Customer Reviews: Baby Einstein Bendy Ball
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on February 21, 2011
This video highlights the features of the bendy ball that you can't see in the photos.
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**Please see my update at the bottom of my old review.

My twin 9-month olds, like all babies of that age, love to show when they're displeased by throwing something. When they try that with the Bendy Ball, most of the time they forget why they got upset.

This cute thing can be bent while holding and you can put your fingers inside it. Plus the ball inside that you can't quite get out has a little ball inside it that sounds like a bell almost. If you want to throw it to show your displeasure at something, you'll end up putting your fingers into it first. Those distractions are priceless.

By the time baby finally rolls this ball, it is with a positive frame of mind, and she wants it back to try again.
I can see that this durable little toy is going to be used in many ways and constantly. It's a lot of fun to roll their way and see how they try to figure out what to do with it.

Beyond that, the colors are great. The 5 outer caterpillar parts on diameter are cute. I think this is an educational toy that teaches about hand manipulation.

**Update 11/23/2013:
Wow, has this toy changed! One look at the photo and it's obvious it changed. It now looks like a cheap hard plastic with a shiny surface and less intricate shape. What I got and my girls enjoyed back in 2009 was a denser non-reflective rubber-like toy that wouldn't hurt if it were thrown by one toddler at another. My twins threw it at each other and nobody cried. I had this at 5-stars because it deserved it at that time.
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on March 11, 2013
There are eight exposed screws on this Baby Einstein product - I am going to attach a photo to show them. While our adult fingers can't get in the rattle's holes to grasp or scrape against them, the placement of these screws is easily reached by tiny baby fingers. My daughter has already gotten her fingernails caught in them once which caused her some pain. Terrible!

I purchased this Rhino Toys one instead which is much better as it is one-piece construction, also soft plastic easily grasped by baby hands - baby loves it and I love it.
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on May 18, 2010
This is a poorly designed product. The photo conceals the fact that the rounded-off struts forming the grabbing surface of the ball are completely flat on the back. This creates a hard, quite sharp edge wherever the child grasps the ball and it can scrape the skin if the child shakes her hand it to let go (like some other reviewers' kids, our son sometimes had trouble figuring out how to release his grasp at first and would try to shake it off his hand). It's also fairly heavy, firm plastic so when the child flings it it can hurt a toe or forehead, though not seriously.

The toy is really not suitable for young babies, and I am surprised it is so popular. We got rid of this one and got a few Oballs ] - similar concept, minus the ball inside, but made of truly soft and rounded-off rubbery plastic. It super easy for babies to grab and toss, and light enough that it can't hurt anyone even if thrown hard. Another version also includes a rattle, which our son liked. (I have nothing to do with Oball and am NOT trying to astroturf -- just annoyed at Baby Einstein for selling this poorly thought out product).
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VINE VOICEon June 7, 2009
A mom in my group had a similar one of these for her baby who just loved it. So when we were walking through the baby aisles at Target, we saw this one and just put it in the stroller with our baby to see if he would like it--and he played with it the entire time! So, of course, we bought it!

He has many other rattle-type toys meant for grabbing, but this is the first one he has actually grabbed on to and played with. It is very sturdy and actually a little heavier than I anticipated by just looking at it--I was worried it might be too heavy for him to pick up (since we had never really seen him pick up anything before) but he manages with no problems!
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on October 27, 2009
Oball makes balls similar to this one and our children love them. They even make the baby version with a rattle inside. My children prefer the regular without the rattle and it will be played with for years rather than as a baby toy that will soon be forgotten. My kids put small stuffed animals inside the ball and roll them around the room. They are also easy for little fingers to hang on to. Get the Oball! Skip this one. This ball has that smiley face thing that makes the ball roll less smoothly across the floor.
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on September 9, 2012
My baby got this as a present when he was born. He's never been very interested in it. The caterpillar seems to make it awkward and heavy for a little baby. However, he loves any oball he encounters. I also discovered this company will not provide chemical information but the Oball is labelled as BPA/phathalate free.
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on October 13, 2015
Just got this ball and was shocked to see 8 exposed screw heads on the inside of the smiley band. The risk of one coming loose and being swallowed by Baby is a big concern (I guess that's why even soft toys have embroidered, not button, eyes nowadays!). Am sending the ball back.

With a return request, I was asked to photograph the packaging etc to make sure that this ball was indeed theirs (manufacturer DS-11 from China), and then they asked if a 50% refund was okay. I wrote to tell them that on principle, 50% is not okay as their product is unsafe for children. I've trashed the ball (and forfeited the 50% refund) and asked them to improve their design and hide those exposed screws.
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on January 23, 2015
Highly disappointed I ordered the baby Einstein bendy ball I didn't get the baby Einstein bendy ball I got a look-alike not happy with my purchase there is a bell in it and it is quite annoying it looks very cheap
review image review image
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on November 27, 2014
I received this ball as a gift for my 2 month old son, he started using it around 4 months because it is so heavy. After a few times letting him have it, about the 4th time, he was in my husbands arms, and he had the ball clutched in his hand, and he was screaming, I thought he was just throwing a fit, then when I was talking to him I saw he started to shake his hand. I told my husband "ok I think he wants to let go of the toy", and reached over to help him (still screaming) and I saw after I opened his little hand that his thumb was stuck in the half hole around the hard smiley worm character band on the ball. His little thumb was red and had an indentation on it, after only having the ball in his grasp for maybe a minute or less. I find this extremely horrible in design, to have something that a tiny finger can just barely fit into and become stuck. They really should have thought about this considering that designing baby products is their job. And its automatic that a BABY product should be safe in all ways. I mean HELLO they are babies, this automatically should bring to mind the words- tiny, helpless, innocent, delicate, this all should bring to mind that the item should be COMPLETELY harmless!!! I took the ball and I put it away until his finger can fit into the hole. Unfortunately, he likes the ball but until his finger can fit in that little space, he can't have it. He is currently 6 months and still cant have it. :(
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