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on January 19, 2016
I bought this as a gift for my baby cousin and he loved it. He would lay on the mat for hours when he was younger.

It is very well made. The mat is really soft so it is comfortable for babies to lay on. All the parts have stayed intact and it has held up very well.

This play mat is so cute! The sea animals and bright colors help to stimulate baby's mind. The animals are very realistic looking.

This was an excellent deal and was much cheaper than other stores. Overall I'm happy with this product.
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on July 15, 2015
We got this for my daughter when she was a few months old to stimulate tummy time and I'm happy to report that this activity gym really grew with her. After she was able to roll over, she loved trying to grab the octopus and different rings while laying on her back. She also loved looking at herself in the mirror (yes she is a bit conceited!) and it was fun to help her discover all the possibilities of this gym. She didn't really use the whale because it would always slip from underneath her, but later on she did give it a good beating once in a while so we still got some use out of it :P It was an excellent purchase and I will definitely use it for my second child due in November.
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on May 31, 2012
We received this play mat as a gift. My baby really does enjoy laying on it, kicking around and staring at the multi-colored striped bar. Sometimes he'll stay on it so long the music box stops playing! There are, however, several thing I don't like about this mat.

1. The music box broke after only a few weeks of use. The music would only play for a few seconds and then stop. Also, the motion setting never worked. Baby Einstein and Kids II were great about sending me out a replacement ASAP though. The motion setting doesn't work on the new box either, but whatever.

2. The whale pillow is too slippery. My baby slides off of it every time we try to use it.

3. My baby gets his arm stuck in the teether attached to the octopus often. I'll probably end up cutting it off.

4. The "flash cards" that come with it are pretty cheesy and useless. The stickers would get nommed off in about 5 seconds if I gave them to my baby (when he's old enough, that is).

5. The mat doesn't really lay flat. When I put it on the floor, its always a bit bunched up because the bars don't fit on it nicely. I'd also appreciate if this folded up to be put away. The other baby gear takes up so much floor space in our living room, it would be nice to be able to stow this away when not in use.

All in all its not a bad mat, just not what I would have picked if I'd been given a choice. My baby enjoys it though and thats what really matters. If the music box breaks again though I'm sending it back and getting something else.


The music box broke again after less than a week of use. Also the nylon material on the bars is showing a LOT of wear and tear down by the feet. This is being returned.
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on December 22, 2013
Activity mats are out grown very quickly, but I sure got good use of this one. The octopus was his best friend for months. It's easy to clean, just throw it in the wash which is very important cause it will get spit up on it frequently.

Now that he has outgrown the play mat, he still plays with some of the little toys the mat comes with. They are nothing special but he seems to enjoy them.

The one problem I had with this was the electronic light flashy thing. It's kinda dumb. It doesn't light up very well, and the battery drains really fast. My son didn't seem to care for it so we just didn't use it.

The Killer Whale prop pillow is nice for tummy time, but didn't get a huge amount of use, but that isn't really a big deal.

I would buy this again for sure if I had to, but even after tons of washing and lots of play it's in great condition for our next baby to use.
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on June 13, 2014
We got this for my son to learn to play and interact and he loves it.

It is so good at entertaining him that we got another, so that my in-laws can have one at their house for him. The toys can all be re-arranged in any way that you would like, to create new or more challenging play environments.

This one has great sound quality as well. I have an older model and this one, and the sound is much better from this one.

The only caveat to this one versus the older version, is that the older version is more sensitive when you set it to the "shake" setting (where your kid can hit it to engage music or change music). This version takes a more substantial "thump" to get it there.
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on March 15, 2013
My 3 month old likes this, but gets tired of it after about 20 minutes - I think maybe too much is going on.

The price is so high on these mats for what you get, but they are entertaining and useful for tummy time.

The whale pillow isn't the best for propping up babies who aren't in full control yet. While it has some "non-slip" type material on its underside, it still slides pretty easily on the mat and on the floor.

My daughter is a little bit wary of the octopus, but likes the music player.

My son (who is six now) had the sunshine (maybe farm?) version of the baby einstein mat and he LOVED it from 6 weeks old to about 18 months. I was hoping for the same out of this one for my daughter, but it doesn't seem to have the same appeal.

I took one star off for the price and how much my girl seems interested in it.
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on February 11, 2013
Let me start of by mentioning the only thing i didnt like about this product. The playmat was waaay too thin. I felt like they worked soo hard on creating a great product they forgot that one little detail. I had to put a thick quilt under the mat bc if i didnt my son would bang his head on the floor. I loved all the bright colors and the fact that it came with sooo many great things for my son to learn, interact and play with. To name a few of my favs and my sons favs : musical light up detachable toy ( at times I attached it to his crib), starfish teether that u can place in freezer, the mirror for him to interact, turtle rattle and all the different combinations u could place the toys to accommodate your growing baby. It came in great resealable bag with handle. I think its worth the money I spent considering all the things it comes with.
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on July 10, 2010
My 4-month-old absolutely loves it! I think his favorite toy is the octopus, we always put it at the top and he bats at it and kicks at it and cracks up. He gets so excited when hes laying on this mat looking at the toys. He loves having the musical aquarium too. I don't care too much for the whale pillow although it is cute. I had to add on a few more entertaining toys, but it is still way better than the other Infantino playmat I bought.

The price is ridiculous most places, but thankfully I found it here on Amazon for $30 cheaper than other places. Still not sure it is worth $50... but it entertains my son so I don't regret buying it one bit.
Now, the REASON it is not worth the price is because it seems cheaply constructed. The loops on the mat part that hold the bars down are already ripping off after a couple of weeks. The loops are just not sewn on strong enough to secure down the bent toy bars, because the toy bars want to straighten out. I may have received a defective one? Its not even that big of deal because it can probably be sewn back together.

No play mat is going to be all that it is advertised to be, pictures always make them look like they have more toys and so on. However, this play mat seems to be the closest to what its drummed up to be. I think the baby einstein playmats in general seem great.

I would recommend buying it. Its not perfect, but its close.
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on July 2, 2014
This is honestly the best baby gym out there. I snagged this thing right around the holidays for about a third less than it is normally. It is pretty pricey, so if you can catch it on it. My daughter LOVES the electronic musical toy that comes with this. I've decided now to strap it on to her crib and every morning, it is part of our routine. She plays with it/listens/watches it while I scurry around and make my breakfast, eat it, get ready, etc. It's a lifesaver! The gym itself is also great. Bright colors. Engaging toys and lots of loopholes to attach others. Grab this if you're thinking of it. It really is the best.
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on December 11, 2013
I purchased this for my son thinking it would be a great play mat for him. Quite frankly, its not best. It seems to have been thoughtlessly thrown together. My son quickly gets bored with the toys. He slips off the tummy time pillow very quickly after being propped up. The mirror arrived bent and is completely plastic that does not give a proper reflection. The bars pull too tightly on the mat so it does not lay flat at all. I feel like it was a waste of money.

If you're looking for something your child will like, I recommend the fisher price kick 'n play. We bought it for a lot less than this mat and our son absolutely loves it.
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