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on January 30, 2010
I bought this toy for my 4 month old son, who is still in the "supported sitter" stage and therefore loves to sit in his stroller. He still doesn't reach the tray so I use toys that fit between him and the tray, this toy is the perfect size for that (he also has the vTech steering wheel, and vTech Baby's Laptop for this purpose and they are great if you are looking for the same size of toys#.

After seeing my son play with the piano a few times this is what I have to say:


1- As with most Baby Einstein toys and videos, classical music is the main feature and I like that.

2- Different settings provide a wide range of sounds and therefore I don't think this toy will drive me crazy too soon.

3- Different languages set ups helps me expose my son to several languages which is great and I big factor in my decision when I buy a toy #we live in a bilingual home as it is, and the more languages the better as far as I know#

4- Perfect size for my son to play with it in his stroller #as I mentioned before that was my main goal#


1- The speaker is on the bottom of the toy. When playing with it in his stroller this is not too big of a problem #since it's on his lap -an irregular surface- but when we lay the toy on his "tummy time" blanket it's really hard to hear the sounds.

2- When you have it in the "number" set up and you press a key, it plays music, then if you press it the second time it says the number. I know that the musical aspect of this toy is the main feature, but in my opinion it'd be better for "cause-and-effect" purposes if the toy would always say the number (and maybe after that play some music) when you press the keys while in the "numbers" set up.

3- I wish it had all the musical notes. The toy only has 5 keys and therefore only 5 notes, but looking around I found that most piano toys for this age range only have 5 keys so this may just be a standard thing.

All together it's a very nice toy, as far as I can tell it's safe for my son (nothing can come off of it or anything like that) and my son is interesting in it enough to keep him occupied for a little while which is all I asked for.
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on May 9, 2012
I think this is, so far, my wife and mine favorite toy we have given to our daughter. Our baby is currently 8 months old and enjoys this toy. Granted, a lot of times she just picks it up and tries to "eat" it, but even then it still serves it purpose! As she grows older this toy will continue to work for her.

Very pleased with all the options this toy has:
- Two volume levels. The highest volume isnt super loud, and as some reviewers have noted the speakers are on the bottom so it is slightly muffled sometimes. On the other hand, we've had some baby toys that are annoyingly loud so its nice to have a regular noise level toy
- The keyboard has three settings: regular keyboard (pressing a key plays one note), song play (pressing a key plays one phrase of a song, has about 3-4 different songs), counting (playing the key says the number written on the key)
- The keyboard also has three sound settings: piano, xylophone, flute (i think i am remembering those correctly)
- A language setting, so the counting can be done in english, Spanish, or french

So as you can see, with all these options, this toy is very versatile. I am very pleased with how reasonably priced this toy is. It runs on AA batteries and comes with batteries already installed.

If I had any complaints, i would say the sometimes the keys dont register a hit. For teaching cause and effect, it would be great if the keys always registered a hit when the baby touches it, but it is good enough. (Like sometimes when i am showing my daughter which key to hit, it wont make a sound, but i can hit it again the exact same way and it will register a hit then).
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on September 14, 2011
I love how this toy has basically 6 different modes. There is the red toggle to give you 3 different ways the keys played will sounds 1) Numbers mode 2) Music mode 3) Piano mode. The numbers mode and music mode are similar in that the music mode when you press 1 key on the toy will play a little melody and while in numbers mode, it either does that or a voice will call out the # on that key. The piano is basically you press the key and 1 note is played. Any time a key is pressed a colored light goes off in the plastic window in the middle.

The yellow toggle on the right side lets you pick out how the music sounds 1) Clarinet 2) Xylophone 3) Piano and that is kind of self-explanatory. \

There are also 2 yellow switches on the bottom. The one below the orange key is to control the volume, I just leave it on the highest volume setting. The switch below the purple key is to switch languages for the numbers mode 1) English 2) French 3) Spanish and I just leave it on English.

The rattle spinning toy on the top is also another thing that I didn't expect to like but the baby loves it so I do too! Sometimes the baby rather spin the rattle than press the keys.

The only drawback to this toy is that the speakers are on the bottom so if the playback volume is severely compromised if you leave it on a flat surface to let the baby play with it. That means you have to hold it up in your lap while the baby plays in order for the playback volume to be normal. I wish the speaker holes were on the sides to accommodate that because it's very natural to want to set down the toy and have the baby play it like that!

Overall, it is a decent toy for the price with that 1 flaw.
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on January 11, 2010
I purchased this Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano as a Christmas present for my 10-month-old niece, Solemnity Rose, and she absolutely ADORES it! My sister had a hunch that she would be enamored with it, so she wisely made sure my niece opened all of her other presents before this one. She was right! My niece had a blast opening her presents- she got a kick out of tearing the bows and ribbons off & ripping open the wrapping paper. However, once she got to this one, she lost interest in everything else for the rest of the evening!

Having spent my life around children, I know how annoying toys can get when babies play with them over and over again, especially the ones that make noise! For some reason, though, I don't find this piano annoying at all. It's not as loud as a lot of other toys are, and the sounds are more soothing somehow- not as high pitched as most baby toys. There are 5 keys on the piano, numbered one through five, with three different sound modes. The first mode tells the baby the number of the key they're pressing in 3 different languages: English, French, & Spanish. The second mode plays a different melody for each key, and the third mode is the normal "piano" mode with musical notes corresponding to each key. The toy lights up every time the sounds are activated, shining different color lights on the consul's "dashboard." Plus, the dials on either side of the light can be swiveled, and there's a rattle on top of the keyboard that can be spun.

This toy has everything a baby loves- bright colored keys, a rattle, songs, musical notes, talking, and colorful flashing lights. Plus, it's very lightweight and easily supported on the baby's lap. Not to mention the price! I was shocked when I saw how affordable it was, because it is so perfect for babies and has so many features! In my opinion, this is the perfect gift for any baby, any occasion. Every child should have one of these!!!
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on June 25, 2012
Bought this for my 6 mth old baby .

1. affordable.. a baby toy for a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket.
2. very entertaining for a 6 mth old. My baby will spend long time on this toy and not get bored easily.
3. a form of entertainment:
a. lights up whenever a key is pressed.
b. keys are easy to press, for a baby.
c. rattles keep my baby entertained.
d. can choose if you want it to be a piano, flute or xylophone. also, there is option if you want the sound to come out as notes, music or numbers (it will say out the numbers in 3 different language, english, spanish and french.. you can choose which language you want.. AMAZING!)
4. small and light
5. no sharp corners or protruding parts that may hurt baby.

cant think of any so far!!
One reviewer mentioned that the speakers are under the toy so the sounds will be muffled. I have placed the toy on our bed and we have no problem hearing the music. so that is not a problem for me.

If you have a 5 mth old baby and above and are out of ideas on how to entertain the little child, this will be your best bet.
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on July 15, 2011
I bought this for my daughter when she was about 3 months old. She loved watching my husband and I press the keys, seeing the lights, listening to the music, and watching/listening to the "roller drum". This toy was her motivation to get through the dreaded tummy time. She soon learned how to press the keys and spin the drum on her own, which was amazing for us as first time parents to see our baby make the connection between the toy and her ability to manipulate it. At nearly 7 months, she's still loving this toy...and we are too! The music is pleasant and it's easy for her to move the toy around between sitting and tummy positions. Best of all - the toy is still providing learning experiences. She gets excited when she sees it, so it's helped her learn how to roll over, sit, and now we're using it as motivation for the next skill she's working on...crawling!
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on January 21, 2012
This Baby Einstein gift was colorful and looking like it was going to be really fun however when turned on we could hardly hear the sound. Our 7 month old grandchild loved the colors and lights but grew bored (quicker than normal) when the sound was so low and with talking around him, he could not hear it. We looked for the speaker and it was on the bottom, so when sitting on the carpet or blanket the sound was so muffled that you could not hear it nor the words. I cannot believe a company would place that on the bottom. Unless you have hardwood floors or expect that the child will control it on the table so that the sound could be heard is not realistic for this age or normal carpeted homes. A real disappointment.
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on September 22, 2011
After reading all of the other reviews for this product and also being very impressed with all of Baby Einstein products, I ordered this piano. My daughter really enjoys playing with it. She's 5 months and in between the sitting up/crawling stage. She likes playing with it both sitting up as well as during tummy time. We have the Baby Einstein jumper which has the spinning cylinder and she loves that so it's nice that the company repeats what interests babies. I was skeptical about the speaker portion being on the bottom of the unit, but it has two settings and I really like the option. My daughter startles very easily and I liked that she could get used to the piano at the lower setting first. I would highly recommend this product to any parent who has a desire to develop their childs' musical as well as gross motor skills.
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on July 3, 2012
My son is 8 months old and we bought him this little piano about two months ago. He absolutely loves it. This little piano has a lot of sound options: three instrument sounds, three play types, and three languages (English, Spanish, French). This has been a great introduction instrument for my son as he will sit and play with it for long stretches of time, alternating between banging on the keys and rattling the top bar, then back again. My only complaint is that the speaker is located on the bottom of the piano so the sound is muted quite a bit when resting on the floor. Then again, this could also be a blessing in disguise for some parents.

This is a great toy that gets daily use and was well worth the $14 we spent on it. I love the way my son's little face lights up each time this piano makes its way out of the toy chest.
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on August 15, 2011
My son is 9.5 months old and has been enjoying this piano for several months. At first, he just liked to play with the spinning tube with the balls on the back/top. He didn't really get that the keys made noise. But now that he is older, he plays with the keys as well and knows that moving the little meters will change the types of noise he can make. This piano is really quiet when face up, but my little guy is obsessed with the speaker underneath & likes to play with it upside down so it is a bit louder that way. The music is less obnoxious than most of the other music/electronic toys out there, so that is nice. And it is a really durable toy. Overall, we have been very happy with it.

ETA - My son is now 14 months old & lost interest in this toy at around one year. Hope this gives folks an idea of how long this one will last.
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