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on February 17, 2010
I'm a guy. I do most of the vacuuming at my house. I really kind of like this weekly chore but I like to have a good and well made vacuum. We had a panasonic vacuum that we had for 10+ years. It was pretty good. When it finally died I had the bright idea of buying a bagless vacuum. I thought it would save $$. Bought a Bissell powerforce turbo bagless. Initially I thought it was the best vacuum ever especially for the price. It has great suction on both the carpets and with the tools and it seems very sturdy and well made. BUT that bagless design wore me out. I literally had to clean all 3 filters after every weekly vacuuming. And emptying the dirt container wasn't good either. I always spilled some on the floor and/or myself.

So I decided to stay with the Bissell brand seeing how consumer reports says they are reliable and they are less expensive than other name brands. Found this bissell powerglide bagged model on amazon for a good price. We've had it about a month. Here's what I like and don't like:

Pros: Cleans carpets extremely well. Even a little better than the bagless bissell and much better than the old panasonic. Very good airflow with the tools. Seems very sturdy and well made. Large bags. Haven't had to replace the bag yet (1 month). Bags are cheap ($1 each at walmart) so the bags shouldn't cost me more than $12 year. Belts and other parts are cheap. Bought a 2nd extension wand from bissell for 3 or 4 bucks and now can reach clear to the top of our vaulted living room ceiling. 30 foot power cord is nice too.

Cons: Not much but I do wish you could shut off the brush roll when vacuuming kitchen floors or using the tools.

Summary: Very good bagged vacuum at a very good price.
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VINE VOICEon August 1, 2010
I'd had a Kirby for years, and it finally died and I was not interested in spending any great amount of money for a new vac. I looked at several $100 +/- models, read the reviews carefully (especially the critical ones) and decided it was going to be a crap-shoot whether I got a good machine or not. There is some assembly required and I played it smart and had it delivered to the office so the lads could help me with it, but it was still fairly simple.

The suction works fine, and I like the bare floor feature. The attachments are OK, but a bit cheap and clumsy - but then again what do you expect for under $100? This is definitely lighter and easier to push about compared to my old vac. Yes, it is noisy but then I don't have a child in the house to worry about waking. My one very real complaint and perhaps I've missed the boat again, but the cover over the HEPA filter WILL NOT stay closed without duct tape. Bah.

Review edited 8/11:

So I've had it for a year now and while it started off OK the vacuum now works very poorly and misses a lot of surface dirt and the cat litter - have had to go back over with the hose attachment. Things came to a head recently when kitty picked up some unwelcome visitors and I think the lack of cleaning I was getting from this one increased our *little problem*. I went out and bought a Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70120 (love it) and I can't even describe how much dirt, dander and pet hair that vacuum picked up on an area of carpet I had just gone over with the Bissell 24 hours previous.
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on April 16, 2014
... and I still have it. This vacuum is nearly 9 years old, traveled between 4 different states, from Santa Barbara, CA to Chicago, IL. I haven't exactly been too kind to it either; putting off replacing bags, belts, and filters until completely full or worn. A couple of years ago, I thought it broke but then found out the tube got clogged up by a sock I accidentally vacuumed. After unclogging it, the vacuum went back to working order. I really have no complaints except that it isn't that great on bare wood floors. Don't set it on the lowest 'bare floors' setting, always set it at least just a few settings above, even when you use it on hard floors. I admit the Turbo-brush broke a long time ago (not long after I got it, in fact) so that Turbo-brush isn't good. Otherwise, I still have and use all the other accessories.

I know you can't buy this vacuum on here anymore from Amazon, but I feel compelled to write a review for it, since the vacuum has been so good to me.
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on April 29, 2011
I had this, almost exact, model prior to this for 7yrs. I figure 7yrs and $50 for the previous one was a deal. As everything, prices have gone up but his vacuum is actually a little better quality than the last. It has tremendous suction and does a wonderful job. I will be careful with the foot pedal handle release as that is what broke on my last vacuum at 7 yrs. The hose is very flexible as opposed to the last one. The beater bar is and inch or so wider so it does not fit into some of the usual spaces it used to, but that is ok. Someone complained about the vent door flying open. My last one did that at times, this new one has not, yet. I just took a piece of tape and put it over the door to the vacuum so it didn't do that. Hey, what do you expect for such an inexpensive vacuum that works so well? I also figured it had good suction to be able to push the door open. The only think I wish is that you could disconnect the hose to use in that way, and there was a cover on the floor section where you disconnect the hose. Others have stated, and it is true, the beater bar does always rotate when it is on and it makes lint, etc. fly up into the house while you are using the hose end on drapers or whatever. I put a damp paper towel, crumpled up in that hole when using the hose end alone. That way any particles the beater bar throws up are caught on the damp paper towel and not thrown into the house air. All the new, cheaper vacuums are like this now. Also, I hate the vacuums without bags. The bags are just so easy to dispose of inside the house. Just throw them in a plastic bag and take outside. The thought of getting dust and crud all over me when emptying a canister of house dirt does nothing for me!
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on September 1, 2010
I bought this vacuum because it had good reviews that it was easy to manuever. The name "Powerglide" is a misnomer. It did not move easily over any of my carpets. I got a very sore back the few times I tried to use it. Going at any kind of angle, it simple would not move. I had to muscle it around everywhere. The power attachment worked once, but then it didn't the next time I tried to use it. It would have been great for my small places, but it just didn't work. The attachments kept falling off as I used the vacuum. Also, the filter would just blow right out of the side. The door holding it in would just pop open and the filter would fall out. I put a big rubber band around it until Bissel sent me a new door, but that did the same thing. When I called Bissell again, they said I would need to bring it to a repair shop. I didn't. I returned the vacuum for a full refund. I'm not messing with it any more.
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on May 23, 2010
I bought this about a year ago and I have no complaints. For the money you can't beat it. I wanted an upright that wasn't bag less and it seems that my choices are very limited. I have used Dirt Devil vacuums for years and was hesitant about switching brands. It is very powerful even when using the attachments. It is extremely noisy so that is why I gave it 4 stars instead of five. A lot of vacuum cleaners have lights and this is one thing I can't understand. To me it's just a useless waste of space and parts that might knock a few dollars off the retail price had the manufacturer decided to not to go with it. If you need a good vacuum that's not going to suck your wallet dry buy this one. You won't be disappointed.
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on January 3, 2010
I have an Oreck, but my Oreck seems to burn through belts frequently, and I decided that I wanted an inexpensive back-up vacuum for the times my Oreck was out of commission. I bought this one, because the price was good and it had the features I was looking for. I now have this vacuum upstairs and the Oreck downstairs.

Pros: The price I paid was excellent (about $80). It has a hardwood setting, which was a must for me. It has done a good job so far on my upstairs floors, and I've made it the sole vacuum for the bedrooms and upstairs hall, which are carpet and hardwood, respectively. It has a hose and attachments, which my Oreck annoyingly does not.

Cons: It's pretty heavy, but I wasn't surprised that I thought so. The vacuum seems finicky about setting the floor type correctly. For example, it doesn't seem to like it if I vacuum the plush carpet while on the hardwood setting. Also, it's annoying that one of the attachment pieces (the extension tube) keeps falling off its storage post.

Overall, I am pleased so far. I don't think that it does a worse job cleaning than my 10-year-old Oreck, as long as I set the floor type accurately.
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on August 13, 2011
I was hesitant to purchase a vacuum on-line because I worried about how a large package would ship and in what condition would it arrive. But I couldn't find a vacuum at this price that was not bagless in the stores. Amazon did a great job packing and shipping, the package was in perfect condition, much better than some of the boxes on the shelf at my local discount retailer. This Bissell is a great vacuum, lots of power and suction. The body of the sweeper is plastic (of course) but seems very sturdy compared to my last vacuum, a Dirt Devil. The hose is long and flexible, not the stiff plastic of my last sweeper. I love the Turbo brush, great for the carpeted stairs in my home. The cord is the same length as my last vacuum, no problems there. And it is quieter and sounds more like a low hum - doesn't send the pets ducking for cover when I turn it on. My only complaint is that it doesn't lie flat to sweep under coffee tables and beds, that would make this the perfect vacuum.
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on February 23, 2009
I've owned this Bissell PowerGlide Platinum upright for a few weeks and all I can say is ....... WOW !!

This vacuum picks up everything and is super easy to use. I have several long-haired cats who do their feline thing of shedding and tracking cat litter. After using this vacuum on their messes, my carpet looks like it's had a professional cleaning. The bare floor setting is great as well.

The only disadvantage I've found is that the bracket for the power brush attachment is rather flimsy. Easily solved by storing the attachment elsewhere.

Other "disadvantage" ... I can not stop vacuuming with it as it is that great.
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on August 27, 2011
I have an asthmatic in my home and a website recommended this product. It is really effective, not only in terms of suction, but once you change your filters on schedule, you do not get that dusty smell experienced with other vacuums. The vacuum accidentally got broken and although this model is not the most recent, I bought it again, and am still pleased with this model's performance.

Also, do not be concerned about the age of the model, one can still easily find the accessories (bags, filters, etc., on Amazon and elsewhere). A worthwhile purchase at a worthwhile price.
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