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on January 27, 2016
This is an awesome machine. Seriously for myself, I could not find anything I disliked about it. We just moved into our home and the carpet was old, in ok condition but very very dirty. It was quite mated down. There was a lot of sand and pet fur ground into the carpet along with stains. It was very dingy because of the Asphalt dust through out the whole carpet. Didn't feel very good under our bare feet either. Christmas was right around the corner so did a lot of research on Steam Cleaners. I found very good ratings on the Full Sized Bissell DeepClean Premier. So decided to get it.

I vacuumed very well with a Shark Professional Vacuum before starting, and treated all the stains I could find including pet stains I found with a special light with Natural Rapport Pet Stain and Odor Remover and also Genesis 950 . This machine was easy to put together and operate. It truly deep cleans and did a fabulous job. We used Procyon Extreme Carpet Cleaner for our cleaning solution which is Soap Free and Odor Free.

I love that this Bissell has a heater to keep the hot water continuously warm as I went very slow over the carpet. I also like that it has only one container and the clean water bladder is inside the container, so as the dirty water gets sucked up it goes around the bladder so you can easily empty that dirty water and again fill with fresh water and or some solution back into the empty bladder. Also makes it very easy to clean when finished. Never had any problems with leaks. I have used it 3 times now, one was a rinse. This Bissell has great suction also. I am 63 and was grateful that the Bissell though it was Full Size was easy to move around.

The carpet almost looks like new and all the stains are gone, the carpet is not flat anymore and it feels great under our feet and smells fresh. Can you believe that? We were told that the previous owner used a Rug Doctor before we bought the place. But why was there still so much sand, fur and stains still left in the carpet? Oh I also bought a Grandi Groom Carpet Rake which also helps to dig down into the fibers to loosen things up and at the end of steam cleaning to help lift up the fibers. Some time later, a local carpet cleaner guy came over and said: The carpet looks like a professional job. Well, the complement goes to the machine. It did a great Job.

This Bissell is very attractive and easy to use. Loved how it handles and clean up was a breeze. That whole top part and container can be rinsed off in the sink. At the very last I tipped the machine over so I could clean the bottom of the machine and that was it. If I could give it more stars I would. Thank you for reading this review. Hope it helped.
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on October 6, 2014
I was pretty excited about this cleaner, based on the positive reviews. I've owned other models of Bissell steam cleaners and have been satisfied with their performance. My household includes 3 children, 4 very active Belgian Shepherds, and a couple of cats. A veritable zoo....and a challenge for someone who is a clean carpet fanatic.

I was disappointed upon first using the cleaner - prior models had an indicator that let you see when you had run out of the carpet cleaning solution or clean water if cleaning with just water. Prior models also allowed you to customize the amount of solution that was added to your water, based on the job you needed to do. When the dial stopped spinning, the solution tank was empty.

This model gives no indication when you have run out of solution, you just have to figure it out. NOT an improvement.

But by far my biggest complaint is related to the amount of water left in the carpet. Prior models left the carpet damp, but this one leaves it so WET it takes a couple of days to dry, even after repeated attempts to remove the excess moisture. It is also creates a situation that means the user will need to clean again sooner - the moisture left in the carpet includes carpet cleaning solution (essentially soap) which then attracts dirt. The end result? My carpets look great, but remain too wet.....and then require cleaning again far to soon because the residual soap in the carpet attracted more dirt.
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on October 7, 2013
This is the perfect cleaner for us. We have three dogs and three kids, so messes are bound to happen. The hand attachment on this cleaner is by far my favorite thing about it. I have had other brands of cleaners, plus an older model of this and none beat this one. I have used it on a few different carpet lengths and have been very happy with the results. It disassembles easily, so even though it still has the "bladder" to hold the cleaner (which I disliked in the previous model) it is a lot easier to clean out between uses. I just fill a pitcher or container with clean water and suck it through the hose and then use my garden hose to rinse off the brushes and other parts, used in floor cleaning, and it is good to go for the next time.
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on May 15, 2014
As with ANY steam-cleaner... PLEASE vacuum your carpet first. I've read so many reviews that either this cleaner or other are not effective. But I'm willing to bet that the customer forgets to vacuum first. I have a Dyson which really works. And this cleaner really freshened my carpets. I have two dogs, it got various stains out, from regular wear and tear, food stains, and oops from the dogs. The separate tanks (which I was skeptical about) is VERY EFFECTIVE. I used regular hot water from the tap (mines gets really hot) and it kept the temp throughout the entire house. May just be in my mind, but my carpets even felt fluffy afterwards. I highly recommend.
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on January 16, 2015
Second Bissell cleaner I have bought,loaned first to have it broken, much easier to use than the pro heat model, Duo brushes really make a difference and the the tank cover is much easier to put back on than other. Good view of fluid extraction though they skimped on the cord I still give it high marks. Easy assembly out of carton, just three screws for two parts. No heating but I see no difference in results.
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on August 22, 2016
I have had a chance to use this a few times now and it works great! No complaints at all. I use to rent a Rug Dr for many years. This is better and it has already paid for itself. Carpet dries very fast once cleaned. I use hot water and put the fans on high. Carpet dries in a few hours. Would recommend to a friend.
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on June 16, 2013
I love this deep cleaner. It's extremely user friendly, and that's important! It's also easy to cleanup after using. We do not have pets, but we do have very light colored carpet in the hall and bedrooms. This cleaner did an outstanding job. Clearly, it is equal to any outside cleaning service; and maybe better than most. I expect to use and enjoy this product for many years.. I did a thorough research, including calling Bissell twice before purchasing it. My decision was based on reading specs and ratings on line.
Strangely enough the least helpful information came from the actual phone conversations with the people fielding questions at Bissell. However, the product is great!
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on June 2, 2014
I owned a Bissel ProHeat 2X for over 12 years and I liked its design though its performance began to falter over the years as minor parts began to break. I love my new DeepClean Premier. The design is similar to the ProHeat and the performance so far in both the carpet mode and hose attachment mode have been exceptional. It cleans well and sucks up most of the water from the carpet so drying time is much quicker than with my old ProHeat. The larger size of the DeepClean water tank is much appreciated too. My only complaint is that, unlike the ProHeat, there is no separate "rinse" capability. Soap is added directly to the water tank so if you want to rinse with clean water, you have to empty the tank and refill it with clear water.
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on November 16, 2014
I previosuly owned a max extract dual v. This one does a much better job at scrubbing but is terrible at pull liquid back up out of carpet. With my dual v i could lay down a whole tank of water and it would pull back up around 3/4 a tank of water. This one maybe a 1/4 of tank of waste water is pulled up with numerous passes. The hand tool is excellent.
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on February 20, 2014
Like how the water stays hot, and the detachable hose works well. Not a fan of the 'clean' water tank being a bladder inside of the dirty water tank as it is a bit trickier to clean out - especially when you don't use all the clean/soap water. But overall this has been a great product for us. We have to use it at least once a month (have a toddler) and it works great. A tad heavy for hauling up stairs, but not more than any other cleaner I've used. Had for a few months now and has held up well. Would recommend it!
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