone (no pets). But for a true workhorse of a vacuum, I'm looking elsewhere.
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on March 27, 2013
I have an Oreck for which I paid almost $350.....I also have a shedding 80 pound English Bulldog. I had vacuumed the rugs/carpet and they still had a fine layer of dog hair over them which I could remove with a dog brush....that is a lot if work. I scanned the products available and came across this one for $80. I vacuumed the kitchen rugs with the Oreck and immediately did a follow up with the Bissell....I filled the Bissell cup ! The Oreck ( and the expensive bags )
is out. This is it for me and I could buy three more and still pay less than the Oreck.
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on December 30, 2016
This vacuum cleaner was bought as a replacement for a 15 + year old Kenmore that died after vacuuming diatomaceous earth (NEVER use a vacuum to do this! It can ruin the motor).

1. Really only takes one pass as advertised. Suction is great.
2. Turbo brush attachment is awesome! Perfect for furniture.
3. Lightweight and not difficult to maneuver.
4. Don't need to fiddle with vacuum bags.
5. The post-motor replacement filters are only about $10 on Amazon and are flavored with Febreeze. That's really all you need to buy for maintenance besides drive belts, but if you're careful (i.e. cut hair/threads off the spinner brush, don't vacuum over high carpet at a low height setting) then the drive belt won't need to be replaced often. The pre-motor filter is washable.
6. This may be an older model BUT it has 12 amp motor. During the purchasing process I noticed that the newer model has a 10 amp motor. Not sure how much of a difference this makes in terms of sucking power, but the higher power, older model was cheaper than lower power, newer model.

1. Can't get far under furniture (e.g. coffee table). Either you will hit the furniture with the canister or the spinner brush won't make contact with the floor due to the maximum angle between the floor component and upright component.
2. Hose attachment does not stretch very far. Even if you add attachments to make the hose as long as possible, you will still end up pulling on the vacuum itself to get into corners. Can be irritating.
3. Being bag-free is convenient but be careful emptying the canister. Do not just hit the button or else all the debris will fly up into your face. Either slowly empty the can (and get your hands dirty) or do it outside in your trash can.

I am very happy with this purchase for the price I paid. If the cons don't bother you and you want an inexpensive but quality vacuum, then I would recommend this one!
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on May 22, 2017
I am very impressed and elated with my new Bissell! I have a long haired Ragdoll cat, named Milo, who sheds like ca-razy. My old Hoover Soft & Light just wasn't getting the job done, so after reading the positive reviews, I decided on this guy. Here is my review:

My new Bissell arrived promptly, and assembly was a breeze! I quickly put it to the test by vacuuming two large rugs which were highly saturated with cat fur. First impressions were 1.) Minimal effort is required. It glided across rug without using a lot of upper body strength. 2.) Cord Length is sufficient 3.) Noise level is comfortable and not as loud as my previous vacuum.

My living room rug came out cleaner than I've ever seen it!! And it took half the time that it usually takes me with my Hoover Soft & Light.

Next step was to vacuum Milo's favorite rug. I have included before pictures, so you can see the layer of fur sitting atop this rug.

I vacuumed the half of the rug with my new Bissell and the other half with my Hoover, both on the highest carpet setting. The Bissell picked up every trace of fur on the rug, where as my Hoover still left a layer of fur behind.

I was also surprised to see how full the cartilage was after only 2 rugs! I've included pictures of this! Emptying it was a breeze!! No spillage at all! I'm so happyyyy. Thank you Bissell and Amazon!! Will keep you updated on any change in opinion, but so far I highly recommend this vacuum! Hope this review helps!
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on March 5, 2017
Fortunately we followed the great reviews this vacuum has because this has been a great purchase so far. We had purchased another brand at a big box store that claimed it was the best to get pet hair, help solve world wars and all that jazz. It broke down due to poor fittings. Now using the Bissell shipped from Amazon we are glad it has the simple options, seems like it will hold up over the years, and so far sucks up the pet hair from our Black Lab and long hairy Cat. It's easy enough for my kids (ages 8 and 10) to use which means it's light enough and durable enough to deal with less seasoned users. If forgot to mention we saved $40 from the box store "bells and whistles" vacuum that broke down in less than a month on us.
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on February 27, 2015
This vacuum is simply amazing. With that being said you have to know what you're getting. Keep in mind that this is a sub 100$ vacuum so if you compare it to 300$+ vacuums it will probably fall short. With that being said I've used quite a few expensive vacuums and quite a few cheap ones and dollar for dollar I would put this one up against any of them. The suction is quite intense even with a pretty full canister. I also used it to suck up a lot of fine saw dust and it handled it with no issues at all. If you need a good vacuum but don't have a ton to spend on one this is a great vacuum to get.
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on January 9, 2017
In short, I'm amazed by the quality of this vacuum. Even if I had paid $300-400 for this vacuum, I would not be disappointed. So for $80, this is an absolute steal.

When I purchased this vacuum, I was very skeptical of the "one pass" technology. To my disbelief, it actually picks up everything in ONE pass--no need to push it back and forth over the same section of carpet.

Tonight was my first night using this vacuum. My carpet had not been vacuumed in months (since my old vacuum stopped working), yet I was still able to vacuum my 1300 square foot condo in about 5 minutes (excluding emptying the vacuum twice). Additionally, my low-pile carpet sheds like no other, and this is the first vacuum I have tried (I've tried three others) that can actually pick up all of the "fuzzies."

I would absolutely buy this vacuum again, and plan to recommend it to friends or family in need of a new vacuum.

I was not given this vacuum for free, nor was this review solicited by Bissell. I will update this review in a few months with how the vacuum is holding up.
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