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on November 4, 2010
I have had my bissell 9400 for a little over a year now. So, I am ready to make some comments about it.

It does a good job of cleaning and is easy to use. The only negative that I have about this machine is that it doesn't hold enough water and detergent. So, I have to stop often to refill it.

When I read the reviews before I bought it, I was a little put off by some of the comments. Here then, is what I have found in regard to the problems that others have had:

The soap jets plug up when stored for long periods. I use only the Bissell formula in my machine and when I am done, I fill the soap dispenser with water, set the machine in the bath tub and let the water run through the machine as if it were soap. I have had no problems with plugged soap jets.

The brush wears a hole in your carpet when using the upholstery attachments. It looks like Bissell fixed this one. The brush stops when the handle is raised.

The motor burns out. Well, not yet. However, I found that if the machine is overfilled with water, the waste water builds up faster than it should and the float that closes the safety door, stopping water from entering the vacuum supply, closes too late to stop the water from entering. Don't overfill! While I'm on the subject of the red safety door, I would like to mention that there is a plastic screen over the vacuum port that this door closes when activated by the float. The screen gets plugged with dirt and reduces the vacuum that pulls the water out of the carpet. This causes dirt and water to remain in the carpet. I do not remember the instructions saying anything about cleaning this screen. I suggest that you clean it often. It is easy to do. You will find the red plastic door and screen assembly in the top of the lid that you remove when filling the water. There is a thumb nail pull on the screen so that you can take it off. Just pull it out and wash it off then press it back in.

Use the right products for the machine and keep it clean and you will have clean carpets with no troubles.
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on January 20, 2007
I purchased my Bissell ProHeat 2x from Amazon recently and so far am really happy with it. I chose it partly due to positive reviews, but mostly due to its reasonable price. Now that I have used it a couple of times, I am confident that I made the right decision.

My home has beige wall-to-wall carpet. I have used rental steamers in the past and I find the Bissell gets the carpet just as clean as those units have. It does take more than one pass to pull up all the water, but I just watch the nozzle and go over the area slowly until I can see most of the water is gone. The Bissell does seem to pull up more water when you're pulling it backwards, which is the same as the heavy-duty rental units I've used.

However, the Bissell has some real benefits over the rental units, not the least of which is ease of use. The Bissell is just as maneuverable as a regular vacuum cleaner, and although it is a little heavy, it's still easy on my back. Although some other reviewers didn't like it, I like the tank-in-tank design - it's easy to fill AND empty (the hardest part with some cleaners!) as well as clean out when you're finished. Overall I find the unit very easy to use. I just go slowly and am always satisfied with the results.

I have two indoor cats, and I have experienced the same issue with clumps of hair coming out on the carpet as I'm using the Bissell. They get pulled out of the carpet by the brushes, just not sucked up with the water. I think that if you have pets, you're probably going to experience this - let's face it, there is pet hair in your carpet! I always vacuum (I have a Dyson) really thoroughly before steaming, and that helps minimize the furballs. Also, it's probably good they don't get pulled up into the Bissell because then it might get clogged.

So far the Bissell has helped me get rid of pet stains like hairballs and urine, as well as everyday carpet soils like ground in dirt and spills. I'm really glad I decided to buy a steamer of my own - more convenient than renting one, and about the price of one professional cleaning. For my purposes the Bissell was a great purchase, and I recommend it.
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on July 31, 2006
I didn't think a cheap, inexpensive, household extractor would do a good job, but I was wrong. It does a great job. The spinning brissles do the trick, they really spin fast. It scrubs stains out better than a washing machine can get stains out from clothing. My friend uses this thing for house cleaning and she has been told many times that she does a better job than the carpet cleaning companies around our area. Reviewers mentioned the exhause being a design flaw because it breathes into the carpet. It is not a flaw, the warm air assists in drying the carpet. The turbo paw is fairly well built, it doesn't spin as quickly as the main brissles but it does much better than just a regular scrubber. I think peoples' expectations of the turbo paw are set high after seeing the floor extractor in action. I thinks it's great esspecially for $225. Can't top it.
ONE TIP: After shampooing, you may want to go over the carpet one final time to get any excess water from the carpet, turn your heater OFF. The heater draws from the 12 amp motor which steals power from the sucking mechanism.
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on April 21, 2007
I haven't had this carpet cleaner very long but I have used it quite a bit in that time on carpets that had not been steam cleaned in about 10 years. The cleaner did a great job and I am very pleased with the price and performance.

My opinions on a few issues mentioned in other reviews:

1. Exhaust on the bottom of the machine: I bought THIS unit and the one I received has an exhaust on both the bottom and on the back of the machine. They may have just recently added the back one but either way that's not an issue.

2. Leaving carpet too wet: Yes, the carpet is damp. If I kept going over it "dry" to suck up more water then I'm sure eventually it would be practically dry. I do NOT want to spend that much time, sorry. Mine can just air dry for a day.

3. Water reservoir too small: Honestly, I totally disagree with this. Doing a 12x12 room I only have to empty it twice - to me that's not too shabby and certainly nothing to complain about.

4. Little fuzzballs left on the carpet: Yeah, it's annoying. It's also easy to take care of - just pick them up with a paper towel and toss them in the garbage. Or you could just leave them till after it's dry and vacuum it up (though that seems VERY lazy even by my standards). Not an issue in my opinion.

5. Bottom of the machine getting very dirty while using: Yeah, this happens - again, clean it with a paper towel. It's NOT a big deal.

6. Water leaking onto carpet: Meh, didn't notice this at all. Maybe my eyesight is too bad for me to notice??

All in all it's a very good machine and since I got it for $190 with free shipping from Amazon I was pleased with the price. Also, I like the allergen cleaning fluid from Bissell - seems to work and smells pretty good.
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on January 21, 2006
I have been through the ringer with carpet cleaners and stain removers. We have a dog that vomits about once a week. Unfortunatley, he does not do this on our wood floor, which comprises most of our house, but rather he prefers to stain our carpet. I think it is the law with him.

Anyways, I had no luck with the SpotBot I purchased so I was a little reluctant to try another Bissell Product. I saw the good ratings for the 9400 and figured I would give it a shot.

It seems to have everything one could need on a steam cleaner and it even includes Scotchgard Protection. I tried the Bissell on a tough stain that had set in for a couple of months. Nothing could get it out not even the Rug Doctor from the supermarket.

At first the Bissell did not totally get it out. So I tried it again with the hottest water I could get and heated the water with the built-in heater. Sure enough it got it out like a charm. I think Chem-Dry will have to find another customer now!

Steam cleaners are kind of a pain to use with all the filling of tanks and solutions and they usually soak your carpet. But I finally found something that can get up just about any stain and leave my carpet clean as a whistle. We have a winner!
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on June 10, 2007
I bought this carpet deep cleaner after babysitting for 4 dogs at our house. We ended up with lots of pee stains and even a few vomit stains on our white and grey berber carpet in the family room. I did some research and it came down to either the hoover or this bissell. The bissell won because I really liked the idea of continous hot water.

So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly on this machine:

The good:

1. Works great. The carpets are smelling fresh, looking better, and the amount of dirt that comes out in the dirty tank is scary. Talk about muddy water!

2. Did a pretty great job in extracting water. The carpet was left damp, not wet, and it dried in a few hours.

3. The double row of brushes with the hot water really does seem to get the stains out. Not even one stain is left visible on the carpet.

4. Just as easy to use as a normal vaccuum. Not complicated.

The Bad:

1. With the tank design - the clean water tank is inside where the dirty water is stored (seperated). However, this makes it impossible to see when you run out of clean water! The dirty water full line is not always reached before you run out of clean water. I found this out the hard way - when suddenly I was using up cleaning solution 10x faster and realized that was because I had run out of clean water to mix it with! The only real solution I found was to frequently remove the tank and go fill it up with clean water just "incase" it is going empty. Very frustrating.

2. The clean water tank runs out very fast... making point number 1 even more frustrating.

3. The cleaner attachments that come with the Bissell fall out of their "holders" on deep cleaner very easily. I swear I'm always picking them up because they popout of the holder too easily.

The ugly:

1. I had the chance to try the hard floor attachment on my tile and wood floors. How frustrating! First let me say - cleaning wise it worked great... I was amazed at the dirty water after cleaning the kitchen tile in our home. The brushes got into the grout and I guess regular mopping really does just push around dirty water!

But here is the kicker - the "squeegee" part of the hardfloor tool kept coming out (you attach this tool easily to the bottom of the bissell). Once that falls off, the vacuum can't pick up the water from a hard floor. So I had to keep stopping, turning off the vacuum, sliding the squeegee blade back into the hardfloor tool, and reattaching. This was happening so often that I finally gave up trying to clean our kitchen floor. Why was it happening? I'm not positive, but I wonder if it just has to do with the deep grooves in our tile or something. Maybe on perfectly even flooring it would be fine. But, anyway - my husband ended up drilling three screws into the hardfloor tool to keep the squeegee blade on. Now it works great!

Overall - I'm very happy with the purchase. It does it's job very well. Seeing all that muddy water come out of your carpet is enough to convince you it was a good purchase. My only real complaint with the machine is the clean water tank - too small and too hard to see when it has gone empty. Also they should have designed the hardfloor tool better! Otherwise - very nice!
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on August 6, 2007
My prior experience with home carpet cleaners were the canister style, supplemented with a older floor polisher, using carpet brushes. This system works better, gets filthy carpets squeaky clean, and is obviously half as much work.

It does use a lot of soap. While cleaning living room, I ran out of soap and wasn't able to see exactly when. But I could see this after the carpet dried (4-5 hr) as there was a clean stripe of carpet next to dirty carpeting where I ran out of soap.

The biggest problem was not covered by instructions. I don't know....it may apply to all upright cleaners. When you stop cleaning for any reason, e.g. move something or just because you need a quick break, you MUST rest the cleaner on something able to absorb the dirty water already removed from your carpet, or this water will drain back down through the removal mechanism, giving your carpet a terrible stain. Of course, going back will easily remove this water, but if you always take momentary stops after putting the machine on an absorbent towel or waterproof (rubber backing) area rug, you will save double re-cleaning in the long run. If it weren't for this "defect," which may not be a defect at all, but a design deficiency, this machine would get a 5-star rating from me. It really cleans up a dirty carpet, and I was surprised by the ease of pushing/pulling it around. Cleaning the unit after use was actually easier than you might anticipate, after reading instructions.

If there were two power switches, one for vacuum, another for the scrub brushes and pumps, you could take momentary rests without staining your cleaned carpet with dirty water. (I'm handicapped and must take short rests when doing this type work.) You could also plan a cleaning pattern that provides for uncleaned carpet for momentary stops.
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on June 1, 2007
(For the record, I have extensively used the Dirt Devil Platinum Force and have owned the Eureka Atlantis, which I reviewed rather scathingly just recently. I also own a Bissell Quick Steamer Plus for small clean-ups.)

This is a great machine, in my humble opinion, and by far the best I've used. The suction, cleaning power, ease of operation and ease of clean-up are all that I'd hoped for and more. In addition, it's fairly quiet (as these things go) and not at all messy to use. In particular, it doesn't leak all over the floor if you leave it sitting for a while.

I was really impressed with the 2-in-1 tank set-up which is unique and actually quite clever. You simply lift the complete tank assembly off the machine with the carrying handle (no clips or locks there) and carry it to your sink or wherever. The tank assembly contains both the clean water and the dirty water reservoirs so you dump one, fill the other, clip the top back on it and away you go. Only one trip as compared to two in other machines and the Bissell assembly doesn't drip all over the place as in other machines I could mention.

I did try it briefly on hard floors (it comes with a hard floor attachment), but wasn't overly impressed. However, that's not what I bought this thing for at all. I have a Hoover Floormate 800 for that (and what a neat machine that is!).

The only things about it that seem a bit flimsy are the accessory storage clips. In fairness, I haven't broken one yet. It just seems like something I'm likely to do.

(None of the literature states this, but the clean water bladder has a capacity of roughly 1 cup less than a gallon. About par for the course in this size machine, I think.)
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on October 16, 2008
I bought this cleaner over a year ago after moving into a rental house with off-white carpet about the color of cream of wheat. Like other reviewers, I also have a dog and I had no delusions that this carpet would stay clean with just a vacuum.
After multiple uses the carpet is actually cleaner than the day the professionals came to do it.
Plenty of others have pointed out the positives, so I'll focus on useage tips and my only complaint.
X Complaint: It's not made extremely sturdy. Especially for such a heavy machine. My carpet is on one level and the traffic area relatively small. I can imagine users with large areas or a need to move this machine to separate rooms or floors might experience durability issues.

X Vacuum THOROUGHLY before using ths machine, otherwise you may end up with yucky hair balls (pets) or dust bunnies/fuzzies and a dirty machine. Thoroughly means 2-3 passes and vacuum slowly so the brushes dislodge all the hair and lint they can. What you don't get now, the Bissell will ball up. It isn't designed to pick that stuff up so you'll be doing that by hand.
X Use the wand for spot cleaning the carpet - I was lazy and used the floor cleaning head and that just uses too much soap, water, and time.
X Always finish with a rinse. For no other reason than to clear the soap from the machine to prevent clogging. Especially with the wand. I suck up a cup of warm water after using the wand and then hold the hose vertically until all the water has been sucked into the machine. That will prevent drips and leaks.
X I rarely use any setting besides Light Cleaning and Rinse. Too much soap requires a lot of rinsing which equals wet carpet and potential staining as the carpet dries and dirt from the pad wicks up the carpet fibers.
X Have a large rag/towel handy to park the machine on. Mine will leak dirty water on the floor if left parked for even a few moments, even when left running.
X I've had no clogging problems, but I do put a cup or so of warm water in the soap tank and run it through the machine before I refill it every 2nd time.
X I also clean the machines removable parts every other use so it looks good (dog hair!) and doesn't get full of clog causing junk. I've even removed the clear parts over the brushes, but that can be cleaned in place with patience and some ingenuity with a scewer or piece of thin wire to pluck out the buildup.

This machine has been great and I've used it at a friends to clean their carpet free of dog and food/juice stains.

Finally, a non-Bissell recommendation for Pet Owners. Simple Solution Stain and Odor remover has worked fabulously for me. I mix in the recommended amount in with the fresh water and use the machine on rinse setting. Urine stains may remain once the job is done, but are always gone by the next day. Note: On light carpet I avoid using the solution full strength as described on the bottle due to the wicking effect during the drying period that stains my light carpet. That requires another cleaning with water only.

Thanks Bissell and Amazon!
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on February 7, 2007
I recently purchased the Bissell 9400 ProHeat system and I cannot say enough good about this model! I opted to do my own carpet because "I know where my spots are, where the heaviest traffic areas are, etc. so I wanted to be the one to clean them. That way I could place extra emphasis where I wanted to."

I spent about an hour (online) comparing all the Bissell models. I read about one hundred reviews on various models. My daughter has a cheaper Bissell model and although it cleaned well, her's was a cheaper made machine with lighter plastic. I wanted the heaviest plastic model on the market, so it hold-up the longest. Take it from me, the 9400 model had the best ratings of all other models and after using it, I could see why.

This product beats rental units hands down! It's VERY light in weight. I love that it's so user friendly, but most of all I like that 100% of my carpet looked great, smelled great and now a couple weeks later - it still looks great!! (Unlike when the so called "pros" come in and run over each path once and it looks good for a day or two - only for old spots to later resurface...)

I've used two different Bissel models and this one is bar far higher in quality and design and the good far outweighs the down-side, which is that the tank must emptied more frequently. I didn't expect a machine under $250 to do this good of a job. In two cleanings it will have paid for itself and made me money in my pocket. I'm a picky, but happy customer in sunny Florida. Buy the 9400 ... you won't be sorry.
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