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on November 28, 2015
If you are looking to bulk up, to build mass, and to get stronger, this is for you. If you are a fighter, a swimmer, or an athlete who does a ton of cardio, this is NOT for you. N.O. Explode does everything it's supposed to do. It works, but it only works if you put the work in on your end. Also, if you are going to start bodybuilding and training with products such as N.O. Explode, keep in mind that you will have to consume a TON of water. Especially during training, or you will feel pain, in areas such as your kidneys, because of how dehydrated this will make you. Like I said, this product works and does what it's supposed to do, BUT it only works if YOU put in the work on your end. You must train consistently, you must eat right, and eat a lot, and you MUST consume a ton of water. Also, if you are just starting out, do NOT consume a full dose. All you will need just starting out is half a scoop.
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on December 1, 2012
This has got to be my absolute FAVORITE pre-workout supplement. I have used this product for years now and I absolutely love it. I was a huge fan of the original NO-XPLODE and just when I think they couldn't get a better concoction together they come out with the advanced strength. The advanced strength has some of the same benefits of the original mixture but they added Beta Alanine. I assume they saw the popularity of the pre-workout supplement Jack 3-d and wanted to capitalize on it. What you have is a new and improved supplement that get's you ready for the work out of your life. For every "study" out there that says one good thing about a supplement like NO-XPLODE I could find 3 others that say something negative. All I know is I get a stronger pump, a harder work out, and a better all around feeling when I use it so I will let the science guys continue the debate while I use this great product. I do caution that once you finished your 2.48 container you should take the same amount of time you were on it and take a break from it. I also caution you to not worry about the tingling you will feel after you take it. That's just the Beta Alanine kicking in and it's nothing to worry about! Good luck!
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on October 9, 2013
I became immune to the effects after a few weeks so went off it for a while and now use it every other workout and it works each time (3 years now). I'm not sure what is in it that causes aggression but I do feel excessively aggressive when I use it...above and beyond just an energy boost. A couple of friends of mine told me about their experience with aggression and actually quiet using it.. It wears off fast for me and I haven't had any issues, but I have to admit when I use it and I'm stressed or aggravated about something a level of violence begins to boil in me, which is great for the benefit of workout, but it's admittedly weird and only happens when I use N0 Xplode.
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on August 1, 2015
I've tried four different preworkouts now (C4, Outlift, and OMR), and I have to say that of these four this was the worst for two main of reasons.
1. It doesn't mix well: The quasi-carbonated nature of the mixture keeps you from shaking it up (unlike C4 and OMR). The mixture itself doesn't mix well, and this leaves a lot of grainy residue at the bottom of the glass, even if you keep stirring throughout drinking.
2. It gave me bad digestive problems in a way none of the others did. All of the pre-workouts that I've tried speed up your metabolism so that you have to use the bathroom relatively soon after drinking it. But this also gave me stomach problems hours after the fact as well.

Other people may not have these problems with this product. This kind of thing is very subjective, and while I love OMR at the moment (it seems to work as well as C4 for a fraction of the price currently), and think C4 is pretty good, others may have bad reactions to them. However, the grainy nature of the mix, and the inability to shake it are objectively factual, so if those things bother you, maybe pick one of the others I mentioned.
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on May 28, 2015
I usually got my kick from the taste. Horrible taste. First container I got was the old one with fruit punch flavor, can't go wrong with fruit punch right? Tasted awful. The second container I got even though I used the same posting as the first one I got the new version. This time I ordered blue raz, maybe an improvement since some people said it was their favorite. It was even worse than fruit punch.
It did though give me a boost in the gym and I felt wired throughout. But because of the high caffeine content you get the runs, which for me was great because I felt lighter after. I do feel tingling in my hands after I drink two scoops after 15 minutes so I know when it kicking in.
It was the first time I tried a pre workout and I'm happy with the results. The label said after 12 weeks you should stop using it for 4 weeks so I'm changing it. I might come back to it but the taste puts me off.

Update 1: I tried another pre workout and it doesn't even compare to this product. Now I'm not as focused and don't feel as much energy like when i used NO Xplode. The other supplement I'm using has a milder taste but just as bad. I'm changing it to 4 start.

Update 2: watermelon is the best flavor. Very palatable.
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on March 6, 2014
This is a pretty good pre-workout and was my go-to for many years. In fact I'm pretty sure it was the first pre-workout I ever tried! It gives a good energy boost and good pumps, but nothing special. One thing that kind of sketches me out now is that the first ingredient in their 20g blend is maltodextrin, which is just a sweetener/filler ingredient. I guess this is for the carbs? Either way it just makes me feel like I'm getting ripped off. They also claim 0g sugar, but after reading up on it malto is a very high GI carb, so basically just sugar...

I started researching more and actually switched over to using pre-workouts (and supplements in general) more centered around using less ingredients that are scientifically proven, and contain higher dosages. I mean there's literally 25+ ingredients on this label, the dosages on them must be so small that who knows if they're even doing anything??? I just don't trust these stimulant based pre-workouts (N.O. Xplod, C4, Jack3d, 1MR, etc.) anymore. Though they give you that rush and pump, I might as well just save my money and drink a cup of coffee and eat a banana.

I definitely don't "feel" the non-stim pre-workouts as much in the sense that I'm not a jittery mess, but my workouts have been 10x better. I have more focus, am gaining more strength, and overall have WAY more drive in the gym. Recently I've been using LEGION Pulse, Naturally Sweetened Pre-Workout Supplement for a Smooth Energy Rush, More Strength, More Endurance, and No Jitters or Crash, Fruit Punch, 522.5 Grams Optimum Nutrition Platinum, Pre- Raspberry Lemonade 30 servings 8.45 Ounce, and JYM Pre JYM - 20 Servings - Raspberry Lemonade. After rotating through them a couple times though I'm pretty sure Pulse is my favorite. My workouts on it are insane, I don't get the famous "crash" after (which is HORRIBLE on the heavy stim products), and it's naturally sweetened with stevia which is great I've been trying to get better lately at staying away from artificial sweeteners + junk foods.
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on April 5, 2014
I used to workout without a pre-workout supplement, and I always felt so weak and unmotivated to start my workout. This powder has enough caffeine in it to wake you up and get you going, and isn't grainy or incredibly disgusting. Pro tip: If you gag when mixing it with water, mix it with orange juice. May seem gross, but for me it's much more tolerable than water, and the sugar and vitamin C give you a little bit more of a kick so you can use that momentum to go and hit the treadmill or the weights. There's a lot of words thrown around with pre-workouts, and one of them is "pump". I'll be honest and say that I've never gotten a big pump from this pre. If you're looking for that full feeling in your muscles, I'd recommend Jak3d, because when I took that I definitely felt that. But for someone who doesn't want to feel overly jittery with their heart bouncing out of their chest N.O. XPLODE is a good alternative. I have to say it's great for those who are creatures of habit, because even if I don't feel like working out one day, just drinking a glass full will give me the incentive and the energy to put in a good day's work at the gym.
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I really like this product, it seems to be high quality; BSN is a main staple for all gym-goers. Be aware that the main ingredient (or active ingredient) is L-Arginine. I particularly like the fact that this product contains a lot of it!!! So caffeine isn't the main ingredient though it does have around 225 mg per serving.

The only thing that I can say that I don't care for is the flavor (I purchased Fruit Punch). It does have a weird aftertaste and if you burp after you drink it, it is kind of gross...but I digress, the pumps you get at the gym are well worth the gross after burps. I have tried numerous pre-workouts and I actually plan to stay with this one for awhile.

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on April 7, 2014
I've been using N.O. Xplode for about 5 years now, and just really love it as a daily energy drink. I'll have about 1.5 scoops in a 14oz cup of water and just sip on it as I would my daily cup of coffee. Very low carb count, but has a good flavor to it (especially the Fruit Punch or Lemonade flavors).

On my workout days I'll have 2 scoops before going to the gym as well as a bit of protein shake to level out my energy levels. I would highly recommend having protein in some form while using this. Energy levels can spike and leave you feeling jittery without it.

My wife enjoys this as well though she will only have 1 scoop at a time with the same 14oz of water. She uses primarily on the days she doesn't feel up to brewing coffee. Her only complaint is hydration is harder to stay up on when she drinks this. I personally think she's dehydrated anyway, but it's more noticeable with the amount of caffeine N.O. Xplode has, so keep your water bottle with you and it might not be a bad idea to drink a glass of water pre-energy drink in the morning.

Pros: Convenient, Tasty, Abundant Energy, Easy to Moderate (dosing is very consistent).

Cons: The only thing I can think of here is cost. It saves me money instead of impulse buying energy drinks at the grocery store for $2 a pop, so I appreciate that but am always looking for a good deal on a container.

Overall, I highly recommend you give this a try for a lighter energy drink that has good get up and go, but won't string you out unless you take 2 scoops or more without really doing any sort of workout.
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on December 15, 2013
My experience with the product has been great so far. Definitely have been able to go heavier on the weights, blast through my workouts and make gains. This stuff leaves me feeling excited and ready to take on anything. The only issue I have is the flavor, and that's not BSN's fault, it's the seller's fault. I ordered Blue Raz, but instead was sent Lemon Lime. I am not a fan of the Lemon Lime flavor, but I have found that mixing it with other juices like apple juice helps. I take it right before I leave the house, since it takes about 45 minutes for me to get to the gym on the bus. It basically kicks in right as I'm arriving. I make sure that I STIR it into my drink with a spoon or other utensil, as the directions suggest, and not shaking it in my shaker. I also make sure to take a spoon and spoon out the bubbles that this drink creates when you stir it, so that I am only left with the liquid itself, and that seems to help. It has a thizz to it, by the way. I have seen other reviews where people have said this stuff makes them go to the toilet. Have not experienced that. It says to take on an empty stomach, but I tried it on a completely empty stomach, and also after having a very small meal on a different occasion and noticed no difference in the way it worked. I did find that I do best with 2 scoops in a concentrated shot of like 6oz of liquid of my choice.

Overall, would highly recommend this product, it works fantastic. I just wouldn't really recommend the Lemon Lime flavor. I might just go ahead and get the new flavor at my gym since it's the same price there and I wouldn't need to wait for it to ship at this point. Again, great product, flavor, not so much. May update with 5 stars if I get the new flavor and it's much better.

**UPDATE** So back in February, I went ahead and bought the Fruit Punch flavor, and I have to say, that I like that flavor MUCH, much better. I still wouldn't particularly drink this on its own, but it tastes AMAZING when you mix it with Vitamin Water, particularly the Fruit Punch flavor, OR the Dragonfruit Flavor. Haven't tried it in any other Vitamin Water Flavors yet, but those are great. I recommend the latter the most, if you are going to mix it. I drink it with 8 oz of the liquid to really dilute it and even though I can still taste the product, it's not as harsh and I don't need to close my nose to get it down, actually makes for a pleasant drink.

As for how it works, it is great, gives you a great pump especially for those days when you need to go heavier.

DO NOT GET THE LEMON-LIME! I didn't even order it on purpose, but decided to TRY to work with it. It was so gross that I eventually just threw it out after a few attempts at mixing and experimenting.

GET THE FRUIT PUNCH; it tastes better, and mixes better with other drinks. Made my Dragonfruit V-Water taste like bubble gum! So good! And the carbonation wasn't as harsh either! Drink a little water behind it and you're good to go pretty much! Hope this helps someone who might be wondering which flavor to get (and which one NOT to get).
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