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on February 20, 2017
Update 5/18/2017 :
I originally made a gripe about the suspension being pointless off road. After the last week of doing what I would consider, trails that would break most strollers to pieces, I have come to love the suspension. We did about 15miles of rough trails involving deep washouts, logs, and a few miles of really deep mud that the stroller managed to float across while I ended up in over ankles. The only time this got hung up was when there was two obstacles back to back spaced enough that both front and rear wheels were hung up; that involved a little lifting to get unstuck. Also the brake was a life saver on some of the descents, and the tires while sometimes would lock up still provided great traction with a little modulation. I'm pretty sure this is way more than 99% of buyers will ever use this before, but if you're like me and go overboard at times this will take it.

Original :
After a complete winter testing in one of the harshest winter states in the US, I've come to the conclusion that yes, this is a great stroller for outdoors type people with harsh conditions and/or rough terrain. However it's big so traveling with it is tough, however it's a big part of what makes it good for it's intended purpose.

I bought this with the expectations of being able to navigate through the city when the snow starts falling. In Minnesota we get a good deal of snow, and while the cities do a decent job of clearing the streets, homeowners don't do a great job clearing their sidewalks. Because of this I needed something with big wheels that would easily make it through 6+ inches of snow without getting stuck. This stroller succeeds in making trips around town without drama, as it will easily roll though a foot of snow, albeit it being a little harder to push, and will tackle going over plow mounds at sidewalk exits with just a minor amount of work.

So what else does it do? It's a great running stroller, even with the knobby tires and suspension it doesn't feel heavy and mine tracked perfectly straight out of the box. As physics would dictate the brake only really works when going downhill and having weight on the front tire, but when else would you need a brake on a stroller right. The brake was adjusted properly and I haven't needed to mess with it. Since I'm 6'6" I really have a hard time with most running strollers; they are too short and usually don't provide enough room for even a modest jogging stride. I have yet to kick the back side and I'm cruising along at a nice 6min/mile pace; so props to BOB for thinking about us tall guys. The handle also has an excellent range of motion and will go high enough for me comfortably.

(suspension complaint removed after update)

So far quality seems top notch. There has only been two issues I have. One, the female strap attached to the frame with a bolt was installed backward upon delivery and needed to be turned around to work properly (this was not a big deal for me). Second, and really my only peeve, there is no positive locking on the canopy when it is opened fully. Meaning when it is windy out, which is all the time in Minnesota, the canopy will blow back to it's almost fully opened state.

Overall it’s great stroller, a little expensive but compared to the competition it's at the top for best bang for your buck and I would buy it again. Oh one more thing, the mud guard is great, nothing gets kicked up on my daughter, even when running through several inches of mud and slush. Also the composite wheels are perfect for the salty conditions we have around here.

By the way, I'm not a vine reviewer and didn't receive any discount or perks for this review. I paid full price and am giving my honest opinion.
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on December 14, 2017
This is the Cadillac of stallers. It's great if you like to run and need to take the little one with you. Big wheels make for a soft, if slightly bumpy ride. The top extends to cover most of my son, which is great for sunny days. The wheels are inflatable, so they will require air occasionally and you may get a flat as I did. Also, make sure to use the wrist strap that's included. If the stroller gets away from you on a downhill, it will take off and you will never catch up to it! Overall, I'm very happy with this stroller.
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on September 28, 2017
Very smooth ride. I gave it 4 stars just because when you push down on the handle bar it gives and makes it harder to turn, plus it feels like it will break. Note: it has not broken though.
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on April 11, 2017
So far we love this. I doesn't maneuver in tight areas as well as our City Select but we got this for being active outdoors, not for maneuvering downtown or in stores.
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on April 18, 2017
I love jogging with this stroller. Walking is also better than our regular stroller on curbs and bumps. It's not perfect though. A better place for water bottles would be nice and steering in tight places with the fixed wheel can be difficult.
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on August 18, 2017
Absolutely awesome! My best friend is having a baby soon and she wanted this stroller more than anything!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I think this is the superior expression of the BOB jogging stroller. By that I mean that in terms of design, it's the same as the BOB 2016 Ironman Stroller, Yellow. The only difference are the wheels - the Ironman is more of a street machine, while this stroller is chunkier and better suited to non-paved surfaces. This doesn't mean it's not at home on pavement...far from it...but that it gives you more versatility in terms of environment. So between the two, I'd really choose this one. And frankly, because of those wheels and tires, I'd even choose this over the Thule Glide, design differences aside.

What do I mean by that? Well, the design of this stroller, especially how it folds, isn't as intuitive or effortless as the Thule Glide is. The carry bin on the bottom of the BOB does not have a cover, whereas the Thule does. The wheels are harder to detach on the BOB as well.

But when it comes to using it, most of these differences become irrelevant and the sheer versatility of this particular model makes up for any design nits I have. This stroller features a sturdy and rigid frame that is also lightweight. This, combined with the bearings and axles, make for a very stable and easy-pushing platform, even over uneven surfaces. The adjustable suspension aids in this, something the Thule does not have, and of course the tires make life easier as well. It tracks straight and stays straight.

But what about Junior? Well, out of the box this assumes your child can hold his head up on his own, so it's unsuitable for young infants (BOB does offer an adapter with which you can use a car seat for infants, but that makes the contraption a little too top heavy in my opinion). I really like the restraint design here, and the buckle is easy to use. Everything is highly adjustable and this is a carrier that will grow with the child, another big plus. Seating is cushioned and comfortable, and I like that there's good foot/leg support as well.

I am a fan of the canopy design, in that it is more versatile than the Thule Glide - and I like the positioning of the window so I can sneak a peek on Junior with the canopy down. It's more convenient than the Thule's. The handlebar adjusts easily up or down to accommodate different strides/kick heights, and the brake is well positioned. I like that the brake is a bit on the soft side and won't stop the stroller abruptly....important when you're jogging behind it.

While I'm not a big fan of the folding scheme here, it does fold down small enough to fit in the back of a Toyota Corolla-sized trunk without removing the front wheel...and that's a good thing. The tires on this stroller are thick enough where you really don't want to take off that front wheel unless you can't avoid it. It requires some finagling to reinstall it because of the brake caliper.

So yes, it's a large, chunky, go-off-the-beaten-path stroller...and that's important to know. Using this around the mall or department store will be frustrating after awhile, because that front wheel does NOT swivel, and it's too longish to move around gracefully in close quarters. No, this is a creature of, by, and for the outdoors. It isn't a shopping stroller, and though there is a fair amount of storage provided it's not really going to accommodate shopping bags and things like that. But that aside, in terms of actual outdoor use (which is what this carrier is designed for) I think it offers more versatility than the Ironman version. This is equally at home on the sidewalk as well as on the maintained handicapped-accessible hiking trail at my nearby National Park and, for that matter, on the dirt-and-gravel paths at some other municipal parks. It's designed for active use for active parents, so keep that in mind.

It's a good stroller, probably the best in the BOB line. I really like it. A lot.
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on June 14, 2017
Great product, excellent on trails, sturdy, and the shock absorbers provide for a smooth carriage ride. I gave it 4 stars, due to the front tire does not offer a turning feature unlike other Bob models; if you find yourself just pushing it around on the sidewalk you may quickly realize that want to have a front wheel that turns. This model does have a Braking system which I only use once in a while but found it handy when going down hills jogging. If you are a runner you won't be disappointed with this product, however if you plan to stroll around get one that has a turning front wheel. Also there is a car seat adapter which allows for infant use! If you have limited storage space as I do, it is not the easiest product to conceal and still have not found a way to securely hang it out of the way. With all that said, the drawbacks are minimal and I highly recommend this product.
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on July 12, 2017
From the moment I walked in my front door and saw the big, beautiful box in my living room I about cried with excitement. After an exhausting day I regained all my energy to open my Christmas present in July! Within 5 minutes the boxes were opened and the stroller was put together. No tools needed. Baby -who is 2 months at this point- was already in bed so joyfully waking the following morning the first thing I did was place baby right on in. After adjusting the harness to properly fit, and the seat to allow for baby to be propped just enough to see forward yet not flop, I strolled baby right down the front stairs. We then walked around the yard, riding right over the roots of the mango, bumped across the stepping stones and maneuvered around the vehicles through the garage. Most importantly, I took sweet baby for a mile + long sunset beach stroll. Over the soft sand I had to push slightly harder than I wanted to, so I trudged down to the wet sand, but definitely stayed away from the water. From there I wanted to run, and honestly I'm NOT a natural runner, but this stoked a childhood fire deep down and I fed it.
I am so happy with my purchase. This was the one item I was not going to compromise on. Living in a tropical, beach area I know I made the right choice. Thank you BOB!
Baby was able to hold his head up when I purchased item.
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on August 28, 2017
Some of the best money we have ever spent. I'm cheap, so the price tag of this stroller scared me, but we decided it was worth it because of the reviews we had heard. They were right! Such a smooth ride for baby, goes over any surface, & made well. Easy to put together. I love it!!! The ONLY thing less than desirable is that the front wheel is fixed, making it tricky to turn. But - if you're using this for long walks or working out, it's no problem. Turning isn't impossible, just tricky if you are making a lot of turns. Our baby is currently only 5 weeks old, so we bought the car seat adaptor (have a Graco seat). Works great!
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