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on April 1, 2018
Writing this after my first workout trying the product. After trying many different Pre-workout from C4, NO explode, Muscle Pharm Assault, etc.. I can honestly say this is the best one i've tried yet. I opted for the Blue Raspberry flavor as it was the cheapest for some reason and since I just chug my pre workout anyway I could care less for taste. Took 1 scoop which contains 300 mg caffeine and 3g Creatine, also states that it contains Beta Alanine but i did not feel the itchy tingling sensation that I normally feel from other products that contain it, which is a plus. Didn't hit me at first but I have a pretty high tolerance for Caffeine so I took another half scoop and let me tell you that was totally unnecessary as I should've just waited a bit longer. Had probably one of the best workouts i've had in a while and I still feel energized as I type this 2 hours after my workout. Pushed harder and noticeably able to hit more reps/sets than I normally would without Pre-workout. Overall fantastic product and for this cheap of price I have failed to find anything comparable. Definitely will be buying more as soon as I run out!
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on April 13, 2018
I am 5’4 150 pounds. And I’m pretty out of shape. Haven’t worked out in such a long time and I decided to give this a try after hearing so many good things about it:
Pros: does the job, I personally think it’s more powerful than C4, C4 made my skin itch and I didn’t feel it 70% of the time.
Cons: I took one serving at 6:30pm and I wasn’t able to sleep until 6 am. My body is so sore from the work out but my brain is wide awake. Maybe its because of my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise lately but god damn this is powerful.

This product works, for its purpose and it tastes delicious. Makes you sweat hours after taking it.
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on December 28, 2017
This preworkout is an 'assault' on C4. No pun intended, but I do believe this is BSN's answer to C4. I never understood why C4 was as popular as it was since it's underdosed and fell flat. With that being said, I am impressed with this preworkout. BSN is one of the few long standing supplement companies. They also manufacture their own products, which is another (huge) benefit. With that being said this product offers a nice hybrid between pump/energy/strength. I was pleasantly surprised with my workout I got in this morning (keep in mind I have tried every pre under the sun). I like the watermelon because it is dye free and ace k free. I would give 5 stars if they had an option with Stevia.
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on April 12, 2018
I tried lots of different protein powders, and gagged at how they tasted. Just for fun, I did a search for "best tasting protein powder" and this one popped up on the list. I ordered it from Amazon, thinking that it'd be another good-for-you-but-tastes-bad thing. I was wrong: This stuff is delicious, and actually makes me want more after I finish drinking it. Better than the rest, but a mile.
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on December 11, 2016
I've been taking some form of protein powder for over a 20 year period. Recently, I've looked for an all in one powder that I can readily make and shake after workouts as well as before bed or during the day if I need a quick meal replacement. This would replace whey after a workout, and casein before bed I am just tired of buying multiple bottles of protein powder. I also just started using a CLA for the first time to help shed some winter belly fat. So far what I'm using is this Super Potent CLA 4,500mg. I found it cheap and works well. This stuff with protein on an otherwise empty stomach in the AM before cardio is really shredding the fat away.
Anyway this protein product fit the bill nicely. I look for 4 things when picking out a protein powder (not in any particular order) :

1) Nutrient profile: This has 22 grams of protein, and includes a mix of whey and casein, which is what I was taking before in two separate products. It also has 15 grams of carbs, which is pretty low (I'll buy anything below 20g of carbs, but the lower the better).

2) Flavor: Taste is pretty good. I usually get protein in either chocolate or vanilla, and I got the Vanilla Syntha-6. It doesn't have any sweetener aftertaste or gritty flavor, which is a problem. I usually mix it with water, it tastes as good in water as it can taste. I'll occasionally mix it with milk, which makes it almost creamy tasting but beware Dairy can make you hold water so I only do that when I am bulking or not worried about overall calorie intake.

3) Mixability: Syntha-6 mixes extremely well in water or milk in my shaker bottle, with no clumps. A little bit sticks to the side, which I will chalk up to normal it’s sort of unavoidable.

4) Price: Price was descent and better than I can find in a GNC or similar store. Under $25 for over 28 servings of quality protein is a good deal. It's not the cheapest protein powder, but you get what you pay for.

IDK everyone has their own favorite protein but this one seems to cover a lot of bases especially if your not prepping for a show. Good luck in finding what works for you!
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on April 14, 2018
Seems to be good so far. I am a previous C4 user and was looking for a little something different because I felt like my body had gotten used to the C4. Rush gives me a good boost of energy for my workout without any jitters or tingling like some preworkouts give you. Overall I felt like it was long lasting and there was no crash. The flavor was good, not overly sweet- which is a plus for me! I do wish the scoop was smaller for easy pouring into water bottles. I keep a collapsible funnel in my workout bag to help with products that use big scoops but without it the powder leaves a big mess if you are trying to get it into a normal size water bottle.
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on March 19, 2018
Got the raspberry flavor. Pretty good with ice but still somewhat medicine kind of taste to it. As far as performance goes, I notice a good amount of extra stamina during my workout. Makes me a bit irritable though and I wish the caffeine wasn't so much (300mg per serving)
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on October 4, 2012
I'm 39 and trying to get back into the at least a semblance of the shape I was in when I finished boot camp about 21 years ago. Fat chance, pun intended, but I'm giving it a go anyway. So I bought P90x and after a year of on again off again attempts at sticking to it I've finally reached the point where I actually am sticking to it. Mostly anyway lol! I talked to my Dr and he grudgingly agreed that a protein supplement, used as a "cheat" to get me going, would not be harmful and may actually be beneficial for helping me reach my goals. I've been searching off and on for a protein supplement that works and doesn't taste nasty. Time will tell if this works. But boy is this far from nasty to drink. It actually tastes good. Contrasting that to one I tried 5 years or so ago that I couldn't stomach and I am thrilled with this protein powder. I got the chocolate milk shake flavor, mixed it with nothing other than water and ice in a blender and had a fabulous shake!

The wealth of reviews on this product is what prompted me to give it a try and why I feel compelled to write a review. It truly tastes good. I know that some reviewers question whether it's the best supplement powder out there based on ingredients to which I respond; what good are powders that taste so nasty that people stop drinking them? In this case, I feel the ingredients are good enough while the taste is superior.
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on June 1, 2017
I bought this for my husband's protein drink and we both love the taste. Our nephew is an athlete and he uses this daily, so we thought we give it a try and we love the taste of it.
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on September 6, 2012
Like other reviewers, I've gone through several protein powders. The last was Designer Whey which I still like because of the Stevia sweetener, but Syntha -6 is the winner so far in flavor and satisfaction.

I bought the vanilla ice-cream (I love vanilla because you can make it into just about any flavor you want)and it is very reminiscent of melted vanilla ice cream. I've been using one scoop with 8 oz water. I've used my ninja blender for some but have just used my shaker cup when I'm on the go, either way the protein disolved completed with no grainy texture and tasted great. It's actually a treat that I look forward to.

Aside from the flavor though, I was surprised at how much more satisfying this was. I always bought the lowest calorie protein powders so it was hard to go with one that was higher ( I believe it's 180 cals, 5 g fat, 15 g carbs, 3 g fiber) but I think both the fat and reasonable amount of carbs help me feel satisified longer. Since I'm using this for dieting and your mind tends to miss 'chewing', I add a 'light' english muffin, piece of fruit or other low-cal snack that I can actually eat alongside the shake and it definitely has reduced my calorie intake during the day without that deprived feeling.
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