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on January 3, 2016
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this toothbrush. And so does my toddler. We actually had to hide it in the medicine cabinet because we found her using it without us knowing and we didn't want it to end up on the floor! Now she walks in and asks for it every day. She can hold it well, and it fits in her moth wonderfully. The little bristles work on her teeth as well as helping sore gums as new teeth push through. It's durable and washes well.

The only negative I can come up with really won't be an issue for most people - and that's that it easily fits down the drain. We had removed the sink stopper to work on the sink, and didn't think as we gave the baby her toothbrush... only to watch in horror as she finished brushing her teeth and shoved it down the drain before we could stop her. Being so flexible and soft, my husband had to actually pull the drain apart because we couldn't get it back out the way it went in. As a result, we are now on our second toothbrush and love it just as much as the first! Just watch your little ones to keep them from stashing it where it doesn't belong!
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on July 21, 2013
I gave this toothbrush to my baby girl when she was 4 months old. She wanted to put everything in her mouth so it was only natural that when I handed it to her the first time, that's where it went. It has a nice large handle for her little hands, and it was large enough that she could not stick it far back to choke. She loved chewing it/ brushing from the very beginning. At first, she did not get the "brushes" in the correct position, but she had no teeth yet, so i did not concern myself with the positioning. Over time, though, she has managed to figure it out on her own. I use it everyday, right before bath time. I let her chew on it while I'm setting up the bath and it has become part of our bath time routine. I do it right before bath time because when she chews on the brush, she gets drool everywhere. I consider the drooling as part of the cleaning process. That way, she's all clean after her bath. She's now 8 months old, still no teeth, but she still loves to chew on the brush as it massages her gums. Since she has no teeth, I cannot say how well it cleans teeth, but I will update this review when her teeth does come out. I am not sure this "toothbrush" is intended for those with a full mouth of teeth, and eating lots of real adult food. I originally wanted something to just clean her baby gums and her tongue, which would get a white film from the milk she was drinking. I tried wiping her mouth with a washcloth, but it was a real struggle with a small baby. This made it so easy when she could hold it and do the cleaning herself. The swishing around in her mouth cleaned both her gums and her tongue. So I highly recommend parents to start using this early according the packaging's minimum age, which is 4 months, and those with older children to look elsewhere.
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on March 6, 2017
Our 10 month old baby used to let us brush her gums with a silicone finger brush and loved it. But as she finally began to get teeth emerging, she started to resist, even when we let her control the finger brush.
This novel baby toothbrush she immediately grabbed by the handle, and popped the correct end into her mouth the intended way... and even flipped it to over to brush the other side of her mouth after a bit without any help!
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on December 21, 2015
My son's favorite toys!

Ever since he sprouted 6 teeth within three weeks after turning 8 months old, we have tried to brush his teeth. Often I'd forget, or he'd fight those little finger brush things that we had gotten as a shower gift and I felt defeated. Or he'd just bite it and I really figured it was useless to even try to brush his teeth.

Now with Baby Buddy, my kid chomps happily for hours. Seriously, he walks around at 11 months holding his toothbrush and chewing it endlessly. He's going to have the cleanest teeth ever!

Fussy and fidgety at diaper changes? I just hand him his toothbrush. Lays still and happy as he chews (and occasionally whips around like a weapon) his toothbrush.

Teething? Pop his toothbrush in the fridge overnight and hand it to him. Magic!

Seriously, this will be in every "new Mom survival kit" I give to friends. This is one of those items that you never really think about one item being any better than the way it's always been. Well, this toothbrush proved me wrong - it's the best!
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Baby Buddy Baby's 1st Toothbrush stage 4 for toddler/baby.
This is a very cute nice pink color for the baby to use herself.
BPA free.
Gentle and easy to use.
Easy to clean/wash.
Good easy grip for holding and using -- really a wonderful design.
Get the little one into oral hygiene care by chewing which is totally natural and not having to learn how to do something which would not work at an early stage..
Added benefit it seems to sooth gums as well, so great for teething.

We will purchase this item again in the future especially for part of a gift for a baby shower.

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on December 25, 2013
We bought this toothbrush/teether when we had our first child and despite some yellow discoloration that has developed over time, it has held up well and is now used by our second baby. There isn't much to it; it is pretty much what you'd expect from the the pictures. It works well as a teether since it is long enough that it can reach back to those hard to get to gums and helps to provide some relief when it's time for molars to start breaking through and I'd recommend it for this purpose. If your intention is finding a toothbrush however, I would recommend looking at the baby banana toothbrush as it's handle and head design is much more suited to this purpose.

This Baby Buddy toothbrush/teether is composed of a clear or colored (blue or pink) transparent silicone. The silicone is food grade but I would have preferred if the manufacturer had opted to use medical grade silicone instead. Medical grade silicone is high-end silicone and is more pure then food-grade silicone. The lower the grade you get the more additives become "acceptable". For me I am just not crazy about the potential of un-known additives. The quality of the silicone appears to be pretty good...I just would have preferred the assurance of "Medical-Grade".

I hope this helps you out!
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VINE VOICEon December 10, 2017
I wouldn't say this is a "toothbrush" as it really functions like a teether. The shape is weird to me. I tried to get my baby's teeth aligned in the tray to brush and that proved difficult. My 7 month old baby wants to grab and chew, which is fine, except it's just a teether. We have a similar Nuby teether with silicone bristles that essentially does the same thing. I found the Baby Buddy 360 Toothbrush was more appropriate as an actual toothbrush to clean baby teeth.
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on December 20, 2017
Oh my goodness, we have eight million teethers in the home and this is the only one my 10 month old has reliably reached for during the last 3 months without fail. At one point she had 4 top teeth all coming in at once and she gnawed on this toothbrush/teether like there was no tomorrow. Other teethers she would bite down on once or twice and then fling them away while screaming, but not this one! A lifesaver.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 4, 2017
My son loves this. He isn't big on me using it to brush his teeth, but he loves chewing on it. He is massaging his incoming teeth & getting the ones he already has brushed at the same time. It is a nice soft material & has already withstood weeks of toddler gnawing with no obvious damage.
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on November 25, 2011
I love this product!! My 15 month old is struggling with getting in molars and the side teeth. Her regular teethers don't get those hard to reach places. This product does, and it freezes perfectly. I add a little Orajel training toothbrush. Because it is a teether and tooth brush in one, I put her in bed with it. It relieves the pain while brushing and cleaning her teeth. I love it and so does she. I do freeze it with the Orajel and because it's flavored, it allows the orajel to freeze inside the teether, which provides longer lasting pain relief for her swollen sore gums.

Now for the ONE THING that makes it a pain in the neck: It's small..... be aware that if it gets dropped or misplaced you could very easily spend an afternoon looking for it. This is my third one. I made the decision to buy it yet again simply because I decided that the benefits far outweigh the risk. In the morning, my daughter will throw things on the floor when she gets frustrated to be let out of her crib. Her teether was the only thing small enough that took me forever to find. I'm not even going to explain what happened to it when the dog ate it.

Anyway, this is a simple thing to solve, but only while she isn't sleeping. I bought a pacifier clip and attached it to the teether so she couldn't lose it somewhere, the dog couldn't get it and it didn't get misplaced. If she sleeps with the clip, she will stay away pulling at it because she rolls over on her tummy and it pokes her hurting her.
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