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on March 2, 2015
This is a long review, but I did a lot of research and I reviewed a lot of other reviews to make this purchase, so I thought it would be helpful to others to add my two cents.

I just received the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 hairdryer last night and used it this morning. My previous dryer was a 10-year old Gold-N-Hot 1875 Watt Dryer. My old dryer did the trick and still works, but I wanted to try this "ionic" technology to see if it made a difference in how my natural African American 4-A type hair would look. Quick and dirty Pros and Cons:

It gets really hot - I mean - seriously. The package and the instruction manual virtually SHOUT at you that the dryer is designed for use by cosmetologists only, and there's crazy numbers of warnings all over the thing regarding it being a "professional dryer." At first I was like, Okay - I get it - it's for professionals, and I'm not a "professional." But, BELIEVE IT. The warnings made me hesitant to use it on "hot" but I tried it for a bit and yep - it's hot. Don't mess around with the high-heat setting. I wanted a dryer that gets hot (the Remington I previously bought was like a warm breeze - what a joke). The BaByliss fits the bill. And I'm confident that - not being a professional - I could easily burn my hair off my head if I used it on high heat in one spot for too long. It'll be a while before I mess with the concentrator nozzle.

Something on this dryer seems to really protect and bring the best out of my hair - there is really a definite difference in the look (sheen) and feel of my hair post-drying. My curls are curlier and not separated. My hair is bouncy and soft. If that's what ions or ceramics or tourmaline or whatever do, then I'm sold. Awesome results.

It's not too loud. It's actually quieter than my old Gold-N-Hot 1875 Watt, but it doesn't blow as hard, and has lots more technology. So happily, I can dry my hair without worrying about hearing loss.


It doesn't really blow as hard as I'd expect a 2000 Watt dryer to blow. I mean, all this technology and fanciness; I thought my hair would be blowing like something from the movies. No dice. I don't know if air force really makes that much of a difference, though - my hair dried in a shorter amount of time than my old dryer would have done, and my old dryer blew like a fan boat. I guess that's the "professional" element of the dryer - it does what it's supposed to do without messing up your style or tangling your hair while it's doing it.

It is a <little bit> heavy. I mean, it's not like an anvil, but it's certainly heavier than my old dryer. It's listed as being a bit over 2 lbs in weight. I guess it's all the ceramic fanciness inside it. I don't think the weight of the dryer will impact my ability to use it, though - I think that because it dries faster and more efficiently, I'll use it for less time and therefore be less impacted by the weight.

Now - details on performance: My typical process is to wet my hair in the morning, apply a leave-in conditioner and either air-dry it in summer, or blow dry (or bonnet dry if I have time) in winter. My Gold-N-Hot 1875 would bone dry my hair in maybe 20-25 minutes from towel-dry status on high heat at high-blowing speed. The result with the Gold-N-Hot was dry hair with frizzy curls in places and loss of curl definition, and I never really dried it bone-dry because of time constraints and because generally, I just don't like to have to take a lot of time with my hair.

My new BaByliss Pro BABP2800 dried my hair (a little wetter than towel-dry) in 10-12 minutes and my hair was soft and shiny after it was dry. My curls were separated and well defined. My hair has a nice natural sheen to it anyway, but the Gold-N-Hot definitely caused it to frizz out if I dried my hair for longer than 20 minutes. In contrast, I probably could have used the new BaByliss for a longer period of time without it changing the size of my curls or the sheen of my hair. I really also loved how my hair felt after it was dry - soft, shiny, and my curls were bouncy. Seriously amazing results.

Overall opinion - the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 is worth the money if you have hair that tends to frizz and that you want to be shiny and bouncy. What the dryer lacks in blowing power is totally made-up-for in performance because of the ceramic/ionic technology. I didn't give it 5 stars because I'm disappointed in the blowing power, but I think that my lack of understanding of blow-dryer science is to blame for that. Maybe air speed isn't all that important - it's just what I'm used to. I'm kind of surprised that another reviewer thought it blew too hard. That's definitely not my experience.
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on January 8, 2016
I actually did like this hair dryer up until recently. Despite the fact that it's a little heavy, it worked extremely well. It was the first time I invested in a good quality hair dryer. I did all the research and asked my hair dresser for suggestions. One year, almost to the day, after I purchased it, the hot air stopped working. I was actually on a mini vacation when it happened. I am so disappointed. I did read a few reviews that said it happened to some other people but the majority were happy with the purchase, so I took a chance. I had a cheap Revlon hair dryer for years. It wasn't the best but it lasted longer than this one (I had given that one to a friend who now uses it on contracting jobs to quickly dry paint when he needs to, says it still works great. Go At the time of purchase I paid over $80 for this thing. Guess I'll chalk it up to having about a $7 lease for a year.
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Enthusiast: Petson February 8, 2014
I wanted to get a blow dryer that could get the job done for me in a reasonable amount of time. I read everyone of the reviews and thought about this for a month. I then took the plunge and got this. I have been able to cut the time in half for drying my hair. I have several other hair dryers and they all get the job done in time. I have found that none of them do what this one does. I love the cord on this is so very long and can do this so much easier. I found after using this my hair felt different some how it is softer and am very happy for that. My hair is rather thick, kinky, frizzy, curly. The one word to best describe my hair is terrible. I have had a terrible time with making my hair look half way good. When I was younger I could keep it short and got away with it. I have found that won't work and now needed to find a way to control the mess. I have been using the flat irons and they help make this straight. I now find that this hair dryer makes that time even shorter. My hair has never been this soft after using a dryer. I can say I never thought this was possible in my lifetime. Get this if you are looking for shorter drying time and you will be glad you did.
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on January 27, 2016
I have had this blow dryer for three years. It is the best blow dryer I have EVER used. I have curly (medium size) extra long hair. I also live in South Florida which has a very humid tropical climate. When you have curly hair and live in constant humidity, that equals constant frizz. Blow dryers alone do not really straighten your curly hair, so you also need to use a straightener to get your hair straight. Well, this blow dryer can be used 100% by itself with no straightener. Every one of my friends make it a point to get ready at my house due to my blow dryer (and my GHD straightener for those who come over with dry hair). This blow dryer can also be used to get a large or extra large sleek curl. Mind you, 100% humidity causes my hair to slightly curl back up ALL OF THE TIME. BUT, my hair stays sleek with NO FRIZZ all day long. Since frizz is my biggest issue and since nothing can keep anyone's curly hair straight in 100% humidity (unless you do permanent straightening), this blow dryer far exceeds my expectations. On top of myself and my friends using this blow dryer constantly for the past three years, my husband and I also use this blow dryer for our two long-haired large breed dogs and our two long-haired cats. I will never use another blow dryer because this one is as good as it can possible get. When this one's time is up, I will purchase another. You guys have a customer for life!
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on January 14, 2015
I've had used the Babyliss Pro for about two years. I really like how it dries my hair and I also like the fact that is it still working with no issues after all this time. I only have two negative things to say about it. 1) It is heavy which makes it difficult to dry my hair since I have a lot and it is very long. 2) I had to get rid of the concentrating nozzle because using the nozzle would cause the blower to overheat and shut down. Nevertheless, it works great without it and I am happy with the results I get. I have very long and think curly hair which I maintain straight most of the time. I also treat my hair with keratin which makes it much easier to manage.

Updated on 10/22/2017: I still have this and it continues to work as expected! This surprises me, I have long think hair and I blow dry my hair after every wash. I no longer use keratin in my hair. This is a really great product as most other have lasted me only a year and this one is still going strong after many, many hours of use. :)
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on November 18, 2013
I have been blow drying my hair for over 30 years. Almost since blow dryers were invented. I really never thought a blow dryer could make that much difference, but it does!! My hair is fine, but I guess I have a lot of it. Also, it is pretty straight with the odd cowlick in front and a few waves on the sides. It is also long, below shoulder length. So we have fine, long, cowlick-y hair which never EVER looks as good as it does the day I get it cut -- until I got this. And the bonus is that with absolutely no product in my hair except for the shampoo and conditioner I used, my hair did not turn into gross, ugly, straight frizz when it was raining. It looked and felt like my hair did when I was a teenager. Long, silky, shiny locks of my gorgeous and mysteriously not-grey-at-all natural color. I had been using a Conair 1875 ceramic something or other. This is one billion times better. The weight is a bit more, maybe 8 ounces. And the whole thing is longer so there was a little adjusting needed, but that's why I have a bathroom mirror. And it dries my hair a lot faster than the old dryer, too. I used to spend 15 to 20 minutes with just the blow dryer and now that's down to 10. Yep, just 10 minutes - I do use a microfiber towel when i get out of the shower. Then I bend at the waist and dry the underside quickly without the concentrator. Then I flip back over, pop the concentrator on and do the top section, back section, both sides and do the very front last. I use a large round brush at the roots and pull down the shaft with the dryer following quite closely, but not touching. The concentrator covers a smaller area than the Conair, so the heat is more direct. One tip is that you should always blow your hair with the dryer pointing downward on the shaft as opposed to straight across or upward. This seals the cuticle and gives amazing shine. I could get my hair straight with the Conair, but no matter what I did, I needed to use either a flat or curling iron to get shine and product to hold it in. This is now the only tool I need other than my giant round brush. If I want curl, then I might use a curling iron and hairspray, but if I want to wear my hair straight, now I can just blow it and go -- no hairspray required. LOVE IT.
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on August 24, 2017
I have really frizzy hair and this dryer changed my life! The drying time is now cut in half and if I am styling my hair smooth I only need to run my flattening iron through my hair quickly. Each one of my friends who have used my dryer loves it just as much as I do so if you are looking for a quick, get the job done dryer this is the one for you!!!
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Enthusiast: Sewingon July 19, 2014
Worth the price. I never put a lot of money ($54.00) into blow dryers before this purchase. I am glad I invested in quality.

Quiet operation - love this feature
Power - dries quickly -,I have long (mid back) somewhat course curly hair
Light weight
Long cord
I am left handed - the power switches are in my way - the good thing is that though I have my fingers on them my setting do not change. Some dryers switches change positions if you just touch them

Cons: would like more color options
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on April 23, 2014
When my beloved decade old Conair bit the dust, I was excited to upgrade to Babybliss. The dryer itself has a nice long cord and appears to be very sturdy. I also appreciated that it came in black rather than neon. But after a couple weeks of use I had to return it. Here's why:

1. The attachment popped off too easily.
2. There is no way to comfortably hold this thing without switching the buttons inadvertently.
3. With my old dryer, it was pleasantly warm to sit under the heat while I dried my hair in winter. Despite the three heat settings, this dryer either burns or feels cool.
4. Although the motor is very powerful, it actually took longer to dry my thin, fine hair, regardless of settings, thus causing my hair to be damaged more quickly. (I'm not sure what to attribute this to except that maybe the force of the wind was so strong that my hair was blown out of the way and couldn't dry well? Just a guess...)
5. I never had such absurdly tangled hair in my life as I did after using this contraption.
6. Never once did I notice that my hair looked stronger/shinier/healthier/fuller. Quite the opposite. I thought it might have looked a little more voluminous for a day or two, but quickly realized that what I was seeing was damage. Then it became brittle and started breaking off all day long.

So, it took two weeks of daily use to completely destroy my hair (hey, I wanted to give it a fair shot). FYI, this model has a similar warranty to much cheaper drug store brands. Also, return shipping is fairly expensive even at the cheapest rate (I paid around $14). If you have thick, tough hair that needs some abuse to be tame then maybe this will be a good choice for you. But if your hair is fine, thin, or otherwise delicate and damage prone, steer clear.
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on July 21, 2014
Read all the reviews and finally purchased it for myself. My hair is thick, long, and has a tendency to get just wavy enough to not look right. Before I bought the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 I was using a Conair hair dryer. I would get so hot and sweaty trying to dry my hair, that by the time my hair was actually dry (typically 35 minutes) I felt like I had to take another shower. Then, I would have to straighten it for another 20 minutes. On top of that I had to replace it every 3-4 years because the motor would burn out.
The BaByliss dries my hair in 5 minutes and leaves my hair wave free (as I like it). To get my hair super straight I will sometimes use my straightener, but that is rare now that I am getting the hang of this hair dryer. I've had my BaByliss for a couple of months now and am really happy I bought it.
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