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on December 29, 2010
The threads on this lens hood don't fit well at all with the threads on a Canon lens. It just pops off all the time. I think spending a little more money to get a better one would be well worth it.
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on October 22, 2011
Was a little worried about the fit and ease of use after reading some of the reviews but am very pleased. I figured out that the notched ring on the base of hood screws up and down to release and anchor the hood to the lense. The key is to tighten the screw ring on the hood, carefully line up the hood and camera with the arrow up as directions state and with light even pressure screw on. This doesnt require but about 2 turns - then the trick is to unwind the ring down toward the lens to firmly anchor the hood to the lens!!! Voila! Anchored! My other concern were reports that the lens cover wouldnt work and mine did!!! So I attached the lens cap holder on the cap and it elastically attaches to the lens shaft!!! The only thing I found disappointing was that there were no real directions especially for difficulties but I guess I could have called on the seller for assistance. Wish I had been braver and bought 2 more of them for my other lenses! For the $6 pricetag its a great deal!
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Buyer beware: If you want inexpensive - this is it. However, it is not without its faults. First, the plastic is lightweight/flimsy. That really isn't a problem for the 'tulip' part, but it could be with the threads. If you read the reviews, many people have trouble fitting this on either their lens or filter. For those impatient or rushing things, you could easily damage the threads of the shade. First - make sure you are purchasing this with a lens that is compatible. It takes some experimenting to fit it, but it will attach to the proper lens/filter size. It does attach easier to my lens than my UV filter, but it is workable on both.

The following is the main fault I found with it. I first quote from the info page, "It works best when lens is zoomed out". I found just the opposite to be true. I found when zoomed completely out, depending on the rotation of the shade, the lens caught the edges of the tulip in the photo. Of course, if you're paying attention, you'll see this before you take your money shot. I found that if I zoomed in a hair, the edges were clear. Many people take a wider shot than necessary and then crop, so this isn't a deal breaker for those who already dropped their $6. I'm sure that, for those shots where I want the shade, it would work 99% of the time. If I purchase another at some point, I would probably buy from a local shop where I can test it.

By the way, even though it says A&R Brand Professional...mine came labeled as Vivitar. I expect it goes out under many name brands...but I don't imagine Canon would sell this under their name.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 13, 2013
Well made of sturdy hard plastic. Perfectly fits various Canon lenses that have a 58 mm diameter. Compact enough to carry in camera bag, small purse or even a pocket. I had no difficulty threading it on any of my Canon lenses - the trick is to align the threads perfectly and turn carefully. Depending on the focus depth of a lens, the "peaks" of the hood may appear in the photo; this is easily remedied by turning the hood to align the "notches" with the picture frame.
I use it mainly in bright outdoor settings or harsh/very bright indoor lighting (to shield front lens).
Value priced.
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on December 28, 2010
I am very disappointed in this Professional 58mm Digital Tulip Flower Lens Hood For canon. When installed on a telephoto lens it gets in the way of the operation of the lens. The lens hood is made of plastic and is easily cross threaded. I wish I could have handled this hood before I had ordered it. This is not worth the money to send it back. Look at another lens hood. You get what you pay for.
Eynpire Camera did process this order in a very timely manner.
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on January 19, 2013
This is one of the best uses for $3 or $5 or so-or whatever it was I paid for it was. It's a simple lens hood. It's one of those things where for the most part it works or it doesn't. This works.

The best way to tell is by aiming this at something like an incandescent light, or if you're shooting at night with a lot of mercury vapor lamps. It does in fact shroud out some stray light from entering the lens.

It is plastic, and not rubber. It's not a big deal. I've already got it scuffed as I dropped the body the other day. I didn't think about it, but it did protect my lens in that case. So, that's a perk.

As for functionality, in some cases-not all, you can see a slight tint of a shade of lightness go away in comparison with this hood. As such, you might see a little bit more contrast and a little more saturation perceptually at least. It's not a whole lot, but there is a tiny little bit there that can work for you in cases.

I have read about other users posts on this thing falling off. I've had that happen once. With the version I have at least, there is a collar to tighten this thing with onto your lens or stack. If you tighten the collar, that helps. From there, if you rotate this hood accordingly, it will likely rotate your filter it's attached too-assuming you have one like that. I have a CPL that rotates freely. That helps.

Generally, the turning of the hood is not that much. If worse comes to worse, you have to follow the Formula I logic of Mario Andretti. If it gets loose and turns one way, then to even it out, it should be able to turn the other way no problem. That saves a lot of headaches actually. If you have a CPL with a metal frame that freely rotates as needed, that helps too. I say that as that way you can rotate the hood with the lens without rotating the focus ring or botching things up. If you didn't know that, try it.

Having said that, I use an automatic focus. My lens tends to lock it's focus ring when I switch it to that. If you're using a manual focus, this hood could pose an issue. It is possible that when you rotate your lens for focal length, you could rotate the hood. In adjusting your focus, the hood will rotate accordingly. Pending your configuration, your hood can rotate the focus ring-and be a major PITA. If that's that case, the get another hood with a bearing on it.

I have seen images here of vignetting. This is one of those things where it will depend on your lens and vary accordingly. My own experience has been that in the 18mm-24mm range, I'll get some of that attributable to the lens hood. Past that range, it's not an issue. I've also tried this with my 75mm-300mm telephoto lens. I have not had that issue. On a wider FOV, its' going to happen. In my case, with my lenses, past that range, I haven't had an issue. Your results might vary for whatever reason. I generally keep a 2 filter stack on the end of my setup-FYI.

The other nice thing about this is that I did get an elastic band with a string and an adhesive button to attach my lens cap too. That came with this lens-which was a nice thing to have since I wasn't expecting that. My cap will stay attached to the hood-but it can be tricky. If it's that big of a deal, get a lens cap with the indentations on the tabs that are inside the cap to make life easier. I also got a small swath of a silk like cloth to wipe my optics with. It works better than the micro fibrous cloth I have. I didn't expect that either, but it was included with my order-and appreciated accordingly as they come in handy.
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VINE VOICEon July 30, 2013
Since there were a significant number of positive reviews I thought I would take a chance on this inexpensive Lens Hood but the quality is not to my liking.

Once screwed in place the hood barely turns because the threading is so poorly made. Perhaps I received a hood from a batch that wasn't quite up to specs. This makes it difficult to adjust the hood to the proper position. As a result, the hood I received is not suitable for a 55-250mm zoom lens because the lens rotates when focusing and the hood gets stuck in the wrong position. I need to be able to easily and quickly turn the hood to get the right lighting.

As I only paid six dollars it is not worth the cost of paying shipping to return it. So I'm using it for now by working around the problem by not tightening it securely. I leave it loose and then adjust it after focusing. However this is not an ideal situation for use when carrying the camera around while I'm out hiking.

Also, the lens cleaning kit was not included with the hood. The only extra in the package was a small square of microfiber cleaning cloth. The hood gets two stars because I can use it, but with extra effort and a bit of annoyance.
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VINE VOICEon March 23, 2012
I have bought a lot of budget accessories before, and I don't make this claim lightly, but this is a total piece of junk.

Rather than lock onto the bayonet mounting points on the outside of the lens, it threads onto the internal filter threads... or tries to anyway. Cheap, soft plastic that took about 25 tries before I could get it to catch, and once I finally got it on, it was so tight, I'm sure it was damaging the hood's threads, and possibly the lens's as well. And even though it is a relatively shallow hood, it still gets in the image at 18mm - and because it rotates with the barrel (at least on the Canon 18-55) it changes with the focus, and is never in the right place, and the threads make you afraid to rotate it. I'd also be very concerned about damaging your lens if it is set to auto-focus, because you would have to fight the motor to get it to rotate.

Some of this is an artifact of the lens, but just shows that this hood is not really compatible with one of the most common lenses that it's targeted at, and for non-wide lenses, it's really just a throw-away piece of junk. I was surprised to find it was a "name" brand (Bower) but that quickly led to disappointment.

The only reason I don't return it, other that it's just not worth it for a five dollar order, is that the vendor threw in, apparently for free, a cleaning kit and a lens cap holder cord. (Although it looks like a different vendor is now listed, so don't expect to get the freebies)
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on March 10, 2016
It shades the lens. That's about all I can say about it other than it didn't, thank goodness, cost very much. I bought it for a Canon EFS 55-250mm IS lens but, unfortunately, it doesn't allow the use of the lens cap. That means you have to thread it on every time you use it and then thread it off to put the lens cap on. I don't know about some but I prefer not to leave my lens unprotected unless I am shooting. I'll not bother returning it because it will cost as much as the hood itself. Instead I'll look for a better product, preferably one made by Canon.
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The price was right and the hood seems to be of good quality plastic. However, I've had problems attaching this lens hood. I think I've got it securely attached, only to have it fall off. Could use some instructions included with the package. It should be a no-brainer to attach it to a lens, but not for me.
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