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on February 25, 2015
Useless without removing the foam filter insert.

I put this together and was disappointed that there was no suction at all.

Took it apart, got rid of the foam covering around the filter (see pictures), put it back together, and SUCTION!!
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on February 24, 2011
I am a veterinary technician at a small animal clinic. When our central vac system malfunctioned our office manager picked up this machine to use until repairs could be made. I was completely amazed by this light-weight, easy to maneuver vac. Hair, toenail clippings, dirt all gone! We've tried other stick vacs at the clinic and they usually just push the hair and nails around the floor, or they clog up in seconds. This vac is so impressive that I ran out and bought one for my 6 cat, 3 dog, 1 baby house.

This vac has a ridiculously large amount of suction for it's size. The suction power, together with the odd looking but highly effective v-shape front edge, pulls the hair and dirt into the vac rather than pushing it around. It's hard to overstate the "Wow!" factor involved as it cleans right up to the baseboards, under the cupboard edges, pulls hair from corners and around chair legs. (I'd been using the edging tool on my large upright vac to do the same things--heavy, took more time, and didn't clean as well!) All that in a light-weight vac that can be picked up one handed without a thought. I've been zipping this around at home on our vinyl and laminate floors while carrying my infant daughter in her baby sling. Emptying the vac is simple and doesn't make a mess. Yet another great feature is the absence of bristles. Everyone who deals with pet hair quickly learns that bristles are just spots for the hair to collect and drag around the house rather than going into the vac. Someone at Bissell was doing their homework.

The only downside to this vac is the noise. It is loud. Very loud. But, given the suction power all that noise produces, I'm more than willing to overlook it!

The Bissell design team deserves a huge round of applause from pet owners!
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on December 15, 2017
This vacuum does the trick! In my household there are 10 cats, 5 dogs, 2 birds and 3 other caged animals, as far as the humans go there are 7 of us in total plus the house is a two story with 5 bedrooms.. i think you can imagine how messy the house can get in just two days haha. We needed to upgrade from the bissel we were using prior. We also have four litter boxes that are always leaving dust on the floor, my birds throw so many seeds on the floor, & my dog sheds so much I’m sure i can make another one of her in a day, etc. you get the picture LOL. This vacuum does it’s job well!! I thought cleaning corners would be hard but it actually does a decent job with those. Sometimes i just use a little broom and sweep the dirt a little bit away from the sides of the walls so the vacuum could get a better swoosh over the floor but that’s okay with me. This vaccuum is great! Light weight and easy to handle. I do recommend.
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on August 15, 2016
I was skeptical on buying this vacuum but I am so glad I did. It works wonders on my hardwood floors and I think it does help with my allergies when it comes to my cat. The only thing is, it is solely meant for hardwood floors. So if you are trying to buy this as a combo for hardwood floors and carpet, look for something else. Otherwise, it's amazing. Very lightweight and the swivel on this thing makes it very easy to manuever. I would definitely recommend.
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on January 6, 2017
This is a great vacuum for the price! I have lots of hardwood floors, 2 large dogs, a few cats, and 7 children. We live on an farm and this little vac picks up big messes. I have to dump the cup often, several times each use just like I would a dust pan but without having to bend over! That alone makes it great! The only down fall is the cord it too short and the boomerang head takes some time to get used to. Also some corners I still have to use the old vacuum with the wand attachment, and it isn't really good on carpets, but that's not the point of this great little machine is it!
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on January 27, 2017
Not for everyone, but I have been enjoying it. It really does vacuum around table legs. Might not be the best for thick carpet, but great for hard floor. This is the first corded vacuum I've had in awhile, and that is requiring a mental adjustment, but the suction is better than my previous cordless. I examined it, and (as a previous reviewer said) there is a SECOND FILTER. If you don't clean this about every three months or so, it will decrease in suction. With regular (easy) maintenance, this is a good machine that I expect to serve me for 5 years or so.
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on May 28, 2014
I wanted a light weight, easy to use SMALL vacuum to use on my utility room's hard wood floors. We have several cats and while they are very good to use their litter boxes, they always track a little bit of litter out when they step out. I get tired of dragging out my big vacuum several times a day, just to sweep up a few grains of annoying litter. I read many reviews on several light weight vacuums. The Bissell's reviews sounded the best and there were several features I liked about it. The reviews all raved about the ease it picks up hair and it does do that!! But most of the reviews I read were about dogs and I wanted to see it work on litter. Fellow cat lovers.....IT WORKS GREAT!! It stands nicely in a corner of my utility room and when there are some grains on the floor, I just turn it on, bend it back and whoosh, it sucks up even the finest particles of litter. My ONLY "negative" comment is that I wish it had a hose to get in a couple of the tight corners. I just use a small brush and sweep the litter out a ways from the wall and then vacuum it right up. Along a straight wall, it does an excellent job. Just in tight corners it doesn't work the best because of its shape it can't get into it. Overall, I LOVE IT and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!
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on April 8, 2016
I am vacuum obsessed , When I had three dogs and 3 parrots I looked every where for a vacuum that I could use on the hard floors . Everything I bought , even the Dyson would shoot the hard pieces out the bottom and blow the feathers and dust in the air . This is the most amazing vacuum I have had for the floors . Someone mentioned buying backup in case they stop making it and I think I am going to do the same . I have two cookie crumb dogs and a parrot and a new home with lots of construction dust happening every day , and It picks everything up . Its light weight , stands upright , stores easy and picks up what its supposed to . You can beat the price for all that .. Def a good purchase .
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on April 5, 2016
I used this vacuum on my wood floors for about 2 years. It does a good job picking up pet hair and dust. It gets the edges well. However, don't expect it to pick up anything heavier than hair and dust. My son had a canister of air soft pellets, which are like plastic BBS, and he dumped the whole thing out on the floor. We swept them up with a broom so he could put them back in the canister. But of course we missed some where they rolled everywhere. So I thought I could just vacuum them up with the Bissell Power edge. I was wrong. It wouldn't pick up a single one. It won't pick up anything heavy like a clod of dirt or even a staple. I have boys who like to go out in the woods so naturally they bring clods of dirt back inside with them but we have to sweep them up with a broom.

This vacuum is great if you only have hair and dust and crumbs on the floor but if you have heavier debris on a regular basis, you should look elsewhere. I have found happiness with the Shark lift away. I've only had it for about 4 months but so far so good.
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on May 24, 2017
I had high hopes for this vac. Its not very powerful, emptying the canister is messy and you have to do it every time you vacuum because the canister is too small. It does pick up cat hair...but just so-so on regular dirt and debris on hardwood floors. It barely picks up the 1/2 eaten cat food nuggets that my cats drop next to their bowls. It's fine for a quick touch up to ke it look like you cleaned more recently than you did...but can't replace my broom and dustmop...which was the whol point of owning one.
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